Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 33: Wait for me at home at night.

Just when her lips were about to kiss, suddenly, with a bang, Fang Qinglian fell from her wheelchair.

"I'll go back at night, be good and wait for me at home."

Lu Jian Shen said against her ear, then pushed her away and ran over to help Fang Qinglian up, "Does it hurt? Does it hurt anywhere?"

"The feet hurt."

Fang Qinglian looked like she was soft and crying.

Lu Jian Shen carried her to the wheelchair, then squatted down and personally kneaded her ankles.

Such a picture, how loving!

Even if Nan Xi's heart was strong, she didn't have the courage to look on.

She turned around, didn't even look at the two men, and directly walked forward.

Suddenly, her wrist was pinched.

Lu Jishen rushed to her like an arrow: "Did you hear what I just said?"

"So what if I heard it? So what if I didn't?"

"Then, I'll repeat it again, be good and wait for me at home at night."

Nan Xi pushed his hand away and walked straight ahead.

And wait for him obediently? On what grounds?

Lu Jian Shen, I'm not a pet that you call and wave away.

Why do I have to wait just because you say I have to.

She waited for him on the sofa in the living room every day for three nights, waiting until her heart was cold, waiting until her heart was cold.

Three whole days and not a single wait for him, not even a phone call.

Behave yourself?

Wasn't she good enough in the past?

Today is Tanabata, he can find the "weaver", why can't she find fresh meat?

She doesn't want to go home, she wants to go out.

"Follow her well." Lu Jianxuan looked at Lin Xiaojie and instructed seriously.

"Yes, Mr. Lu."

Lin Xiao received the order and immediately ran up to follow Nanxi.

Lu Jian Shen massaged Fang Qinglian's feet a few times and asked, "Feeling better? Do you want to go to the hospital?"

"No need See Deep, your technique is very professional, I'm much more comfortable, it doesn't hurt much anymore."


"Then can we go on shopping now?" Fang Qinglian asked gently.

At the mention of shopping, Lu Jian Shen immediately thought of the word "ring" that Fang Qinglian had just answered.

He frowned and looked at Fang Qinglian seriously, "You shouldn't lie to her about the gift, she'll take it seriously."

"You mean the ring?" Fang Qinglian asked.

"Uh-huh." Lu Jian Shen nodded, "You should know that before I officially divorce her, I won't give you any promises or buy you a ring, what I promised you is just a piece of jewelry, it can be anything, only it can't be a ring."

Hearing Lu See Shen's words, Fang Qinglian's face instantly lost its blood color.

She bit her lip and looked at Lu See Shen pitifully, "I didn't mean anything else, I just thought that since I'm here today, I can take a look in advance."

"Qinglian, don't be smart."

Fang Qinglian immediately nodded, "See deep, I know, don't worry, I won't be like this in the future."

"As long as Nanxi and I aren't divorced, she's my legal wife for one day, moreover, it's not like you don't know about her relationship with grandpa, taking a step back, even if we're divorced, I won't leave her alone."

"All divorced, how else do you want to care?" Fang Qinglian was a bit angry, she was once a husband and wife, if the two were still involved after the divorce, would she still have a day to come out.

"Let's talk about it at that time!"

Lin Xiao followed Nan Xi all the way, only to find that Nan Xi went all the way straight to that jewelry store just now.

"Take out the ring that that Miss Fang and Mr. Lu's were looking at just now, I want to take a look." Nan Xi said directly.

The counter clerk immediately took one out.

Nan Xi glanced at it lightly and asked, "They only looked at this one? There's no other one?"

"Oh no, they looked at a total of three."

"Where are the other two models? Bring them both out, I want to take a look."

"Okay, you wait a moment." The counter clerk said with a smile.

Soon, all three rings were placed flush in front of Nan Xi.

Without looking, it was a shock, this Fang Qinglian's appetite was really big.

The three diamond rings were all over a dozen carats, and the diamonds were so big that they were blinding.

I really don't know what kind of appetite Lu Jianxuan has, like Fang Qinglian such a gold-digging woman.

After thinking this way, Nan Xi suddenly felt a little bit of sympathy for him.

"Okay, then these three it is, wrap it up for me." Nan Xi said with a big wave of her hand.


The counter clerk was directly shocked and looked at Nan Xi with wide eyes, "Miss, have you really decided to have all three rings?"

"Uh, all of them." Nanxi nodded her head very seriously.

Then she looked at Lin Xiao: "Swipe the card for your boss!"

At this moment, Lin Xiao was also so surprised that his mouth fell to the ground, and he froze for a long time before reacting.

"Young Lady, are you sure you want all three rings?"

"Yes!" Nan Xi blinked her pretty eyes and innocently said.

"But this, this," Because he was so excited, Lin Lantern stuttered directly as he spoke, "This this has three ah!"

"Yeah, I know, I'll wear one for two days, different hair accessories, different clothes wear different rings, can't I?"

"OK is OK." Lin Xiao said, then added stiffly, "But it's a rather large amount, I need to ask General Manager Lu for instructions."

Nan Xi glanced at him lightly, then took out her wallet and pulled out a card from it and handed it to the teller, "Swipe this one!"

After the teller swiped the card, he immediately packed the three diamond rings and then respectfully handed them to Nan Xi.

Nanxi glanced at Lin Xiao, and Lin Xiao immediately went up to carry them.

At the same time, Lu Jian Shen's cell phone received a text message alerting him that Nanxi had swiped her card, and it was still a considerable amount of money.

If he remembered correctly, this was the first time Nanxi had used his money since they got married.

Lin Xiao carried a bag and followed Nanxi, his heart thumping.

If he remembered correctly, that brand of jewelry was very expensive.

The three rings, and also the diamond ring with such a big diamond, added together would cost at least a few million dollars.

The young lady actually didn't even blink an eye and directly swiped it.

The key to that black card, how he felt a little familiar.

After buying the ring, Nanxi's stomach was already starving, it just so happened that there was a place to eat on the fifth floor, and she found that a revolving restaurant that many people recommended.

Because it was Tanabata, it was full of people, and there were no more empty seats.

Nanxi was a little disappointed, and was about to leave when the waitress hung up the phone in her hand and looked at her: "Miss, just now a guest has something temporary, this box is empty, do you want to go?"


Nanxi went to the box with the waiter, the environment inside was quiet, and there was a faint aroma.

Outside the window opposite is the bridge, the bridge today there is a light show, colorful lights flashing, from afar especially romantic, no wonder so many people recommend this store, it is really beautiful.

Soon, the table was set on the colorful and delicious food.

Looking at the food, and enjoying the beautiful scenery, Nan Xi was in a much better mood.

However, with a turn of her head, she saw Lu Jianxuan and Fang Qinglian who were coming in through the door.

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