Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 37

Su Ming followed into Minister Lan's office. When he got here, Su Ming also knew what attitude he should use to treat him, and it would not be appropriate to be as presumptuous as he was at Pan's house.

Lan Tianyun didn't say much, but called the head of the Talent Work Section to ask him to go through the formalities of Su Ming and stay in the department for a while in the name of an internship.

The head of the talent work department is Ma Chunliang, a middle-aged man in his forties. His arms are still covered with blue denim sleeves, and the undersides have been worn white. It looks like he often writes at his desk. .

When Ma Chunliang asked Minister Lan which department he would put Su Ming in, Minister Lan thought for a while and said to Ma Chunliang: "Let Xiao Su go to the cadre first department first, and you will bring Xiao Su there later and tell Yuan Ming."

Although he already felt that the relationship between Su Ming and the minister must be unusual, Ma Chunliang still did not expect that he would arrange Su Ming, an intern, into the first department of cadres. Not to mention the Retired Cadres Section, the Reserve Cadres Section, and the Retired Cadres Section, but one of the other three departments has the most weight.

The first section corresponds to the daily management work of the following administrative bureaus, leading groups and leading cadres in various regions. It can be said that all the directly-affiliated organs in Pingyang City and the leading groups of counties and districts are managed by the first section. The selection and use must go through the procedures of recommendation, inspection, deliberation, and feedback of the first department of cadres before they can be appointed, dismissed or promoted.

The second section corresponds to ordinary cadres, while the reserve cadre section is to include some young and outstanding comrades into the ranks of reserve cadres. Although they are also high-ranking officials, they are nothing compared to the first section.

For such a young man, if you assign him to the first department, you really don't know whether you are doing him good or harming him. Ma Chunliang made up the leader's decision in his mind, and led Su Ming to the first department to report.

Although Yuan Ming, the head of the first department, looks about the same age as Ma Chunliang, his appearance is very different. He wears a white shirt on a hot day, combs his hair, and wears gold-rimmed glasses. He seems to attach great importance to his personal image.

"Old Ma, this is another talent for us." Upon seeing Ma Chunliang, Yuan Ming stood up and said loudly, with a smile on his face, not sure if it was true or not.

"This is Xiao Su, the intern who the minister personally confessed to arrange in your department." Ma Chunliang revealed a lot of information in one sentence. First of all, the minister personally confessed that Su Ming came from the minister's relationship, and it was the minister who asked him to come to you The one in the department has nothing to do with someone like Ma. You are responsible for taking care of him. Under normal circumstances, there should be another one. He graduated from the XX Department of XXX University. He introduced Su Ming’s strengths, but the minister didn’t say, He didn't dare to ask Su Ming, and he probably couldn't do it, so he didn't mention it.

"Okay, okay, welcome new blood to join us. Our first department is in need of new recruits. The leader is very considerate of us. I'm just about to give a report to the leader." Yuan Ming was very enthusiastic, holding Su Ming's hands kept shaking, sweaty, oily, and extremely uncomfortable.

"Okay, from now on, Xiao Su will be a member of your first department, and I will report to the leader, Xiao Su, remember to take a few one-inch photos as soon as possible, and I will handle the files and certificates for you." Ma Chunliang After giving the order, he turned around and left. As soon as he turned around, he curled his lips, just in time for Su Ming to see him.

Is he dissatisfied with me, Yuan Ming, or the minister's arrangement? How could he make such an expression? Su Ming thought to himself, but looked at Yuan Ming with a smile on his face. But if you look closely at his eyes, you can see that there is obviously no focus.

"Old Wang, come here." Yuan Ming greeted over there, and an old man ran over from there immediately. He was obviously only two steps away, but he wanted to make a 100-meter sprint. Does it need to be so exaggerated, but When Su Ming turned his head and saw the relief in Yuan Ming's eyes, he immediately understood.

No matter how exaggerated the attitude is, as long as the leader believes and likes it, others will be in vain. Seeing Lao Wang standing in front of Yuan Ming and pretending to be out of breath, Su Ming turned his head and curled his lips.

"This is Xiao Su, the intern who was just assigned here, Lao Wang, take him for a while, Xiao Su, Lao Wang is an old comrade, study hard, be humble, and respect the old comrade." Yuan Ming simply ordered a few words , without saying much, let Lao Wu take Su Ming away.

Lao Wang took Su Ming to the office where he came out. The office was very large, with three rooms on the outside and two rooms on the inside. There were desks in all of them, and filing cabinets lined the surrounding walls.

"This is Xiao Wei, this is Mavericks, this is Da Liu, this is Xiao Lin, this is the new Xiao Su, let's all get to know each other, hey, why isn't Chief Wan here?" Lao Wang introduced the people in the room one by one After repeating it, he looked into the back room and asked in surprise.

"Who said I wasn't here." As soon as the words finished, a short, stout, red-faced middle-aged man walked in from outside the door. His voice sounded very loud and hearty.

"Chief Wan, this is the new Xiao Su. Yuan Ke asked him to follow me first." Although Old Wang's attitude was very respectful, it was obviously not as good as in front of Yuan Ming. It is estimated that the chief of Wan was just a deputy section chief. , When addressing someone's official position, it is best not to bring an adverb.

"Okay, Li Ke and Chairman Mao are not here. Lao Wang, please take him to familiarize himself with the situation first, and arrange the specific work later." The deputy section chief Wan went into the back room while talking, and Su Ming saw Lao Wang standing outside. If you don't move, you don't follow.

It was only later that Su Ming found out that it was the offices of Deputy Section Chiefs Wan, Li, and a branch committee member surnamed Mao, and this office was usually not entered by other people.

Xiao Wei is a girl who looks very handsome. When I introduced her, she just pursed her lips and smiled. Xiao Niu is also very handsome, but the pimples on his face ruined his image, making people uncomfortable. Big Liu looked very stable, and he was a bit older. The guy named Xiao Lin was sitting there with a hippie smile. He had no image at all, and gave Su Ming the worst impression.

However, there are still several tables in the room. Seeing that there are items on them, there are probably people there. Old Wang pointed to an empty table by the door. Su Ming knew that this was his own desk, so he sat there.

"If you have nothing to do, just look at these materials, and this is the address book. Write it down. If you need to eat here at noon, bring your own bowls and chopsticks. There is a small cafeteria over there. Just go to the logistics to get a meal ticket." Throw it to Su Mingyi After piling up the documents, Lao Wang didn't care about them, so Su Ming had to pick up a briefing "Organizational Life" and read it.


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