Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 207

His thoughts are never written on his face.

Ke Yuechun has been in the nightclub for so long, met many people, and her intuition has become very keen. She guessed what Pei Nanming was thinking, and immediately said, "Mr. Pei, I just met this child by chance. He looks like It's very beautiful, I saw him crying alone in the park holding the photo, so I couldn't help but went up to persuade him, and then sent him back, please don't worry too much."

  Hearing what she said, Pei Nanming couldn't help but praise her, what a delicate thought.

   "In this case, let's make another appointment. You can leave your contact information, and I will send someone to contact you when it is convenient."

  Xu Chuyan immediately became restless when she heard that Ruan Xi was not dead.

   "She didn't die, she came back again!" Standing in the bathroom, she said viciously to her hideous self in the mirror.

"I won't let her steal my things, no! Ruan Xi, even if you come back, you'll rest with Pei Nanming!" She remembered the day when Pei Nanming said she was going to get a divorce. Now that Ruan Xi is back, then this marriage It's even more at stake!

  She can't lose her marriage, she can't lose the status of Young Master Pei, and she can't lose the man Pei Nanming!

   What to do, what to do? ! Since hearing the news of Ruan Xi's return, she is like an ant on a hot pot, restless all day long.

   After standing in front of the mirror for half an hour, she finally smiled.

   "Ruan Xi, since you didn't die, I'll help you again!"

  At a certain construction site, Foreman Wang immediately became excited when he saw the caller ID on his mobile phone. After answering the call, he ran back to the mobile room, changed his clothes, and left the construction site like a dog.

  Starbucks has an elegant environment. When Foreman Wang came in, he held his head high, and the waiter greeted him without raising his eyelids, as if he was a regular customer here.

  Actually, he came here for the second time, and the first time was also to pay a woman's appointment.

  Xu Chuyan also just arrived, she was quite satisfied seeing Foreman Wang being so punctual, so her lips under the sunglasses raised slightly.

   "Wang Gong, long time no see."

   "Hey, long time no see." Foreman Wang rubbed his rough hands, looking a little at a loss.

  Xu Chuyan actually didn't even want to look at him more, but now she has no other choice, this person, she is sure she can control. Because Yuechun's boyfriend's death was caused by her instigation.

   They are grasshoppers on a rope!

   When the waiter was called, Xu Chuyan showed a perfect smile, "Two Chicken Caesar Rolls, one Vanilla Latte, and one Mocha."

   After the waiter put everything together, Xu Chuyan said, "I want you to do something for me, and the reward is absolutely generous!"

  Wang Gong was eating vigorously, listening to her speak, swallowing a mouthful of food, "What's the matter, just say it!"

   "I want you to find a way to completely erase these two people from my husband and I's life!" As she said, Xu Chuyan pushed a reversed photo over.

  Wang Gong was stunned after hearing this, then widened his eyes, "You mean..."

  Xu Chuyan tapped the table with her finger, "That's right."

  Wang Gong also seemed a little timid. Last time he was alone, and on his construction site, he only needed to tamper with the labor tools to cause a safety accident. Now he is asked to do this kind of thing again? ! He almost lost his job last time. If it wasn't for someone's help, he should have gone home to farm!

  However, Xu Chuyan said that the reward is generous, definitely not a small amount, he got half a million for that incident last time! To Xu Chuyan, 500,000 is just an evening dress, but to Foreman Wang, 500,000 is an astronomical figure!

  Under a lot of money, there must be a brave man, and Foreman Wang is such a brave man.

   "How much more? How much are you willing to pay?"

   "Because these two are heavyweights, I'll give you this number!" Xu Chuyan stretched out three fingers.

  Foreman Wang gasped!

  Xu Chuyan added, "You can only succeed. If you don't do well, what happened last time may be rediscovered."

  Foreman Wang turned pale with shock, "Okay, I will try to do it!"

  Xu Chuyan is satisfied now!

  After Xu Chuyan left Starbucks, she was always in a good mood, and she started calling Pei Nanming for dinner.

  So, she didn't pay attention to the conversation between the two men behind her.

   "How could she ask this kind of person for coffee?"

   "It's incredible."

   "Whatever, just report to the higher authorities."


   Another photo. Pei Nanming opened the kraft paper bag, glanced at it and stopped looking.

   "What do you mean by giving me these?"

  He looked at Yuechun without blinking.

