Novel Name : 100,000 years of cultivation

Chapter 20

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In order to quickly get rid of the three people in the dense forest, Qin Feng was hit hard and suffered a lot of injuries.
After several investigations, Qin Feng found an uninhabited mountain range. After confirming that there was no danger around him, he directly entered the ring space. He had refined a large number of hemostatic pills, which can be used to cultivate in the ring space at this time.
Beside the spiritual field in the ring space, the Pofenghu cub was a little bit unmotivated, its legs were seriously injured and it was difficult to move.
Qin Feng's injury was much lighter than that of Pofenghu.
"The hemostatic pill with silver streaks, what kind of effect does it have?"
Once, Qin Feng refined a hemostatic pill with silver lines. It was of extraordinary quality. He always attached great importance to this hemostatic pill and kept it properly.
Qin Feng fed the silver streak elixir to the Pofenghu cub, while he ate the ordinary hemostatic elixir.
His injuries can be recovered with ordinary hemostatic pills.
While cultivating, he digested the medicinal power of the Hemostatic Pill. Before he knew it, Qin Feng felt that his injury had fully recovered, and the Hemostatic Pill turned into a gentle medicinal power, repairing his injured parts bit by bit.
Breathing out a foul breath, Qin Feng opened his eyes.
A small head flashed past Qin Feng's sight, and the Pofenghu cub was so frightened by Qin Feng's sudden eye opening that he landed on his back.
Obviously, it was very close to Qin Feng just now, and its big head almost reached Qin Feng's face.
"It seems that this tiger cub is quite energetic."
Qin Feng was satisfied. The hemostatic elixir with silver streaks was still very effective. It seemed that the Pofenghu cub came over earlier than him, and just ran over to observe him at a close distance.
"Come here."
Taking out the animal meat, Qin Feng waved to the cub.
The tiger cub approached slowly with some hesitation, walking gracefully. Suddenly, while Qin Feng didn't pay attention to it, it quickly attacked, and in the blink of an eye, it grabbed the animal meat, whimpering and biting.
"Pofenghu is indeed a Tongxuan-level spirit beast, and it can possess such speed with only the third level of body training."
It seemed that the Pofenghu cub was really hungry. It stepped on the piece of meat with its paws and tore it with its mouth. It looked a bit fierce. Qin Feng touched its round head while the cub was eating.
The little tiger cub also knew that Qin Feng was the one who gave it food and rescued it, so it was very docile, rubbing its furry head against Qin Feng's palm, purring comfortably.
After eating and drinking, the little tiger cub was very lively. He jumped up to pounce on the spirit bee, but he couldn't even touch the hair of the spirit bee. After a while, he ran to the spirit field, shaking his nose, to smell the spirit flower, but was caught by the spirit flower. The smell made me sneeze all the time.
"Huh? Why is there a strange pattern on the top of Pofenghu's head?"
Pofenghu's aptitude is not bad. It is a rare spirit beast. When Qin Feng first saw it, he was a little moved. He wanted to make a contract with this Pofenghu cub and make it his contracted spirit beast.
The little tiger cub trusted Qin Feng very much, and the contract process went very smoothly.
Just now, when Qin Feng made a contract with the little tiger cub, he saw a strange pattern flashing across the little tiger cub's forehead, which was a bit strange.
"Could it be that this Pofenghu's bloodline returns to his ancestors?"
Thinking of this possibility, Qin Feng was a little delighted. The return of the spirit beast's blood to its ancestors means that it may break through its own limit and reach a higher level, that is to say, this little tiger cub may reach above Tongxuan!
Seeing that the Pofenghu cub is very adaptable to life in the ring space, Qin Feng threw some animal meat to it and returned to the real world. After all, he is still in the secret canyon.
At this time, three days had passed since the last time he was injured.
Staying in the ring space all the time may encounter unexpected dangers.
"Speaking of which, it seems that the vermilion fruit is about to ripen in the next few days."
Walking out of the mountains, Qin Feng took out the map and looked at the place where vermilion fruit grew in the secret place of the canyon.
The place where vermilion fruit grows is in the north of the secret realm, where there are continuous mountains and complex terrain.
"Zhu Guo can directly increase his cultivation level to the level of body refinement. It can be called the panacea of body refinement. There will definitely be many people vying for it."
For Qin Feng, Zhu Guo is not as attractive to him as other disciples. He has the ring space, and the spiritual field in the ring space can grow a lot of elixir. He can always improve his cultivation at a high speed.
However, Zhu Guo can be regarded as a kind of miraculous medicine, even if he can't get it, it's good to be knowledgeable, and if he can get the chance, that's even better.
After thinking about it, Qin Feng rushed directly to the direction of Zhuguo Mountain.
The secret place of the canyon is very large. Qin Feng traveled all day before he came to the north of the secret place. During this day, he deliberately hunted down many low-level spirit beasts, and threw the animal meat into the ring space for Pofenghu cubs. Cubs eat.
On the road, he met many people who wanted to snatch his storage bag. Some people just wanted to snatch his storage bag, so he knocked them unconscious and took the storage bag away. He didn't bother to kill these people.
Some people directly attack him without saying a word, then he will not be merciful and kill the opponent on the spot.
"Through this journey, I have gained much more than I have been looking for elixir everywhere by myself."
Looking at the elixir he had accumulated, Qin Feng was a little speechless, and at the same time he was a little moved. No wonder there are so many people waiting to kill and seize the treasure without doing anything. This is indeed much faster than searching for elixir all over the place by himself. .
At the same time, Qin Feng also found out that Qi Shan and his people have been wandering in the territory of the big monster Pofenghu, as if they were looking for someone.
It was rumored that Qi Shan led a group of people to attack the lifeless tigress and suffered heavy losses. He brought out the cubs of Pofenghu, but in the end they were stolen by others.
Qin Feng frowned, it seemed that this Liangzi was settled, he would naturally not hand over the Pofenghu cub, if he wanted to blame it, he could only blame himself for his bad luck and had nothing to do with this little tiger cub.
But the tigress killed many people before she died, not only that, Qi Shan was also injured, and now she dare not come to touch Zhu Guo.
His trip to the secret realm this time can be said to be a heavy loss. If one day he finds out that he is the one who took away the Pofenghu cub, he will probably die forever.
The Zhuguo Mountains are surrounded by mountains, and the map only marks a rough location. When Qin Feng came to this mountain range, he could only drill into the mountains to search carefully.
Fortunately, compared to other mountain ranges, the Zhuguo Mountain Range is quite conspicuous. At a glance, the place with the strongest aura is the Zhuguo Mountain Range.
Not far from Zhuguo Mountain, Qin Feng stopped.
Just approaching Zhuguo Mountain Range, Qin Feng met many outer sect disciples, coming and going, some people found Zhuguo Mountain Range full of joy like Qin Feng, but they returned disappointed.
Just because the Zhuguo Mountain Range has been surrounded by people, and no one is allowed to enter.
Seeing this, Qin Feng shook his head, turned around and left. It seemed that he had no chance. Even if he could break through such a defensive line, he would have to pay the price of serious injuries, not to mention whether he could get close to the much-anticipated jujube plant. Fruit trees are gone.


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