Novel Name : 100,000 years of cultivation

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: 0008
In the early morning, Qin Feng got up early and went directly to see Master Cai in the medicine garden.
After finishing the chores in the medicine garden, he carefully studied various sect tasks, and finally he found that most of these sect tasks were very cumbersome. Three sect tasks a month usually kept the disciples busy for a whole month.
For him, he is already familiar with the mission of the medicine garden, and it is very easy to do. If he is asked to do other missions at this time, it will take a lot of time to re-acquaint him.
Therefore, Qin Feng promised Master Cai to be an apprentice in the medicine garden.
One day passed, Qin Feng returned to the hut and entered the ring space.
The three spiritual flowers, red sandalwood, luminous chrysanthemum, and red sun, quickly grew up in the ring space. It forms a sea of flowers with layers of layers and beautiful colors.
"Huh? It's a little strange, these spirit bees caught by me seem to have undergone some changes."
The spirit bees caught into the ring space are very industrious. Under the management of the queen bee, they tirelessly gather flowers to make honey every day, flying on various spirit flowers.
On this day, when Qin Feng was free to practice, he was a little curious about these spirit bees, so he ran around with the bee colony to observe their movements.
Qin Feng discovered that the division of labor in the bee colony is very clear. The queen bee divides the entire bee colony into five groups, each group assigns a strong bee as the leader, and takes turns to collect nectar, which is very efficient.
Unknowingly, the five leaders, Zhuang Feng, also had a cultivation base of the first level of body refining, and an astonishing transformation took place.
"I didn't expect that these ordinary spirit bees can also undergo transformation. If all spirit bees can do this, wouldn't I be able to cultivate a large army?"
However, in this way, my contract spirit bee must always maintain the status of queen bee, and its strength must be enough to crush the entire bee colony, so that there will be no backlash.
Thinking of this, Qin Feng was a little excited. It is not difficult to keep his contract spirit bee in the dominant position.
A whole swarm of spirit bees is exciting to think about! The spirit bee has a low IQ and has a strict hierarchy. The queen bee can order the life and death of the entire bee colony.
However, cultivating so many spirit bees consumes equally terrifying resources.
"Big face, put all the nectar collected these days into the jade bottle I brought in."
Big face is the contracted spirit beast Qin Feng gave himself, which is the name he now gives to the queen bee. Because it is now lying on the flower core of the big face flower all day long, and its size is also very large, so Qin Feng gave it such a name.
As a big face of the queen bee, she became a little lazy, and all the work of collecting honey was handed over to the bee colony, and she only focused on absorbing the demon pills, and rarely did other things.
The big face flew up from the flower core and stayed in the air for a while, as if issuing orders to the bee swarm. However, in Qin Feng's view, it didn't make a sound, it was very quiet.
The five bee swarms all stopped collecting honey, flew out of the spirit flower, and flew towards the jade bottle one after another like a queue.
After a while, these spirit bees collected the spirit honey for many days, and put all of them into suet jade bottles.
"These spiritual honeys are far worse than last time."
Looking at the spiritual honey in the jade bottle, Qin Feng frowned. The amount of honey this time, due to the increase in the number of spirit bees, has collected a total of five bottles. But the spiritual honey so far is obviously not as strong as the small group of golden honey last time.
The ball of spiritual honey last time was golden in color, and one could feel the majestic spiritual power contained in it just by smelling it.
But this time, although five jade bottles were filled, the spirit honey didn't look thick enough, only a faint golden tint. After feeling it carefully, Qin Feng found that the spiritual power contained in it was also much less.
"That's not bad. Only ten bottles of this kind of spiritual honey can achieve the effect of a ball of golden honey. In this way, these spiritual honeys are not too eye-catching. If the spiritual bees produce golden honey, I can't take it out. After all, gold The effect of honey is amazing!"
Qin Feng put away all the jade bottles and woke up from the ring space.
This time, the time in the real world has reached dusk. Holding the honey, Qin Feng went directly to Zongmen Fangshi, which has a morning market and an evening market. These two times are the most crowded.
Seeing that his booth was still empty last time, Qin Feng occupied it again.
After taking out the elixir with a later maturity and five jade bottles and putting them on the booth, Qin Feng took out a sign.
The sign reads, "Superior spiritual honey, comparable to medicinal pills, one bottle can be exchanged for one top-grade first-grade demon pill, no bargaining."
