Novel Name : 100,000 years of cultivation

Chapter 12

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"That's it, that's it... That guy doesn't know what happened, his strength has soared, and even I am no match for him."
In a cave in Jianfeng, Qin Ye stood in front of Xu Qingci with a bruised nose and a swollen face.
"By the way, before he fought me, he took out a jade card, as if he wanted to use the jade card to deter me."
"Oh? What does the jade tablet look like?"
After hearing this sentence, Xu Qingci, who had been thinking about it until now, finally had some expression and asked Qin Ye.
"The jade tablet seems to be a flower, and the flower is two...three..."
It's him? That elder! No wonder this person is so arrogant, it turned out that he hit on that one. After hearing Qin Ye's description, Xu Qingci only felt his heart sink. That person was an existence that even his master didn't want to provoke, and he was very crazy.
"Let's put this matter aside for the time being, and don't trouble that kid anymore. Everything needs a long-term plan! Don't worry, I won't let him go."
After returning to his hut, Qin Feng immediately entered the ring space and began to practice. He had a sense of urgency. Before Qin Ye left, he had said that Xu Qingci, the personal disciple of Master Jianfeng Daojian, was very dissatisfied with him and wanted to avenge Shi Hao.
Xu Qingci is very young and very talented, and now he has reached the ninth level of body refining.
There is a huge gap between the sixth level of body refining and the ninth level of body refining. At this moment, he cannot defeat this person at all. He desperately wanted to improve his strength, and felt a sense of crisis.
At the same time, after the army of spirit bees defeated the demon wolf, their own losses were also very heavy. One fifth of the spirit bees were slapped to death by the demon wolf's sharp claws, and the rest of the spirit bees were greatly reduced because of the poisonous needles that contained life energy. .
The war bee swarm was also a little sluggish at this time.
"The vitality of the bee colony is seriously injured, and it needs to be recovered with the demon pill. My own cultivation base also needs to be improved at a faster speed."
"After much deliberation, the only option is to continue to exchange various resources with spiritual honey. I heard that some pills can speed up the speed of cultivation. After all, it is too slow to practice sitting like this."
Since Qin Feng's cultivation reached the sixth level of body refining, he clearly felt that his cultivation speed had slowed down, and his improvement efficiency was very low.
Compared with others, his aptitude is indeed extremely poor.
Qin Feng's spiritual honey, as well as various elixir herbs, although the price is a little high, but because of the good quality, they were all sold out within a short time.
This time, besides exchanging for demon pills, he used these things more in exchange for money. He needed to buy pills that could increase his cultivation speed.
But soon, Qin Feng walked out of the medicine building with some disappointment.
The street vendors outside did not sell pills, they had to go to the drug store and other places to buy them. Qin Feng had saved so much spiritual honey, and with the money obtained from the spiritual medicines, he only bought five Qi Gathering Pills.
According to the guy in the pharmacy building, this Qi Gathering Pill is a relatively common cultivation pill. There are some that work better, and the price is even more astonishing, which is unaffordable.
"It's too expensive. One elixir is only enough for one day, and spiritual honey and elixir can't support my consumption rate at all!"
It's no wonder that the family is trying so hard to send young children into Tianyi Sect. It is said that those disciples who enter the inner sect will receive a corresponding amount of pills every month.
"That's right, the Qi Gathering Pill is indeed worthy of its price. I feel that if there are enough Qi Gathering Pills, I will be able to break through to the seventh level of body refinement in ten nights."
Such a speed is already considered very fast for practitioners in real life. He has also tried to increase the speed of cultivation by absorbing spiritual honey, but the effect will drop after the spiritual honey is used once, which is not necessary.
"Unfortunately, I can't afford such a huge price at all."
Qin Feng shook his head, without the Qi Gathering Pill, he had no choice but to sit and practice. Suddenly slowing down a lot of practice speed made Qin Feng a little uncomfortable. After all, for him who had tasted the sweetness, the taste of Qi Gathering Pill made him a little haunted.
After finally accumulating a batch of spiritual honey again, Qin Feng couldn't wait to come to Fangshi to exchange money and go straight to the medicine shop.
The boy who entertained him before obviously didn't know him anymore. That's right, this pharmacy is full of people coming and going every day, and the flow of people is huge, how could he remember himself?
"Sir, what do you need?"
The respectful look of the little guy made Qin Feng a little funny. Five days ago, he was dressed in foreign clothes and received cold reception in various drug buildings. Buy the pill here.
"Show me your alchemy furnace here, and give me a jade slip to get started in refining medicine by the way."
Qin Feng also made such a decision after thinking about it for a long time. Buying the elixir directly, the output of spiritual honey cannot keep up with his consumption speed. He has also heard that training an alchemist needs to consume a lot of elixir and a lot of resources to accumulate experience, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.
But Qin Feng's ring space happens to have a mysterious spiritual field, where he can grow elixir. He doesn't have to buy it himself, and he can produce it himself.
However, he has also heard that some people can't become alchemists even if they pour in countless resources.
If you buy a pretty good alchemy furnace, the pharmacy will give you a jade slip from the road, which is an introduction to refining medicine.
The prescriptions recorded in this jade slip are all very common prescriptions, and the medicine refining techniques are also the most common ones, which belong to high-end goods and are not very valuable.
"Wait, Junior Brother, are you Master Cai's disciple?"
Just as Qin Feng packed up his things and was about to leave, a girl in a long emerald green dress stopped him. This girl was very petite and didn't wear any Zongmen clothes, but from what she said, she should also be a disciple of Tianyi Sect .
The girl in the green skirt pointed to the jade plaque on Qin Feng's waist and asked curiously.
Her appearance looks very immature, her eyes are clear and vivid, and she has a sense of youth.
Qin Feng frowned. This man looked much younger than himself, so he opened his mouth and called himself Junior Brother.
However, in sects, seniority is generally judged by strength. This girl looks immature, but Qin Feng can't see through her cultivation base. Judging by the attitudes of the staff in the medicine building, this person seems to be of high status.
"Master Cai didn't accept me as a disciple. I'm just a junior apprentice in the medicine garden, learning medicinal herbs from Master Cai."
Qin Feng explained to the girl.
"Oh! That's it." The tone of the girl in the green skirt clearly revealed that she did not believe Qin Feng's words: "I see that you are buying a pill furnace and a jade slip, and you want to learn alchemy? Since you are a medicine The apprentices in the garden, why don’t you ask Master Cai directly? A few words of advice from Master Cai are more useful than a jade slip like yours! Ordinary people can’t refine medicine with this kind of refining method in a lifetime. come out."
"Unless you have a talent for alchemy beyond ordinary people, and you are a genius."
Qin Feng was a little puzzled, could Master Cai still know how to make alchemy? Judging from the girl's tone, it seems that Master Cai's alchemy attainments are very high, and casual advice is more useful than jade slips.
"I think you should ask Master Cai for advice more! If you really practice the elixir, no matter how much it is and what quality it is, I, Baicaotang, are willing to accept it."
Finally, the girl in the green skirt instigated Qin Feng.


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