Novel Name : 100,000 years of cultivation

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 0006 The sixth level of body training!
After returning from Fangshi, Qin Feng threw the demon pill into the ring space and let the spirit bee absorb it by itself.
He himself entered the medicine garden directly with the jade token. Ever since he learned the value of the Miasma-breaking Pill, he was particularly concerned about the spiritual field in the medicine garden where the Yingxing grass was planted.
It's no wonder that Master Cai attaches so much importance to this spiritual field, he often checks it.
It would be the same if it was him.
"It seems that these firefly star grasses are no longer a problem, and even better than before. After a while, maybe even the quality will be improved."
The spiritual soil in the ring space is really miraculous. In just one day, those crooked elixir straightened their backs, and they were extremely energetic.
Moreover, these firefly star grasses faintly reveal a trace of spirituality, which is very extraordinary.
"Speaking of which, although these firefly star grasses can also be sold at a good price, they are still not as good as the elixir. Once the elixir is refined into a barrier-breaking elixir, it will instantly become a sky-high price."
In Qin Feng's heart, he was also a little envious. The alchemist refined the elixir into alchemy, and the value of these spirit herbs had skyrocketed. Moreover, the alchemist had a high status and was respected everywhere.
The Qin Clan also has an enshrined alchemist, who is only of the first rank, and can't even practice the barrier-breaking alchemy. Even so, his father and all the elders respect him very much, and give him some benefits from time to time.
Almost all the weeds in the medicine garden have been cleaned up. Seeing this, Qin Feng speeded up and cleaned up all the remaining spiritual fields within a day.
Since then, the first sect mission he received was finally successfully completed.
Back in his hut, Qin Feng directly entered the ring space.
"The price of the Breaking Barrier Pill is too high. Even if I sell all these spirit herbs, it still won't be worth a fraction of the Breaking Barrier Pill."
As for the four exotic flowers and plants, Qin Feng did not plan to sell them, his contracted spirit beast, Spirit Bee, liked the two elixir flowers very much.
One of the two elixir plants has flowers as big as a basin, with complicated branches and leaves, and gorgeous colors. The other plant is translucent blue, like an orchid in the valley, with an elegant shape.
These two strange flowers look very unusual. The spirit bee once collected honey from these two flowers, and the result was metamorphosis.
The other two plants are obviously more extraordinary, and only two buds have grown up to now. They are probably the kind of miracle medicine that needs to grow for a long time to bloom and bear fruit.
After absorbing the power of the demon pill, the spirit bee was lying in the flower core of the big face flower and fell into a deep sleep. Qin Feng searched the past with his spiritual sense, and could faintly see that its aura was constantly rising.
"It seems that I should also calm down and practice hard."
Without the Breaking Barrier Pill, it would be very difficult for Qin Feng to break through the barrier between the fifth and sixth levels of body refining. Now no matter how much he cultivated, he could only add a little bit of aura, and could not break through.
Still, talk is better than nothing.
Over time, one day, the spiritual energy will accumulate to the point where the barrier cannot be resisted, and thus break through in one fell swoop! He also has a certain advantage in this regard because he has the ring space.
His mind gradually sank, and Qin Feng sat cross-legged on the ground and began to practice with all his heart.
"Buzz, buzz."
The ring space is very quiet, shrouded in white mist, there is an ethereal and detached taste, it is easy for people to let go of their thoughts and enter a sitting state.
In the past, when Qin Feng practiced, it was often a matter of course, and he practiced directly until he woke up in the real world.
However, this time, Qin Feng was woken up early by the spirit bee.
"Are you awake?"
Looking at the spirit bees circling around him, Qin Feng smiled. His contracted spirit beast, Spirit Bee, transformed after absorbing five first-grade demon pills, directly changing from the first level of body refining to the third level of body refining.
At the same time, its size also changed, from the size of the tip of a thumb to the size of a baby's fist.
Today's spirit bee is very bright in color, and the pattern on its body is very similar to the big face flower. Moreover, its tail needle is also dotted with cold light, which seems to have some kind of poison.
Lingfeng was very excited, flying in front of Qin Feng, showing herself. In the past, the sound of flapping wings was as loud as that of a mosquito, but now it can be regarded as "massive", turning into the sound of piercing the sky.
"very good."
Feeling the joy from the spirit bee and the emotion of asking for credit, Qin Feng praised.
After transformation, the spirit bee seems to have a child-like IQ, and its emotions are much richer than before. Hearing Qin Feng's praise, it was very excited and flew in various irregular trajectories.
"Okay! Go and play by yourself."
Qin Feng was naturally happy when the spirit bee became stronger, but at the same time, he also felt an indescribable sense of loss in his heart. If he broke through the barrier by strengthening the spirit energy bit by bit, even if he broke through, it would be the end of the year of the monkey.
"Buzz buzz! Buzz!"
Waves of slightly chaotic consciousness spread into Qin Feng's soul.
Spirit Bee was very anxious and seemed to want to say something.
"You mean, what do you want to give me?"
Qin Feng's eyes were strange, he discerned carefully, and finally understood what Lingfeng wanted to express.
The anxious Spirit Bee finally calmed down. It was extremely serious, and rubbed its two front legs quickly. Following its movements, a crystal clear liquid drop slowly emerged in the air, and it grew bigger and bigger.
In the beginning, the droplet was only the size of a grain of rice, but it didn't take long for it to grow in size until it was half the size of a spirit bee.
The liquid droplets rotate slowly in the air, showing a golden color, crystal clear, and exuding a sweet smell.
"This is spiritual honey? It's such a rich spiritual energy. I feel like countless spiritual energy has been compressed and condensed!" Looking at the small golden ball, Qin Feng looked solemn.
Qin Feng has never seen this kind of spiritual honey!
Just standing here and smelling that sweet smell, he felt that the barrier that had troubled him for a long time was faintly loosened!
It's too amazing!
The spirit bee took out the golden honey, which seemed to have consumed a lot of energy. After he conveyed his intention to offer the honey to Qin Feng, he flew back to the flower core of the big face flower and fell into a deep sleep.
Qin Feng couldn't wait, and directly swallowed the golden honey.
He knew that the spirit bee was just a little tired, and it would be good to rest for a while.
A majestic and thick aura exploded directly in Qin Feng's sea of qi. This aura was powerful with a touch of golden color.
In just a split second, this spiritual energy broke through the barriers from the fifth to sixth levels of body refining!
"The sixth level of body training! I have finally reached this step!"
Unable to suppress the joy in his heart, Qin Feng opened his eyes and laughed loudly.


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