Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 31

Xiaolan pouted and got on Liang Cai's motorcycle angrily. Liang Cai also gave Su Ming an unjust look. He wanted to do something good, but why did he provoke dissatisfaction from the two of them? Su Ming returned home depressed.

Before Su Ming got home and told his parents what was going on, Liang Cai chased after him and asked Su Ming what happened and why he pushed him into the fire pit.

How do you call pushing you into a pit of fire? It’s obviously a combination of you guys, right? Just as Su Ming finished speaking, Liang Cai directly gave him a fist: "Like that kind of thin-skinned woman, no matter how good she is, it’s still a pit of fire. Forget it once, and worry about me next time, I can't spare you."

Su Ming scratched his head embarrassingly, forgetting that Liang Cai's family was poor when he was a child, he suffered from all the eyes of others, and hated this kind of people who hate the poor and love the rich the most.

"What's in your waist? It's flickering." When Liang Cai left and Su Ming just sat there, Su Ming's mother suddenly pointed to Su Ming's waist and asked.

"What is this, a little radio?" When Su Ming took off the BP player from his waist and handed it to her, she tossed and turned, not knowing what it was for. surface.

"Ah? BP machine, where did you get it? Damn it, you have to take care of it. It costs several thousand." Su Ziqiang lay on the bed and stretched out his hand a few times but couldn't reach it. Seeing Cai Xingjuan casually Holding it in her hand, she hurriedly reminded that it’s okay if you don’t remind me, this little thing will cost you thousands of dollars, Cai Xingjuan got nervous, and fell to the ground with a thud.

"Ah? Xiao Ming, take a quick look, it won't be broken." Su Ming's mother was terrified, picked it up and quickly stuffed it into Su Ming's hands. Su Ming's father kept complaining on the bed, and he also He wanted to see what the BP machine looked like, but unfortunately the couple refused to show it to him.

"This is a digital machine, just over a thousand. It's not that serious. You see, it's okay, the characters are still prominent." Su Ming also felt a little distressed, but seeing his mother worried, he hurriedly relieved her.

"You son of a bitch, you're wasting your money again. You got the money there to buy this expensive thing." After finally getting it, without even looking at it, Su Ziqiang's heart ached again.

"It was given by others, not bought."

"Who burns too much money to give you such an expensive thing."

"I have something to tell you. How about I drop out of school and go to work in the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee?"

"Exiting school?", "City Party Committee?" The former question was asked by Cai Xingjuan, and the latter question was asked by Su Ziqiang.

"Yes, I know someone. He is our organization minister. He wants me to work in the organization department. He also gave me this BP machine. Please contact me if you have something to do."

"How did you know him? He couldn't have been lied to, did he tell you that he wanted you to use the money for a relationship?" Su Ziqiang heard from others that someone introduced you to work, and then lied to you. Those who say that they need to use money to run relationships are all liars.

"We met in the car and chatted all the way. He thought I was a nice person, and there was just enough room for people to enter, so he let me go without spending money."

"That's such a good thing." Su Ziqiang scratched his head with a look of disbelief. Although he didn't know what the Organization Department did, he knew that it was a national department, and he could get in without paying. impossible.

"That's because our son met a nobleman. You forgot, Lao Su. At that time, we were in Guandi Temple to tell the fortune for our son. They said that there was a nobleman in our son's life." Cai Xingjuan was so happy there. Son, I am happier than admiring her.

"You can believe the blind calculations, Xiao Ming, why don't dad accompany you to identify the door first, see if you are really the head of the organization, and then get some things to take care of." Regarding his son's career, Su Ziqiang was also struggling. Get up and discuss with Su Ming.

"You don't have to admit it, it's exactly the same as the one on TV and newspapers. I've already confirmed it. It will cost more than 3,000 yuan when I get it plus the service fee. Dad, how much are you going to pay for it?"

"Ah!" Su Ziqiang stopped talking. The things he gave were worth more than three thousand. If he went to give presents, he would have to pay several thousand. Otherwise, how could he give his hand? He said that he also knew that not to mention going to work in the state department, even entering a factory, he was afraid that it would cost one or two thousand as a gift, but when this time came, he was a little bit reluctant.

"You don't need to worry about this matter. I will go to work in two days. Minister Lan promised me that when I go to work, I will go to the party school to attend a junior college, and I will still be a college student." Seeing that his mother was still talking, Su Ming hurriedly said Arrange to speak out so that she won't complain about going to school here for nothing.

"What happened to those three people that day?" Su Ziqiang lay down again, and the pain reminded him that the beating he received was related to his son.

"It was still Ye Lang's fault. He brought people here, but it's okay, the police have already arrested them all."

"It's that kid again? What kind of hatred do you have with him? Just because of that girl surnamed Tang, didn't she go to the United States?" Su Ming's father didn't quite understand, so he asked someone to beat him just to get jealous. Maybe.

"They will never let me go. What can I do? The guy who bumped into me last time was also the one he was looking for."

"Ah! Then, can we get our two thousand dollars back?" Su Ming's father thought of his own two thousand dollars again. Seeing Su Ming shaking his head, he patted the bed and scolded him: "It's all because of Lao Zhao." They just don't pay him, throwing away two thousand yuan for nothing."

"Then can that kid from the Ye family come out this time?" Su Ziqiang didn't even know that when he was talking to his son, he no longer had the same aura as before.

"It's hard to say, but I have to stay in prison for a few years anyway." If it was in Pingyang, with the ability of the Ye family, maybe they could find a way to get it to the provincial department. Ye Tianming's hands are not that long yet. .

"The only son has gone to prison, look at how Lao Ye still laughs." Su Ziqiang gloated over there. After he stepped down from the position of workshop director, he couldn't look at Ye Tianming more and more. When he saw Ye Tianming Bad luck, he was more than happy.

Su Ming was not in a hurry to give Lan Tianyun an answer, there were still several things in his hands that had not been completed, and the case was not over, so he didn't have the mind to do anything else, and Lan Tianyun didn't urge him, probably because he was very busy.

Su Ming found a small warehouse in the family courtyard of the Education Bureau, and was going to put the car here later. When the other party asked him how long to rent, Su Ming bought it directly with 5,000 yuan, 5,000 yuan For Su Ming, it is similar to drizzle, this place is very rare and secluded, deep in the corner of the compound, blocked by two buildings, but there is a road leading directly to this place, as if it was specially built for this warehouse It is also easy to get in and out without attracting attention.


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