Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 204

a month later.

  Pei's family.

  Yang Yang came out of the old house with his schoolbag on his back, but bumped into Xu Chuyan.

  Xu Chuyan raised her eyelids, glanced behind Yangyang, and saw that he was the only one, so she drooped her face, "Little wild species, don't you have eyes?" The voice was very low, only Yangyang and herself could hear it.

  Yangyang looked at her silently, with a cold face, "Aunt Xu, it's time to brush your teeth. It stinks." After speaking, Yangyang ignored her, turned around and left.

  Xu Chuyan was about to say something more, when she saw Pei Yan coming out, she quickly put on a smiling face, "Dad, I'll come and see you and grandpa, are you going to send Yangyang off?"

   Seeing that it was Xu Chuyan, although he didn't like it in his heart, she was his daughter-in-law anyway, so he smiled, "Yeah."

   "Dad, don't be so busy, let me go."

  Pei Yan gave her a distrustful look.

  She immediately promised, "Dad, don't worry, he is Nan Ming's son, and he is my son. There is still a long way to go in the future, and I will treat him well."

  Pei Yan sighed in his heart, there is no other way, if Ruan Xi was here, he would never hand over Yang Yang to Xu Chuyan, but Ruan Xi is gone.

   "Okay. Be careful on the road."

   "Dad, don't worry."

  Xu Chuyan's red trot stopped not far away, Yang Yang watched from a distance, but refused to go up.

  Xu Chuyan felt that her patience was exhausted. If she hadn't been at the gate of the old house, she would have slapped Yang Yang across the face, telling Yang Yang to get in the car honestly, but she didn't dare here.

   "Good boy, get in the car and let your mother take you to study, huh?"

When Yang Yang heard Pei Yan say that Xu Chuyan was his mother, his face immediately changed, and he yelled, "She's not my mother, she's not my mother! Woohoo!" After shouting, he threw away his schoolbag and didn't care about anything else. Turn around and run away.

  Pei Yan did not expect this situation. Ever since he learned of Ruan Xi's death, the child had been calm, but now he suddenly collapsed. Who could have imagined it? !

Xu Chuyan felt deeply embarrassed by this situation, and hated Yang Yang even more in her heart, but at the moment, she could only pretend to be a daughter-in-law and stepmother with a smile on her face, "Dad, you go back first, I will persuade her After all, Ruan Xi and I are about the same age, although I haven't raised children much, it should still give Yang Yang a sense of security."

  Pei Yan hesitated, and at this moment, Mrs. Pei came out, "No, I'll go find him myself."

   After speaking, leaning on crutches, he hurried to chase.

  Xu Chuyan's smile froze, and in the end she could only smile awkwardly, but she scolded Mr. Pei all over the place in her heart.

Yang Yang ran for a long time, and was too tired to run any more, but tears fell in big drops. When the passers-by saw it, they stopped involuntarily, talking a lot, "Oh, whose family is this?" My child, you are crying so sadly!"

   "That's right, why did such a beautiful child cry like this, where did the parents go?"

  Yangyang wiped his tears while walking, and finally couldn't walk anymore, so he squatted on the side of the road, sobbing non-stop.

   "Oh, child, what's wrong with you?" A kind passer-by came up and asked him.

  He wiped away his tears, "I can't find Mommy."

  He cried without aggrievedness.

   "Ah, then call the police, or tell Auntie your parents' numbers."

  Yangyang shook his head, "Woo, they said my mommy is dead, I don't believe it, woooo... But, I can't find my mommy!" Yang Yang pouted, tears falling down.

  The kind aunt who lost her heart was heartbroken, "Ah, what a crime!"

  The kind aunt thought that the child ran out because he couldn't bear the stimulation of his mother's absence.

   "Hey, good boy, how about calling your father? Otherwise, he must be very worried when you come out like this."

  Yang Yang was stunned when he heard that, Dad? He didn't know who to call. Shang Boyan had returned to the Netherlands. He must not be able to contact him, but Pei Nanming, even if he understood something in his little heart, Pei Nanming never told him that he would recognize him, and, Most importantly, Uncle Pei is the husband of that bad woman! He didn't want to call her!

  Thinking about it this way, he realized that he had no relatives, and cried even more sadly.

   At this time, Mrs. Pei chased after him out of breath, and seeing the child crying, he was so distressed that he wished to catch Ruan Xi out of the underworld.

   "Yangyang, don't cry, go back with grandpa, huh?"

  When Yang Yang saw Old Master Pei, he threw himself into his arms, with snot and tears.

   Seeing the child's family coming, the kind auntie sighed and walked away.

   "Yangyang, be good. If anyone bullies you, tell grandpa."

