Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 40

Xiaopang saw that the other person was not friendly, so he hurried forward to meet him. Probably because Xiaopang had a richer image and looked more like a boss, the other party ignored his age and yelled at him aggressively:

"You are the owner of this store, whoever allows you to open for business, everyone should get out, and this store has been sealed up, everyone should get out." Xiaopang was reprimanded here, and other people started to drive out people.

"Hey, this one hasn't paid yet!" Xiaopang saw someone leaving without giving money and wearing new clothes, so he wanted to stop him, but was grabbed by the leader.

"Don't run away, come here, sign this first." After speaking, he took a piece of paper from the person next to him and asked Xiaopang to sign it.

"Don't sign." Xiaopang was about to sign with a pen in a daze, but was stopped by Su Ming's yell, and then Su Ming slowly stood up from behind the table, and Shi Shiran came in front of everyone.

"Let me have a look." Su Ming walked up to him, as if taking the paper from Xiaopang's hand, but the other party didn't want to, so he stretched out his hand and pushed towards Su Ming, cursing while pushing: "*** , then you come out, go home and get some milk."

With a sound of "slap", Su Ming slapped him on the face, and then kicked him. The other party didn't guard against Su Ming's young hands being so ruthless, so he was kicked and fell to the ground. .

"MD, you dare to violently resist the law enforcement, come on me." The guy sitting on the ground is probably a small boss, and he is used to being arrogant. Ordinary merchants don't even dare to speak aloud when they see them, and they have to smoke Good wine is good to entertain, so if you are willing to suffer such a big loss, wave your hands and let people go up to beat up Su Ming.

"Stop, I'm from the organization department, I'll see who dares to do it." Su Ming didn't have the habit of challenging a group of people by himself. Knowing that he would suffer a loss, he took out his work card and shouted at the other party. No one was immediately frightened. People dare to move.

"Who cares about your department, brothers, give it to me." Although this guy knew the strength of the organization department, he felt that he was not a serious cadre anyway, and he was not under the supervision of the organization department, so he beat him first.

"I can call you, Director Pan, with just one phone call. You can give me a try." Seeing that Su Ming was about to suffer a loss, he had to use his trump card to scare the other party. The name really worked. Immediately no one dared to move the people below.

Although Pan Yuanyue is only a deputy director, he is the most intimidating person in the Industrial and Commercial Bureau besides the director, because his division of labor is the collection of management fees.

"What evidence do you have to prove that you know Director Pan?" The guy sitting on the ground was unambiguous. It is common in newspapers to pretend to be a relative or friend of a leader just by remembering his name. Moreover, Su Ming is too young, so how could he know him? What about Director Pan?

"He is 38 years old. His home is Weihong Street, Zhengping District. His office phone number is XXX657. Would you like me to give him a call?" Su Ming's memory is surprisingly good at this time. Just memorize this information.

"No, no, I'm sorry, the flood rushed into the Dragon King Temple. The family doesn't recognize the family. I don't know who you are?" To find out Su Ming's background, it is better to have a topic in front of the leader, even if it is to take care of him, he must let the leader know if it is not.

"I'm Xiao Su from the Department of Cadres of the Organization Department. Just tell him and he will know." Su Ming and Pan Yuanyue just met and exchanged a few words, but I believe that the other party should remember me. If I had known this would happen, and I had to go through the formalities to open the store, I should have said a few more words at that time.

"I'm really sorry to delay your business. This is your shop, right?"

"This is my friend's. I just came out to do some errands today. Come and have a look. Remember to take care of it here in the future." Su Ming pointed at Xiaopang, pretending not to take it seriously at all, fully expressing the fox's fake tiger's prestige. .

"Definitely!" The other party nodded and left here, and after they left, Xiaopang wiped off the sweat on his face, picked up the papers and looked at them, only then did he realize the seriousness of the matter. It turned out to be a punishment notice. Seize all items, seal up the store, and are willing to accept all punishments.

"Xiao Ming, I'm really sorry, I really didn't think of it in my head."

"It's okay. If someone like this comes over to find trouble in the future, just remember to let me know." No matter what bureau, it has to be managed by the organization department, at least the director of the bureau must be under the management of the organization department, so Su Ming is not afraid.

Fortunately, I happened to be here today. Otherwise, things would be serious. If all the goods were confiscated and the door was sealed, it would not be so easy to recover. Su Ming was very lucky.

This encounter also made Su Ming realize the power of the Organization Department. He thought it would be good to hang out here, since he works here and does business outside, so it would be better not to delay the two.

Su Ming took the opportunity to hang up the phone to Pan Yuanyue again, and told the other party about the matter. Pan Yuanyue was very enthusiastic on the phone, and kept saying sorry to Su Ming, and he would definitely explain to his subordinates in the future Okay, I won't bother you casually if you have nothing to do.

Su Ming went to Tian Yuping again to ask for the signature form, and called the people he thought would be useful one by one. The name was of course to talk about the training, but in fact he hooked up with the other party and let the other party know about the organization. There is such a person as himself.

The beginning of Su Ming's self-introduction was that I am Xiao Su from the Department of Cadres. They dare not underestimate this department that is in charge of themselves. Although Su Ming is a small person, everyone who can enter this department has a certain For the background, it doesn't matter if you offend the younger ones, but if you offend the old ones, it will be broken.

Naturally, Su Ming was embarrassed to use his office phone to make a call. There happened to be an empty office phone next to him, which was used to organize small study meetings. Usually, no one was there, so Su Ming hid here to make calls.

Tian Yuping came over to talk to Su Ming when she had nothing to do, or asked some simple questions. She didn't know if the girls were really stupid. Su Ming felt that he had explained clearly enough, but she just didn't understand.

Sometimes Su Ming was so angry that he wanted to do something, but Tian Yuping acted like he was letting you do it. Sometimes Su Ming would lightly slap him twice, but Tian Yuping didn't react too aggressively, just the occasional flash of light in his eyes. Su Ming was very puzzled.

The days passed day by day like this, Su Ming just went to Lan Tianyun's office to chat with him when no one was around, and didn't contact him at all in normal times, so no one else knew about his relationship with the minister .


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