Novel Name : 100,000 years of cultivation

Chapter 15

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In the small secret realm for the outer disciples to test, there are many precious elixir, and even some very rare spirit beasts, which are specially bred for the disciples of Yushou Peak.
Putting these rare spirit beasts in the small secret realm is also to give the outer disciples a chance.
It is said that there are some legendary spirit beasts in the secret realm. For example, there is an ancient magic cow with a strange bloodline ability, which is infinitely powerful. There is also a giant python with different horns, which is quite fierce.
After returning from Fangshi, Qin Feng inquired a lot about the disciple's trial.
In the end, he decided to participate in this trial. Qin Feng came from the Beast Familiar family. He had heard all kinds of legends about powerful spirit beasts since he was a child. He also longed for a powerful spirit beast.
"Every time a disciple tries, there will be casualties, which is very dangerous."
The legendary spirit beast is a top-level rare treasure in the secret realm, and it is of high value. It will definitely cause the disciples of the outer sect to loot it. It is also because of this investigation that Qin Feng knows that there are many geniuses in the outer sect of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. building power.
"It seems that I still can't be too lax, I have to try to refine Peiyuan Pill now."
Qin Feng sold most of the hemostatic pills he made to Baicaotang, and all the money he got was exchanged for medicinal materials for refining Peiyuan pills. For this kind of thing, Liu Qingqing did not have the authority to reduce too much. Can give him some elixir to show sincerity.
In the next month, Qin Feng seldom went out again, but he was not as paranoid as he was when he first refined the elixir.
It turned out that Qin Feng, who had experience in refining medicine, would quickly refine Peiyuan Pill, and the quality was not bad.
Taking Peiyuan Pill every day for training, Qin Feng broke through to the seventh level of body training in half a month. This speed is astonishing, but Qin Feng himself is not surprised. With the ring space and the assistance of Peiyuan Pill, this speed is a bit slow.
His cultivation aptitude is not even comparable to that of ordinary people, it is very poor.
"The strength of the spirit bees has been fully recovered. The queen bee has even reached the peak of the fifth level of body training. According to this speed, it is very likely that one day she will surpass me. The leader of the five spirit bees also has the cultivation base of the third level of body training. ! It is expected that on the day of the disciple's trial, all spirit bees will be able to achieve transcendence and be promoted to the level of body training."
Looking at the busy spirit bees in the ring space, Qin Feng is very satisfied. Since he learned how to make medicine, he has a lot more money. He can exchange a lot of demon pill spirit materials with medicine pills. For so many days, he has provided them continuously. The resources were absorbed by the spirit bee army, and the results were very gratifying.
However, although the army of spirit bees is full of power and power, it can be regarded as a powerful method, but these spirit bees will self-destruct after firing poisonous needles, and it takes a long time to cultivate.
In this way, the spirit bee army has only one blow.
Qin Feng's cultivation of the seventh level of body training can be regarded as the top level in the outer sect, but Qin Feng heard that some old people in the outer sect are so powerful that they have already reached the level that can enter the inner sect, but they choose to stay in the outer sect , Solicit power for some genius disciples in the inner sect.
They can even get more resources than being promoted to the inner sect by doing this. After all, some genius disciples are very rich.
"I'm not afraid of ten thousand, just in case. I have to go to Fangshi to buy some magic weapons for self-defense. Those old disciples have been in the outer sect for so many years, and I'm afraid they have accumulated a lot of good things."
The more you know, the more cautious Qin Feng becomes.
The trial day of the outer disciples is approaching, and you can hear people talking about it everywhere you walk on the road, and many people set up a gamble to guess the top ten of this trial.
"The first and second ranks this time must still be Zuo Lengchan and Qi Shan. These two people have entered the secret realm several times, and their cultivation has accumulated over the years, which is unfathomable."
"It goes without saying that the first and second are the best. Their odds are very low. The key is whether there will be a dark horse for the remaining eight best? This kind of dark horse, once you win, can make you rich overnight."
Passers-by discussed a lot, and believed that Zuo Lengchan and Qi Shan would firmly occupy the top spot. These two people had the secret support of talented disciples from the inner sect. They had entered the secret realm and won the top ten, but they chose to give up the places of inner sect disciples.
Over the years, they have been staying at the outer door to win over influence.
Qi Shan is very forthright, and he is currently forming the largest force among the outer sects, attracting many outer sect disciples to join.
There is relatively little information about Zuo Lengchan. She is elusive and rarely shows up in the sect. Her power is also managed by the people below. She is just a name. Most of the power is women. disciple.
It is said that Zuo Lengchan is very diligent, and few people see her because she spends most of her time practicing.
In Fangshi, there is also a place for trading magical instruments. A large banner with the word "equipment" written on it flutters in the wind.
These days, because the trial day of the outer disciples is coming, the pill street and magic weapon street are full of people, bustling with many outer disciples.
Even the treasure building of the commercial firm, where outer disciples were rarely seen on weekdays, was packed to the brim, and everyone was using the last time to arm themselves desperately, hoping to get a good rank in the disciple trial.
The vendors outside the commercial building are said to sell some messy old things. I don't know where those outer disciples got them. Someone once bought a treasure from this kind of vendor, and it has skyrocketed ever since.
At this moment, there are a lot of people crowded on these vendors who specialize in selling old things, all of whom want to catch the leak.
"This kind of old thing is a test of people's eyesight. If you can't buy something useful, it can only be regarded as a waste product, which is useless at all. I'd better not join in the fun."
Qin Feng walked directly into the Duobao Building. The prices of things in this kind of commercial building are clearly marked, and there is a certain guarantee.
There were many people in Duobaolou, and Qin Feng waited for a long time before a waiter came to greet and inquire.
This guy's attitude is not bad, but he is obviously a little tired. Qin Feng saw that he was also forcing himself to introduce various magic weapons to himself. From time to time, this guy would not be able to help but yawn.
"Okay, just these two, put them on for me."
Qin Feng doesn't like to dawdle or drag his feet when doing things. He is very straightforward, and he takes it down immediately when he likes it.
A heart-protecting mirror, a barrier ring that can withstand the full blow of the ninth level of body refining, all of which are body-protecting magic weapons. Qin Feng had fought against others before, and he found that his imperial object technique belonged to a kind of magic weapon at the body refining level. Pretty good means of attack, what he lacks is defense.
"Speaking of which, I haven't talked to Master Cai about this yet."
After buying the magic weapon, Qin Feng suddenly remembered that Cai Shibo didn't know that he signed up for the apprentice trial, and he didn't know whether Cai Shibo would agree to it. After all, he was an apprentice in the medicine garden that he found with great difficulty.
According to Xiao Lingling, no one has been willing to take up the task of the medicine garden, and the outer disciples have a sense of fear towards Master Cai.
If you don't even say anything about this kind of thing, it would be a little bad. Qin Feng hurried to the medicine garden, and he also needed to know Master Cai's attitude.


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