Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 34

"Go and buy a few packs of good cigarettes first." Su Ming pointed to the sales department next to him and told Xiaopang. Su Ming liked to order Xiaopang to help him lose weight. Ling didn't object.

"I don't have any money with me anymore." Xiaopang said to Su Ming with a mournful face. Su Ming stared at him. Forty-five thousand, could it all be spent by this kid? Xiao Ling hurriedly explained to him beside him: "Brother Su Ming , Xiaopang went over there and saw that the clothes were so cheap and there were so many styles, so he bought all the money on his body into clothes, it’s not that I still have some money in my pocket, and I almost couldn’t get it back.”

"I'm only twenty, what about you, Liang Cai?" Su Ming searched his pockets, only found twenty yuan, remembering that he had always been in his seventies, why is there only this left? I can't help but spend the money too fast.

Su Ming had no choice but to turn his attention to Liang Cai. Liang Cai bought a few boxes of Hongtashan for twenty or thirty yuan, and handed them to the two drivers who brought Xiaopang and the others one by one. It was opened to the family courtyard of the Education Bureau.

There is an old janitor in the family courtyard. Although he often disappears and is not very responsible, he has to live on his territory anyway. Su Ming still knows that bribing this kind of person will only benefit and not harm.

It took a lot of effort for several people to get these things into the room, and all the open spaces were filled. Now the money hidden on the bed is safer, and even a foot can't be stuffed.

After the two drivers were sent away, several people started to organize the goods this time. When they opened the first big bag, Su Ming was buried in it by the bursting clothes. When he came out, he was very annoyed.

"These are the clothes you bought. They are crumpled and look bad. Besides, it's summer. Why do you put in so many suits?" Su Ming saw that the whole bag was full of suits. There were all kinds of colors, and the material was good. It was shiny, but it was tied up and wrinkled out of shape, and it was summer, who would buy a suit to wear, Su Ming was furious for a while.

"It's cheap, guess how much this suit is?" Xiaopang picked up a silver-gray suit and showed it to Su Ming.

"I don't care how much it costs. No one buys it." Su Ming took it and touched it in his hand. Although he didn't know what the material was, it was obviously better than the suits he had seen.

"Forty-five for a suit, it's not a problem to sell it for one hundred and fifty here, so what if you wait half a year." Xiaopang looked like you had never done business.

"Forty-five? So cheap?" Su Ming knew that no matter how cheap a suit was, it cost more than a hundred. I bought a suit that was basically the cheapest one the year before last, and it cost a hundred and one to make Su Ming's father I have been distressed for a long time.

Now Su Ming didn't care about talking about Xiaopang. He looked inside and found that they were basically of this grade. If this set can earn one hundred, there are hundreds of sets in this pack. Earning tens of thousands is not a problem. , the capital came.

"Not bad, well done." Su Ming smiled and patted Xiaopang on the shoulder.

"Cut, come and see these." Xiaopang opened all the bags, and at the same time told Su Ming the price of the purchase and the price of Pingyang. Su Ming immediately became happier. Basically, they were all at one-third of the market price. One is still low.

It’s like a half-sleeved gown, which is called a T-shirt in Xiaopang’s words. It can be sold here for fifty or sixty yuan, or even higher. Yes, as well as skirts and trousers.

While Xiaopang was talking, Liang Cai suddenly pulled his clothes from behind and gave him a wink at Xiaolan. Xiaopang didn't understand it at first, but when he thought about it, Xiaolan thought about it too.

"I won't tell anyone, don't worry." Xiaolan waved her hands anxiously, just now she was only thinking about how much money the three of them would make if all these clothes were sold.

Calculated according to the shares of three people, even Liang Cai who only took 3,000 yuan can still get more than 10,000 yuan. It is really exciting to be able to make money that others have not been able to make for a few years without doing anything. It's hard to believe.

Selling clothes in Xiaolan's shopping mall, it's only a little over 200 a month, and if she earns 10,000, it will take four years without eating or drinking. At this time, she looked at Liang Cai, and her eyes were already shining.

As for Su Ming, at this time she did not dare to expect such a possibility. Although she is a bit greedy, it does not mean that she is irrational. Su Ming's attitude is very telling.

"It's okay, here are these two pieces of clothes for you." Su Ming picked up two women's clothes and handed them to her. She has already heard it, so what if you don't want to be comforted, and Su Ming has another idea, maybe She is needed.

"I don't want it, I don't want it."

"I'm so busy with this conference, what's the point of getting a piece of clothing, if I give it to you, you can take it." The two clothes that Su Ming took out happened to be Xiaolan's favorite color. Under Su Ming's insistence, Xiaolan still accepted it. these two clothes.

"Little Fatty, this is the key to this house. You can take it well. Come here in the next two days to tidy up your clothes, make a list, count how many pieces of clothes there are, and let Xiaoling run to the mall. Regarding the stall, open it as soon as possible.”

"Okay." Unknowingly, Su Ming became the leader of the trio. Xiaopang had no objection to Su Ming's arrangement, and accepted the key obediently.

"These clothes are too much, and there is no room for one booth." Xiaoling carefully raised her opinion beside her. After being overwhelmed by Su Ming's aura, Xiaoling's words were not as bold as before.

"Then get two, if you need money, come find me." At this time, Su Ming didn't care about hiding his clumsiness anymore, and with a wave of his hand, the nouveau riche temperament came to his face.

"It's not a matter of money. My uncle works in a shopping mall, and he can pay back later. Even two stalls can't fit so many clothes."

"Then how many do you want to rent? Four?"

"Two are enough. Xiaopang and I found out that their good clothes are not sold in shopping malls, they are sold in a rented house on the street. Many of our clothes are wholesaled in such shops. , shall we also open a shop like this?" Xiaoling boldly expressed her own ideas, but Xiao Pang, because he had to invest more money to open a shop, and he didn't have any money in his hand, so he didn't dare to mention it. .

"Rent a shop on the street, like a sugar, tobacco, and alcohol wholesale department?" Su Ming felt that there was no way to go there. People buy clothes instead of shopping malls. It's hard to believe that there are people who buy clothes on the street, so he asked. It's the fat guy next to him.

"Yes, we found there that only low-end clothes are sold in the mall, and better clothes are sold in stores outside. I think we will become like this sooner or later." Xiaopang affirmed Xiaopang As for Ling, Su Ming thought about it and felt that it might be more effective if these clothes were subdivided and opened for sale.


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