Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 31: Accompany her to spend the eve?


Nan Xi froze, thinking that she had misheard.

However, before she could react, she was already pushed into the car by Zhou Xiannan.

After getting into the car, Nanxi was still frozen.

At this time, an enthusiastic and booming boy in front of her also opened his mouth with a smile, "Boss, what's the situation, you're not close to women for 10,000 years, this can't be your sister-in-law!"

"Talkative." The man growled lowly.

The boy in front immediately obediently shut his mouth.

For a while, Nan Xi was confused.

It was only after a few minutes that she slowly slowed down and looked at the man beside her, "Why are you helping me?"

"If I'm not mistaken, your cell phone is out of battery!"


"Helping out to the end, it's also on the way to take you to the hospital."


So that's how it is.

Du Peng in front sighed deeply.

Ai, hope fizzled.

Thought it was their boss finally getting the hang of it and having a favorite girl.

Didn't expect it to be a favor again.

"Beauty, that you don't mind ah, my boss this occupational disease is more serious, as soon as you see who is being bullied, that is absolutely to help to the end."

"Anyway, thank you very much."

When they arrived at the hospital, Nan Xi carried her suitcase and got out of the car.

When their car walked away, Nan Xi remembered a problem, she just forgot to ask what that man's name was.

Should have asked, after all, helped her several times, remembering a name is also respect.

In the car, Du Peng held her tongue the whole way, and she finally couldn't help but open her mouth after Nanxi got off.

"Boss, the one just now looks really good, do you want to consider it?"

"Just you talk too much."

"Hey, boss, look at you, you're almost thirty, you don't fall in love, have a family or something."

The man raised his eyebrows, his voice low and cold: "What? You're still doing the job of matchmaking, do you want me to go back and apply for a transfer for you."

"Don't don't don't boss, I'm wrong, okay?" After saying that, Du Peng whispered in front of him, "The point is that if you don't talk about it, people don't dare to talk about it, right?"

"What did you say?" Zhou Xiannan's ears were smart.

Du Peng immediately responded with a smile, "I said that you are the first handsome, the first cool, the first hey, in short, the first of everything, anyway, you are the best."

Zhou Xiannan lowered his head, only then realizing that he was still pinching the earrings he had just received in his hand.

Forgot to give it back to her.

"Du Peng, turn around and go back. That hospital just now."

"Boss, you've thought about opening up to that beauty?"

When Zhou Xiannan returned to the hospital, he naturally didn't find Nanxi.

In the end, there was no choice but to take the earrings and leave first.

After seeing a doctor, disinfecting her ears, getting medicine, and charging her cell phone a little bit in the hospital, Nan Xi took a taxi home.

When she got home, it was already dark.

Nanxi pushed open the door and it was dark inside.

The large room was empty.

She hadn't guessed wrong, Lu Jianxuan still hadn't returned.

Three whole days, since that day when he left, the two hadn't contacted each other for three days.

There were no phone calls or tweets.

It was the day before the Tanabata Festival when she received a call from him again.

Nanxi watched his name bouncing on the cell phone screen, hesitated for a long time, but still answered it.

"Hello, this is Nanxi."

"Tomorrow is Tanabata, do you want to go somewhere to have some fun, or is there anything you want to buy?"

Lu Jian Shen's voice clearly reached her ears through the cell phone, low and sexy as always.

Like a beautiful piece of music, it gently plucked at her heartstrings.

It had been several days.

She thought she would have forgotten his voice, but she didn't expect to miss it so much.

Nanxi pinched her cell phone, her heart clogged, suddenly unable to say a word.

"Nanxi, still there?"

Not hearing her voice, Lu Jianxuan asked.

"I'm in."

"Is there anything you want, you can tell me."

"I want to go shopping." Nanxi said.


After hanging up the phone, her heart was still thumping.

It turns out that three days doesn't make you forget someone, it only makes you miss them more.

She really had no talent.

It had only been three days, and already her heart was flooding with thoughts of him.

The next day, Nan Xi purposely got up early and put on light makeup.

She picked out a white dress for herself, the one she really liked.

When looking in the mirror, a ridiculous thought popped into Nanxi's mind: he was willing to accompany her to spend the eve, did it mean that there was still room for the two to redeem themselves?

But then, she shook her head in the negative.

How could it be?

He loved Fang Qinglian so much and had done everything to marry her.

This Tanabata, it was just him wanting to give the two of them a grand ending, right?

However, she wanted to go to the appointment properly.

Even if she really had to leave, she hoped that she could leave beautifully, not in a flop and a mess.

At two in the afternoon, the doorbell rang right on time.

Nan Xi opened the door with a smile.

However, upon seeing the person outside the door, her eyes instantly dimmed, "Why is it you?"

Nanxi clenched her palms, how she wished Lin Xiao could tell her, "Mr. Lu is waiting for you downstairs and asked me to come up to pick you up."

But no.

Lin Xiao smiled warmly and explained to her, "Mr. Lu said that Young Lady wanted to go shopping and asked me to come and accompany you."

So he specifically called that day to ask her what she wanted, and it wasn't him personally, he sent Lin Xiao to come?

Nan Xi gave a bitter laugh, still she was naive.

Tanabata, what a wonderful festival.

How could he put down Fang Qinglian to accompany her?

Sure enough, she was the one who was delusional.

"So, this is the task Lu Jian Shen gave you today?"

"Yes, Young Lady."

"Then you will accompany me wherever I go?"


"Good, then let's go shopping!"

After saying that, Nan Xi got off the elevator.

She went to the mall where she ran into Fang Qinglian last time.

From the first floor to the fourth floor, Nanxi shopped for three whole hours, and when she was tired, she sat down and took a break.

When she got to the fifth floor, Nanxi walked in front and Lin Xiao was in the back carrying a huge pile of big bags, which was simply agonizing.

He remembered that the young lady had always been very thrifty.

Things that were too expensive, she never bought.

But today I don't know how?

Lin Xiao felt that she was very abnormal.

"It's all finished shopping, so let's go to the first floor and re-shop." Nanxi said.

"Huh?" Lin Xiao's mouth opened wide in shock.

He was already bleary-eyed and his legs were weak.

"What? Not willing? Didn't you say that this was a task assigned to you by Lu Jianxin? If you can't fulfill it truthfully, then I'll have no choice but to give it back to him."

"Don't, Young Lady, I promise to complete the mission."

Just after walking into the jewelry store, Nan Xi froze.

Just as surprised as her were Lu Jianxuan and Fang Qinglian.

Probably no one expected to meet each other here.

"Nanxi, what a coincidence, you're here too, and See-Shen said he wanted to give me a gift?" Fang Qinglian smiled and walked to her side, a gentle and gentle look.

"Really, what kind of gift?"

When Nanxi said this, the direction her eyes were looking at was Lu Jian Shen.

"A ring."

These two words were like a bright knife, instantly stabbing into Nan Xi's chest, stabbing her heart to the point of dripping blood.

Lu Jianxuan, killing a man is nothing more than a head point, and you, it's a heart execution!

He stomped this heart of hers into pieces and shattered it.

A wave of regurgitation in her heart, her stomach felt like something was frantically churning and pulling.

Nanxi covered her lips, couldn't hold it in any longer, and quickly ran away.


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