Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 32

In the middle of the night of the second day, Su Ming rode a motorcycle up Beiyang Mountain. Along the way, Su Ming kept driving the detection beam to make sure that there was no one in front of him. When he got to the cave, Su Ming went to the villa to check it out. Look, I found that the originally beautiful villa has now become a ruin.

Strange, it was still fine when Director Chen left, but Su Ming didn't know why it was like this now, it was because Hong Anzhong changed the place like this the next day in order to eliminate the evidence of the crime, and If Su Mingtian came, there would still be a construction team cleaning up the waste here.

I don't know why, even Hong Anzhong didn't know about this cave, and no one came here, and it was still the same as when Su Ming left. Seeing how hidden this stronghold is, Su Ming decided to use it, but not yet, at least he had to wait After a period of time, no one pays attention to it before it can be used.

Except for those few safes that couldn’t be taken away, Su Ming also kept those drugs. If this thing is found, no one can save himself. It’s better to stay here, even if it’s cheaper for others , is also better than taking risks.

Then Su Ming put the motorcycle in the trunk, drove the car out first, then erased all traces, locked the door as it was, and put the key in place, except blocking it with stones, lest anyone accidentally find it Besides, after doing all this well, Su Ming drove this car and left Beiyang Mountain. In a short time, Su Ming will not come back here again.

This car speeds up extremely fast, far from what Guo Xiaopang's small truck can match. Su Ming didn't pay attention at first, and almost drove into the ditch. As for other details, Su Ming didn't have time to observe at all, so he drove first. Let's talk.

The body of the car is sky blue, and there is a blue and white ring logo on the front. Su Ming has never seen this kind of car logo in Pingyang City, but according to the shape and interior decoration, Su Ming can be sure that this car will definitely not go there, let alone Those Japanese cars, even Audi, don't seem to be as high-end as this car.

Su Ming carefully drove up the mountain and onto the main road. With just a tap of his toes, the speed of the car immediately increased to over 100. Su Ming didn't know that this 100 was not the 100 km/h he thought, but 100 miles per hour. That translates to 160 km/h.

However, looking at the rapidly retreating scenery outside, Su Ming also knew that the speed of the car was too fast, so he could only lightly tap the accelerator to keep the speed at around 70 as much as possible. In fact, it was already 110 km/h at this time, and it was Su Ming who finally stopped the car safely. Drive to the place.

Park the car in the warehouse. After parking the car, half of the space is unused, but Su Ming doesn't care about wasting it. You can't leave the car in broad daylight, let alone there is so much money in the car Well, it's not bad at all.

It took Su Ming three trips to transport all the money to the room. It is not safe here, but Su Ming has no other places to use, and he is afraid that his parents will be scared to death when they are transported home.

When Su Ming counted until dawn, he only counted more than one million. Looking at the rest, there are more than half of them. It is estimated that there will be more than three million in total. Su Ming saw that the sky was already bright, so he hurriedly sorted out the money. Good to pack into two bags and look around the house where it's safe.

After looking at Su Ming, he felt that it was not safe there. He knew that a safe was brought in, but it was more eye-catching. In the end, Su Ming had to tie them under the bed with wires. .

Looking at the remaining notebook, Su Ming didn't know what to do with it. In it was Hong Tianzheng's cash account, but he only spent hundreds of thousands a few days ago, otherwise Su Ming would get more.

Give this thing to Chen Minglu? What about the money? Su Ming didn't want to part with it, and in the end he simply set it on fire and turned it into ashes, then flushed it down the sewer. It's a cash account, and it doesn't have any practical meaning. Let Hong Tianzheng give the money to him.

Early in the morning, Su Ming first went to find a welder for iron doors, and ordered two iron doors for himself, one for his home and one for the garage. You can't place your hopes on the thief's conscience, otherwise, once it is stolen, the loss will be terrible. It's big.

As long as people don't find out and find a reasonable excuse to own the money in a legitimate way, then the request Tang Lihua's mother made for herself is basically fulfilled. Even if she wants to go to the United States now, it is probably fine. Time, Su Ming felt empty, as if he had lost all energy.

For a while, Su Ming was riding a motorcycle, driving aimlessly on the streets of Pingyang City. Suddenly, the goal he set for himself disappeared, and Su Ming didn't know what to do.

What should I do? The problem of food and clothing is solved, and there is nothing to worry about the emotional problem. I just need to wait patiently for five years, but life cannot be wasted like this. Just find something to do yourself.

The organization department is going there. In recent events, Su Ming clearly understands the importance of power, and most of the resources in this society are concentrated in the hands of the state, so even if he doesn't want to take officialdom as his lifelong path Come and go, at least go in and find out, but let's wait until the other party comes over to ask, there is no rush.

In addition, I have to make money to improve my life. The machine that emits air-conditioning is called an air conditioner. If I can install one in my home, then my parents don’t have to turn on and off the electric fan all the time when they are sleeping. They say that the fan will last for a long time. Something went wrong.

Father likes to drink, but he has never had any good wine. He always talks about how delicious Jiannanchun he drank once. Others laugh at him and say he is a big talker; I have some spare money, either for Su Ming or for Su Ming's father, I have to buy some gifts for both of them.

But if you take it out now, will it arouse their suspicion? It is said that it would be best to buy it for them when Xiaopang comes back and the business starts. Go to the food, tobacco and liquor sales department.

Moutai, Wuliangye, Fenjiu, Jiannanchun, Dukang, Songhe, Su Ming bought all the high-end wines in this store in one go, and the cost was less than 1,000 yuan. While in the car, Su Ming suddenly thought that if he brought so much wine home, his father would definitely not be happy, but it would be more likely to turn his back on him.

Forget it, put it there first, get a bottle or two and forget it, so as not to frighten his old man, this person tends to get hot and spend money indiscriminately when he has money, and he feels that he can't control it. When Su Ming moved the wine home At that time, I took out most of the money on my body to stay here, and only put more than a hundred yuan on my body.


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