Novel Name : 100,000 years of cultivation

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: 0017 The Trial Begins
The canyon fissure is very long and has a sense of tranquility. From time to time, the sound of water droplets dripping can be heard, which is very crisp.
After going through this distance, the field of vision gradually widened, the vegetation increased, and even a lot of living things could be seen in the streams on the ground.
The place of the sect's trial is indeed a treasured place where spiritual energy gathers, just the entrance is so full of vitality.
"Hey, why is this place surrounded by clouds and mist?"
Qin Feng took a deep breath and felt comfortable physically and mentally. The aura in the trial ground is stronger than the outside world, with a cool breath. Although it is not as good as the ring space, it is indeed very unusual.
Moreover, the trial ground was also shrouded in a layer of white mist, and visibility was very low.
In the space of the ring, a mysterious voice once warned him not to enter the white mist in the space, it was very dangerous inside.
At this time, looking at the white mist in the canyon, Qin Feng was a little vigilant and hesitant.
"This junior brother, did you participate in the trial alone?"
Suddenly, a few people came out of the white mist. There were men and women. The man at the head was dressed elegantly and held a paper fan. He had the elegant temperament of a scholar.
"My surname is Bai and my name is Wu. I have been in the outer sect for many years. I entered a secret realm three years ago. I know the situation here quite well. I don't know your junior brother's name?"
"Why don't you join our team, junior brother. The trial canyon is much more dangerous than the rumors from the outside world. Exploring it alone is too dangerous. With my previous experience, senior brother, I must be able to avoid disadvantages. Get a good ranking in the trial."
With a sincere tone, Bai Wu first asked Qin Feng's name, and then invited Qin Feng to join their team.
Hearing this, Qin Feng frowned and looked at the four people in front of him.
Needless to say, Bai Wu has a gentle tone and a dignified appearance. It is difficult to make people feel disgusted. There are two men and a woman behind him. A big and strong man looks very simple and honest, scratching his head from time to time, and a young girl who doesn't look old , with innocent eyes, looking at Qin Feng curiously.
The last one, covered tightly with a black veil, never speaks, very mysterious.
The man's eyes were very cold, and he glanced at him casually, which made Qin Feng feel alarm bells ringing in his heart, feeling a sense of danger.
Qin Feng has only seen that kind of look on the countless monsters fighting in the mountains.
This masked man is dangerous.
"My surname is Qin. As for joining your team, I don't think it is necessary. I like to go alone and I am not used to acting with other people."
Shaking his head, Qin Feng refused.
There are too many things in him that are not easy to display in front of others, and at the same time, the masked man in this team also makes him uneasy.
"Hey! Why are you like this? Do you know who Senior Brother Bai is? Senior Brother Bai talks to you nicely, but you don't answer and you say you like to be alone. Really Do you think you can be invincible in this canyon? You simply don’t understand how dangerous this place is! The level of danger in the trial canyon is beyond the imagination of a new student like you.”
His refusal made the young girl furious, pointing at Qin Feng and spitting wildly.
"Linglong, stop talking!"
Bai Wu directly stopped the girl named Linglong.
Linglong snorted softly, turned her head away, and pursed her mouth.
"Since Junior Brother Qin, you are more used to being alone, then we won't force you, so let's stay here! However, Senior Brother reminds you, don't let your guard down in this canyon, and be careful at all times."
After a pause, Bai Wu continued.
"Especially be careful of the people in this canyon."
After keeping a proper distance from Bai Wu and the others, Qin Feng took out the map, carefully identified it, and ran straight to the east.
The terrain in that place is flat, and a lot of elixir grows there all year round. Although there are no rare treasures, birds of prey or beasts, it can be regarded as the safest place in the canyon.
After Qin Feng left, Bai Wu and the others also left directly, choosing a direction to leave the canyon entrance.
On the way, Linglong couldn't help asking Bai Wu.
"Senior Brother Bai, was that person really that good just now? I think he is very ordinary, that is, an ordinary disciple who doesn't know the heights of heaven and earth. He has no ability, but his heart is not small."
She was still a little bit resentful towards Qin Feng.
"That's right." Bai Wu recalled as he walked, "You also know that I have practiced a special skill, which can vaguely see the strength of others. I felt very strongly about that junior brother Qin just now. His skill Probably above me!"
As he said that, he smiled and looked at the masked man next to him. This was a strong man he had drawn into the team before. Originally, if Junior Brother Qin could also join in, this trial could be said to be foolproof! However, Junior Brother Qin refused.
After hearing his words, the masked man frowned directly.
"Even if he is really strong, he can't make waves in this trial place alone! The disciples who entered the canyon are not in groups. Can he fight against a group of others by himself?"
Linglong said angrily.
Bai Wu shook his head, it seemed that Linglong had a big opinion on that Junior Brother Qin.
At the mouth of the Yuxi River in the Trial Canyon, a young disciple jumped into the water, groping for something cautiously.
Suddenly, his face was overjoyed, and he pulled his hands out of the water. On his hand, a blue water plant emitting faint light was exuding an amazing aura, a rare plant!
"Shuiyoucao, it's Shuiyoucao! Brother, I found Shuiyoucao!"
He picked up the water grass and waved it excitedly at the man on the bank.
"Okay, junior brother, come up quickly."
The man standing on the shore beckoned to the boy in the water with a worried tone.
"Yes, brother!"
The young disciple climbed onto the shore without a hitch, but he felt a sudden pain in his chest!
A dagger directly pierced his heart!
"Why, why, brother...?"
The boy's eyes were wide open, but he died in the blink of an eye, and his eyes gradually lost their former brilliance.
The man on the shore didn't say a word, he slowly opened the young man's fingers, and took the rare treasure from the young man's hand.
Then, he took out the dagger on the boy's chest and wiped it carefully.
It wasn't until the blood on the dagger was completely clean that the surface of the dagger could clearly reflect a figure, the man took the dagger to reflect his own face, and after carefully smoothing out the messy hair, he stood up and left in satisfaction. .
With one kick, the boy's body was kicked into the water.
The young man's face was full of shock, his body was soaked in the water, and his blood soon polluted a large area of water.


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