Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 200

"I'm Yangyang's class teacher. My surname is Fang."

   "Hello, Teacher Fang, where is Yangyang, I want to meet him."

  Ruan Xi forced a smile on his face, but the teacher was very gentle, he looked good-natured and kind, "Yangyang is a very popular kid, all the teachers like him very much, and he is also very popular among the children."

   After hearing this, Ruan Xi felt a little relieved.

  But the bottom of her heart was still not in a good mood. Thinking that Yang Yang might be viewed with colored glasses because of her messy things, her heart ached uncontrollably.

  At the door of class a, "He's teaching in this classroom." Teacher Fang turned his head and smiled at Ruan Xi. Before he could say anything else, he heard screams in the classroom.

   "Ah! Stop hitting, stop hitting. Zi Yang, Fang Heng, you all stop, or I will tell the teacher..."

   Teacher Fang hurried into the classroom after listening.

  I saw a group of children gathered together. A little girl with epaulets stood between two boys, supporting them with both hands. Her forehead was covered with sweat and her face was anxious.

   Of the two boys, one is Yang Yang, and the other is Fang Heng in the little girl's mouth.

Everyone saw the teacher coming, let them see immediately, the little boy named Fang Heng was wiping away his tears, he was so wronged, there was a cyan patch at the corner of Yang Yang's mouth, but Ying was leaning on his back, with big beautiful eyes, staring at Fang Heng. , It seems that he still wants to go forward and continue to fight.

   Teacher Fang hurried forward and asked, "Why are you fighting?"

  Fang Heng cried and grabbed Teacher Fang's sleeve to complain, "He hit me first, honestly, my teeth bleed." He opened his mouth, and there was blood in his mouth.

  Ruan Xi's complexion is not very good, Yang Yang has always been very good, never an ignorant child, in her opinion, fighting is definitely not what Yang Yang would do. Of course, this has something to do with protecting the short-term mind, but there is indeed a reason for Yang Yang's move this time.

"Yangyang, tell Mummy, why do you want to hit someone? Didn't Mummy teach you not to fight?" Ruan Xi's heart was originally chaotic, so when she spoke, her tone was unavoidably irritable, not as gentle as before up.

  Yang Yang looked at Ruan Xi, bit his lip for a while, and stubbornly refused to speak.

  Ruan Xi also looked at Yang Yang, "Mummy is asking you something, Yang Yang, tell Mummy why you are fighting?"

  The children who were watching the excitement all quieted down and watched helplessly.

  Yangyang lowered his eyelids, was silent for a while, then suddenly raised his head, and said in a childish voice, "I just want to hit him! Once I see him in the future, hit him once!"

  Ruan Xi frowned, Yang Yang is so willful, there is absolutely no reason for it, but even if there is a reason, he can't say such willful words, "Yangyang, I apologize to my classmates."

  Her face turned cold, and her tone was also cold.

   Teacher Fang said on the sidelines, "Let's figure out the reason first, maybe it's not Yang Yang's fault, this will wrong the child."

  Ruan Xi smiled at the other teacher, then looked at Yang Yang, "No matter what the reason is, fighting in school is wrong."

  Yang Yang bit his lip, looked at Ruan Xi, there were tears in his eyes, but he still didn't say anything, and held back his tears so that they wouldn't fall.

   "Yangyang, didn't you hear what Mommy said to you?"

At this time, the little girl with the epaulets said, "You can't blame Yang Yang, Fang Heng said Yang Yang..." Before the little girl finished speaking, Yang Yang glanced over coldly, but the little girl couldn't say anything Come on.

   "I don't apologize, Mommy, I'm right, so I don't apologize." Yang Yang watched Ruan Xi finish speaking word by word, turned around and ran out of the classroom with a whoosh.

  Ruan Xi had no choice but to squat down and said to Fang Heng, "Don't cry, kid, I will teach Yang Yang a lesson when I go back, huh?"

  Fang Heng's face was flushed. In fact, he knew that he was wrong, but children are always a little rebellious, and he refused to admit his mistakes.


  Ruan Xi got up and said goodbye to Teacher Fang, and went out to chase Yangyang.

  Yang Yang sat alone on the slide, when he saw Ruan Xi coming, he turned his face away, refusing to look at her.

  Ruan Xi had never treated him so harshly, and he felt that what happened today was not his fault, but Ruan Xi insisted on asking him to apologize, and he felt very wronged.

  No matter how strong a child is, he is still a child. He tried not to cry just now, but now he is crying secretly here alone.

  Seeing him tearful, Ruan Xi's heart softened.

   "Yangyang, come down and come to Mommy."

  Yangyang didn't look back, nor looked at her.

   "Mummy knows, you are definitely not making trouble for no reason. Come down and tell Mommy what's going on, okay?"

