Novel Name : 100,000 years of cultivation

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 0005 Barrier Breaking Pill
After returning to his hut, Qin Feng entered the ring space again with his spiritual consciousness.
Compared with before, today's ring space can be described as a big change. The empty spiritual field is already covered with all kinds of exotic flowers and herbs, exuding a faint medicinal fragrance.
Among them are several elixir plants, Qin Feng has never even seen them, and he doesn't know them at all.
Except for these few plants, he had seen other elixirs in the medicine garden.
At first, Qin Feng couldn't figure out why the seeds he had collected from the medicine garden grew into varieties he had never seen before. Later, after looking at Master Cai's jade slips, he knew the origin of these elixir plants.
These are the rare flowers and plants that Master Cai had collected, and Master Cai had cared for them meticulously. He wanted to cultivate them. He tried various methods, but these seeds did not germinate in the end.
Even Cai Shibo didn't know what kind of elixir these seeds could grow. He even speculated that these were dead seeds, and they couldn't grow anything at all.
However, in this mysterious ring space, several strange plants took root and sprouted.
"Many elixirs are about to mature, and compared to the elixirs in the medicine garden, they seem to be even better."
Qin Feng looked around Lingtian carefully.
"We have to find an opportunity to sell these elixir. After all, this low-level elixir will only rot in the ground after it matures."
Through Master Cai's jade slips, Qin Feng also learned a lot, and because of this, he knew that some elixir properties conflicted, and planting them together would reduce the quality.
If they had planned carefully at the beginning, the quality of these elixir would have been improved to a higher level. If they did not compete with each other, they all depended on this magical spiritual field in the ring space.
After dealing with Lingtian a little bit, Qin Feng sat cross-legged again and began to practice Yutian Jue.
However, the barrier between the fifth level of body refining and the sixth level of body refining cannot be broken through by relying on uninterrupted death cultivation. Qin Feng meditated for a day, but did not make any progress.
"It is said that the Breaking Barrier Pill is a pill specially used to break through barriers."
"However, this elixir is very precious, and I have only seen it a few times in the clan."
Qin Feng frowned. In fact, he has been stuck at the peak of the fifth level of Qi training for many days. Could it be that his aptitude is really that bad? He heard that many people have never encountered this barrier at all, and easily broke through to the sixth floor.
"You are quite leisurely, picking flowers and making honey here."
The ring space is full of aura. Qin Feng put his contracted spirit beast Lingfeng into this space that day. The spirit bee likes the ring space very much and once expressed joy to him.
Later, Qin Feng collected seeds in the medicine garden and planted them in the spiritual fields in the medicine garden space. They quickly took root and sprouted here, and now many elixir have bloomed.
The spirit bee was even more delighted, shuttled among various medicinal flowers all day long, diligently picking flowers to make honey.
As if understanding Qin Feng's words, the spirit bee flapped its wings quickly and flew in front of Qin Feng, circling around Qin Feng. The pair of insect eyes were no longer as rigid as before, rather humane.
"Huh? The first level of body training!"
This time, Qin Feng was slightly surprised.
did not expect! The spirit bee actually already has the first level of body training!
Although the first level of body refining is the lowest level among cultivators, before the spirit bee was an existence that even mortals could step on to death! The reason why the spirit bee is included in the ranks of spirit beasts is entirely because it can brew spirit honey.
But now, Spirit Bee has initially stepped into the ranks of cultivators and has the value of cultivation.
"I didn't expect that the biggest beneficiary of the ring space would be you. It seems that I have to spend some time training you."
Qin Feng smiled at Lingfeng.
Since he encountered a barrier and was unable to break through, it would be better to cultivate his own contracted spirit beast for the time being. As the young master of the Qin clan of the beast-monitoring family, Qin Feng knew very well that spirit beasts also represented a part of his own strength.
"Cultivating spirit beasts requires a lot of demon pills, I have to go to Fangshi to buy a batch."
Qin Feng looked at all kinds of elixir in the ring space, presumably these can be sold at a good price.
In the early morning of the next day, Qin Feng walked out of the room and walked directly into the back mountain of the sect while the sky was not yet bright. These days, Qin Feng learned that many disciples from the outer sect would go to a place ten miles away from the sect. Trial in a mountain range outside.
That mountain range was specially opened up by the sect for the disciples, connecting the depths of the Spirit Beast Mountain Range.
From time to time, some people hunted and killed monsters in this mountain range, or captured the cubs of some spiritual beasts that were worth cultivating, and found ancient treasures... and so on.
The outer sect disciples jokingly called this Zongmen mountain range a treasure trove, and every time they went there they called themselves treasure hunting.
Of course, Qin Feng was not looking for treasure, he was just going through the motions, so that the elixir in his ring space could be displayed. After all, everyone in Zongmenfang City knew the truth, and he was working in the medicine garden, so he suddenly took out all kinds of medicines. Panacea, it is easy for people to have all kinds of bad associations.
In this way, a lot of unnecessary trouble can be saved.
Wearing dew, Qin Feng clearly had traces of coming down from the back mountain. He went to Fangshi with a group of outer disciples. This group also came out of the mountain range. There were four of them, three men and one woman. , formed a hunting team, and often went in and out of the Zongmen Mountains to hunt monsters.
After Qin Feng inquired about these, he said that he had found a lot of elixir in the mountains and wanted to trade them in the square market.
"Junior Brother, I think the quality of your elixir is very good. When you go to the market later, remember to sell it near the Danfeng faction. Those alchemist apprentices consume a lot of medicinal materials every day to practice their hands, and there is a great demand for elixir."
Huang Qian, the captain of the hunting team, is enthusiastic and very talkative. He often goes to and from the market and has rich experience.
Qin Feng thanked them, and the two groups parted at the entrance of Fangshi.
The streets of Fangshi are very wide, and the houses on both sides are beautifully decorated and full of pavilions.
The market of Tianyi Sect is not only outer sect disciples, there are also many disciples wearing inner sect costumes walking on the street, and even some people who are not from Tianyi Sect come here to trade.
Bustling, a little noisy.
The Tianyi Sect's square market can be said to be the most lively place in the entire Tianyi Sect. Looking up, there are at least two to three thousand people gathered.
There is also a special trading place for medicinal herbs and herbs.
A giant banner with medicine characters on it attracted Qin Feng's attention, and he walked over directly.
After looking around, sure enough, the whole street was full of people buying and selling pills, spirits, and other things. Qin Feng followed the example of others, took out various common spirits, and put them on an empty vendor. Make a sale.
Many cultivators coming and going were attracted by the elixir that Qin Feng brought out in an instant.
The ring space is full of aura, and the spiritual field is also very magical. The elixir that Qin Feng took out is very different, and there seems to be a faint aura flowing.
"How do you sell these elixir?"
Someone asked directly.
"Is there a demon pill? If you exchange it with a demon pill, you can give a discount."
Qin Feng quoted a price slightly higher than others.
Although the outer disciple who asked frowned, he didn't say much.
You get what you pay for, and high-quality elixir is sometimes hard to come by.
The elixir from the ring space was sold out not long after it was placed on the street vendor, and was looted by everyone. After exchanging five first-grade demon pills, Qin Feng found that he still had a lot of money left.
Taking this opportunity, Qin Feng inquired about the Breaking Barrier Pill in Fangshi.
Unexpectedly, he still underestimated the preciousness of the Breaking Barrier Pill. This kind of elixir is rarely circulated on the market, and occasionally a few are circulated, and most of them are controlled by several major commercial firms and auctioned off.
These Barrier Breaking Pills that have been circulated often fetch extremely high prices, which can be called sky-high prices.


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