Novel Name : 100,000 years of cultivation

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: 0014 Various Rumors
After waking up, Qin Feng felt refreshed, as if he was a different person. His mental state was very full, as if there was endless energy in his body.
Pushing open the wooden door of the hut, Qin Feng walked back and forth along the path in the Zongmen. There was a burning torch in his chest. If he didn't exhaust his energy, he would always feel a sense of tightness in his chest.
As a result, not long after he left the house, he ran into Xiao Lingling on the road.
She took the initiative to say hello, so Qin Feng also stopped to chat with her.
During the conversation with Xiao Lingling, Qin Feng realized that he actually slept in the ring space for a whole day in the real world!
Shouting "Oops," Qin Feng hurried to the medicine garden. Although everything in the medicine garden was done and there was nothing he could do to help, he still had to go to the medicine garden to report every day.
Fortunately, Master Cai was not angry because of this. He also saw that Qin Feng was not in good condition these days and had been thinking about alchemy. Master Cai directly told Qin Feng not to be too obsessed.
At the same time, he asked Qin Feng to suspend all affairs, and gave Qin Feng a vacation.
Qin Feng nodded in agreement, and he also felt that his state a few days ago was a bit strange, so Qin Feng decided not to enter the ring space for the time being, neither practicing nor alchemy.
He stopped and walked in the sect, and saw the natural scenery that he had never noticed before.
"I never thought that the scenery around me is so elegant. This bamboo forest is very quiet. When the breeze blows, it rustles, which makes me feel very peaceful."
Under the setting sun, Qin Feng sat beside the bamboo forest, feeling the breeze, feeling full of heart, and finally slowed down the beating speed of his heart.
Sometimes, when Qin Feng meets Xiao Lingling, and fellow students whom he knows and has a good relationship with, he will take the initiative to say hello and walk up to chat for a few words.
"I didn't expect so many interesting things to happen in the sect."
Xiao Lingling is very gossipy, she pays special attention to the famous people in Tianyi School, and knows some rumors that may be true or false.
For example, Xu Qingci, the chief disciple of Master Jianfeng Daojian, came from a humble background and was the illegitimate son of a wealthy businessman.
There are even various rumors about Cai Shibo, the elder of the medicine garden, saying that Cai Shibo once had a brotherly love with the suzerain of Tianyi Sect from birth to death, but later broke up because of a woman.
After being free, Qin Feng discovered many interesting things. He couldn't help laughing out loud several times when talking with Xiao Lingling. Xiao Yun stopped and walked until he felt that his xinxing had completely returned to normal, and returned to the medicine garden again.
Master Cai nodded at him and didn't say anything more.
The spiritual field that was specially opened at the foot of the mountain, because it was mixed with the spiritual soil in the ring space, many seeds had taken root and sprouted at this time, and the growth was gratifying.
Everything is going in a good direction.
After a few days.
In Fangshi, Qin Feng brought the Hemostasis Pill he refined and came to the medicine building. It's time for him to try to refine Peiyuan Pill.
In Baicaotang, a girl in a green skirt once told him that no matter how many panaceas he refined and their quality, she would accept them all. At that time, just come to the pharmacy directly.
"You made these?"
The girl in the green skirt took the storage bag handed over by Qin Feng, and checked it over and over again very carefully. The bag was full of hemostatic pills with different qualities.
Through these hemostatic pills, one can vaguely see a progressive process. The hemostatic pills refined at the beginning are of very poor quality, and can only be called elixirs reluctantly.
But the quality of these elixirs was obviously improving step by step, and later, even a good quality hemostatic elixir appeared.
"Of course." Qin Feng replied.
He didn't take out the hemostatic pill that was refined with silver lines. That kind of pill is hard to come by, and has the effect of surpassing grades.
"Not bad, very good! As expected of Master Cai's favorite person, he is very talented."
On the face of the girl in the green skirt, there was an expression of appreciation.
"In just half a month, he has refined a very good quality hemostatic pill. This kind of aptitude is even higher than mine! I am afraid that he can match the genius of Pill Peak."
"Uncle Cai is worthy of being Uncle Cai! With his unique insight, he has cultivated an alchemy genius for my medicine peak."
Liu gently stood on tiptoe and patted Qin Feng's shoulder, as if I was very optimistic about you.
However, Qin Feng frowned. Liu Qingqing's words made him puzzled, Master Cai stayed at the outer door, he was the elder of the medicine garden from the outer door, while Yaofeng was from the inner door. Judging from Liu Qingqing's meaning, it seems that she herself is a disciple of Yaofeng. Could it be that Master Cai and Yaofeng have some kind of relationship?
"Sorry, I said it last time, I am not Master Cai's disciple, I am just a young apprentice in the medicine garden, and, Master Cai once said, he has never accepted apprentices, and never thought of taking apprentices .”
After listening to Qin Feng's words, Liu Weiwei was a little embarrassed, and withdrew her hand embarrassingly.
"I see, this is in line with Master Cai's style."
Liu Qingqing explained that Uncle Cai used to be the master of the three peaks of Tianyi Sect and the peak master of Medicine Peak. Later, for unknown reasons, Master Cai gave up his position as the peak master and went to the outer gate to open up a medicine garden.
The medicine peak also declined because of this, and the position of the three peaks was replaced by Dan peak.
She was once unintentionally praised and instructed by Cai Shibo, so she showed her alchemy talent and was promoted from the outer sect to the inner sect.
"Are you really not Master Cai's disciple?"
Liu Weiwei looked at Qin Feng suspiciously, and couldn't help sizing him up. Qin Feng calmly looked back and met Liu Weiwei's eyes, very calmly, what he said was the truth.
"Since you are not Master Cai's disciple, then you should participate in the trial of the outer disciples, right? If you can pass it smoothly, you can join our Yaofeng! Although the Yaofeng is not as good as Danfeng now, it is still considered heavenly." One of the top ten top peaks. As long as you are willing to come, Yaofeng will definitely train you with all its strength, and when the time comes, it will directly crush the geniuses of Danfeng and frustrate Danfeng's spirit! They are really too arrogant!"
It sounds like Liu Qingqing's tone is much lighter.
"What? What outer disciple trial?"
Qin Feng was puzzled.
"Don't you know?"
Liu Weiwei glanced at Qin Feng curiously and explained to him. This outer sect disciple trial happens every three years, and it is a small secret realm opened up by the sect specially for outer sect disciples to test. Every outer disciple can participate. There are a large number of precious elixir, spirit beasts and other rare treasures hidden in the secret realm.
Bring out all the things from the secret realm, and the ten outer disciples with the highest value will be directly promoted to the inner sect. At the same time, disciples can also choose to keep a treasure brought out from the secret realm.
Of course, in addition to these ten people, those with special talents may also be selected by the elders on the day the trial ends and become inner disciples.
Once, Xiao Lingling told Qin Feng that as long as he could complete the mission of the sect within three to five years, he would have the opportunity to enter the inner sect.
But that is always just a chance, very vague and uncertain.
What the sect recognizes is always only strength.
And one month later, it will be the triennial disciple trial.


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