Novel Name : 100,000 years of cultivation

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 0004 Imperial Art
Back in his hut, Qin Feng cleaned up briefly, and then he felt the soreness in his body gradually recede. At first, he didn't feel it when he was in the medicine garden, but he found his body a little uncomfortable after returning.
Lying on the bed, Qin Feng felt that his eyes were very heavy, and he felt drowsy.
His body soon fell into a deep sleep, and his consciousness entered the ring space again.
"Hey, the seeds thrown in this morning have sprouted now."
As soon as Qin Feng came in, he found that there were many buds of elixir sprouting from the spiritual field in the ring space, which looked extremely vital and full of aura, which was very unusual.
Sure enough, the flow of time in the ring space is faster than in reality.
"I enter the ring space with my soul, but these seeds can enter with my body, so what will happen if I put the contracted spirit beast in?"
Thinking of this, Qin Feng directly called out his contracted spirit beast, Spirit Bee.
"The spirit bee came in with its body."
After many experiments, Qin Feng came to a conclusion.
Although I don't know why, but Qin Feng himself entered the ring space in the state of spirit and soul, but elixir and spirit beasts can enter directly.
The spirit bee's IQ is very low, it circled around the medicine field and stopped in front of Qin Feng.
The wings flapped rapidly and buzzed, and Qin Feng's face was reflected in countless compound eyes.
"It seemed excited and enjoyed the ring space."
The joy of Lingfeng was conveyed to Qin Feng's consciousness.
"The aura in the ring space is rich, and it must be of great benefit to the spirit beast. Since it is so, I usually put it here, it is better than putting it in the spirit beast bag."
After thinking about it for a while, Qin Feng gave Lingfeng an order not to enter the white mist, and then ignored it.
"When I wake up in reality, the soul will leave the ring space in an instant."
The ring space is full of aura, so Qin Feng meditated directly and began to practice Yutian Jue.
On the Yutian Jue, there is a record of the most basic unique art, called Yuwushu. He had already touched the threshold when he was practicing yesterday, and he should be able to master it today with a little effort.
The night in the real world is very short, the sun rises and the morning comes soon.
Taking a deep breath, Qin Feng opened his eyes, and there was a faint joy in his eyes.
"Imperial Art, start!"
Qin Feng urged Yu Tian Jue, his hands became sword fingers, and all kinds of utensils rose into the air in an instant in the hut, and the bed board also rose into the air, taking Qin Feng to float in the air.
Under the induction of his spiritual sense, Qin Feng realized that he could control everything within a ten-foot range!
After trying the Imperial Art for a while, Qin Feng came to the medicine garden.
Master Cai spent most of his time in the wooden house on the hillside, and after greeting him, Qin Feng started his task in the medicine garden again, cleaning up the weeds in the spiritual fields.
However, this time he gained experience, so he didn't need to use a lot of effort to pull out the weeds like before.
At the same time, he collected a lot of elixir seeds by clearing up the weeds.
These seeds were all planted by him on the spiritual fields in the ring space.
Unknowingly, he has completely adapted to the life in the sect. During the day, he came to the medicine garden to complete the task, and at night, his spirit entered the ring space to concentrate on cultivation.
Compared with others, on the surface Qin Feng is an outer disciple who has just entered the Zongmen for seven or eight days, but in fact, including the time of training in the ring space, he has been in the Zongmen for several months.
During this period of time, he broke through again in the aura-rich ring space, and now his cultivation has reached the peak of the fifth level of body refinement, and he is only one step away from stepping into the sixth level of body refinement.
However, it is a hurdle from the fifth floor of body refining to the sixth floor of body refining, and Qin Feng has been stuck here for a long time.
"Qin Feng, uncle, I'm going out for three days. During these three days, you must take care of the medicine garden. Don't make any mistakes. If there is something wrong with my elixir, I will ask for you!"
On this day, Qin Feng was still performing the mission of the medicine garden as usual. Just as he was about to pull out a bunch of weeds, Master Cai personally called him to the hillside and told him.
These days, Master Cai would occasionally visit the Lingtian to check the elixir.
Although he didn't say much, Qin Feng could tell that Uncle Qin was quite satisfied with him. In the past few days, when he talked to Qin Feng, his tone was much better.
Unexpectedly, today, Uncle Cai called him to the hillside in a hurry and entrusted the medicine garden for three days.
His tone was very bad, and there was a hint of anger faintly revealed, and he looked very impatient, obviously something was bothering him.
Naturally, Qin Feng would not touch this bad luck, he kept his eyes open and his heart in mind, and even claimed it was true.
"These are some of my experiences in cultivating elixir. Take it and have a look!"
Seeing Qin Feng's respectful attitude, Master Cai's tone was also slightly lighter.
After Master Cai left, Qin Feng took care of the medicine garden more carefully. In addition to cleaning up the weeds, he had to patrol the medicine garden over and over again. Where the elixir was short of water, he went to add some, and where the elixir suffered Insect pests, he hurried over to kill the insects.
"Huh? Why are these firefly star grasses lying down?"
The medicine field near the hillside is the one that Mr. Cai attaches the most importance to. The firefly star grass planted in this medicine field is extremely difficult to cultivate and is a precious medicinal material.
Yingxingcao is the main medicine for refining and planting the breaking barrier pill, and the price is high.
These days, Qin Feng also often sees Master Cai visiting this spiritual field, and attaches great importance to it.
"The soil is moist and there are no pests. Why is this?"
After careful inspection, Qin Feng still didn't find any problems in the spiritual field. He also had only a half-knowledge about the cultivation of elixir. All he knew was from Master Cai's jade slips.
Obviously, it is impossible for Master Cai to teach him everything, because the knowledge of elixir on the jade slip is very simple.
Such a situation was clearly beyond his comprehension.
"Oops! If Uncle Cai saw this situation when he came back, he would definitely be furious!"
Although Master Cai's attitude towards him was much better a few days ago, today Master Cai's angry tone made him understand that he has no weight in Master Cai's heart at all.
"By the way, the spiritual soil in the ring space is very extraordinary. All the seeds that couldn't germinate in the first place germinated in the ring space. Presumably that kind of spiritual soil will also have an effect on the firefly star grass."
Qin Feng directly took out a piece of spiritual soil from the ring space.
It's okay if there is no comparison. Once the spiritual soil in the ring space is taken out, its extraordinary color will appear even more. You can see the difference between the spiritual soil in the ring space and the spiritual soil in the medicine garden with just the naked eye.
Against the background of the spirit soil in the ring space, the spirit soil of the medicine garden is like dung.
The difference between the two is too great, so Qin Feng had to finely crush the spiritual soil in the ring space and sprinkle it evenly on the spiritual soil of the medicine garden to mix the two.
"I hope it works. I've done enough. If something happens, don't blame me."
Qin Feng frowned. If Uncle Cai blamed him for this incident, he wouldn't just stand here and let his arms be crippled like that unlucky senior brother.


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