Novel Name : 100,000 years of cultivation

Chapter 1

As the sun was approaching, several old men were still wandering outside the dangerous spirit beast mountain range, stretching their necks to inquire into the forest from time to time, looking anxious.

"Patriarch, why haven't these little guys come out yet? Don't tell me something happened inside?"

An elder looked worried.

"In the past, at this time, all of my children from the Qin family had already come out, but none of them came out today. Maybe some accident happened?"

The elders of the Qin clan were very hesitant. The Spirit Beast Mountain Range was originally a trial for the young children of the Qin clan.

If they intervene, this trial will have no meaning of existence.

Fortunately, the dignified atmosphere outside the mountains did not last long.

"Qin Ye, contracted spirit beast, iron-backed demon wolf!" A clansman standing at the entrance of the spirit beast mountain range shouted their names.

The young children of the Qin clan came back from the mountains one after another, and one of the youngsters' contracted spirit beast caused heated discussions among the clan.

"Iron-backed wolf? How is that possible? It is a monster deep in the mountains. Although it is the lowest existence in the depths of the mountains, it is basically invincible outside the mountains."

"Qin Ye, it turned out to be him!"

"This time, I contracted a spirit beast like the iron-backed demon wolf!"

"The iron-backed demon wolf has a very high potential limit, and his future future is immeasurable."

There was a lot of discussion among the clansmen. This Qin Yeben was the son of a great elder in the clan. He had very good qualifications and was highly valued by the clan.

But now that he has contracted such a powerful spirit beast, he is afraid that it will soar into the sky.

Qin, who was the focus of everyone's discussion, was also very calm. He looked around and stood beside the iron-backed wolf with a slight smile on his face. The black-haired and cold-eyed iron-backed wolf was lying on the ground, as if no one was there, looking very unusual .

"Qin Zhong, contract spirit beast, black civet."

"Qin Lian, contract spirit beast, cloud snake."

"Qin Chuhong, a contract spirit beast, a jade pig with white teeth."


The clansman who made the roll call was also smiling at this time, these are the most powerful spirit beasts outside the mountain range!

The outlying area of the Lingshou Mountains close to the Qin family has been nourished by the Qin family's ancestors for thousands of years and has been turned into a treasure land. Every year, newcomers and children will get a lot of harvest here.


The wolf roared, and the noisy scene became quiet for an instant. All kinds of spirit beasts were temporarily avoiding the edge. Although these young spirit beasts were considered the most powerful in the outskirts of the spirit beast mountain range, they were different from the iron-backed wolf from the depths of the mountain range. Bi, still can only bow down.

"Qin Ye, is that him? The son of the Great Elder, now contracted with the iron-backed demon wolf."

The teenagers were slightly surprised. They walked to Qin Ye one after another, hoping to make friends with Qin Ye. Qin Ye was calm and well-behaved, and talked with everyone.

"Very good, very good."

This situation made the Great Elder laugh heartily. He praised Qin Ye again and again, and his gaze towards Qin Ye became softer and softer. He was very satisfied with his son.

Looking at his father, Qin Ye's eyes flickered slightly, and he walked directly to the elder and whispered softly.


The Great Elder's face changed, and he looked at the entrance of the Spirit Beast Mountain Range, his eyes were full of surprise, but he soon returned to normal.

Time passed quickly, and there was no movement at the entrance of the Spirit Beast Mountain Range for a long time. The clansmen were chattering and laughing constantly, and the young disciples of this year were all very good.

"It's getting late, it's time to go back."

After all, he also stayed in the Spirit Beast Mountain Range for several days. Seeing that Qin Ye looked a bit sleepy, the Great Elder spoke directly. His eyes narrowed slightly, and he looked into the depths of the Spirit Beast Mountain Range, with an imperceptible smile on the corner of his mouth.

"My son Qin Feng has not returned yet."

The head of the clan, Qin Zhan, had solemn eyes. He looked around and spoke coldly. Everyone was shocked for a moment, as if he heard the roar of a tiger, and felt uneasy in his heart.

"The unity of qi and blood has reached the realm of Tongxuan!"

The pupils of several elders shrank slightly.

"Patriarch, this trip to the Spirit Beast Mountain Range is originally a trial for the young children of our clan. Since it is a trial, there will inevitably be casualties. Is it possible that you want us to wait here forever?"

The Great Elder said casually.


Qin Zhan launched coercion directly, and his attitude was very firm.

