Novel Name : 100,000 years of cultivation

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 0011 Spirit Bee Crushing
It was just dawn, and Qin Feng woke up very early as usual.
He once promised Master Cai that he would be an apprentice in the medicine garden, but now, there are not many things going on in the medicine garden. He walked around and paid a little attention to the growth of the elixir in each spiritual field, and there was nothing left .
However, he can't enter the ring space to practice with spirit in front of Master Cai.
Therefore, most of the time, Qin Feng could only stand in a daze.
"These are the seeds I specially prepared for you. I opened up a spiritual field for you at the foot of the mountain. Let me see how much you have learned these days."
Cai Ziqing coughed, awakening Qin Feng from his dazed state, and threw a cloth bag to Qin Feng.
Like a conditioned reflex, Qin Feng stretched out his hand and took the bag over. The bag was bulging and seemed to contain a lot of things. Out of curiosity, Qin Feng opened the bag and looked through it.
"This jade tablet...?"
In the cloth bag, besides various seeds, there is also a jade tablet with a strange flower engraved on it, which has a strange beauty. Qin Feng didn't know why, so he took out the jade tablet and asked with a frown.
"I, Cai Ziqing, have never had an apprentice in my life. You are now an apprentice in the medicine garden. Although you are not my apprentice, you can still be regarded as a member of my medicine garden. This jade badge is the identity jade badge of my lineage. You usually wear it If you are on your body, no one will provoke you easily."
"If someone doesn't have eyes, you can just come and look for me. Remember, people in my medicine garden, no matter when and where they are, can't be bullied!"
Cai Ziqing explained with a flat expression.
After listening to Cai Ziqing's words, Qin Feng also understood the meaning of the jade tablet. He took a serious look at the jade tablet and nodded.
The chores in the medicine garden have already been done, and now is a relatively leisure time. Master Cai arranged a task for him to try to grow spiritual seeds by himself.
Speaking of it, all the elixir planted by Qin Feng depended on the magical spiritual field in the ring space. He had never done breeding in the real world. For a while, Qin Feng was also a little nervous. He planted the seeds carefully in the spiritual field at the foot of the mountain according to the jade slip.
At the same time, he also took out some seeds and planted them in the ring space. He found that the seeds Master Cai gave him were very unusual, probably because he planted them for the first time, and there were many more seeds in the bag.
After everything was done, it was getting dark again.
After wiping off his sweat, Qin Feng talked to Master Cai and left the medicine garden.
"Qin Feng, I think you are quite comfortable in this outer sect. You get along very well with those outer sect disciples, and you talk and laugh happily. I'm afraid you will stay in this outer sect for the rest of your life, right?"
Under the moonlight, Qin Ye sneered at Qin Feng with contempt in his eyes.
"Talk quickly if you have something to say, and let the fart go!"
Qin Feng was very annoyed, he was pulled aside by Qin Ye just after he came out of the medicine garden.
Originally, he thought it was some important matter from the clan, otherwise this person would not have come to him without incident. On that day, all the clansmen except him were selected by the elders of the Beast Familiar lineage.
Some went to Lilong Peak, some went to Mountain Leopard Peak... However, after so long, no one came to him.
Unexpectedly, as soon as Qin Ye called him out, he showed a superior posture, pointing at Qin Feng.
"Hmph! I really don't know what it means. Do you think this is still the Qin clan? Do you think there is still your patriarch's father wiping your ass here for you to do your best?"
"Be careful to offend someone you shouldn't, the whole Qin family will suffer because of you!"
After coming to Tianyi Sect, Qin also suffered a lot before he knew how to restrain himself and look at people's faces.
Seeing Qin Feng's fearless look at this time, he felt a strange feeling in his heart, so he couldn't help but reprimand him.
"If you called me out just to talk shit like that, then I'm going back!"
Qin Feng hated him so much, he took out Master Cai's jade plaque, and didn't want to say much.
"Why are you waving a broken sign in front of me?"
Unexpectedly, Qin Ye didn't respond at all.
"You feel great when you defeat an outer disciple? Do you know who is behind Shi Hao? A direct disciple of Daojian Daojian, a genius at the ninth level of body training! If I hadn't stopped him, Senior Brother Xu would personally kill you Like slaughtering wild dogs!"
"Today, I will teach you a lesson for the family, and let you know how much you weigh!"
Seeing Qin Feng's disapproving attitude towards his own words, Qin Ye's eyes turned cold, and he directly called out the iron-backed wolf. He was at the sixth level of body refining, and the iron-backed wolf was at the sixth level of body refining. With a shot, it can be against the seventh level of body training!
This is where the advantage of the Beast Master lineage lies!
The wolf's eyes were indifferent, his pupils were slightly cold, and he roared hoarsely at Qin Feng.
A ferocious and bloodthirsty beast breath rushed towards Qin Feng. The iron-backed wolf was born in the depths of the Spirit Beast Mountain Range. After fighting, it has a ferocious breath and rich combat experience.
Even cultivators of the same level are no match for this iron-backed wolf.
"Do you think you are the only one who has contracted spirit beasts?"
Looking at the contemptuous eyes of the other party, Qin Feng couldn't help but said.
"Yeah, why did I forget? You trash, contracted the trash spirit bee, why, are you going to sacrifice your trash spirit bee to scare me to death?"
Hearing Qin Feng talking about spirit beasts, Qin couldn't help laughing, his face full of jokes.
But soon, his smile froze.
A swarm of spirit bees appeared above the iron-backed wolf, and directly surrounded the iron-backed wolf. At a glance, there were more than a hundred of them! Each has a cultivation level of body refining.
The wolf was no longer calm, it was restless, pacing back and forth, trying to rush out from the swarm of bees.
The poisonous needle of the spirit bee contained some kind of toxin, and the wolf who was stung roared wildly and circled around its tail, looking very painful.
Suddenly, it was desperate, whimpered, and ran away.
"The demon wolf!"
"Stop, stop!"
"Have you heard, Qin Feng, stop!"
Qin Ye, who was in harmony with the demon wolf, felt the painful emotion conveyed by the demon wolf, and before he had time to think about it, he ordered Qin Feng directly.
"Compared to the iron-backed demon wolf, I think you should worry more about yourself!"
The duel between the spirit bee and the demon wolf ended with the advantage of the spirit bee crushing, and then it was time for him and Qin Ye to settle their old scores!
Qin Feng's aura is fully open, and he is approaching quickly with the technique of imperial objects. Qin also comes from the same clan as Qin Feng, and he is practicing the Beast Heart Tongness passed down by the Qin clan since ancient times. This kind of practice pays more attention to cultivating spirit beasts. Ordinary practitioners of the same level are much lower.
"Qin Feng, you are courting death!"
Seeing Qin Feng hitting him with a palm, Qin was furious!
In his impression, Qin Feng only had the third level of body refining, how dare he attack himself? Did he think that since he was the patriarch's son, he would show mercy to him?
In anger, Qin Ye directly exerted all his strength, and also slapped Qin Feng's palm wind!


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