Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 36

Taking advantage of their inattention, Su Ming secretly took out more than 10,000 yuan, renting the facade and so on. Sure enough, before the morning was over, Liang Cai came over and said that the facade was found, and asked Su Ming to take a look .

The facade is near the Zhongyuan shopping mall, which happens to be the place where people come and go. The three-room bungalow has just been built, and there is basically no need for repairs on the inside. Su Ming intends to buy it, but unfortunately the landlord does not sell it. In the end, I had to sign a five-year long-term contract, only 10,000 yuan, and it was paid annually.

It only took two days, with the efforts of Liang Cai and Xiaolan, the facade was almost done. The name of the store was "Southern Service Specialty Store", a very common and appropriate name.

As soon as the signboard was put up, people kept coming to inquire, which also gave Su Ming and the others great confidence in this business method. After Xiaopang's work was over, the stalls and facades were all cleaned up. Taking advantage of Sunday, Both locations opened for business at the same time.

The three people on one side did not stop from the beginning. After closing the stalls in the afternoon, they counted and found that the two places sold a total of more than 4,000 yuan. Although they were all exhausted, they were still very successful after seeing so much money. emotional.

Xiaoling and Xiaolan used to have a turnover of more than 300 a day at the stall, which shocked them all of a sudden. Expensive, more than 60% of the turnover is contributed by this side, and the stall also sells more than a thousand. The whole shopping mall counts this stall as lively, and other stall owners come here to buy one or two.

"If things go on like this, our products won't be sold out for a long time." Xiao Pang calculated in his heart, feeling that at this speed, the products would be out of stock in a short time, and he was a little worried.

"Today is the first day, and it's Sunday again. There are more talents. Tomorrow there may not be so many, and even if it's sold out, can we go in again? You and Xiaoling can go alone, and you won't delay here. "Su Ming is like a veteran in business. He arranged the arrangements over there, which made Xiaopang and Liang Cai very puzzled. They both grew up together. Why didn't we think of it? Is it because we missed two years? study?

Sure enough, as Su Ming said, the turnover of the two places will be reduced by 30% the next day, but even so, two to three thousand yuan a day is still a huge sum of money. Shangliangcai or Su Ming.

Su Ming was in full swing, when suddenly Minister Lan called to inform Su Ming to go to work at his place, and at this time, Hong Anzhong just started to pay attention to Su Ming, Ye Tianming's hair blowing ignited the fire, and Su Ming went to the Commission for Discipline Inspection to report After a comprehensive analysis of the pseudonyms left behind, Hong Anzhong targeted Su Ming with suspicion.

Su Ming was busy with business, so he didn't want to go, but his parents wanted him to go to work. He also said that at the time, doing business while going to work, so he had to agree to report there early tomorrow morning.

The next day, Su Ming wore a new dress and came to the Organization Department of Pingyang Municipal Party Committee. The organization department occupied a four-story green brick building. Lan Tianyun greeted him in advance. As soon as he entered the office, a young man stood up to greet Su Ming.

"You must be Su Ming. Minister Lan has left for a meeting and will be back in a while. Let you wait for him here for a while. I am his secretary Tian Jiyun. Just call me Xiaotian."

Ordinarily, for a young man like Su Ming, Oda didn't need to be so polite, but from Lan Tianyun's tone, he seemed to attach great importance to him, and Oda didn't dare to underestimate him, probably the leader's child.

"Thank you, Mi Tian, then I'll sit here and wait for a while." Su Ming also thought about this name several times in his head, and finally decided on Tian Mi. Brother, the two of them didn't reach that level, so this Tian Mi is a bit more compromised.

Su Ming found an unoccupied seat and sat down. Seeing a few newspapers on the table, he picked them up and read them. When he was in an unfamiliar environment, he tried not to be too shrewd, looking around. Don't be afraid to do nothing, you are very timid.

Natural, easy-going, and calm, these are the principles Su Ming has established for himself, just like sitting here and reading newspapers very naturally, giving people the feeling that he has always been here, and if he looks around and asks , It will definitely arouse the dislike and contempt of others, and if you are so scared that you dare not even sit, then you are too timid and afraid of being born.

Su Ming's performance has won the attention of everyone present. At first glance, he is someone who has seen the world. At this time, Su Ming's BP machine suddenly rang, and when Su Ming took it out from his waist, Tian Jiyun's eyes widened. Just squint, isn't this the one that Minister Lan replaced? How did it get into his hands?

It’s not that Tian Jiyun doesn’t have it, but being able to get the items replaced by the leader also represents a kind of trust, and the minister’s one is from Motorola, which is better than his own Panasonic one, but it’s a pity that it disappeared after only two days. The trace was originally given to this kid. He must have a very close relationship with the minister, Tian Jiyun instantly judged.

"There is a phone here, just call directly, there is no limit to long-distance." Seeing that the other party and the minister are caring people, Tian Jiyun took the initiative to push the phone over to sell it.

"How many tens of thousands?" Xiaopang asked the bank to persuade him to deposit the money on a fixed-term basis, and the interest rate should be higher. However, due to the loud noise next to him, Su Ming didn't hear the exact figure and asked, which annoyed the whole room. Everyone is exchanging glances.

Naturally, it doesn’t matter what period you save for, and it’s not that you can’t withdraw it in advance if you save it for a fixed period. Naturally, Su Ming doesn’t like this small amount of money. Xiaopang can do whatever he wants. When Su Ming puts down the phone, the others look at him. The eyes are even more different.

A person who has a relationship with the leader and is apparently wealthy, who dare not take such a person seriously.

"Minister Lan is back." Tian Jiyun was reading the newspaper, and suddenly put the newspaper down and stood up, then rushed outside, and the others also reversed their laziness just now, and even their sitting posture became standard.

Is it that exaggerated? Su Ming was still wondering how Tian Jiyun knew Lan Tianyun had come back, but soon he understood because he heard footsteps coming from the corridor.

Just by the sound of footsteps, I knew who was coming, and it was so early. It seemed that this secretary was not so easy to do. Of course, Su Ming didn't know. As a secretary, Oda's performance could only be said to be barely passable. Standards are not up to par.


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