Novel Name : 100,000 years of cultivation

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 0007 Apprentice in the Medicine Garden
The sixth level of body refinement is a hurdle. Many people will never be able to cross this hurdle in their lifetime. From then on, they can only be ordinary people.
Among the outer disciples, most of them are stuck on this hurdle.
In the early morning, Qin Feng woke up from the bed full of energy. His eyes were bright, and there was a faint light in his eyes. After walking around, he felt that his physique had also changed a lot. There is a sense of ease.
At the same time, the control range of Yuwu Jue has also been increased again, reaching twenty feet.
"The effect of spiritual honey is too miraculous, it is simply another form of barrier-breaking pill! It's a pity that the output is too small."
Recalling the taste of golden spiritual honey, Qin Feng couldn't help but licked his lips. That kind of spiritual honey not only contained huge spiritual energy, but also tasted very good, which made people have endless aftertaste.
"There are also many spirit bees in the medicine garden, I wonder if I can catch them all into the ring space to produce honey for me..."
The spirit flowers in the medicine garden attracted many spirit bees. When Qin Feng was cleaning the weeds in the medicine garden, he saw groups of spirit bees flying by from time to time, looking very busy.
The Beast Control Chapter in Yu Tian Jue records the skills of driving spirit beasts. However, with Qin Feng's current cultivation level, he still can't get in touch with the skills of the level of beast control chapter.
Bringing the jade slip that broke the restriction, Qin Feng came to the medicine garden to catch the spirit bee.
If it was someone else, it would have taken a lot of effort to capture these small and fast little guys, but Qin Feng directly activated the object control technique, so that the spirit bees within twenty feet had nowhere to hide , Sweep it all away.
These spirit bees suddenly appeared in an unfamiliar space, looking very flustered and a little overwhelmed.
A huge spirit bee suddenly appeared in front of them, with gorgeous colors and full of coercion.
All the spirit bees, as if they had found some sustenance, turned around and centered on the giant bee, as if they were worshiping a king.
Seeing that all the spirit bees were under coercion and began to line up to collect honey in the spirit field, Qin Feng breathed a sigh of relief. Obviously, all these foreign spirit bees regard his contracted spirit bees as the king. By commanding the queen bee, he can achieve the effect of commanding the entire bee colony.
"There are enough spirit bees, but there are not enough spirit flowers."
A large number of spirit bees emerged in the ring space, and he had picked a lot of elixir to sell, so it seemed that there were more monks than meat.
Qin Feng specially went to Fangshi to buy different kinds of spirit flower seeds, which are specially used for the spirit bees in the ring space to collect honey. Compared with mature medicine, the seeds are very cheap, and all the remaining money will be used Come to buy the demon pill.
Red sandalwood flower, luminous chrysanthemum, red day, these kinds of spiritual flowers are not of high medicinal value, but the flowering period is very long, and they bloom for a long time. These flowers are the favorite kinds of flowers picked by spirit bees. They are brewed from these three kinds of flowers Lingmi also has good quality.
There are eight demon pills, all of which are first-grade.
Back in the hut, Qin Feng threw all the spirit flower seeds he bought into the ring space, divided them into several pieces according to the principle of mutual generation and restraint of zodiac signs, and carefully planted them.
The jade slip that Uncle Cai threw to him also recorded some methods of cultivating spiritual seeds, based on Uncle Cai's experience, plus this magical spiritual field in the ring space.
It is very possible that these spirit flowers will improve a lot of quality.
After throwing the demon pill to the queen bee, Qin Feng no longer cared about other chores.
The growth of the spirit flower takes time, and the brewing of spirit honey also takes time, it cannot be done overnight.
Qin Feng sat cross-legged directly and began to practice Yutianjue.
"Qin Feng, Qin Feng, are you inside?"
A knock on the door awakened Qin Feng from his cultivation state, his soul was directly sent out by the ring space, and he woke up on the bed in the hut.
He heard Xiao Lingling's voice.
"Senior sister, I'm here."
Pushing open the door, Qin Feng replied.