   "It doesn't mean anything else, I just want to see Xu Chuyan get retribution, even if this retribution is completely disproportionate to the retribution she deserves."

   "Oh? So, what do you want me to do after seeing these photos?"

   "This is Mr. Pei's business. After all, this is Mr. Pei's family background. But, I don't think the Pei family can tolerate such a daughter-in-law."

Pei Nanming smiled, "You're right, you can't tolerate it, but you also know that with the power of the Pei family, if you send things rashly, you are not afraid that the Pei family will harm you for the sake of face? After all, this is a family scandal that cannot be exposed. "

   "I thought about it too, but if I want to get something from this, I don't need to come here to meet you. Wouldn't it be better to sell it to someone else and force people to take risks?"

   "Miss Yuechun is very smart, it's a pity to be a lady in a nightclub."

  Yuechun was startled, "Are you investigating me?"

   "Is it not possible?"

   Yuechun bit her lip.

"Don't be afraid." Pei Nanming smiled, "I understand your past, and I also know about your boyfriend. I will give you an explanation for this matter. However, after knowing the scandal of the Pei family, I want to go back to the past. Impossible."

   Yuechun turned pale.

Pei Nanming still smiled, "You have a very good brain, and you are two extremes with your boyfriend before he died. I will not waste this kind of talent who suddenly enlightened. In the future, you will have a good life and live a rich life. But, You should never think of betraying Mrs. Pei, because then you will die miserably and your family will be implicated. You have only one choice now, either be the same as your boyfriend, or stay and work for Mrs. Pei. I will Get someone to teach you."

   Yuechun bit her lip and looked at him.

Pei Nanming stood up holding the kraft paper bag, "Of course, if you are absolutely loyal to Mrs. Pei, then you will have nothing to worry about!" After speaking, Pei Nanming left, stopped after taking two steps, looked back at her, and said, "Forgot Just to tell you, I really like your desperate courage."

  Yuechun seemed to understand what Pei Nanming said, but she didn't seem to understand, but she had already guessed that her life was rewritten at this moment. And she has indeed entered a world she has never touched since then!

  Foreman Wang disappeared inexplicably!

  This news made Xu Chuyan feel like a thunderbolt!

  She became more and more confused, and she only looked for this person, and this person disappeared. What does that mean? She racked her brains and thought about the possibility, but she didn't dare to admit it!

  She called Pei Nanming in a hurry, but it was still the same as before, no one answered forever!

   Just when she panicked.

  In a dilapidated basement.

  Pei Nanming sat in front of Foreman Wang with his legs crossed, his face buried in the shadows, and the strong coercion filled the entire basement.

  Foreman Wang trembled.

   "Are you going to tell the truth? I'm not very patient."

   "I, I said, I said! That woman ordered me to do it, and she said that she would pay me three million yuan! I have the handle in her hands, really, I really have to!"

   "Three million!" Pei Nanming was so angry that the corners of his eyes twitched. The woman he loves most, and his son are worth three million? !

   "Hmph, good, good! Three million, right?" He got up, and said to the two tall and thick men behind him, "I leave it to you, make sure I am satisfied!"

   The two men responded, and Pei Nanming walked out. After walking not far, he heard howls like killing pigs!

   "Xu Chuyan, I have done my best to you. At this point, Xi'er can't keep your face!"

  Pei Nanming is back home!

  Xu Chuyan immediately jumped down from the sofa, rushed over like a pug, and jumped into his arms.

  Pei Nanming narrowed his eyes, poured out the contents of the kraft paper bag, and said calmly, "These things are really good. I never knew that you like Huanai in the BMW car."

  Xu Chuyan trembled and denied, "That, that's not me, it's not me!" She screamed, her eyes were crazy.

   "It's not you, could it be me?!" Pei Nanming stepped on the photos and sat on the sofa.

  The two people behind him immediately came over and held Xu Chuyan down, "Sign it, otherwise, you will lose your career and family together!"

divorse agreement! These few words almost blinded Xu Chuyan's eyes!

   "I don't sign, I don't sign!"

   "No sign? Yes, then go to jail and listen to this!"

  He turned on the recording pen, and Foreman Wang’s voice came from inside. Every time she heard a word, she turned pale

"I don't want to be too ugly, just behave. It's not that I didn't give you the opportunity. In the past, if you signed obediently, you could get a lot of money. Now, if you don't sign, you will go to jail. If you sign, you will get nothing. As for me, I don’t bother to lay hands on women, Qin Zhiran is an exception because she kidnapped Ruan Xi and almost killed her, and you, do you want to be the second exception?"