  Yangyang just got down from the slide, but refused to go to Ruan Xi, Ruan Xi was a little amused, the children were really stubborn, so she stepped forward and hugged Yang Yang, "Tell Mommy, why did you fight."

  Yangyang pouted, "Don't tell me, you help your classmates, you don't feel sorry for me, and you don't believe me."

  Ruan Xi was so angry that she laughed, "Where is Mommy helping your classmate?"

   "You asked me to apologize to him."

   "That's because you beat and cried your classmate. No matter what the reason is, you can't be violent easily. Such a boy is not a gentleman."

  Yang Yang snorted, "Then I don't want to be a gentleman anymore, who told him that Mommy is a vixen, a mistress, and that I'm an illegitimate child."

  After Ruan Xi heard this, her nerves tensed. It was because of these things. At this moment, she knew that it was not the child who should be blamed, but herself.

  Pei's office building, top floor, president's office.

  Pei Nanming took a cup of coffee and stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking the scenery outside.

  Behind him, Jiang Ren pointed his fingers at the laptop, while Tang Wenyi watched quietly from the side, occasionally chatting with Jiang Ren.

   After fifteen minutes, Jiang Ren tapped the enter key to end the lengthy ten-finger movement.

  Pei Nanming also turned around to look at them at this time, "How is it?"

  Jiang Ren frowned slightly, "I hacked into the opponent's defense system, but I couldn't find what we wanted."

  Tang Wenyi crossed his arms and said, "This is really interesting."

   "However, I found something very interesting."

   "Oh, what?" Tang Wenyi adjusted his glasses and asked.

   "A proposal."

After Jiang Ren deciphered the file password, he showed it to Tang Wenyi. After a while, Tang Wenyi smiled, "It turns out that the fire in the factory was planned by them a long time ago. Even without Ruan Dongyu, Bernie would have done the same thing. If you do, Shang Boyan will still take the opportunity to return to China."

   After hearing this, Pei Nanming came over and put down the coffee, "So, the Shang Group has coveted Pei for a long time, and this battle is inevitable."

  Tang Wenyi and Jiang Ren looked up at the same time, "Did you already know?"

   "Just a guess."

  Tang Wenyi and Jiang Ren glanced at each other and sighed at the same time, look, this is the boss, you can't do it without admiration.

   "Then, Shang Boyan's return to China this time is aimed at Mrs. Pei?"

  Jiang Ren frowned.

   "It's hard to say, maybe, maybe not." Pei Nanming still looked calm.

   "How do you say that?"

   Tang Wenyi was puzzled.

  Pei Nanming's gaze moved to the newspaper shelf in the office, Tang Wenyi and Jiang Ren followed his gaze, and from their perspective, they could see the large photo on the headline of the newspaper, which was the scene of Ruan Xi leaving the cinema with Yang Yang in his arms.

   "The reporter who was following has been abolished, and I have asked the people in the newspaper to process those photos, but they still came out." Pei Nanming said something that seemed irrelevant. Tang Wenyi and Jiang Ren fell silent at the same time.

   "You mean someone meddled in this matter?" Jiang Ren said.

   "But what's the point of meddling in this matter? What kind of influence can these gossip have?" Tang Wenyi wondered.

"It doesn't matter, but this matter that is only related to my private life has made the headlines. To Mrs. Pei, this is really nothing. But to Ruan Xi and my son, this is definitely a huge harm and trouble .”

  Tang Wenyi and Jiang Ren looked at each other.

   "We've seen all the photos in the camera. Except for the ones in the cinema that night, there were also photos of Ruan Xi taking Yang Yang and Shang Boyan's private meeting. As a result, the private meeting photos were not published."

   "Shang Boyan instructed someone to do it?"

"We put a lot of pressure on the newspaper, but they violated our intentions, which means that there is a stronger force behind it, and there is no other person who can compete with Pei, except for the Shang family. one."

   "Shang Boyan would not give up, so it would have been better if he hadn't divorced at the beginning."

   Tang Wenyi said.

   As a result, one sentence drew Pei Nanming's cold eyes, Tang Wenyi knew that he hit the point of the knife, raised his eyes, and shut up.

   "He is attacking from both sides in business and life. Now, you have to deal with it well."

"Hmph, if I was so easy to deal with, I wouldn't be Pei Nanming. They have two business headquarters, one in America and one in Europe, and now their focus of development is in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Then, we will destroy their business in Southeast Asia first." Our base starts from this military factory!"

  Jiang Ren and Tang Wenyi felt eager to try, and they hadn't been this excited for a long time.

   "You, Tang Wenyi, are in charge of Southeast Asia, and Jiang is in charge of the Middle East."

  The two nodded immediately.

   After assigning their respective jobs, Pei Nanming sat back at his desk and rubbed his forehead. Business matters are not difficult to deal with, and the focus is on Ruan Xi and Yang Yang.

