Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 35: Nanxi, I can afford you.

Lu Jian Shen's hand, which was rubbing her medicine, gave a violent start.

But it was only for a few seconds, and then, his face returned to its natural color.

In a low voice, as calm as ever, "Didn't you already know the purpose of me marrying you?"

Sure enough, the breath hanging in Nan Xi's heart suddenly fell.

The expected answer.

She shouldn't have expected it in the first place, but she still couldn't help but ask.

Now that she knew the answer, she knew better and wouldn't hold unrealistic fantasies anymore.

So you see, so many facts told her.

She was wrong.

And dead wrong.

After so many years, the person he loved had always been Fang Qinglian, and only Fang Qinglian.

Perhaps from the moment Fang Qinglian returned to China, from the moment he filed for divorce, her dream was broken.

It fell to the ground, shattered.

It can never be repaired again.

But Lu Jianzhen, you are really cruel you know?

If you don't love, why are you being so gentle with me? Is it just because of Grandpa's wishes?

Such tenderness is not love.

It's pity.

It's sympathy.

It was also the kind she wanted the least.

As if awakening from a dream, Nan Xi suddenly retracted her own hand and looked at him, "Thank you for helping me apply the medicine, but no need, I'll do it myself."

"Don't move, it's still me applying it." Lu Jianxuan pressed her hand.

Nanxi insisted on pulling out her fingers, "I said, I don't need you, applying a medicine is just a matter of applying a medicine, it's not a difficult job, I can do it myself."

"Nanxi, don't be capricious."

Lu Jianxuan grabbed her hand once again.

This time, Nanxi didn't pull out her hand, and she turned her gaze to the opposite side of the box.

"Can't you see? Your sweetheart is still waiting in, you asked her out to celebrate Tanabata, and you're buying gifts and sending surprises, now if you waste your time here with me, all the time you've spent on this for a day can all go down the drain, it's ineffective."

"Give me the medicine, I can still do this little thing."

However, Lu Jian Shen acted as if he didn't hear.

He sped up and continued applying the medicine.

But the movements behind him weren't as gentle as before, and Nanxi's red and swollen wounds were a little sore from him applying the medicine.

Only when he finished applying the medicine did Lu Jian Shen let go of Nanxi's hand.

"Still saying you're not abnormal today?" He looked at her, his eyes deep in color.

Nanxi avoided his gaze, "Whether it's abnormal or not has nothing to do with you, you should go back quickly, Fang Qinglian is still waiting!"

"So eager to drive me away?"

It's not that she's driving him away, but his heart isn't with her, so what's the point of barely staying?

"Today's Tanabata, you're not accompanying me out ah, since the accompaniment is her, then accompanied, come to find me in the middle of what?" The more Nan Xi said, the more she felt sour in her heart.

"Today happens to be her birthday, I promised her a long time ago, I didn't expect that today happens to be Tanabata, not intentionally." Lu Jianxuan explained.

"You don't need to explain to me."

"Angry?" Lu Jian Shen asked again.

Nanxi shook her head, "No."

Lu Jian Shen's gaze fell on the bag next to him, "Still saying you're not angry."

When he received the swipe card text message, he was still wondering how she could suddenly swipe such a large sum of money, he didn't realize that it was to buy these diamond rings, so it's not surprising.

"Today's Tanabata, I want to buy myself a few favorite gifts can't I? Besides, you're the one who asked Lin Night to accompany me shopping, how can I go shopping without spending money?"

Lu Jian Shen got up, rubbed her hair and laughed, "Didn't say you shouldn't spend money."

"Even if you spend this ten times as much, I can afford to support you."

Originally, she was really angry, but after hearing these words, Nan Xi's heart broke its defenses again, softening to a mess.

It's always like this, slapping and giving a sweet date.

Lu Jianxuan ah Lu Jianxuan, you are really like poison, making me addicted, obviously painful, but I can't quit.

Just at this moment, his cell phone rang.

Over there, Fang Qinglian's call came clearly, "See deep, where have you been, I've already cut the cake, hurry back!"

"Okay, come right away."

Before leaving, he once again instructed Lin Xiao, "Take care of her."

Over there, Fang Qinglian clenched her hands tightly, and because of the force, her hands were already white.

If she hadn't just accidentally glanced across the street, she really wouldn't have dreamed that Nan Xi was also eating at this restaurant.

Moreover, See Deep had even left her alone to go see Nan Xi.

Today was clearly her birthday, and See Deep was clearly accompanying her, Nanxi, what are you stirring up again?

But that wasn't what made people angry.

The most infuriating thing was that she was obviously angry, but she dared not speak out, much less express it, and could only endure it.

Desperately endured.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Fang Qinglian immediately loosened her hands, a gentle smile coloring her face, "See deep, come on, try this cake, I just tasted a bite, it's delicious."

Then, Fang Qinglian had already delivered the fork to Lu Jian Shen's mouth.

Lu Jian Shen could only open his mouth and take a bite.

Over there, Nan Xi was so sour that tears were coming out of her eyes.

Some time ago, it was their second anniversary.

She also made the cake with her own hands, and she asked Lin Xiao to send it to him.

But what did he say, he said he didn't like sweets.

But when Fang Qinglian fed him the cake, he accepted it as it was and ate it all.

"Lin Xiao, do you think your boss is fickle?" Nan Xi turned her head to look at him and said with a bitter smile.

Lin Lantern was flustered and hurriedly consoled, "Young lady, this is different, Mr. Lu he is today today"

Nan Xi interrupted and said coolly, "Forget it, it's hard for you to have to find an excuse for him."

"I'm done eating, let's go out!"

"Yes, Young Lady."

Probably because of the fish she ate at night, Nan Xi felt a little nauseous and wanted to vomit just after she left the restaurant door.

After she finished going to the restroom, she had just come out to meet up with Lin Xiao, when Fang Qinglian and Lu Jianxuan also happened to come out of the restaurant.

"Nanxi, it's really coincidental that I keep running into you today." Fang Qinglian looked at her and greeted her graciously.

"Hmm, very coincidental."

Nanxi didn't want to ignore her, but someone was obsessed with her.

Her eyes fell on the bag in Lin Xiao's hand, and Fang Qinglian suddenly opened her mouth wide in surprise, "Nanxi, so the person who bought those rings was you!"

"It's really too unexpected, when I went back with See Deep, they said that there was a person who bought all three types of rings, I thought it was someone else? I really didn't expect it to be you."

Nan Xi tilted her head and looked at her with a light smile, "Yeah, I looked at them and thought I liked them, so I bought them all."

"Anyway, my husband has plenty of money, not lacking this amount of money at all, don't you think so?"

Nanxi's rhetorical question made Fang Qinglian's face turn white with anger, but she couldn't snap, she could only endure it.

"You're right, but I think a girl should still be a bit more independent, don't you think so See Deep?" After Fang Qinglian finished speaking, she deliberately looked at Lu See-Shen.

Nanxi coldly said, "Is that so? I don't have the same grandiose aspirations as Ms. Fang, I'm rather shallow, I just don't want to work hard, I want my husband to support me, who let my husband say he's willing to spend a lot of money to support me!"


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