   "I won't divorce, I won't divorce!" Xu Chuyan crawled to Pei Nanming's side, crying with snot and tears, there was still half of the brilliance on the screen.

  She interpreted the abandoned woman's posture as a model!

   "If you don't want to die, sign it!" Xu Chuyan shuddered, there was nothing to change!

   There are still three days before the wedding with Ruan Xi, just three days!

  Pei Nanming stared at the blacked out LCD screen and suddenly fell down on the sofa as if he lost his strength.

   This night, he got very drunk in the bar and laughed all the time.

  Even the bartender was intimidated by his appearance.

  Tang Wenyi and Jiang Ren were so busy preparing for his wedding, they finally got ready and wanted to ask for his opinion, but in the end, they couldn't even find anyone.

  Finally, the bartender called Tang Wenyi.

   If you want to talk about how the bartender here knows Tang Wenyi's phone number, then you have to talk about the days when Ruan Xi fled the country suddenly.

  At that time, Pei Nanming worked almost all day long, and when he was free, he would hang out in this bar. He was really drunk and never returned.

  Drinking for many years, he drank until the gastric mucosa bleeds. I stayed in the hospital for a month, and only after I was discharged from the hospital did I stop this crazy behavior of getting drunk.

  When Tang Wenyi received a call from the bartender, Tang Wenyi almost jumped up.

   You know, since he was discharged from the hospital, Pei Nanming has never been to this place again, but this time he came again. Two people have bad instincts. Running quickly, I saw Pei Nanming lying on the bar, motionless.

"What's up with him?"

  The bartender sighed, "Mr. Pei has been drinking all the time since he was a child, and he also laughed while drinking."

  Tang Wenyi and Jiang Ren looked at each other, then looked at Pei Nanming.

   "In short, send it back first, Ruan Xi may know."

  Ruan Xi opened the door and saw Tang Wenyi and Jiang Ren supporting Pei Nanming, and Pei Nanming smelled of alcohol and was startled, "What's going on?"

   "Eh, you don't know either?" The two put Pei Nanming on the sofa, "I thought you stimulated him." Tang Wenyi said.

   "How could I provoke him?"

  Ruan Xi was puzzled.

  Tang Wenyi touched his nose, "Isn't it just happily running to the bar, drinking and laughing?"

  Jiang Ren pulled Tang Wenyi, "Let's leave first, what's the matter, you can talk about it when he sobers up tomorrow morning." Tang Wenyi understood, and immediately left with Jiang Ren.

  But when Ruan Xi woke up the next morning, she didn't see Pei Nanming at all. She didn't even know when he got up! Called his office and the secretary said he was in a meeting.

  She was relieved, but she decided that Pei Nanming was a little weird, because as long as they were together, Pei Nanming would never get up and leave without a word!

   "Do you think he is weird today?" Tang Wenyi whispered to Jiang Ren beside him.

  Jiang Ren looked at Pei Nanming's tall and straight back, "It's very strange, why did you tell us everything, is it possible that you are ready to take your wife and son on honeymoon?"

   "It's possible, but isn't the authority he gave us too much?"

  Tang Wenyi frowned, "Also, I have plans."

  Jiang Ren glared at him, "To find your little girlfriend who flew away?"

  Tang Wenyi squinted, "Of course."

   "Cut!" Jiang Ren expressed disdain.

  Pei Nanming hung up the phone and looked back at them, "Do you have any opinions on what was decided at today's meeting?"

  Tang Wenyi jumped away from this, "Is there something you are hiding from us? You feel strange?"

   "Really, I'm getting married, and I'm still with the woman I love, isn't it weird?"

  Hearing his jokes like this, the two of them finally felt relieved.

  After the two left, Pei Nanming looked at everything outside the floor-to-ceiling windows and said silently, goodbye!

  Pei Nanming actually left!

  When Ruan Xi saw the letterhead and the plate pressed on the letterhead, he immediately understood everything!

   The plate was sent to Pei Nanming by Ruan Dongyu. At that time, Ruan Dongyu was so ill that he knew he was going to die, but he thought that even if he died, he would never see Gu Chi and have no chance to repent. Therefore, he will not be happy when he dies, so neither can Ruan Xi and Pei Nanming! He's going to ruin their wedding. So he gave Pei Nanming this disk!

