Novel Name : 100,000 years of cultivation

Chapter 18

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On the east side of the trial canyon, the terrain is flat and there are many grasslands. Occasionally, some spirit herbs and medicines can be found from these weeds. Qin Feng went around here, and finally found a few rare spirit medicines.
The weeds in the canyon grow very high, and the grass tips reach people's knees.
Occasionally, flowers of various colors would emerge from the weeds, flying in the wind, very beautiful, and the spirit butterflies that could be seen everywhere were not afraid of people at all, they flapped their wings lightly, and flew past him.
Since Qin Feng can get the news in the canyon, other people can naturally get it too.
They all knew that there were no rare treasures in this place, and there were very few people who came, but not all of them, most of the people who came came in groups of three or five.
When these people saw Qin Feng, they usually ignored him and hurried past, ignoring him.
Once, Qin Feng also saw an outer disciple who acted alone like him, but when the person saw him from a distance, he ran away quickly with a vigilant face.
"It seems that there is really nothing good here, and I have basically searched for all the elixir."
Pulling out an elixir, Qin Feng took out the map and checked it carefully. He couldn't stay in this place forever.
"Near here, one mile to the south, there are demon spirit flowers growing."
Qin Feng pointed to a location on the map and muttered to himself. This demon spirit flower is a kind of top-level elixir in the secret realm of trials. After feeding it to a spirit beast, it can directly increase the cultivation level of a spirit beast. Although, This strange flower is only effective for spirit beasts in the body training stage, and the effect will decrease after being used once.
But for warriors of the lineage of Beast Familiarity, it is indeed a priceless treasure.
"Speaking of which, the demon spirit flower is one of the top elixir in the secret realm of trials, so there must be many people coveting it."
In addition to the demon spirit flower, there is also the vermilion fruit tree that can directly improve the cultivation level of a martial artist in the body training stage, and the Zengyuan lotus seed that only appears once in more than ten years. These are the top rare treasures that many disciples will choose to snatch at the first time. .
As long as one of these top rare treasures is obtained, its value can directly secure the top ten throne in the trial.
"No matter what, I have to go and have a look. The demon spirit flower is also very important to me. If the demon spirit flower can be cultivated in the ring space, why not cultivate an army of spirit bees?"
After thinking for a while, Qin Feng hurriedly followed the direction on the map.
The demon spirit flower grows in dense forests, and when it blooms, it will attract many low-level monsters. As long as one plant of this kind of rare flower is planted, it can usually be multiplied in large numbers.
Originally, the dense forest was a dangerous place. Not only were there many monsters and beasts, but also various rare elixir. The first choice of many outer disciples was to enter the dense forest and compete for rare elixir.
Passing through the weeds, Qin Feng hurried on his way, not long after, the dense forest could be seen in the distance.
At this moment, Qin Feng slowed down his pace. He felt a strange feeling. Since learning alchemy, his spiritual consciousness has become much stronger. At this moment, he faintly felt something strange around him.
He frowned and stood there without moving.
"I didn't expect this kid to be quite vigilant."
Suddenly, five people walked out of the dense forest, laughing. They walked towards Qin Feng quickly, and spoke very casually.
"Hand over your storage bag."
These five people talked to themselves and regarded Qin Feng as nothing.
"What if I don't pay?"
After these people appeared, Qin Feng calmed down instead. These five people were only at the fifth level of body refining. He used to be able to sweep away with the strength of the sixth level of body refining. Now Qin Feng, who is already at the seventh level of body refining, is naturally even more powerful. Not afraid.
"Oh! Do you know that this place is no longer in the sect? Countless disciples have fallen here. Even if I kill you here, no one will know. I advise you to obediently hand over the storage bag , be sensible! We will save your life too."
One of the five raised his chin and said to Qin Feng.
Hearing this, Qin Feng's eyes turned cold!
These few people actually threatened him so much, and wanted to kill him?
That being the case, he will naturally not show mercy!
Qin Feng used his own way to treat his own body, beat the five people until they passed out, and searched them clean from top to bottom.
