Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 34: Do you like me a little bit?

It's so wrong to see them everywhere you go.


Nanxi looked at the food on the table and instantly felt no appetite.

But thinking about the baby in her stomach, she still reluctantly ate a lot.

Especially the shrimp and fish that were nutritious, although she felt it was a bit fishy, she still took a big bite into her stomach.

After finishing her meal, Nan Xi looked at the man across the table, "Lin Night, can I ask how long you've been following him?"

"Oh? You mean Mr. Lu?"

Lin Night thought for a moment, then said, "It's been five years, I've been following Mr. Lu since the moment he entered the company."

"Five years!" Nan Xi murmured, "Not as long as mine."

"Young lady, what did you say?" Lin Lantern asked in a puzzled manner, a little confused.

"Nothing." Nan Xi shook her head.

Ten years, she had loved him for ten whole years.

"Then is he so gentle with every girl?" Nan Xi asked again.

Lin Night immediately shook her head and answered seriously, "No, Mr. Lu is only nice to you"

"And Ms. Fang is better, to all other women he retreats and is very cold."

"Is that so?" Nan Xi smiled.

It seemed that he really loved Fang Qinglian to the bone marrow, so much so that he didn't even allow women to come close to him for half a minute.

If there was no marriage bond between them, and without this layer of grandfather's relationship, I'm afraid that Lu Jianxuan would also be ice-cold to her.

Suddenly, a familiar song "Happy Birthday" rang out in the hall.

All around, there was the sound of the guests' boisterous voices, and the atmosphere outside was bustling with activity.

Nanxi couldn't help but look over, and saw the waiter pushing a several-tiered cake into a large, airy box diagonally across the room.

Then she saw Fang Qinglian looking at the cake with a face of surprise and excitement.

"Oh my god, See Deep, I thought you had forgotten."

"I remember."

"Thank you, See Deep, I'm really so happy."

Fang Qinglian reached out and hugged Lu Jianxuan's neck, so happy that she was at a loss for words.

The moment Lu Jian Shen looked up, he happened to see Nan Xi.

This was completely unexpected to him.

He didn't expect Nan Xi to be eating at this store as well.

"See deep, I'm happy, happy that you've always had me in your heart."

Fang Qinglian came up and sent her red lips with a smile.

Nanxi's hands trembled and immediately averted her gaze.

The chopsticks in her hand accidentally knocked over the cup on the table, which was the chrysanthemum tea that the waiter had just poured a short while ago, and almost instantly all of it splashed onto her.

It was very hot.

However, in that instant she could hardly feel it at all.

"Hurry up and cut the cake!" Lu Jian Shen inclined his head, easily dodging Fang Qinglian, then spoke without moving.

Fang Qinglian did not notice and happily let go of him, "Yes, strawberry flavor, my favorite."

"Well, it's good if you like it."

"You cut the cake first, I'll go out for a while."

After going out of the corner, Lu Jian Shen immediately called Lin Night, "Come out for a moment."

"Ah, Mr. Lu, what do you mean?" Lin Xiao was in a state of doubt.

"I'm in the same restaurant as you, the opposite box."

"Okay, Mr. Lu, I'll be right there."

As soon as Lin Xiao was out of the box, she quickly found Lu Jianxin.

"Why are you guys here?" Lu See-Shen frowned, this was clearly out of his expectation.

"Mr. Lu, coincidence, total coincidence, it was randomly chosen by the young lady when she passed by here."

"What did she just do? I saw the waiter's hands were busy."

"Young Lady was just scalded by boiling water." Lin Xiao said.

"How did you take care of her, how's the burn? Is it serious?"

"It's a bit red and swollen."

Hearing this, Lu Jianxuan stepped away and walked straight towards Nan Xi's private room.

"Wait a moment, Ms. Nan, I'll go get you medicine for the burn." The waitress said thoughtfully.

Nan Xi looked down at the redness and swelling on her hand, shook her head and faintly said, "Forget it, I'll just rinse it off with cold water myself later."

Maybe it was because her heart was hurting too much, she felt that the wound didn't seem to hurt that much.


Lu Jianxuan spoke while walking in.

Seeing him, Nan Xi was stunned because she didn't expect him to come over at all.

Wasn't he in the opposite box?

And he had just accompanied Fang Qinglian on her birthday, cutting the cake and showing love, so how did he have the time to come over to her.

"Why don't you apply medicine when you're injured?"

After saying that, he looked at the waiter and ordered, "Go get the medicine."

"Yes, I'll go right away."

Then, he pulled over a chair and sat down next to Nan Xi, pulling over her wrist with one hand and examining it carefully.

When he saw a large red swelling on the back of her hand, he frowned fiercely, "You've almost graduated, you're not a little girl anymore, and you still always learn not to take care of yourself."

"It's not that I haven't graduated yet!" Nan Xi muttered softly.

She went to graduate school as soon as she graduated from university, graduate school is a total of three years, and if things go well, she still has half a year before she graduates.

"That's not a little girl either."

"Who said that, I'm cute and tender looking, I'm a little girl."

"Since when is a little girl defined in this way? Mrs. Lu, remember your status, you are now a married woman."

Nan Xi beamed, "What does it matter, anyway, soon it won't be, I have a good heart, I'm just a little girl, no way!"

Lu Jian Shen was unable to be said by her, he could only helplessly shake his head and sigh, "Okay, you'll always be eighteen, you'll always be a young girl, okay?"

Only then did Nanxi feel a little more comfortable.

The waitress quickly brought the ointment, and Lu Jianxuan took it a step faster.

"Be good, put your hands away." He looked at Nan Xi and said.


Nanxi obediently placed her two hands on the table.

Lu Jianxuan cupped the medicine box in one hand and held a cotton swab in the other, his slender fingers patiently rubbing the medicine on her bit by bit.

The contours of his side face were really very good looking, smooth lines of beauty, deep features, all of it sparkling in the light.

It was as if he never needed to adorn himself, because wherever he went he carried his own aura.

She never dared to think that such an excellent one would become her husband.

But she never thought that he would actually agree to marry her.

The day they got the license, she felt everything was as fantastic as a dream.

After they got married, she thought he would be cold and distant to her, and even hate her.

Because without her, grandpa wouldn't have forced him to marry himself, and it might be as Fang Qinglian said, maybe one day, with his efforts, it wouldn't be impossible for grandpa to really accept Fang Qinglian.

Therefore, Nan Xi had never dared to harbor too many illusions about this marriage, and she was prepared for everything to be ignored by him and to be left out in the cold.

She was also prepared to warm and melt him with her heart and love for the rest of her life.

However, everything she expected did not happen.

After getting married, he was like a perfect husband.

Everything, no matter how small, he arranged everything in an orderly manner.

He would also love her and pamper her;

Would stand up for her, would give her money to spend, would buy her lots and lots of gold and silver jewelry and clothes, would give her cards.

He would even give her medicine and carry her.

When the night was thick, he would bury himself in the crook of her neck like all men do, and had lingered and sunk with her.

So at that time, she had a delusion for a while.

Has he already forgotten Fang Qinglian, or even if he still remembers in his heart, is he not so in love anymore.

She also thought that he had moved on, or at least liked himself a little.

"Lu Jian Shen, I want to ask you a question, okay?" Nanxi looked at him, suddenly wanting to ask.

"What's in this little head of yours, where do you get so many questions all day long?"

"Then will you let me ask?"


"In these two years, did you like me a little bit?"


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