Billionaire Novels

Lord President, please don't do it!


In her previous life, she loathed him and annoyed him, avoided him like a snake and scorpion, until the moment she died,...

Cold love president don't be overbearing


When she was five years old, she was adopted by Pei's family from an orphanage. When she gradually adapted to this n...

Love You to the Bone - Hidden Marriage President, Please Sign


She loves him to the bone, and the name Pei Qiyou has lived in her heart since she was four years old. For the sake of h...

Seducing and teasing, Mr. Lu pinched her tiny waist


After being broken up with, Yu Wan got into trouble with the flirtatious and prodigal ruler of the Lu family. Lu Wenshen...

Rich ex-wife refuses to remarry


Ten years of secret love, three years as a couple. Just when she was about to confess to him, he said, "Yao Yao woke...

My husband is an invisible tycoon after we got marrie


Bai Shu Ruo, a fatherless and motherless fourth-year university student, got married to Yang Ting Han, an old and unempl...

Three shrunken bigwigs come to the door with tens of billions of dollars in assets.


The triplets are four years old and each is an invisible bigot. Dabao: "What? Dare to bully our mommy, I'll have...

Billionaire Husband Favors His Wife


Su Chen was forced to marry the dying Master Shen, and the entire city of S was waiting to see her end up in misery. How...


Master Fu's full-grade cutie is super fierce in fights

Mu Xing Fu Lingxiao

Fu Lingxiao, the most powerful man in the imperial capital, was targeted by a little girl from the mountain one night! D

Sweet Marriage: The CEO Dotes on His Wife

Murong Xiner

The man who had been in love for six years got married, and the bride was not her! Because of loving him, she fell into

This love is only yours

Dui Dui

Mu Shaoling drove the car out from the parking lot. The black Land Rover stopped at the door of the apartment, the wind

The whole town is waiting for us to get married

Gao Qiqiang

The whole capital is forcing us to get married. Brief introduction to the novel: --: At present, it is counted as follow

The little lady who is favored by power

Lina Shuang

Yu Lanxuan ended her life by self-immolation, fighting for a ray of life for her biological mother, but she did not expe

Lady Ye and her cubs amaze the world

Han Qiao Ye Beichen

Four years ago, she was framed by her stepmother, her reputation was ruined, and she was kicked out by her husband, maki

Warm Marriageļ¼šRebirth Sweet Wife


After being reborn, she looked at this handsome husband who made people unable to close their legs, and suspected that h

Peerless Chinese Medicine Doctor


Why do expert directors of top hospitals frequently appear in a Community hospital? Why do nationally renowned experts a

Hidden marriage and sweet pet: the little wife of a big chaebol

Helan Yangyang

[Rebirth sweet pet + abuse of scum and dogs] In the previous life, Gu Weiwei{#39}s heart was dug out by the man she

My Seven Beautiful Sisters


Big Sister, domineering CEO, second sister, superb medical skills, third sister, top killer, fourth sister, martial arts