After dealing with these five people, Qin Feng directly called out the spirit bee, and let the spirit bee enter the dense forest to find the way for himself.
Although the five outer disciples who had just been dealt with were not very strong, they obviously knew some hiding methods, so that they hid at the entrance of the dense forest, but Qin Feng didn't find it.
If he didn't notice the strangeness just now and walked over directly, the consequences of the five people's surprise attack would be unimaginable.
"Among the outer disciples, there are some who know special methods and should not be underestimated. I must be more cautious."
Under the orders of the queen bee, the spirit bees obediently flew out to explore the way, but their IQs are very low. No matter they encounter elixir or beasts, they will fly back to report. Qin Feng can only go to have a look, whether it is chance or danger .
Stopping and stopping all the way, relying on the spirit bee, Qin Feng was never attacked again, but he collected a lot of rare elixir. The dense forest is indeed richer than the plain outside, and there are many rare elixir.
"Here, that's over there."
Before approaching the place where the demon spirit flowers bloomed, Qin Feng found bloody things on the ground. The corpses of many low-level spirit beasts fell on the ground, which was described as horrific. The blood of the beasts stained a large area of the land.
Not far away, the angry shouts of the disciples rang out continuously along with the sound of various explosions, making it very noisy.
"A lot of people! The scene is chaotic. Everyone is trying to suppress the bottom of the box. They are fighting for the Demon Spirit Flower. I am likely to be injured in the melee."
Looking at a group of outer disciples who were red-eyed in the distance, Qin Feng was shocked.
He had thought that the demon spirit flower would cause looting, but he never expected that the demon spirit flower would drive these outer disciples crazy to such an extent!
Originally, the demon spirit flower only had a good effect on spirit beasts, so it attracted disciples from the lineage of beast control. Qin Feng thought that compared to other places, this place was still a peaceful place. Even this place is covered in blood.
Each of these disciples had blood-red eyes, like beasts.
Even if Qin Feng stood aside, there were many people with red eyes ready to attack, wanting to pounce on them! They will not allow anyone to reap the benefits of the fisherman!
Qin Feng retreated quickly, until he retreated to a completely safe distance, those people stopped paying attention to him.
"That woman! The woman in white got it! That's the last demon spirit flower!"
This voice roared from the mouth of a man with a strong build and flying muscles.
The clothes on his upper body were already torn, and his eyes could spew out flames fiercely. Following his roar, the crowd quickly retreated in one direction like a tide, and all kinds of magic weapons were smashed out.
"They're chasing that female disciple."
After everyone retreated, Qin Feng walked over. Just now, he took a look from a distance. The female disciple who snatched the last demon spirit flower was riding a strange beast at a very fast speed. It seemed that he would not be caught up. .
The place where the demon spirit flower grows is full of the corpses of disciples and monsters. One can imagine what happened here not long ago.
With a sigh, Qin Feng bowed his body and looked around carefully.
After a long time, Qin Feng's hands were covered with blood.
This area is a bit big and filthy, exuding an unpleasant smell, the fragrance of the demon spirit flower is covered by this smell, and it can no longer be smelled at all.
"Damn it, where is it?"
Qin Feng beat the ground with his fist, the sun was almost setting, but he still couldn't find it.
A few spirit bees released by Qin Feng to detect the wind for him flew back and buzzed around Qin Feng.
"The spirit bees are more sensitive to the breath of the demon spirit flower, maybe they can find it."
With a thought, Qin Feng let the spirit bee lead the way for him.
"Ha, I finally found it, the root of the Demon Spirit Flower! Plant it into the space of the ring, maybe it can grow alive."
After digging out a root of the demon spirit flower from the ground, Qin Feng wiped his sweat.
Before coming to the secret realm, he had such a purpose.
He doesn't have to snatch the rare elixir at all, as long as he can get the rare seeds, he can rely on the ring space to breed them in large quantities.
However, I don't know if the demon spirit flower with only roots can survive in the ring space?
After planting the root of the demon spirit flower in the ring space, Qin Feng left the bloody land directly.


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