Under pressure, the group of people had to stay where they were, waiting for the last child of the Qin family to come out of the Spirit Beast Mountain Range.

However, after a long time, the coercion gradually dissipated, and there were whispering voices in the field again. The disciples who entered the mountain for trial complained that they had not had a good rest for several days, and now they can't go home. wait.

"I want to see what kind of spirit beast Qin Feng can contract!"

Qin Feng, who had not been out for a long time, made many elders look impatient.

The patriarch Qin Zhan was also faintly worried, pacing back and forth.

"Qin Feng has come out!" The name-calling clansman breathed a sigh of relief and shouted loudly.

However, why is Qin Feng so empty?

"Qin Feng came out? What spirit beast did he contract?"

Although I was a little impatient just now, there are still many people in the tribe who are curious at the moment. They all know that Qin Feng is a waste wood of the third level of body refining, but it may not be impossible to contract a powerful spirit beast.

"Qin Feng, what's the matter with you? Could it be that you didn't succeed in the contract at all?"

"This trial is to select talented disciples who will be sent to Tianyi Sect. If you don't even succeed in contracting spirit beasts, you will definitely not be able to go with us."

Several teenagers frowned and looked behind Qin Feng while talking, but they still saw nothing.

"Who said I didn't succeed in the contract?"

Hearing this, everyone was slightly startled.

For a while, there were crowds of people, and everyone looked for the trace of the monster he contracted.

At this time, Qin Feng raised an arm and slowly stretched out his clenched fist. Everyone's eyes were focused on him, even the patriarch Qin Zhan, the Great Elder and others who seemed unmoved on the surface. He also secretly cast his gaze over there.


"This, what is this!"

"Isn't this just a spirit bee? A low-level spirit beast that even mortals can trample to death!"

The faces of the Great Elder and others turned green. Fortunately, they really thought that Qin Feng had contracted some kind of strange monster, so they took a peek at it regardless of their manners.

"Ha ha ha ha!"

"Qin Feng, are you stupid? You actually contracted a spirit bee?"

"Trash is trash, I think the spirit bee is the best match for you, a good-for-nothing!"

Hearing Qin Ye's ridicule, Qin Feng's expression changed.

"Qin Ye, Qin Lian! You two shameless people, dare to laugh at me? Three days ago, you deliberately tricked me into a cliff in the Spirit Beast Mountain Range. I escaped after surviving a catastrophe. In desperation, I had no choice but to sign a contract with a spirit bee!"

That day, he saw a wounded iron-backed wolf outside the Spirit Beast Mountain Range. He thought he was lucky, so he went to hunt it down, but... Qin Ye and Qin Lian followed closely. They saw the iron-backed wolf about to If you lead yourself to the depths of the mountains, you will be the killer!

"The family rules clearly stipulate that disciples in the family are forbidden to kill each other, and those who violate it will be driven out of our family by abolishing their cultivation. What should you two do?!"

"Qin Feng, don't spout blood here. With the strength of me and Qin Lian at the sixth level of body training, isn't it easy to deal with you? You can be suppressed and killed with a single hand, so why bother to try to kill you? What evidence do you have against me?"

As the saying goes, there is no proof, and Qin Ye's casual defense won the approval of most of the tribe.

After all, this is a world that worships the strong!

With a low cultivation base, he also contracted a useless spirit bee, and no one is willing to speak for him.


"Enough! I don't need to talk about this matter anymore, but Qin Feng must be one of the disciples selected to enter the Tianyi Sect!" An angry shout directly stopped the dispute. Qin Zhan glanced at Qin Feng and looked around at everyone. people, shouted.

"Send a child of the Qin family who contracted the spirit bee to Tianyi sect?"

"This... this is too embarrassing!"

The Great Elder refused without even thinking about it. However, he hesitated a little when he met Qin Zhanshe's gaze.

Just now Qin Ye whispered to him about the matter of driving Qin Feng into the depths of the mountains. If the patriarch is determined to investigate, it is not impossible to find clues.

Forget it, the contract spirit bee, the third level of body refining.

This kind of qualification is already irreparable, and it is expected that the trash will not be able to cause any trouble.

Thinking of this, the Great Elder hinted that all his subordinates agreed to this condition.

"I will make you pay the price!"

Qin Feng had a panoramic view of everyone's expressions, and held his hands tightly.

At the same time, a ring on his finger now seemed to be flickering with a dim light. The spirit bee attracted everyone's attention, and no one noticed the existence of this ring at all.


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