Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 206

Star grass, lonely but not lonely, enthusiastic but not ostentatious, the flower language is to know each other and stay together.

It seems to have returned to the days when she giggled at the house she secretly drew many years ago. At that time, she had no idea about the house, but just thought that the home should be like that. At that time, she really didn’t know what her thoughts and wishes were. How silly and ridiculous. Later, the painting was lost somewhere, and her Cinderella wish was also lost.

   "Go in!" Pei Nanming's voice was still tense.

  Ruan Xi felt daunted.

   Seeing that she didn't understand, he frowned, "Why, don't you dare?"

  Ruan Xi turned her head to look at him, biting her lip slightly.

  Pei Nanming was a little uncomfortable and impatient when she saw her, and dragged her in again.

  There are so many villas and bungalows in Ziyuan Manor, this one is actually not outstanding, but to Ruan Xi, it is completely different.

  She walked all the way, feeling uncomfortable all the way.

  The furnishings in the room are simple and practical yet warm, completely different from the luxurious and cold feeling of the previous residence.

   Arriving at the living room on the first floor, Pei Nanming's tense nerves suddenly relaxed, and he suddenly put his arms around her, as if he didn't really believe that she was real and not a hallucination until now.

  Ruan Xi was originally stiff, but hesitated for a moment, then firmly stretched out her hands and hugged him tightly.

   "Xie'er, stop running around, I beg you. Stop running around!"

  He buried his face in her shoulder socket, and she was shocked suddenly, only feeling that the shoulder socket was hot and humid.

  Yang Yang pinched Ruan Xi's photo, sitting alone in the park and kept crying, "Mum, where are you, Mummy, can you come back soon?! Woohoo, Mommy..."

  Big and big tears rolled down his little face and wet a lot of clothes.

  After getting out of the car today, he entered the kindergarten, but ran out again.

  Because many children have to perform shows today, and the children’s parents will come, but he has no daddy, and he doesn’t even have a mother.

  Seeing that many children are daddy leading the left hand and mommy leading the right hand, the always strong child Pei Ziyang finally couldn't help it, turned his head and ran away.

  When Teacher Fang was doing roll call, he found that Yang Yang was not there. He thought he was sick, so he called his parents on purpose.

  When he entered school, he registered two numbers, one was Pei Nanming's personal mobile phone, and the other was the landline number of the old house.

   Thinking that dialing the mobile phone would make it easier to find someone, so she dialed the mobile phone.

   But it turned out that no one answered! After dialing twice in a row, the result was still the same. This made Teacher Fang very anxious, so he had to dial the landline number again.

   This time, the connection was quick. The person who answered the phone was obviously a servant. As soon as he said it was about Yang Yang, he immediately changed someone. After the change, the voice of the person who spoke was slightly old but majestic.

  As soon as Yang Yang didn't go to school, the quiet old voice became anxious, but still calm.

  After the call ended, Teacher Fang breathed a sigh of relief. Even across the phone, she felt that talking to the other party was oppressive.

  However, she didn't have the time to think about it, because Yang Yang's family said that they sent Yang Yang to school by themselves, but Yang Yang didn't come to class! This is the key point. Teacher Fang also heard about the news of Yangyang's mother's death. Coupled with the mistress turmoil that everyone had before, she cared more about Yangyang than other children. After all, the family environment has changed drastically, how can children be so easy to accept?

   Feeling worried, she explained to her tutor and immediately went out to find someone.

  Over there, Mrs. Pei hung up the phone, feeling very anxious, and hurriedly asked someone to notify Pei Nanming, while he went out to find the child.

   And what about Pei Nanming? He brought Ruan Xi to Ziyuan Manor, but left his mobile phone in the car. He had never made such a mistake, but today's situation is really special.

   When I came out, I found that the phone had a notification tone. I took it over and saw that ten missed calls, two unfamiliar numbers, and the rest were from the old house.

   Suddenly, my heart skipped a beat, knowing that something must have happened.

   "Oh, whose child, why are you sitting here and crying by yourself?" Yang Yang didn't look up, but he smelled a pungent fragrance in his nose.

   "None of your business!" Yang Yang raised his arm and wiped away his tears.

   "It's related to us, but you came to this park by yourself. There are so many bad guys now, be careful of being abducted!"

  Yangyang raised his head, his beautiful eyes were red and swollen, turning into rabbit eyes.

  The woman in front of her was wearing heavy makeup, wearing a short skirt and red high heels.

   "As long as you don't abduct me, no one will abduct me." Yang Yang said with staring eyes.

