Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 205

Old Mrs. Pei raised his eyes, "It was her will that asked you to help her raise Ruan Xi?"

  Pei Yan was startled, "You guessed it?"

"She hates you, hates the Pei family, and knows that if you find out about the will, you will still have feelings for her and feel guilty. You will not refuse to agree to the request in her will. Ruan Ting's child has a poisonous mind, and she hides it so well Ruan Ting found them all in hiding. Thinking about it, Ruan Ting didn't say anything good. Letting Ruan Xi enter Pei's house is undoubtedly the best way to protect. However, probably no one would have imagined that things would end up like this. The matter is over After so many years, I can't figure out who owes whom. Let it go. Don't mention it again. After all, our Pei family owes them."


  The old man took the young woman's hand and sighed, "Girl, you are so lucky. Fortunately, you were sick and didn't go with the tour group. Otherwise, hey!"

  Ruan Xi did come to Xizang with the tour group, but fortunately, she suffered from severe altitude sickness and could not go with her.

She could only stay at the Tibetan family's home to recuperate. After the altitude sickness improved, she went out to graze with the Tibetan family and broke her calf bone. It was a blessing in disguise. She missed the avalanche and missed the opportunity for Pei Nanming and the others to come here .

  The mobile phone was broken, the Tibetan home was remote and there was no signal, and she had a broken bone and could not walk, so it was impossible to contact her family. Can only wait dryly for the injury to improve.

   In the blink of an eye, a month and a half passed, and she was able to walk, although she still had a little handicap, but it was no longer hindering her walking.

   It was precisely this one and a half months of peaceful scenery and no other distractions that made her face herself seriously, think about things seriously, and finally figured out a lot of things.

  After bidding farewell to the enthusiastic Tibetan compatriots, she bought a return ticket and returned to e City alone.

She went back to Asia Bay first, intending to see Yang Yang after washing up, but when she got out of the taxi, she rang the doorbell, and the person who opened the door was a stranger, who didn't know her, and she didn't know him, the two stared at each other. Eye.

   Moreover, she was quite embarrassed during this trip, and people looked at her like they were looking at a beggar.

   "Who are you looking for?" asked the person who opened the door.

   Ruan Xi was a little dumbfounded, and looked at the house number, it was right.

   "Excuse me, is Butler Zhang here?"

This person is new here, and he didn't know that the villa was bought by the owner not long ago, so he said with a cold face, "Who knows the housekeeper Zhang Li? You found the wrong place!" The man closed the door, turned around and left .

  Ruan Xi was puzzled.

   I had no choice but to find a public telephone booth and call Pei Nanming.

   As a result, the person who answered was the secretary.

  After she said she was Ruan Xi, the secretary over there immediately hung up the phone.

  Ruan Xi was even more confused, she felt that the world seemed to have changed all of a sudden, what's going on?

   Immediately after getting off the plane, the car raced. She was already tired and stupid. In short, find a hotel to rest first, and then we can talk.

   "Hey, hello!" Tang Wenyi raised his eyes and said to Jiang Ren beside him, "I'm hallucinating."

  Jiang Ren wondered, "Why are you too!"

   The two looked at each other, then pulled over decisively, and chased after them!

   Star World Hotel, the lobby is full of luxury.

  Ruan Xi dragged her weary steps towards the front desk. Fortunately, she didn't salute much, otherwise, she would really be exhausted.

  When the front desk lady saw her, her eyes were full of doubts. This kind of doubt naturally doubted whether she could afford the fee here.

  Ruan Xi has already received similar gazes in front of the Asia Bay Villa, so she doesn't mind at all.

   "Just as she was registering, she was suddenly photographed behind her.

  She turned her head, and the two people behind her immediately took a step back, looked at her with ghost-like expressions, and said in unison, "Are you not dead?!"

  Ruan Xi was completely black, why did she have to die, why did she listen to this, as if she should die? !

   "Why should I die?"

   "My God." Tang Wenyi actually destroyed his image as a super housekeeper in public, looking at the sky with teary eyes.

   "Are you excited, or depressed?" Ruan Xi frowned.

   "Do you think I am excited or depressed?"

Tang Wenyi suddenly recovered, "Where did you go? Do you know, because you disappeared, Pei Nanming chased you to Xizang, and I heard that the tour group was hit by an avalanche, and the people who were rescued didn't have you." , he fell seriously ill in a panic, and Yang Yang was also very sad. Because of you, the entire Pei family is almost turned upside down, and the Pei family is also in a gloomy state."

