Novel Name : 100,000 years of cultivation

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 0010 Rumors
"It's miserable, it's really too miserable, it's just too horrible to look at."
"Have you heard? Shi Hao and the others were beaten! Mo Xiaoqing, Wang Pan... and others were beaten into pig's heads, and Shi Hao was directly seriously injured. He is expected to lie in bed for a long time to recuperate."
"I've heard for a long time that the one who beat them was a rookie disciple. The worst one was Mo Xiaoqing. His nose and eyes were crooked, his mouth was crooked and his eyes were slanting, and he was drooling!"
"He is really pitiful. Even his fiancée asked him to divorce because of this, and she didn't want to be with him."
"If you want me to say, it's because they have committed too many evils on weekdays, and they have incurred retribution."
"Hush, keep silent, be careful not to be heard by someone who cares!"
In the past few days, news of a rookie disciple violently beating an established faction in the outer sect of Tianyi Sect has spread.
As the protagonist of the incident, Qin Feng is very calm, and his orderly life has not been broken. The news of Shi Hao and others being beaten up spread quickly, but the rookie disciple who beat them up is still a mystery. For whatever reason, no one is willing to disclose this person's information.
Even Shi Hao and the others remained silent.
"Qin Feng, you've heard that the rookie disciples violently beat the evil forces." Xiao Lingling excitedly said to Qin Feng, she was very excited and gossip.
Listening to Xiao Lingling's slightly excited narration, Qin Feng couldn't help touching his nose, thinking how could it be so exaggerated? I don't know what kind of expression Senior Sister Xiao Lingling will have if one day she finds out that the person in front of her is the protagonist in the rumors?
"Tell me, who are the newcomer disciples? Who are the new outer disciples?"
Xiao Lingling was obviously very interested. Even though Qin Feng looked uninterested, she was still very interested, and she said several people's names one by one to correspond to the rumors.
"Speaking of which, junior brother, you are also a new disciple recently."
Finally, Xiao Lingling looked at Qin Feng in confusion.
"Could it be, Junior Brother, are you the legendary rookie disciple?"
Hearing that Xiao Lingling suspected him, Qin Feng couldn't help tightening his heart. After thinking about it for a while, he decided to confess that this is not something to be ashamed of, and there is nothing to hide.
"That's right, it's..."
"No, definitely not you."
Before Qin Feng could utter a word, he heard Xiao Lingling vetoing herself, chattering.
Qin Feng: "..."
"Senior Sister, I put this bottle of spiritual honey on your table. Thank you very much for taking care of me these days. I still have something to do here, so I'll go first."
Resigned as sorry, he was really not interested in these boring rumors.
Xiao Lingling pouted, a little dissatisfied with Qin Feng's sudden interruption of the topic.
She thought that what Qin Feng sent was ordinary spiritual honey, so she just accepted it as a favor, and she didn't know the real value of this bottle of spiritual honey.
Rumors were flying around, and even some elders knew about it, but they were not interested in it at all, it was just a joke among the younger generation, and they didn't need to pay attention to it.
Inner Gate Jianfeng, in a cave.
Shi Hao cried with snot and tears, very pitiful.
"Cousin, you have to uphold justice for me! That kid is very arrogant. I asked several times, saying that you are recruiting talents outside the door. As long as he joins, there will be various benefits. Who knows, he heard your name Finally, I was very disdainful and insulted you, cousin! I was so angry that I wanted to teach him a lesson, but I lost to him and was seriously injured by him! "amp;quot;
Shi Hao, with a bruised nose and swollen face, looks very miserable on the outside, but his eyes are very energetic. While crying to his cousin, he secretly sneered.
In order to recover from his injuries, he ate a life-saving elixir that he had treasured for a long time! This time he suffered a heavy loss! This is not what makes him most angry, more importantly...
A cold look flashed across Shi Hao's eyes.
In the past few days, when he was walking on the road, he could hear people whispering and secretly mocking him everywhere. Even the brothers before him avoided him and dared not see each other.
Such a shame!
Qin Feng, I want you to try it too!
He knew very well that although his cousin was the chief disciple of Jian Feng Dao Jian Zhenren with excellent aptitude, compared with other disciples, he came from a humble background and lacked influence.
In order to fight against those people, he must cultivate his own power.
So he is very concerned about the affairs of the foreign sect.
This time, his cousin was obviously angry!
"What's the boy's name?"
Xu Qingci asked with a thought.
"Qin Feng! That man's name is Qin Feng!"
Shi Hao suppressed his hatred, and replied.
"Qin Feng? If that person's name is Qin Feng, I don't mind helping Senior Brother Xu to solve this trouble."
In Xu Qingci's cave, besides the two of them, there are also some inner disciples recruited by Xu Qingci. The person who spoke was not very old, and he seemed to be another genius disciple.
Moreover, from his tone, Shi Hao heard that this person seemed to be very familiar with Qin Feng. He was very young, and at his feet was a black-haired, cold-eyed wolf monster, full of power.
"Oh? Brother Qin Ye, could it be that you know this kid named Qin Feng?"
"Speaking of which, you do have the same surname."
With slight surprise, Xu Qingci asked.
Qin also smiled lightly, a little disapprovingly.
"This man is of the same clan as me. He came to Tianyi School with us that day. Because of his poor qualifications, no elders were willing to accept him as a disciple, so he could only enter the outer door. He is just a waste. He suppressed!"
"This time I went to educate him personally, so that he wouldn't know the heights of heaven and earth, and provoke people he shouldn't provoke, and his life would be over in an instant."
There was always a decent smile on Xu Qingci's face.
"Since this is your own housework, Junior Brother, then you can do it yourself."
The day passed quickly and the sky was gloomy.
Qin Feng entered the ring space with his spirit and began to practice. These days, he got a lot of first-grade demon pills, all of which were used to cultivate the army of spirit bees in the ring space.
After paying so much, it will naturally pay off.
His contracted spirit beast queen bee now has the strength of the fourth level of body training, and the leaders of the five spirit bees also have the strength of the second level of body training.
Most importantly, he finally cultivated an army of spirit bees.
A whole branch of war bees with one level of body training.
Qin Feng directly asked the queen bee to manage the elite spirit bees separated from the five bee colonies. Their daily tasks are the same as his own, and they only need to be responsible for cultivation.
The matter of picking flowers and making honey is all left to those ordinary worker bees.


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