   "Hehe, I really want to abduct you, do you want me to abduct you?" The woman sat down beside him, crossed her legs, and lit a cigarette.

  Yangyang leaned back, "Smoking for women is very bad for your health."

  The woman tilted her head and glanced at Yang Yang, "What do children know? If you don't relieve the pain in your heart, it will be even worse for your body."

   "Are you in pain?" Yang Yang felt that this woman was fine except for her uncomfortable appearance.

   "My lord, everyone is in pain. By the way, why are you crying here if you don't go to class?"

   "I have pain too."

  The woman's eyes fell on the photo in Yang Yang's hand, and she was taken aback, "Who is the person in the photo?"

  "My mommy" Yang Yang's eyes were red again, "They all said that my mommy is dead, but I don't believe it!"

  The woman squinted her eyes, as if surprised, "Oh, your mommy is Xu Chuyan, she is a big star, isn't she still alive and kicking?"

  When Yang Yang heard Xu Chuyan's name, he was upset, "My mommy is not that vicious woman! Hmph!"

  The woman was stunned, "It's not her? But in the photo..."

   "That wicked woman looks like my mommy!" Yang Yang put away the photo, "I'm leaving!"

  The woman hurriedly followed, "I'm worried about you as a child, my name is Yuechun, let auntie take you back!"

  Yangyang looked at her defensively, "No, I don't know you. Besides, I don't think you are a good person."

  Yuechun sighed, "Do I have a bad face?"

  Yangyang stared, looked at her from top to bottom, "You're wearing a bad guy's clothes."

  Yuechun looked at herself, and smiled wryly, yes, she was wearing a bad guy's clothes and working in a nightclub, she was used to coquettishness, and she was no longer the simple and rustic attire when she came to this city with her boyfriend.

   "Then, go back by yourself and be careful on the road."

  Yang Yang saw the hurt expression on her face, but he was also very sad now, so of course he didn't have the heart to comfort her.

  But, if you go back by yourself, where are you going? Going back to class or going home, grandpa will definitely be very angry when he goes home. If he goes to class and sees many children accompanied by parents, how uncomfortable he feels!

  He suddenly looked back at Yuechun, "Aunt Yuechun, can you help me?"

  Yuechun changed into plain clothes, washed off all the makeup, and led Yangyang into the kindergarten.

  Mr. Fang was very anxious to find him. Seeing him leading the young woman back, she felt relieved and at the same time looked at Yuechun. Yangyang's introduction was, "This is my aunt!"

  Ms. Fang was relieved, and quickly called Yangyang's family!

  Pei Nanming and Ruan Xi appeared together, Yang Yang stared wide-eyed, looked at his mother in disbelief, then flew over, crying into tears.

  Ruan Xi's eyes were red with distress. You know, she almost died when she returned from the trip to Tibet. This kind of long separation is the first time for their mother and son.

  Seeing their mother and son by their side, Pei Nanming felt an unprecedented satisfaction in his heart.

   And when Yuechun saw Pei Nanming, he was obviously taken aback! This, isn't this Xu Chuyan's husband? ! After seeing him in the nightclub, he never appeared again.

  She was a little flustered, thinking of her dead boyfriend. It's not that she didn't think of a way to deal with Xu Chuyan, but Xu Chuyan has the power and money, what can she do?

  She stayed here just to wait for an opportunity, to wait for Xu Chuyan's retribution to appear!

  When she saw Pei Nanming, she thought of those photos again.

   Seeing Pei Nanming affectionately looking at Ruan Xi's mother and son's expressions, her heart suddenly lit up, and then she decided to put all her eggs in one basket!

   "Mr. Pei, I have something to tell you!" No matter what the consequences are, this is the only chance she can seize. At other times, she would never have the chance to get close to this man.

  Pei Nanming obviously didn't have the slightest impression of this woman, and of course he couldn't remember it. But when Teacher Fang said that she brought Yang Yang back, he was very grateful.

   "Hello, I heard that you sent Yang Yang back. Thank you very much. What can you tell me?" Pei Nanming smiled, polite and elegant, but slightly alienated.

"Mr. Pei, don't get me wrong. What I want to say to you is that I have something I want to give to you, which may be useful to you. I just hope that no matter what your decision is, please understand that a girlfriend wants to get back for her dead boyfriend A just heart."

   Pei Nanming frowned, looked at the woman in front of him, and knew that since she found him, then this matter had something to do with him, but was it a coincidence or deliberate that she met Yang Yang?

  This woman has to be guarded.


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