  Pei Nanming has been fighting for revenge all his life. He can imagine the reaction after seeing this record, and his guess is right.

  Pei Nanming was completely defeated.

   One can imagine how one would feel when one learns that revenge as the pillar of life is not only a joke, but also that the person who takes revenge is actually the most innocent victim!

  In Pei Nanming's heart, it is no longer as simple as a simple apology to Ruan Xi!

  He can no longer face her, because he has no face and no qualifications.

  He wanted to marry her as his wife, but now, what qualifications did he have to distinguish her as his wife.

  Yang Yang is his son, and Ruan Xi is the woman he once hated and loved the most. What he has done has always been to hurt her. He no longer had the courage to live with her.

  He thought, if Ruan Xi saw that plate, he would never forgive him again! Up to now, he didn't even have the qualifications to hold her tight, and he didn't even have the confidence to imprison her.

  Leaving became the only best choice.

  Ruan Xi chased like crazy, but when he was about to arrive at the airport, there was a severe traffic jam.

  In a hurry, she got out of the car halfway and ran on foot regardless of safety.

   This was the time when she wanted to keep Pei Nanming the most in her life, and it was also at this time that she realized that she loved him so much!

  The wind is blowing in my ears Xiao, if you miss it this time, you may never have another chance in your life. Pei Nanming's temperament is so stubborn!

  Pei Nanming might be really exhausted, and fell asleep while waiting for the plane.

In the dream, he was standing at the security checkpoint, and was about to go in, when suddenly a pair of hands hugged him from behind, a familiar face pressed against his back, and whispered to him, "The past is past, Nan Ming, don't leave, let's start again, shall we?!"

  His heart was so painful that it was tangled in one place. At that moment, he burst into tears, but when he looked down, he saw bloody hands! ...

   Tilting his head, he suddenly woke up, the surroundings were still noisy, and the boarding reminder kept ringing.

  He stood up, at this moment a man and a woman walked and sighed, "It's so miserable, seven cars rear-end in a row!"

   "Tsk tsk, that woman died a miserable death, her brains are coming out!"

   "Stop talking, it's disgusting!"

   "Didn't you hear someone say that she is very similar to the big star Xu Chuyan!"

  Pei Nanming suddenly threw the suitcase and ran out without looking back! It drew a look of astonishment.

  The accident happened on the airport road. The cause of the accident was a woman crossing the road in disregard of the rules.

  The accident scene has been isolated.

  Pei Nanming pushed aside the crowd recklessly, and saw blood all over the ground, and vehicles in disorder.

   "Where is the person, where is the person?!" He grabbed a bystander in a panic and asked eagerly.

   "The ambulance got away! What a terrible death!"

  He suddenly felt that his whole body was exhausted. He took a few steps back and almost fell. Fortunately, a body caught him from behind, "Hey, you..." The voice suddenly stopped.

   And Pei Nanming was also shocked, turned around suddenly, and then kissed without hesitation!

Three days later, they found out that the person who died was Xu Chuyan. She was following Ruan Xi. At that moment, she wanted to bump into Ruan Xi, but the car driving on the other side did not expect Xu Chuyan to disobey the traffic rules. , This led to this traffic tragedy!

  The wedding ceremony was held as scheduled, Ruan Xi put on her wedding dress, Zi Yang held her hand, and said seriously, "Mummy, it's going to rain, and my mother is going to get married."

  Ruan Xi was angry and funny, "The weather is fine today."

   "So, I don't care if you are called Mother, but Mommy!"

  Ruan Xi lightly flicked his son's head, "Go, little slob!"

  Yangyang jumped away with a smile.

  The wedding car drove up, Pei Nanming got out of the car, and personally carried Ruan Xi into the car, which attracted cheers from all the way.

  At the corner of the street, in a low-key Audi, a man in a black windbreaker lit a cigarette and took a silent puff.

  The driver beside him asked, "Master, why don't you go over?"

  The man blew out a smoke ring, "No need."

  Since I have already made a choice, why should I make another move? But, Ruan Xi, you must be happy, otherwise, it would be meaningless for me to accept the job of Anbu of the merchant.

  Ruan Xi sat in the wedding car, and looked back towards the direction where the car stopped as if feeling something, but the place was already empty.



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