Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 39

After Ye Tianming heard the news, he also came to the door on his own initiative. Although he didn't ask directly, but after confirming the news by beating around the bush, he left angrily. His sons were all admitted to the municipal committee, but his own son was fine and went to prison. After he heard the news, he searched everywhere, but unfortunately, he couldn't even see his son. Although he was very jealous of the Su family, but the next day, he still reinstated Su Ziqiang as an official. Their sons have all joined the municipal party committee.

After Su Ming heard the news, he just smiled coldly. Su Ming no longer cared about a small factory director. After all, on the territory of Pingyang, there is still a certain degree of interference.

Two days later, Deputy Section Chief Wan suddenly arranged for Su Ming to go to the training section to help. It turned out that the training section was going to hold a short-term training class for department-level cadres, and the manpower was too busy. Department to apply for help.

Since the registration for the training class was conducted at the party school, and the Pingyang Municipal Party School was in the suburbs far away from the municipal party committee compound, other people were unwilling to go, so this task was finally assigned to Su Ming.

Coincidentally, the training department also sent an intern named Ye Yuping, who is small and exquisite, sweet and pleasant, but her chest is particularly tall, making people's eyes want to fall on it involuntarily.

The Pingyang City Party School is in a large park, next to a sanatorium for veteran cadres, the scenery is naturally not bad there, two people sitting in the shade of a tree, let the breeze blowing from the lake, not to mention how cool it is.

The combination of handsome men and beautiful women is very attractive. Even the veteran cadres who are walking here will stop and rest for a while, as if they are absorbing the vitality exuded by the two of them.

"You are from the Organization Department, right? I'm Pan Yuanyue from the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and I'm here to collect the registration form and training materials." The two sat side by side speechless, each looking at the books in their hands, and suddenly a person ran over from there, came to the table.

"Sign your name and contact information here first, pay the training fee of 280 yuan, and then you can come here to attend classes the day after tomorrow." Signing and distributing materials is Su Ming's business, and the money is theirs. After all, the training department is the master, and Su Ming is only here to help. However, such a big matter is handled by two young people, so it is conceivable how much attention is paid to it.

Since the other party was the first to sign up, Su Ming had a very deep memory, especially the large black mole on the other party's face, which looked particularly eye-catching. When signing, Su Ming deliberately took a second look.

Then people came to report one after another, most of them were at the level of deputy director, deputy county head, and deputy district head, and there were a few directors and deputy directors. Su Ming didn't know what level to count.

This busy work lasted until Sunday, and the registration work was over. The rest of the matter had nothing to do with Su Ming. The party school had its own staff, so Su Ming returned to the first department of cadres.

In the past two days, apart from getting to know many leaders, Su Ming and Ye Yuping also got to know each other well. After getting to know each other, Ye Yuping became very talkative, often chatting with Su Ming about family or work issues.

Su Ming didn't think too much about it, so he said everything he could say. As for his internship status, there was nothing he couldn't hide from others. Ye Yuping was the only ordinary job he knew besides the cadre department. personnel.

Days passed, and Su Ming was still the same as before in the cadre department one. The leader did what he ordered, and he just sat there drinking tea and reading newspapers, enjoying a leisurely time.

After getting acquainted with each other, more people brought Su Ming to dinner, and occasionally someone from a certain unit came to ask Su Ming to have dinner, but they were all Qingshui yamen that no one wanted to deal with. After Su Ming went to the small restaurant a few times, he was really not interested in going there again.

Departments with lucrative resources such as the Grain Bureau, Material Bureau, Supply and Marketing Cooperative, and Transportation Bureau are not in Su Ming's turn. In this era, the Finance Bureau, Taxation Bureau, and Education Bureau are all departments that are not lucrative. Su Ming Generally, they follow others to eat their food.

Su Ming has also learned to be generous to others. Occasionally, if the opportunity is right, he invites Ye Yuping to have a free meal together. Ye Yuping cherishes this opportunity very much and is also very grateful to Su Ming. The two slowly get closer .

Su Ming didn't mean anything else. Apart from the fact that both of them were interns, there were also two newcomers. When they arrived in a new place, it was only natural for them to take care of each other.

And Ye Yuping is also very well-behaved, giving Su Ming the feeling of a little sister next door, because he and Xiaopang are both only children, every time I see Liang Cai being entangled by his younger sister, I envy her for being so cute. sister.

This day at work, Su Ming took the opportunity of going shopping to come to his own Nanfang clothing store. The store is still the same, but now when it comes to the Nanfang clothing store, it is known to everyone in the city. It is the only one in Pingyang City. In the eyes of customers, especially female customers, a store that deals in high-end clothing is the supreme palace.

There are often those women who do not have a high income but are keen on dressing themselves. After coming here countless times, they grit their teeth and spend half a month or a month's salary to buy a piece of clothing to show off.

Although the business is not as hot as it was at the beginning, it is still flowing in continuously, and the clothes are naturally decreasing. The money recovered now has exceeded the investment of the three of them, and the rest can be said to be net profit up.

Su Ming doesn't care about the money, the key is that the money is earned by him in an upright manner, not as shady as that money. In addition to paying off foreign debts that don't exist at all, Su Ming dares to take the money home .

Su Ming's mother was earning his son's money at home. Su Ming never told Xiaopang and the others that this money was his own money anyway. It was nothing more than subsidizing the illegally obtained money with a legitimate reason through this process. home.

Su Ming didn't know that there is a technical term for this process called money laundering. He named this process "bleaching", but it is also compliant and considerate, but it is too slow. I don't know when all the money will be bleached. .

And that car, Su Ming, also had a headache. There was no excuse for driving it. It couldn’t have been lent or given to him by someone else, and it was also a smuggled car. If someone found out, wouldn’t he be going to jail.

Su Ming was sitting behind the desk where the money was collected, thinking wildly. Suddenly, several people in light blue uniforms and blue hats with large brims came in from the door. Xiaoling rushed to meet them. Before she could speak, the other party The man stretched out his hand to push her away, and shouted loudly: "Where is the boss? Who is the boss, come out!"


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