Novel Name : 100,000 years of cultivation

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 0002 Tian Yi Case
The next morning, when the sun was just rising.
Ten young disciples were selected and stood in the hall of the Qin clan. The selected disciples were a little nervous, and many of them were looking curiously at the middle-aged man who was talking and laughing with the elders of the clan.
The middle-aged man smiled and looked back kindly.
Such a move made many people relax a little bit, showing a relaxed look.
"These ten are the gifted disciples who came out of this trial, right?" The middle-aged man circled around the young disciples and nodded slightly.
Suddenly, he stood beside Qin Feng, frowning slightly.
"What's going on here? Why is there only the third level of body refining?"
He was puzzled and said directly to Qin Feng.
"Release your contracted spirit beast and let me have a look."
Qin Feng was taken aback for a moment, his body was a little stiff and he released his spirit bee.
I don't know who it was, sneered in the crowd, and for a while, the other nine disciples of the Qin family let out bursts of muffled laughter as if they couldn't hold back their laughter.
"This is the son of our patriarch, please be accommodating." An old man quickly glanced at Qin Feng, walked quickly to the middle-aged man, and said in a low voice.
At the same time, the old man quietly passed a storage bag in his hand with ambiguous eyes.
The middle-aged man looked clear, and released his spiritual sense to investigate, and saw three snow-white demon pills emitting fluorescence in the storage bag.
Under investigation, the middle-aged man couldn't help but change color.
At least it is a demon pill from the Tongxuan Realm! What a great deal!
Accepting the things calmly, the middle-aged man put a gentle smile on his face again.
"Okay! From now on, all of you young talents will be disciples of my Tianyi Sect."
The middle-aged man is an Elder of the Tianyi Sect who specializes in guiding disciples. He has been to the Qin family many years ago. Speaking of which, the ancestor of the Qin family was also an elder of the Tianyi Sect. Zong can be said to have a long history.
As one of the top ten sects, the Tianyi Sect will hold a grand disciple selection ceremony every ten years. Those mortals who want to become the disciples of the Tianyi Sect must pass many selections. Usually, only one can pass through such a process. test.
And their Qin family, although not comparable to those big families, can barely be regarded as a cultivating family. Moreover, the ancestors of the Qin family have such a relationship with the Tianyi sect, so the Qin family has the number of disciples who can directly enter the Tianyi sect.
The Qin family was already under the sphere of influence of the Tianyi Sect. The middle-aged man who called himself Liu Ruqin brought ten young children of the Qin family back to the sect that day.
In a slightly open area, the ten Qin family disciples were at a loss, Liu Ruqin brought them here and stopped.
"This is to select disciples, and the elders will come to select us in a while." Qin Ye obviously knew the inside story, and whispered to everyone.
Inadvertently, his eyes glanced at Qin Feng, and a mocking smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. The other disciples followed Qin Ye's example and isolated Qin Feng.
Many people have seen the scene where the clansmen handed gifts to Liu Ruqin, and because of this, they always look at Qin Feng with disdain. Even without Qin Ye leading the team, these people deliberately stood far away from Qin Feng, as if to draw a clear line.
Speaking of which, Qin Feng is not very old, and suffering such silent humiliation made his body a little stiff.
"Yes, indeed."
Liu Ruqin gave Qin Ye an affirmative look with a look of admiration.
"As the leading elder, I am only responsible for bringing you into the sect. Next, which peak and sect you will worship, and what kind of fortune you will achieve in the future will all depend on you."
Not long after, several elders came one after another as expected, to pick disciples.
As a young disciple specially selected from a cultivating family, his aptitude needless to say, except for Qin Feng, all others were picked away.
Qin Feng was basically ignored. There was only one old man with a red beard who was curious about his Qi training level three and asked him to call out the contracted spirit beast.
As a result, after seeing the spirit bee, he shook his head and left.
"In this case, you should first go to the outer door to practice!"
Finally, Liu Ruqin said casually to Qin Feng.
"This is your senior sister, Xiao Lingling, she is one of my registered disciples in the outer sect, and she will be responsible for bringing you into the outer sect and handling your entry matters. I still have some things to do here and leave first. "
Liu Ruqin called a female outer disciple, and left in a hurry. This outer disciple named Xiao Lingling looked very enthusiastic, wearing the exclusive clothes of outer disciples, with a beautiful appearance and a friendly smile.
"Look, Junior Brother, do you like the room next to the bamboo forest? I specially chose it for you. It is very clean and no one will disturb you on weekdays."