  Ruan Xi was dumbfounded...

   After reading the financial report, Pei Nanming received a call from Tang Wenyi. After Tang Wenyi finished speaking, he didn't respond.

  Tang Wenyi fed him several times before he said in a cold voice, "Today is not April Fool's Day." Then he hung up the phone resentfully.

  After that, he threw himself into the leather chair, his forehead throbbing wildly.

   There was a knock on the door, and his voice was tired, "Come in!"

  The secretary came in with coffee, "Mr. Pei, your coffee."

  Pei Nanming rubbed his forehead, "Let's put it down."

  After the secretary put it down, he didn't go out. Pei Nanming raised his eyes and saw the secretary's expression of hesitation.

  The feeling of impatience in his heart suddenly soared to a new height, and it took a lot of effort to control the situation where he was going to get angry, "What's the matter, just tell me."

The secretary said, "Boss Pei, don't take it too seriously when you say it, that is, someone called you today, claiming to be Miss Ruan. I didn't believe it at first, I just thought it was a prank, but after hanging up the phone , Thinking about it carefully, I found that the voice was indeed somewhat similar to that of Miss Ruan."

   This secretary has worked in Pei's for nearly ten years, and Ruan Xi has naturally seen her.

  But she had no idea that Pei Nanming's reaction would be so intense. After hearing her words, Pei Nanming stood up abruptly, took the bag and walked out without saying a word.

  The secretary was taken aback, and couldn't come back to his senses for a long time. When he regained his senses and chased him out, where was Pei Nanming's shadow? Even the staff in the office area outside were taken aback by Pei Nanming's behavior, and looked up at the direction in which Pei Nanming left. After a while, the office area suddenly burst into flowers.

   "Boss Pei, what's wrong?"

   "Yes, yes, I have never seen Mr. Pei like this!"

   "Could it be that something happened at home?"

   "I heard Mr. Pei had a *love* who died..."

   "I heard that there is an illegitimate child..."

   "..." Many rumors have turned the serious office area into a busy city.

   "Everyone work hard!" As soon as General Secretary Pei spoke, everyone suddenly fell silent. In everyone's eyes, Secretary Pei's status is no lower than that of a manager with real power.

  Pei Nanming rushed to the Star World Hotel almost at a speed of 800 miles.

  When he arrived at the Interstellar Hotel, Ruan Xi happened to be invited out by Tang Wenyi and Jiang Ren.

  Pei Nanming stepped on the brake and the wheels stopped completely, but the car still slid forward for nearly five meters.

  Everyone scattered in fright. When Pei Nanming got off the car and saw Ruan Xi, he was overjoyed at first, then angry, and walked in front of Ruan Xi with a dark face.

  This kind of strong aura shocked Tang Wenyi and Jiang Ren, not to mention Ruan Xi.

  Ruan Xi almost wanted to turn around and run!

  But how could Pei Nanming give her a chance to run wildly? Without saying a word, he grabbed her and left.

  Ruan Xi was pulled by him and almost fell down, but Pei Nanming didn't care about it at all, opened the car door, and stuffed it directly into the car.

  Tang Wenyi and Jiang Ren were dumbfounded. They didn't come back to their senses until the car drove far away, and they said in unison, "This time, Ruan Xi has suffered a lot."

  Pei Nanming didn't speak along the way, his handsome face was tense, Ruan Xi secretly glanced at his side face in the back seat, and found that he was always looking at the road seriously, and sighed inwardly.

  The trip to Xizang made her feel enlightened. The contents on that plate may be true, but those things are already in the past. It has nothing to do with Pei Nanming.

  If she hates Pei Nanming, then how is it different from Pei Nanming's indiscriminate revenge on her? Because she knew that feeling too well, she didn't want to be tortured by hatred anymore.

   Let him go, and let yourself go.

"where are we going?"

  Ruan Xi suddenly realized that the direction was wrong, not the way back to Asia Bay, nor to Pei’s house, nor to the old house.

  Pei Nanming still ignored her, not even twisting her neck.

  Recalling what Tang Wenyi and Jiang Ren said, she suddenly understood, and obediently shut up.

   The place where the car stopped was Ziyuan Manor, which she was no stranger to.

  Seeing this place, she was startled, why did she come here?

  Pei Nanming didn't look at her at all, the car went straight into the parking lot, then went around to the other side, pulled her off, and pulled her forward.

  His hands were hot and strong, and when he was pulling her, he held her tightly, as if she would slip away if he was not careful.


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