"Woooo... She's not my mommy, woooo, I don't want that bad woman to be my mommy, she called me a bastard, woooo..." Yang Yang cried heart-piercingly, making the old man feel distressed. Yes, my heart was trembling, and I kept patting Yang Yang's back to coax her, "Yangyang, good girl, if you say she is not, she is not! Go home with Grandpa, okay?"


  After hearing what the old man said, Pei Nanming was so angry that his lungs exploded.

  Who made her Xu Chuyan so bold? !

  After Pei Nanming returned home that night, he issued an ultimatum to Xu Chuyan.

   "Divorce! I'll tell you one last time!"

  Xu Chuyan turned pale with fright, and Pei Nanming suddenly filed for divorce without warning, how could she not be afraid!

   "Nan Ming, Nan Ming, what's wrong, did I do something wrong, why did I suddenly want to divorce again?" Xu Chuyan eagerly grabbed Pei Nanming's sleeve.

  Pei Nanming's voice was cold, "What did you do wrong? Don't you know what you did wrong?!"

He shook off her hand, "Xu Chuyan, let me tell you, don't always give up! I, Pei Nanming, am willing to tolerate you until now, but it is because you are somewhat similar to Ruan Xi, but don't think that you can rely on this." Pushing your nose and face, lawlessness! Yangyang is my son of Pei Nanming, why do you bully him?! If you can't tolerate him, then get out of Pei's house!"

   When Xu Chuyan heard that it was Pei Ziyang's fault, her face turned blue and white, and she was so angry, don't mention it!

   Moreover, at this moment, she felt that Pei Nanming was also ungrateful. There is only Ruan Xi in his heart. When he was alive, he only had her in his heart. Now that she is dead, he still can't forget her!

  When Ruan Xi escaped, who was by his side to accompany him through the most difficult five years? And Ruan Xi is dead, he is seriously ill, and who is waiting by his side day and night, serving tea and pouring water tirelessly? ! In order to serve him, Pei Nanming, she even lost an important announcement, which was a Hollywood-level movie!

  She had paid so much for him, yet he actually said nothing at all, and even wanted to divorce her for an illegitimate child? !

  She wanted to explode, but at the critical moment, she took a deep breath and endured it. At this time, if she confronted Pei Nanming head-on, she would be killing herself! Old Mrs. Pei and Pei Yan defended Yang Yang because he was Pei Nanming's only son, so as long as she tried her best to conceive, wouldn't everything be resolved? !

"Nan Ming, I don't. Although I hate Ruan Xi, I really don't have that kind of thought about Yang Yang. He is your child, so I will treat him as my own. Besides, Ruan Xi is gone. , that child is indeed pitiful, how can I have trouble with a child of a few years old?"

  As Xu Chuyan spoke, tears rolled down her cheeks. Her teary eyes were hazy and charming, resembling Ruan Xi very much. This made Pei Nanming, who was in a rage, fall into a trance.

  It seemed that the person in front of him became Ruan Xi again, and then he softened involuntarily.

  Xu Chuyan hit the snake with the stick, and immediately threw herself into Pei Nanming's arms, earning sympathy, "Nan Ming, believe me, I'm not that vicious."

  Pei Nanming finally sighed, "This is not an example, Xu Chuyan, remember what I said, if there is another time, even if you are like Ruan Xi, I will never be polite!"

  Xu Chuyan's heart relaxed, but she nodded obediently on her face, "Well, I see, Nan Ming, don't worry, I promise, I will never be inconsiderate to Yang Yang."

  Pei Nanming didn't bother to look at her again, "I'm tired."

  Pei Nanming pushed her away and went upstairs.

  She immediately seized the opportunity and followed.

  Yangyang fell asleep holding Ruan Xi's photo again, and Mrs. Pei sighed after seeing it.

  Pei Yan also shook his head, "How can this child be gone?!"

   "It is said that people don't fight with their fate, maybe this is their fate. Qin Xin'er and her mother and daughter have bad lives."

  Hearing the old man mention Qin Xiner, Pei Yan fell silent.

   "Are you blaming me for forcing you to marry Ruan Ting?"

Pei Yan smiled after hearing this, and shook his head desolately, "No, I don't blame anyone, only myself. If I hadn't wavered back then, things wouldn't have turned into what they are now. I know, Qin Xin'er must hate her so much. Ruan Ting went to her, I know, but she died so decisively."

   "Later, I went under the ginkgo tree where we were dating, and found her suicide note."

  Old Master Pei raised his eyes, "It was her will that asked you to help her raise Ruan Xi?"

  Pei Yan was startled, "You guessed it?"


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