Novel Name : 100,000 years of cultivation

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 0003 Miscellaneous Hall
"Hey, I came out?"
"Not good! I don't know how many days I've been here, I forgot all the missions of the sect!"
Qin Feng quickly got up from the bed, ignoring other things, pushed open the courtyard door and ran to the utility hall. On that day, Qin Feng's spiritual consciousness escaped from his body and entered the ring space. While meditating, it was a matter of course, and he raised his cultivation level to the fourth level of body training in one breath.
After the breakthrough, he woke up, but at this moment, he didn't know how long it had passed.
Approaching the Miscellaneous Hall, Qin Feng slowed down his pace, but he was still out of breath after running all the way.
"Disciple Qin Feng, come to receive the mission of the sect!"
Trying to control his breath, Qin Feng clasped his fists at the elder of the Miscellaneous Hall.
"Are you a new disciple? Why have I never seen you before?"
Zhou Tong, the elder of the Miscellaneous Hall, looked at Qin Feng with some doubts. Why did this kid rush over by himself without a guide?
Qin Feng was a little cautious. According to the regulations of Tianyi Sect, if the disciples of the outer sect failed to complete the sect's mission on time, they would be punished in various ways. In serious cases, they would even be kicked out of the sect directly.
Of course, if you can successfully complete the mission of the sect every month, you will have the opportunity to enter the inner sect in three to five years.
"Okay, there is no need to say anything more. The task assigned to you by the sect is to deal with the affairs of the medicine garden. You can report to the medicine garden with this jade card!"
There was a flash of surprise in Zhou Tong's eyes.
This is a rookie disciple who doesn't understand anything, and he happened to be asked to deal with that troublesome matter. He couldn't handle the matter in the medicine garden for a long time, and even he suffered a lot because of it.
Qin Feng breathed a sigh of relief.
Taking the jade card made him feel at ease, and without staying too long, Qin Feng walked out of the miscellaneous hall. He still doesn't know how long he stayed in the ring space.
The outer disciple had to complete three tasks every month, and the time was urgent, so he had to speed up and complete all three tasks in the remaining time.
Without stopping for a moment, he hurried to the medicine garden.
"Junior Brother, Junior Brother Qin! Slow down, wait for me!"
Suddenly, a female voice called from behind, and this female voice was familiar to Qin Feng, it was Xiao Lingling, the registered disciple who guided Elder Liu Ruqin that day.
At the same time, Qin Feng remembered that this person had said that day that he would come over early the next morning and take him to the Miscellaneous Hall to receive the Zongmen mission.
I don't know what happened when she went to her residence the next day. She called the door for a long time and no one answered? Or go into the house to check and find that the house is empty?
After all, that day, his consciousness had come out of his body and entered the ring space.
"Junior Brother Qin, why are you so impatient! Didn't you agree last night? I'll come to you early this morning and take you to the Miscellaneous Hall to receive the sect mission."
"You don't know, there are many tricks in the miscellaneous hall. There was a rookie disciple who was cheated. I was a little tired yesterday and forgot to tell you. I thought I would explain it to you in detail today. I didn't expect you to wake up so early!"
Xiao Lingling wiped off her sweat and put her hands on her waist.
last night?
Even though there is no clear change of the sun and the moon in the ring space, according to the speed of time, Qin Feng can faintly feel that at least three or five days have passed.
However, according to Xiao Lingling's statement, it seems that the fact that he became a disciple of Tianyi Sect just happened yesterday.
Time, only one night has passed.
Qin Feng was a little puzzled, but it was impossible for him to discuss this matter with Xiao Lingling. After talking about what happened in the Miscellaneous Hall in a few words, Qin Feng took out the jade card and asked Xiao Lingling to check it.
"What a pity! The task of the medicine garden is the sect task that outer sect disciples are least willing to accept. This task is very cumbersome, and the elder Cai Shibo of the medicine garden has a weird temper and a violent personality. Once because a brother who accepted this task did not take the medicine garden Take good care of him, and personally cripple his arms."
Xiao Lingling, as Qin Feng's senior sister, knows many secrets about the outer sect.
According to what she said, the outer sect disciples made a list of the sect missions they were least willing to accept, and the medicine garden mission ranked first. Just hearing the name of Cai Ziqing, the elder of the medicine garden, can make the outer disciples frightened.
Moreover, the missions of the Zongmen are not enforced, and the disciples themselves have a little choice. Qin Feng also understood that he was deceived by the elders of the Miscellaneous Hall.
"Forget it, since I have already accepted this task, I can no longer regret it."
Compared with the Zongmen mission, Qin Feng cared more about the ring space. As long as the time is not so urgent, any mission is similar to him. Now he just wants to go to the medicine garden to report and go back after finishing the mission Check the space of the ring carefully.
"Junior brother, take care of yourself and don't make Master Cai angry."
Sending Qin Feng to the gate of the medicine garden, Xiao Lingling stopped and instructed.
The two parted ways.
"It seems that this jade tablet is used to break the restriction of the medicine garden."
Qin Feng used the jade card to break the restriction, walked into the medicine garden, and said to himself.
In the medicine garden, there are patches of medicine fields, all kinds of spiritual materials are planted, which look absolutely beautiful, and the fragrance of medicine is everywhere.
"Disciple Qin Feng, received the mission of the medicine garden in the Miscellaneous Hall, and came to report to Master Cai."
Looking around, Qin Feng cupped his fists at the small wooden house on the hillside and worshiped. Since he entered the medicine garden, he faintly felt a coercion coming from the small wooden house.
Presumably, Master Cai is in there right now.
"Go, clean up all the weeds in the medicine field."
A hoarse, dark voice came from the wooden house, quite majestic.
Qin Feng retreated with fists in his hands, walked towards the medicine field, frowning.
Uncle Cai didn't say anything, he just asked him to go to the medicine field to clean up the weeds, without a word of instruction, he had never done this kind of thing before, what if something went wrong?
Moreover, the area of this medicine field is too big! When can he finish it?
Fortunately, the difference between elixir and weeds is very obvious, even a layman like him can tell the difference.
With a sigh, Qin Feng had no choice but to bow down and start weeding.
In the beginning, his movements were very slow. In order to prevent the elixir from being affected, he moved gently and cautiously. Later, as he continued to do it slowly, he found the knack to pull out weeds quickly and accurately without affecting the elixir. medicine.
"Hey, these are ungerminated seeds."
In the process of pulling out the weeds, Qin Feng found that there were many elixir seeds that had not germinated in the field, which seemed very redundant. According to his speculation, these were probably the elixir that could not germinate due to the deprivation of nutrients by other elixir seed.
"There is a spiritual field in the space of the ring. The aura is very strong. The clods there look very special and extraordinary. I wonder if these seeds can germinate there?"
Looking at these elixir seeds, Qin Feng thought of the spiritual field he saw in the ring space.
So, in the next time, Qin Feng pulled out the weeds while collecting the elixir seeds that had not germinated in the ground, and moved them all into the ring space.
After waking up from the ring space, he found that he could enter and exit the ring space at will.
In order to collect seeds, Qin Feng is very motivated and fast.
Time flies by.
"Okay! It's getting late, you can go back today and come back tomorrow."
A hoarse, coercive voice sounded behind Qin Feng.
Qin Feng was startled, he didn't even notice that someone came behind him. What kind of cultivation level is Master Cai? Cai Ziqing looks old, with a white beard and white hair, he is not angry, his eyes are hanging down, his face is red, and he looks very hot-tempered.
"Yes, boy, leave."
Looking up at Tianji, it was really getting late, Qin Feng felt a little tired the moment he straightened his waist.


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