Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 32: What happens if I kiss?

Just after arriving at the restroom, Nanxi threw up and passed out.

She had already been shopping for a few hours and was already a bit tired, and now that she threw up like this, Nanxi's whole body was almost powerless.

Right after she finished throwing up, her throat was acidic and bitter, when someone beside her handed her a piece of paper.

Nanxi took it and just said, "Thank you!"

But when she looked up and saw Fang Qinglian's face, she suddenly froze.

"It's you?"

"Seeing Shen wasn't worried about you, saying that your face looked pale, and asked me to come in and take a look."

"Is that so?" Nan Xi sneered.

If Lu Jian Shen really still cared about her, he wouldn't have been so impatient to bring Fang Qinglian here to buy a ring when the two of them weren't even divorced yet.

Everyone understood what the ring meant.

"It's not possible that you don't need this paper because I gave it to you!" Fang Qinglian looked at Nan Xi and asked provocatively.

Nanxi took it, rinsed her mouth with water and then wiped her mouth, then straightened her long, disheveled hair and looked at Fang Qinglian, "I'm not that shallow."

"Also, I don't need you to come and see me, nor do I need your concern."

After saying that, Nan Xi ignored her and directly walked outside.

Suddenly, Fang Qinglian's voice came from behind, "Throwing up so much, Nanxi, you're not pregnant, are you?"

Nanxi's heart thumped steeply, and her heart panicked.

However, she reacted quickly.

Turning around, she smiled faintly and looked at Fang Qinglian, "What? So uneasy with your own man? Didn't you say that you deeply love Lu Jian Shen and trust him unconditionally for the rest of your life? Or are you just saying that for fun?"

Nanxi's mockery was naturally something Fang Qinglian couldn't stand.

"Don't you think of provoking us, since I love See Deep, of course I will trust him."

"Is that so?" Nan Xi sneered.

In that smile was unspoken mockery.

"Nan Xi, don't be complacent, sooner or later, See Deep is mine."

"Speaking of which, I'm curious, if I really utilized these days to get pregnant, would Lu See-Shen still divorce me and marry you?"

Unsurprisingly, Nan Xi's words directly made Fang Qinglian outright furious.

"You dare?"

"Then remember, don't jump in front of me one by one, it will only make me feel like you're a jumping clown, and also, Lu Jian Shen and I aren't divorced after all, so don't go too far as a human being, or else I won't be merciful anymore."

Nanxi went out from the restroom, just as she reached the corner, Lu Jianxuan threw down the cigarette in his hand.

"You look terrible, are you sick?" He asked, his voice as low and nice as ever.


Nanxi directly denied it.

Then walked forward.

Lu Jian Shen moved forward and grabbed her hand, "Don't be stubborn, if you're sick, you need to take medicine."

"I said, I'm not sick, so naturally I don't need to take medicine." Nanxi broke away from his hand with one hand.

Lu Jianxuan grabbed her hand and pulled her to the corner with one hand.

With that, the robust body blocked Nan Xi against the wall, the other hand pressed her hand down, Nan Xi wanted to resist, but she couldn't move in any way.

"Lu Jian Shen, let go of me."

"Speak clearly, what happened to you in the past two days?"

"I didn't what?" Nanxi lowered her head, completely not wanting to take care of him.

Lu Jian Shen reached out, his slender fingers picking up her chin, frowning as he asked, "Don't play a little temper, say it properly, what's wrong?"

Nan Xi was already harboring fire in her heart, since he insisted on asking, she didn't need to hide it.

"Lu Jian Shen, we're not divorced yet, you're just waving Fang Qinglian around like this, aren't you afraid she'll be called a mistress? And the ring, if you guys want to buy it, I naturally couldn't care less, but what's the deal with being in front of me?"

"Nanxi, you're jealous."

Lu Jian Shen's voice was certain, for some reason, Nan Xi always felt that he was a little bit complacent.

"What am I jealous of, you can be with whomever you like, we're going to go our separate ways soon anyway, besides, she was originally your favorite."

"If you want to find her as an antidote, go find her; if you want to stay at her place, stay at her place."

"You can have a midnight snack if you want; I'm who you are, and I can't control you."

Originally didn't want to say, but when pressed by him, she suddenly disregarded everything and said all her grievances and dissatisfaction all in one brain.

"Still saying you're not angry." Lu Jian Shen looked at her, his eyes deep.

Those eyes, sunken like a pool of water, were so deep that Nan Xi couldn't even see the head with one glance.

To this day, Nan Xi had to admit that she was simply no match for Lu Jian Shen.

His mind was too deep.

Many times, she couldn't even tell which of his words were true and which were false.

"Anyway, whether I'm angry or not has nothing to do with you, let go of me."

Nanxi reached out and pushed him, but Lu Jianxuan was like an iron wall, unable to push at all.

At this time, Fang Qinglian came out from inside.

Nan Xi glanced at her and looked at Lu See Deep and spoke faintly, "Your favorite is here, are you sure you don't want to go over?"

Lu See Deep's deep eyes were still staring at her, not speaking.

Fang Qinglian had already looked over and her face instantly paled when she saw Lu Jian Shen blocking Nan Xi against the wall.

"See Deep," she shouted softly.

"Wait for me."

Lu Jian Shen returned indifferently.

Fang Qinglian immediately clenched her fists and her teeth were clenched tightly.

"If you don't go over, she might be about to faint, are you sure it doesn't hurt?" Nan Xi asked coolly.

"Nanxi, you're not normal today."

Lu Jianxuan stared at her, that look as if he was looking through her entire being.

Nanxi didn't like this feeling, she avoided her gaze and coldly returned, "Where is it abnormal? I'm normal."

Glancing at Fang Qinglian again, a bold idea suddenly popped into Nan Xi's mind.

She reached out, her slender white arm directly hooked around Lu Jianxuan, her pink lips close to him, the aromatic flavor exhaled on his face, teasing if anything, "Lu Jianxuan, you say, if Fang Qinglian saw me kissing you what would happen?"

"Your guess? Would she be so excited that she would just get up from her wheelchair and limp her leg."

"Nanxi, don't talk nonsense." Lu Jianxuan's voice was colored with anger.

Nanxi laughed, purposely smiling in a flirtatious and emotional way, "Where did I say nonsense? I just happened to help you test ah, if Fang Qinglian really loved you, she wouldn't be nervous to stand up."


She glanced at Fang Qinglian's leg and continued, "I can always want to see if she's really limping on this leg."


Lu Jianxuan stared into her good-looking eyes, his face instantly darkened, and even his breath around him became icy cold.

After being together for so long, of course Nan Xi knew that he was angry.

And very, very angry.

But what to do?

She was doing it on purpose today.

Just wanted to make him angry.

On a good eve, why should he be able to be happy and loving with his old lover.

Why let her alone is not happy.

This is so good, three people together unpleasant.

She Nanxi is not to be messed with.

Nanxi smiled movingly, her red tender lips came closer to Lu Jianxuan little by little.


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