Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 38

Su Ming stayed here for three days, and he didn't speak more than ten sentences to everyone. He didn't know what these people were doing sitting here every day. They all looked very busy, but they didn't see any results.

After Su Ming handed in the photo, he quickly completed the work permit. Except for the word "internship" on the position side, the other places are the same as others, but this column is suppressed by stamps and steel seals, making it impossible to see clearly. .

Although it is just a small work card, it is very powerful. On the day he got the work card, Su Ming was caught by the traffic police once. He wanted to pay for it, but he took out the work card at once. The traffic policeman took it over curiously. He exclaimed: "Organization Department!"

Before Su Ming could speak, he took it to ask other people, and after a while, he ran over, handed over the work card with both hands, and apologized to Su Ming, which made Su Ming marvel at the original so smart.

One day at noon, Su Ming didn't want to go home, so he went to the logistics office to collect a meal ticket. As a result, the middle-aged aunt kept staring at Su Ming curiously, as if she was looking at a liar, which made Su Ming very puzzled.

But soon Su Ming understood that after the head of Vanke answered a phone call inside, he came out before it was time to get off work, greeted Xiaowei, Xiaoniu, Daliu, and the three of them went out together, seeing the head of Vanke going out , Old Wang secretly made a phone call, then said a few words into the phone, and then left alone. This kind of thing happens every day.

"No arrangement at noon?" That annoying Xiao Lin suddenly sat in front of Su Ming and asked while smiling at Su Ming.

"Arrangement? What arrangement." Su Ming asked puzzled.

"The restaurant?"

Su Ming really didn't know what the restaurant was, but it should have something to do with eating, so Su Ming shook his head.

"Then let's go and eat together with my buddies." Xiao Lin seemed to be acquainted.

"That's so embarrassing, I'd better eat in the cafeteria." Su Mingxin said, I don't know you well, so what's the matter if I go to your house for dinner.

"What's so embarrassing about this? They also take money from the public. If you don't eat it, you don't eat it for nothing. If you eat it, you can eat it for nothing. Let's go." Xiao Lin dragged Su Ming downstairs, and before he reached the gate, someone picked him up .

Su Ming didn't remember who this person was. Anyway, he was the chief of some bureau or department. Hearing that Su Ming was Xiao Lin's colleague, he was too eager to flatter him, and kept saying sorry for the late invitation.

"If it wasn't for the fact that Lao Wang didn't take you with him when he had a meal, I wouldn't have taken you out if he knew he didn't really take you out." After it was over, Xiao Lin told Su Ming.

At this time, Su Ming already understood that the people in the Organization Department, especially those in the Cadre Section 1, had meals almost every day. No wonder the aunt was puzzled, and they usually brought acquaintances with them when they went. of.

In some cases, the leaders of the major bureaus came forward to treat guests, and most of them were deputy positions. If they were full-time positions, they would not invite these clerks. They usually looked for section chiefs and above, and sometimes they were section chiefs who had power and money and were eager to make progress. Invite, even if there are some executives in the bureau, they will send people to invite these people's guests after a period of time, so as to improve the relationship, so as to get news in advance if there is any rumor.

Sometimes people from the counties and districts below come to work, and take this opportunity to build relationships with people in the organization department, "Follow the organization department, and make progress every year", this sentence is not empty, no matter who you want to be promoted, you must through the organization department.

Of course, there are also battles and factions. Usually, both the inviter and the invitee need to be kept secret, and only those who feel at ease will be invited to join.

But like Lao Wang, he would rather go alone than take Su Ming. In name, Su Ming is still his apprentice. If the matter is not very confidential, it is that he does not want to take Su Ming there to save face.

This problem is serious. Under normal circumstances, as Su Ming's guide, he is responsible for bringing Su Ming into the group, and this is also part of the integration.

Otherwise, Xiao Lin would not take Su Ming out. It can be seen that he and Lao Wang are not quite right. Su Ming once again couldn't understand that an office worker would do such a thing.

During this period, Hong Anzhong found two subordinates to conduct a secret investigation on Su Ming. Among their information, Su Ming was still a student. Head to work.

Now they didn't dare to move around, and hurriedly reported it to Hong Anzhong. Hong Anzhong's heart skipped a beat when he heard it. Could it be that Lan Tianyun was responsible for it from the beginning to the end? But I didn't hear that he had any contact with the provincial department.

Hong Anzhong was active at this time to extract himself from the drug smuggling case. Anyway, his son was not found at the scene. Although someone proved that he was the leader, many people had changed their minds under Hong Anzhong's operation. Now Tianzheng has basically been characterized as just a participant, not the main culprit.

In this way, the crimes on him are much less. The country does not stipulate that if the son commits a crime, the father will be implicated, even dereliction of duty, but the influence is not without it. He also exhausted all his energy and sacrificed With many interests, it took hard struggles and compromises to keep its current position, but the secretary of the Political and Legal Committee had to give up. In other words, he couldn't keep up with this wave of entry.

It is precisely because of this that he dare not challenge the dignity of an organization minister at this time. Even if this kid has nothing to do with him, but if you rashly touch a person in the organization department without even saying hello, it is the same as beating him. There is no difference in the face.

Not to mention that he had already found out that the boy who entered the organization department was looking for Lan Tianyun, so he had no choice but to write down Su Ming's name in his notebook, the list of the group of people who would be dealt with when he had the opportunity, and then died down, and then I dare not take any action.

Seeing that Su Ming left early and returned late, the people in the compound thought Su Ming was still in school at first, but one day, there was an explosive news from nowhere that the boy from the Su family had gone to work in the municipal committee. Cai Xingjuan didn't dare to go into details, but the proud smile on her face couldn't be hidden from anyone.

Wow, after this news was confirmed, eyeballs dropped all over the ground in this compound, and they were still spreading outward at a very rapid speed.

"Have you heard that the child of the old Su family has joined the municipal party committee?"

"Yes, you said this old Su is silent, how can he have this ability?"

"I heard that it's not Lao Su who is capable, but his son."

"It doesn't matter who is capable, anyway, he is capable. You said that this old Su San can't beat a fart with a stick, so why did he get his son into the municipal committee?"


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