Xiao Lingling's face was a little anxious, and she looked at Qin Feng faintly revealing a trace of worry, she pulled Qin Feng's sleeve, and rushed to the sect in a hurry.
"Junior brother, did you cause trouble in the medicine garden? Uncle Cai just returned to the sect not long ago, so he went to the miscellaneous hall to inquire about you, as if he was looking for you."
Xiao Lingling was out of breath.
"Aren't you taking care of the medicine garden at Master Cai's place? He came looking for you just after he came back. Something must have happened! Let's hurry up and go over there right away. Put down your posture and sincerely apologize to Master Cai. I think he won't be too embarrassing." For you..."
Speaking of this, Xiao Lingling paused slightly, as if she was a little uncertain, after all Master Cai was moody.
It can be seen that Xiao Lingling is really worried about Qin Feng.
She wanted to comfort Qin Feng, but her eyes were dazed and she was at a loss.
"Don't worry, sister, nothing will happen."
Qin Feng patted the back of Xiao Lingling's hand to appease her, and asked her to leave first, and went to the medicine garden by himself. He also didn't know what happened in the medicine garden, but it was getting late at this time, and Master Cai was so anxious to let him go , presumably is indeed a very important thing.
He has inspected all the spiritual fields in the medicine garden, and every piece is intact.
He took care of it carefully and never made any mistakes.
"Why is Master Cai coming back at this time..."
Qin Feng couldn't figure out why Master Cai called him.
He used the jade card to break through the restriction of the medicine garden with ease, and walked into the medicine garden. Uncle Cai was still staying in the wooden house on the hillside, and there was a faint coercion there.
"You came."
Master Cai's face was very calm, with a rare smile, it didn't look like there was any urgent matter.
"Disciple Qin Feng, pay homage to Master Cai."
Qin Feng bowed respectfully, feeling a little puzzled in his heart. He walked through the medicine garden just now, and quickly inspected the Lingtian on the way, and found that everything was as usual, and there was nothing unusual.
"Qin Feng, do you know why Master Master called you over?"
"The disciple doesn't know."
"Hehe." Looking at Qin Feng's stiff look, Cai Ziqing was a little amused, his face was always gentle, and at the same time, he was secretly observing Qin Feng's various reactions, nodding from time to time.
"What have you done in the medicine garden in the past three days, please tell me carefully."
Cai Ziqing pretended to be serious.
Raising his eyes and taking a sneak peek, Qin Feng was a little puzzled, he could see that Cai Ziqing was not angry, so Qin Feng felt relieved, and reasoned that he had been taking care of the medicine garden according to what was written on the jade slips for the past three days. Go to the ring space spiritual soil.
"Sure enough, it seems to be just a coincidence."
After listening to Qin Feng's narration, Cai Ziqing was a little disappointed and regretful.
"Before I left that day, there was a problem with the Yingxing grass field. I thought about it for a long time but couldn't find a solution. But when I came back this time, I found that these Yingxing grasses were all alive and full of vitality! I thought you came up with some way to save these Yingxingcao. Now it seems that it is just luck!"
"Yingxing Grass is extremely difficult to rely on spiritual fields to breed. Sometimes it can survive a large area, and sometimes it will die inexplicably! Many pharmacists have nothing to do with it."
Cai Ziqing showed deep thought in his eyes, and told Qin Feng a lot, including what he was doing these days, and his years of planting experience.
Originally, he thought that he had encountered a planting genius, but now that he thought about it, it was really impossible. If the problem of planting Yingxing grass could be solved so easily, how could he get angry every day?
However, even if he is not a genius, this kid is very good.
Cai Ziqing stroked his beard.
"Qin Feng, I see that you are diligent and diligent, and your understanding is also very good. I have been away for three days, and you have managed the medicine garden in an orderly manner. I don't know, are you willing to stay in this medicine garden?"
"It just so happens that my medicine garden lacks an apprentice who can calm down and learn the knowledge of medicinal herbs. As long as you agree, you don't have to worry about the tasks in the sect anymore."
"Don't worry, just take care of the medicine garden for me."


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