"If you like to be lively, there are many vacant houses next to the lecturer's altar. Many outer disciples live there. If there are elders giving lectures, they can be reached within a few steps, which is very convenient. However, I don't like it very much. It always feels a little noisy there.”
When they came to a bamboo forest, Xiao Lingling introduced it to Qin Feng.
Qin Feng raised his eyes and saw that the hut next to the bamboo grove looked really quiet and far away. There was only one house not far away, away from the crowd and not easily disturbed.
"Just here, I don't like noisy places very much."
After sending Qin Feng into the house, Xiao Lingling looked a little tired. On this day, in addition to taking Qin Feng to receive the disciple's nameplate and other things, she also carefully introduced each palace to Qin Feng.
"Junior Brother, it's getting late today, you should rest well first, and I'll come back tomorrow morning and take you to the Miscellaneous Hall to collect the sect missions. Our outer disciples have to complete three missions every month."
After that, she left.
All the supplies in the house seemed new. Qin Feng lay down on the bed directly, and the sound of bamboo leaves being blown by the wind came from outside the window, and the air was fresh and distant.
Before he knew it, Qin Feng felt relaxed physically and mentally. After a while, a sense of drowsiness came to his heart, and he felt his eyelids getting heavier and heavier.
Qin Feng felt a lightness in his body, and his consciousness seemed to come out of his body, circling around the small house in a very wonderful form.
This feeling is very mysterious, he can see his own body, lying on the bed, sound asleep.
"Huh? That ring is emitting a shimmering light, very magical."
Qin Feng saw a black ring on his hand, which was extremely miraculous, as if in this state, he could see things that he couldn't see before.
Stretch out your palm and touch the ring on the screen.
Suddenly, Qin Feng's soul left his body in an instant, as if sucked in by the ring.
"Where is this?"
Qin Feng felt that he seemed to have come to a strange place, surrounded by gray and white mist.
The only thing I can see in my sight is a field under my feet. It is not appropriate to call it a field. There are no crops on this land, and it is very barren.
"It's such a rich aura, I feel like I don't need to practice at all, my body is absorbing the aura."
Taking a deep breath, Qin Feng's eyes revealed a deep shock.
where is this place? How could there be such a strong aura?
Unconsciously, Qin Feng started to walk into the white mist. He wanted to find out and see what kind of place this place was.
"Stop immediately! Inheritor! If you step into the white mist, you will be wiped out in an instant!"
In the sky, a deep and thick voice suddenly stopped Qin Feng. The voice carried infinite coercion, as if it resonated with this space, causing rolling thunder.
Almost at that moment, Qin Feng stopped, and the momentum made him startled.
"Inheritor, accept the inheritance!"
That voice was indescribable.
In the whole world, countless dark golden scriptures emerged in an instant, pouring into Qin Feng's soul like a tide.
"Yu Tian Jue!"
Looking at the golden scriptures in front of him that echoed with his soul, Qin Feng's expression changed.
The scriptures that can be integrated into the sea of consciousness are simply unheard of.
This scripture is also a supreme exercise, and the content recorded in the exercise is so exquisite that it completely dazzled Qin Feng and obsessed him.
Compared with the beast-controlling skills passed down from the Qin clan's ancestors, it is simply not known how much higher. If he had come into contact with this kind of skills when he started practicing, how could he still be at the third level of body training?
"Familiar with beasts, imperial equipment, imperial people, imperial mountains and rivers, at the end of practice, you can even directly imperial heaven and earth! Everything can be controlled, and the world is for my use!"
The most important thing is that Yu Tian Jue, a thaumaturgy, even describes a level beyond that of a saint! As we all know, a saint is already the highest level of the supreme cultivator in the world, but Yutian Jue describes the level above the saint!
Based on this alone, Yu Tian Jue can be called the supreme skill.
"Senior, who are you?"
Qin Feng was shocked by this supreme skill, and asked the sky.
However, that deep, majestic voice never appeared again.
The surrounding white fog was very dangerous. The voice told him that if he stepped into it, he would be wiped out in an instant. At the same time, he didn't know how to leave this space. He tried many ways to ask, but the voice never sounded again.
In desperation, Qin Feng had no choice but to sit on the spot and practice this newly acquired supreme skill.
"The aura here is really strong. I just ran around the vein of Yutian Jue and felt the aura rushing towards me like a tide."
You know, this is the first time he practiced this technique!
Qin Feng experienced such a sense of joy that he had never experienced before. For a while, he had no distracting thoughts, and he didn't care about the doubts in his heart. He was completely immersed in the cultivation of body and mind.


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