Novel Name : 100,000 years of cultivation

Chapter 16

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Walking into the medicine garden and approaching the hillside, Qin Feng slowed down a little. He saw Master Cai was down the hillside, watching the spiritual field he planted very carefully.
"You came?"
Feeling Qin Feng approaching, Cai Ziqing straightened his waist and said lightly.
"Master Cai."
Qin Feng bowed respectfully to Master Cai, and calmly told the whole story about his enrollment in the disciple trial.
At the same time, he carefully looked at Master Cai's expression, Master Cai didn't care, for him, this was just a trivial matter.
"This is all your own business, you make up your own mind."
Cai Ziqing waved his hand. He pointed to the good-growing elixir in the spiritual field and talked to Qin Feng. For him, the elixir was obviously more important than the disciple's trial.
"If you pass the trial by chance, have you figured out which peak to go to?"
While chatting, Master Cai suddenly asked.
"A few days ago, a senior sister from Yaofeng invited me, but I'm not sure yet."
"Oh? Yaofeng knows that you have refined the elixir?"
Before, every time Qin Feng refined the elixir, he would tell Master Cai about it. After all, he would come to consult Master Cai when he encountered any confusion about refining medicine. It can be said that Master Cai is the person who knows his medicine refining level best besides him.
Hearing about Yaofeng, Master Cai frowned.
"Every time I refine the elixir, I will sell it to Baicao Hall, and most of the medicinal materials are bought from Baicao Hall."
Qin Feng explained.
Master Cai was obviously a little silent, as if he was thinking about something.
"What do you think, kid? Do you want to enter the Medicine Peak and become an inner disciple?"
After pondering for a while, Master Cai looked directly at Qin Feng with a serious expression, and asked Qin Feng what he thought. Qin Feng replied that he hadn't made up his mind yet. He signed up for the disciple trial and wanted to win one of the top ten. Cultivation is not for the pursuit of alchemy, he knows very little about the inner sect, so he is undecided.
"Since this is the case, then you can rest assured! If you can enter the top ten, I will personally accept you as a disciple, and then you can also become a disciple of the inner sect. As for the peaks of the inner sect, I do not recommend you to go , there are a lot of rules and people's hearts are complicated, and it is often tiring to deal with it. If you really want to practice with all your heart, you might as well stay in my medicine garden."
Looking at the energetic young man in front of him, Master Cai felt a little emotional.
When he first saw Qin Feng refining the elixir and his level was improving rapidly, he had thought of accepting apprentices, but soon, this thought was suppressed by him.
Accepting apprentices represented endless troubles, which ran counter to his original idea.
However, now, Cai Ziqing looked at the elixir that was growing well under his feet. It was not easy to plant these elixir. He had made many mistakes when he planted them for the first time, but Qin Feng served these elixir so well. .
Moreover, Qin Feng's talent in refining medicine is also very high, and he is diligent.
It takes half a month to learn how to refine the Hemostatic Pill, and one and a half months is enough to refine a good quality Peiyuan Pill.
It would be a pity for such a person to enter the inner sect and get caught in those battles.
Cai Ziqing shook his head and chuckled secretly, what is he still figuring out here? In fact, he and Qin Feng are already half master-student relationship.
"I have never accepted a disciple, and I have never thought of accepting a disciple. If you can win the top ten in the trial this time, I will make an exception and accept you as my personal disciple."
"You accept this escape talisman, it will save your life at critical times."
Uncle Cai directly threw Qin Feng a escape talisman. In his heart, although he knew that Qin Feng had a high aptitude for refining medicine, he was not very clear about Qin Feng's strength.
Three days later, Qin Feng went on the road alone and came to the Zongmen mountain range, where the small secret realm opened by the Zongmen was also located.
It was very quiet in the dense forest. Along the way, Qin Feng did not see any other outer disciples participating in the trial. According to the map, Qin Feng came to a place close to the depths of the mountains.
The depths of the mountains are very dangerous. Usually, few people come and go here, so it looks a bit empty.
"It's there, the gap in the canyon!"
Qin Feng saw a rift valley from a distance and heaved a sigh of relief. Near the Rift Valley, it can be seen that there are many traces of outer disciples who have been here, and finally gained some popularity. Running alone in the dense forest, Qin Feng was also a little nervous.
The canyon looked very tall, and there was a hole just below it for one person to pass through. The hole looked very natural, and it opened under the canyon, like an empty door.
Beside the canyon fissure, an old man sat cross-legged, closing his eyes and recuperating.
"This is my Tianyi sect's small secret realm! Go in quickly! After half a month, all disciples must come out from here, and there will be no waiting!"
After a long distance, the old man opened his eyes, pointed at the entrance of the cave, and let Qin Feng enter it, claiming that the entrance of the cave was a small secret realm opened up by the sect.
"Is this the small secret realm of the sect?"
Qin Feng frowned. He couldn't believe that the entrance to the secret realm was so simple. Looking at the towering mountains in front of him, Qin Feng remembered what Senior Sister Liu had said to him.
Ever since Senior Sister Liu learned that Qin Feng was determined to enter the secret realm of the sect and participated in the disciple trial, she was very concerned about this matter and collected a lot of information about this secret realm.
In fact, this sect's secret realm is a blessed land in the mountains here. It is surrounded by mountains, forming a terrain like a cornucopia. The sect's seniors rely on this terrain to improve it and turn it into a trial secret realm.
The place of trial is full of aura, and there are many rare and rare plants growing there.
The trial every three years is when these rare treasures mature again.
At the same time, there are many spirit beasts raised in the secret realm. The seniors of Tianyi Sect once set a ban on this place, so that those spirit beasts can only be kept at a certain level of cultivation and guarded in it.
Moreover, in the outside world, those who have surpassed the level of body training cannot break through the restriction and enter inside.
Trial the spirit beasts in the canyon, after a long period of time, some even reached the perfect level of body training, and even the level of Xuantong. Sister Liu told Qin Feng that the trial is very dangerous. Once, more than a thousand outer disciples Participating in the trial, only a hundred people survived in the end, and one out of ten survived.
She gave Qin Feng a map, which recorded the location of the trial, the distribution of various elixir and spirit beasts.
Without a trace of hesitation, Qin Feng walked directly to the Trial Canyon.
As a result, as soon as he entered the cave, all the sounds outside disappeared, as if he had come to another space.
"The entrance to the secret realm opened by the sect is quite unique."
Qin Feng continued to move forward. This situation was also within his expectation. He walked forward step by step along this place.


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