This is also what Qin Feng learned from others when he came here last time. It is very convenient and saves people from asking every time, which saves a lot of trouble.
"Hmph, what spiritual honey can compare to pills? It's just talking big, and I'm not afraid of losing my teeth!"
Someone snorted coldly, took a look and left.
There were also some people who liked Qin Feng's elixir and asked a few questions about lingmi by the way, but they all thought it was too expensive, so they only bought some elixir in the end.
There are also some disciples of the same school who really want to buy Lingmi, but they think the price of Lingmi is too high and want Qin Feng to lower the price. For these people, Qin Feng directly clicks on the brand next to him.
In fact, he still felt in his heart that he was underpriced.
Ten bottles of this kind of spiritual honey can be as low as a ball of golden honey, and a ball of golden honey can produce the effect similar to the barrier-breaking pill. Compared with the sky-high price of the barrier-breaking pill, the price he set is even a fraction of the barrier-breaking pill. can't reach it.
This was also because he was the only one who broke through the barrier with golden honey, and he didn't know whether golden honey would have the same effect on other people.
"Hey, Junior Brother Qin Feng, is that you?"
Suddenly, a head popped out of the crowd pointing at Qin Feng's booth.
"I still want to say who it is that made it so lively, but I didn't expect it to be you, Junior Brother Qin."
This person is none other than Huang Qian, an outer disciple who once had a relationship with Qin Feng, and the leader of the hunting team.
"Senior Brother Huang Qian."
Qin Feng greeted him, and he had a good impression of this person.
Huang Qian carefully looked at the various elixir, and then glanced at the sign that read "Extreme nectar, comparable to elixir, one bottle is exchanged for a top-grade first-grade demon elixir, no bargaining." He said to Qin Feng.
"Can I have a look at this spiritual honey?"
As the captain of a hunting team, he naturally has a lot of monster pills in his hands, but most of them are ordinary first-grade monster pills. Their hunting team can only barely have a slight chance of winning against the monster beasts that have refined their body and achieved great perfection. Therefore, the top-level first-grade demon pill is also a precious thing to him, and he cannot give it up easily.
Qin Feng made a gesture of please.
The jade bottle was opened, and a strong aura emanated from the mouth of the bottle. It was sweet and tangy, and the surrounding outer disciples forgot to speak for a moment, and all of them breathed heavily.
After reading it, Huang Qian's eyes were a little fiery, and at the same time he was a little hesitant. The price of the top-level first-grade demon pill was still a bit high for him, which not only made him a little heartbroken.
"Junior brother, this price..."
Huang Qian's face was slightly red, and he looked at Qin Feng with some embarrassment.
"Brother, I can only guarantee that the effect of Lingmi is definitely worth the price."
Qin Feng couldn't speak coldly about Senior Brother Huang Qian.
In the end, Huang Qian gritted his teeth and took out a top-grade first-grade demon pill in exchange for a bottle of spiritual honey.
Among the outside disciples who were watching, some of them smelled the fragrant spiritual energy flowing out of the spiritual honey, and were very moved. Soon, another person followed suit and bought a bottle.
"I want all three of your bottles of spiritual honey!"
The outer disciples whispered, many people were tempted and wanted to buy the remaining three bottles of spiritual honey, suddenly a group of people broke through the crowd, rushed to Qin Feng, threw a cloth bag, and said directly.
Weighing the cloth bag, feeling the weight in the cloth bag, Qin Feng's expression changed, and he reckoned that the property in the cloth bag couldn't even be bought by ordinary first-grade demon pills! This person actually wants to use these to buy three bottles of spiritual honey for himself?
It's ridiculous!
"It's Shi Hao, the little overlord of the outer sect. Relying on his cousin being a genius in the inner sect, he bullies men and women all day long and does all kinds of evil. He often bullies new disciples! It's unlucky for him to meet him!"
The outer disciples around, fearing to avoid them, retreated quickly, looking very afraid of this group of people.
Qin Feng's face sank, he picked up the money bag and threw it directly on the ground.
He looked at the five people in front of him coldly and remained unmoved. In the square market, the people who traded at the outside stalls were all outer disciples, and most of the inner disciples traded in the treasure building of the commercial bank.
The five people in front of them were also wearing the clothes of outer disciples, with their nostrils facing the sky.
Even if no one reminded him kindly, he also knew that Shi Hao was not kind.


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