At this moment, both Ruan Xi and Yang Yang are in danger. Ruan Dongyu has been disappearing since meeting Xu Chuyan last time, and for Xu Chuyan, divorce is not difficult, the point is how to prevent her from being the same as Qin Zhiran back then. Do something crazy.

   Actually, it was very easy to deal with Xu Chuyan, but this was before the limelight appeared. Now, under the pressure of the reports of the left-handed wife and the right-handed*, if anything happens to Xu Chuyan, it will not be good for him, Ruan Xi, or Pei.

  Although he is not in the political circle, his style does not need to be so strict, but the face of the Pei family cannot be ignored.

   Shang Boyan's move really hit the nail on the head. It was the first time in his life that Pei Nanming suffered such a big loss. However, this made him faintly excited.

   This is a real opponent, a battle between tigers and wolves, a collision of strengths.

  Shang Boyan sat by the bath and fished. He cast the hook for a long time before he remembered that he hadn’t put any bait.

  Can't help being funny, I really lost my mind.

   Lu Yi stood behind him, with a haggard face and dark circles under his eyes.

   "Shang Shao." Her legs trembled a little, and she was really tired after standing with her stomach up for so long.

   "Huh?" Shang Boyan turned his head, glanced at her, and responded with a gentle voice, looking like a loving couple, "Sit down when you're tired."

  Lu Yi sat on the side nervously, and now she didn't know Shang Boyan at all.

   "Shang Shao, I think, I want to resign."

Shang Boyan took the bait, threw the hook out again, and then turned to look at Lu Yi, "Why, isn't it good now? The salary I gave you is not high enough? Or are you dissatisfied with your current living conditions? Are you very happy?" She's going to be the young mistress of a merchant soon."

  Lu Yi was covered in cold sweat when she heard it. Pregnant women are most taboo to be worried, but she lives in fear every day.

  Did Chamboyant threaten her? No, did you abuse her? nor. Except for the last time in the hot spring villa, when he pinched her chin and said those words coldly, he has always been gentle and considerate to her.

  They slept in the same room, on the same bed, although Chamboyen never touched her.

During this period of time, he didn't even give her a cold look, but Lu Yi always suffered from insomnia all night. Every time he opened his eyes and saw Shang Boyan, he was so frightened that he wanted to scream, but dare not.

  She just couldn't figure it out, Shang Boyan already knew that her child was not his, so why did he keep her by his side and marry her in!

She couldn't understand what was going on in this man's heart at all, and because of this, she became terrified, always dreaming that Shang Boyan suddenly stabbed her with a knife, and said angrily and resentfully, "It's you, it's you, the woman who ruined her. My life! You ruined my happiness!"

   "Shang Shao, I know I have done wrong things before, please let me go!" She even thought about having an abortion, but Shang Boyan disagreed.

"What are you talking about?" Shang Boyan turned his head and looked at her pretending to be puzzled, "Did I torture you or something? Why did I not let you go? Lu Yi, you must have a conscience. After so many years Come on, you are by my side, when have I ever treated you badly?"

   Lu Yi was speechless, unable to say anything.

  At this time, the fishing line trembled, and Shang Boyan rolled his eyes, "Oh, I'm hooked!"

   "Shang Shao!" Shang Boyan put the fish into the basket, and someone spoke behind him.

   Shang Boyan put down his fishing rod and stood up, smiled at the speaker, "Hello."

   This is a man with a fat head and big ears wearing a suit. At first glance, he looks like a fat pig with clothes on. In a word, he is fat!

   "It's really an honor for Mr. Shang to come to our fishing base. Oh, this is..." He said and looked at Lu Yi.

  Lu Yi's complexion is very bad at the moment, he no longer has the white face and exquisite face of the past, and he refuses to say a word of unnecessary pleasantries.

   "This is my fiancee."

  The man immediately smiled like a flower, "Oh, it's the future Mrs. Shang, ah, the young lady's complexion is not very good, is there something uncomfortable?"

   Shang Bo grabbed Lu Yi's shoulders, "It's because I didn't have a good rest yesterday. Look, I really can't go to the dinner tonight. I'll ask someone to explain to your boss."

  The man looked embarrassed, "But our general manager has already..."

   Before the man finished speaking, Lu Yi felt a pain in his stomach, and then felt sticky under his body, "It hurts, Shao Shang, my stomach hurts..." Lu Yi's face turned pale.

  Shang Boyan lowered his head, took a look, fixed his gaze, turned to the man and said, "Call an ambulance."

  Seeing the situation, the man didn't dare to be hypocritical, so he hurried to help.

  In the hospital, Ruan Xi knocked on the door with a fruit basket, but no one responded, so she opened the door gently and entered.

  Arrived in the room, Ruan Xi froze for a moment, then said awkwardly, "I knocked on the door, but no one answered."


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