Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 33

Through the matter of buying wine, Su Ming suddenly realized that it is not necessarily a good thing for him to have such a large amount of wealth all of a sudden. If he acts carelessly, he will only bring disaster on himself. I can't come here anymore.

But you have to carry this thing around your waist, otherwise, what will happen if Minister Lan finds himself, and Su Ming also told his parents and Liang Cai the number, so let's take it, Su Ming turned it to the back of his waist , wrapped the chain around his belt, looked in the mirror and found no flaws, Su Ming was relieved.

Su Ming took two bottles of Dukang, which was relatively cheap, and took them home. Su Ziqiang saw that although he was still cursing, the bastard who was always talking about him had become a prodigal son, and the joy in his eyes was still clearly visible of.

It's just that Su Ming's mother has a bit of a taste for food. She kept muttering in her mouth while cooking, and she kept chanting unconscionably. Su Ming's ears became hot while reading, but she didn't know how to solve her mother's resentment.

Let’s buy clothes, don’t know the size, send money, save more, supplement the family’s food expenses if there is less, never use it to buy any clothes, mother’s character is like this, she never thinks about herself, only thinks about the family .

Sure enough, there were two extra dishes when they came out without ordering them. One was Su Ming's favorite sweet and sour pork ribs, and the other was Su Ziqiang's favorite cold ear shreds. These things are not made much and are cheaper After having a refrigerator, every time Su Ming's mother buys vegetables, she buys some and puts them in the refrigerator.

"Mom, Xiaopang went to the south to buy some goods. When he comes back, I'll take you to pick out some clothes." As soon as Cai Xingjuan sat down, Su Ming said to her with a playful smile.

"Xiao Pang really quit?" Su Ming's father interrupted and asked.

"Yes, I'll be back in a few days. Mom, you can pick some for dad." Turning his face away, Su Ming saw that his father's clothes were worn to the point of being transparent, so he waved his hand carelessly.

"This child only has a few pieces at every turn. It's not easy for Xiaopang to make money." Su Ming's mother gave her son a look, but she was a bit coquettish. Looking at his father's expression made of steel, I don't know what it is. I'm used to it, but I still can't feel it.

"It's a prodigal game. I haven't been on the house for three days. I haven't taught you a lesson. I don't know how old you are. If you don't know how old you are, you won 5,000 yuan. See how rough you are. If you have the ability, you will win another 5,000 yuan." . " According to Su Ziqiang in the past, he would definitely slap him, but now he only said a few words, which is already giving Su Ming a lot of face.

"The clothes are half of ours, so what if we take a few pieces."

"You get half of the money there." Su Ming's mother asked curiously.

"Not half. Xiaopang took some, and Liang Cai took some. It's a partnership between the three of us."

"Tch, how much money does the old Liang family have, why do you want to take advantage of us?" Su Ziqiang looked down on the Liang family.

"Liang Cai also took 3,000 yuan from his family, and I borrowed it all, so I still say it."

"3000, I'm afraid the Liang family will be emptied out this time. Let's see how he will live if he loses."

"If he loses his son, he won't pay. See how you gloated." Su Ming's mother tapped his chopsticks once, signaling him to pay attention.

"Bah, bah." Although he said that at the beginning, he actually didn't want his son to pay for it. He was the only son who owed debts, and the family would still ask him for it. to curse.

"Xiao Ming, you don't want to go to work in the city anymore?" Seeing that Su Ming really started a business, it's not that he can't go to work, what if he offended the leader, Su Ziqiang worried about his son again.

"Let Xiaopang do the business, and I still go to work, so there will be no delay."

"That's good, but you have to be optimistic about the money, or let your mother help you."

"When I'm free, I have to cook for you. Xiaopang is not someone else, so don't worry about it." Su Ming's mother disagreed. She didn't like publicity very much, and she didn't even like buying clothes. Bargaining, which makes Su Ming willing to go shopping with her.

Su Ming's father glared at her, but didn't say anything else. He was used to eating his wife's food, and letting him go to the cafeteria would be better than letting him starve to death. Just like Su Ming, he usually doesn't like eating out. He was made a fool of himself.

After eating, lying on the bed at home, the feeling is different, like a wandering wanderer returning to his hometown, or like an old ship that has been wandering for a long time returning to the harbor of departure, which makes people completely relaxed and calm, and soon, Su Ming fell asleep.

Just before the end of summer vacation, Su Ming went through the formalities of withdrawing from school. After the news came out, he was greatly embarrassed. It was a deep feeling to come to this step for love. For a while, Su Ming had an image in the eyes of the school girls. Dramatically tall.

Su Ming doesn't have many friends at school. Among Wei Peisheng, most of them are the cadres and children of Pinggang. Few can see Su Ming. No one cares about Su Ming's dropout. It has been a long time since Ye Lang appeared , but there are a few concerns.

Su Ming wandered the streets for a few days, trying to find out how to use the supernatural power in this way. Unfortunately, he couldn't find any ideas except peeping at the bodies of N many beauties.

That day Su Ming was standing alone on a cross street, watching the women and girls coming and going. Of course, he was not interested in seeing the men, and he couldn't see what was on him.

At this time, the BP machine suddenly rang "Didi". To the amazement of the aunt on the street, Su Ming turned back according to the number on it. It turned out that Xiaopang had returned and asked Su Ming to help.

When Su Ming arrived, he found that the goods that Xiaopang bought back this time far exceeded his imagination. There were several large bags, and Xiaopang asked the original team's car to help pull them from Chuanping. Except Liang Cai , and Xiaolan from last time, a few people are worrying over there.

Two big bags can fill up Xiao Ling's room. In the future, the house will be uninhabitable, and how to move in is also a problem. Such a big bag can't get through the door frame. What should I do? Everyone turned their attention to Su bright.

Apart from the fact that he paid the most money, Xiao Pang and Liang Cai meant that Su Ming's house was big, and Xiao Pang didn't feel right with the family. Liang Cai's house was originally small, and he had a younger sister, which was not suitable.

But Su Ming didn't want to move to his own house, not because of his parents, but because it was inconvenient. There is still a long distance from Pinggang to the city center. that's it.

"Forget it, I'll give you a place to put it there first, and we'll think of a way when we come back. If it doesn't work, we'll rent a warehouse." Su Ming thought about it and thought it would be more appropriate to put it in the family courtyard of the Education Bureau. The room is relatively empty. , but also relatively safe.


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