Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 198

The two elders of the Pei family were willing to accept Ruan Xi but didn't treat her very much. She had only seen Mrs. Pei and Pei Yan twice, and their attitudes were lukewarm, alienated and polite, as if they were treating outsiders!

   "You are very busy at work and I don't want to disturb you." Pei Nanming said.

  Xu Chuyan breathed a sigh of relief, and finally gave some face. If he said that I didn't come alone, then he would definitely tear his face on the spot.

   "It's okay, I'm busy, and I will spare time to accompany you. I'm your wife."

  Xu Chuyan lay on Pei Nanming's left shoulder with an intimate gesture.

  What else was Ruan Xi thinking about? For a moment, what she was thinking was, Nan Ming, push her away, push her away. But after being awakened by her own thoughts, she felt pain in her heart again, and sneered at herself, Ruan Xi, you are a trample!

Although Yang Yang is young, he somewhat understands the situation in front of him. Seeing Mummy's helpless eyes, he glared at Xu Chuyan viciously, then gouged out Pei Nanming's eyes, then put his arms around Ruan Xi's neck and said, " Mommy, I'm sleepy, let's go home, shall we?"

  Yangyang's words made Ruan Xi feel like being rescued, she got up with the child in her arms, she didn't even look at Pei Nanming and Xu Chuyan, turned around and left the studio.

  Pei Nanming didn't chase him out. At that moment, Ruan Xi felt desolate in his heart.

   What Pei Nanming said was false, right? She laughed at herself naively.

  How did Pei Nanming and her start? How did you treat yourself back then? Even if his attitude changes, how can he heal the scar and forget the pain? What to expect? !

  "Mummy" Shang Yang saw Ruan Xi cry.

  Ruan Xi choked up, "Yangyang, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's all Mommy's fault, it's all Mommy's fault, it's Mommy who hurt you..."

"Mommy." Shang Yang looked at Ruan Xi with beautiful eyes, and then the host asked her neck, "When Mommy is happy, Yang Yang is happy. No matter what Mommy chooses, Yang Yang has no opinion, whether it is his biological father or not." It's important, what's important is that Yang Yang's father must know how to cherish Mommy."

  After listening to Yang Yang's words, Ruan Xi was shocked. It turns out that this kid knows everything!

  She suddenly hugged Shang Yang and cried, she would rather Yang Yang cry and make a fuss, rather he would ask her why she is so shameless, why she is a mistress, why...

   She really would rather he confronted her! Yangyang, her Yangyang is not yet ten years old, why is she so sensible? !

   Someone pressed the shutter on the back of Ruan Xi holding Yang Yang and leaving, and then, looking at the camera in his hand, he smiled happily.

   "If this is sold, what a huge income it will be."

  The middle-aged man packed his camera, hummed a song and left.

   Behind the man, two big men started a conversation.

   "Tell me, what is President Pei thinking?"

"have no idea."

   "Why are we asked to pay attention to the trend of teenage girls, but we are not allowed to do anything?"

"have no idea."

"what do you know?"

"I do not know anything."

   "Hey..." The nonsensical conversation between the two men ended like this.

  Ruan Xi came to the farmhouse restaurant again, this time, she was extra careful, and found that no one was staring at her before entering.

  Jiang Yi was still washing the dishes, because she was struggling to do anything because of her big belly.

   "Jiang Yi."

  Ruan Xi frowned, snatched the plate from her hand, and put it aside, "Your baby is about to be born, yet you're still working!"

  Jiang Yi smiled, "It's okay, you see, if I exercise, the child will be healthier."

  Jiang Yi has changed a lot compared to before. This change is not only in appearance, but also in temperament.

Ruan Xi sighed, "I won't stop you from doing something, at least wait until the child is born. If something goes wrong now, both you and the child will be in danger. Jiang Yi, listen to me, okay? Change to another place, wait until the child is born, if it’s about money, I can help you, of course, I lent it to you, and I’ll pay it back when you’re ready.”

  Jiang Yi hesitated for a long time and finally nodded.

  Ruan Xi breathed a sigh of relief, Jiang Yi is stronger than her, she knows this too well.

  She re-rented a house with much better conditions for Jiang Yi, and then bought a lot of ingredients. Prepare lunch.

  At the dinner table, Jiang Yi ate very little. It could be seen that she had endured a lot of hardships. Her hands had many calluses, and her feet were also swollen due to pregnancy.

  Even though she helped Jiang Yi in this way, Ruan Xi still felt uneasy, but she always came here anyway, so that Pei Nanming would notice.

   "How about I help you find a nanny. I don't worry about you being alone."

  Jiang Yi shook her head, "It's okay, I'm fine now. If I'm going to give birth, I'll call an ambulance myself."

   "Jiang Yi." Ruan Xi frowned disapprovingly.

   "It's okay, don't worry."

   "Then, you plan to just hide from Gu Yinlin for the rest of your life? After all, he is the father of the child."

Jiang Yi lowered her head and fiddled with the rice in the bowl unconsciously, "Ruan Xi, I thought you would understand. He is the father of the child, even the man I love." She smiled a little sadly, "But, his family background , the people around him, the circle of his life, are incompatible with me, and he has never respected my wishes. No matter how deep the relationship is, it cannot withstand the slaughter of reality. Now, I just hate a person and want to Someone is with me, and the child will never leave me."

   Speaking of this, Jiang Yi smiled happily.

  Ruan Xi bit her lip, Jiang Yi said, how could she not understand, she also survived like this back then, she also had these thoughts.

   "Jiang Yi, I understand. But when the child is born, you will understand that the child needs more than just the mother."

  Jiang Yi firmly held the chopsticks, and said for a moment, "Let's eat."

Knowing that she didn't want to mention it any more, Ruan Xi didn't say any more. After the meal, Ruan Xi packed up the housework for her and gave her many instructions before leaving. But she never expected that a domineering car would be parked just as soon as she got downstairs. before. The car window was rolled down, and Gu Yinlin's face was slowly revealed.

  Ruan Xi felt cold hands and feet, why did Gu Yinlin find here? What would Jiang Yi think? !

  She waited desperately for the gentle and refined man in front of her, "Why are you here? You didn't come here specially to pick me up, did you?"

  Gu Yinlin got off the car and smiled, "Of course not."

   "Then, goodbye." Ruan Xi's face was stiff, and she wanted to laugh, but she couldn't.

   "Which room is she in?"

   Gu Yinlin asked suddenly.

   "I don't understand what Mr. Gu said." Ruan Xi finally managed to pull a smile.

Gu Yinlin didn't care about her pretending to be stupid at all, "Miss Ruan, I know you are a person who cares about your friends, and this friendship is indeed admirable. But, has Miss Ruan ever thought that what you are doing now may be nothing at all?" Not helping your friend."

   "Mr. Gu can really joke. I really don't know what you are talking about."

  Gu Yinlin leaned on the car and looked up. The building is really tall. "If Ms. Ruan doesn't tell me, can I not find it? In this kind of place, you have to register when you enter and exit."

   "Whatever you want, I'm here to see my college classmates, if you want to find your 'her', please feel free, I really don't know."

   Ruan Xi left after speaking.

  Gu Yinlin took a step forward and blocked her way, "Miss Ruan, if you don't tell me, then I will look for it myself. Guess what will happen to her life if I find it out?"

  Ruan Xi was so angry that the veins on his forehead twitched violently, "Gu Yinlin, you are also a well-dressed man!"

  Gu Yinlin smiled instead of anger, "Does Miss Ruan know where Jiang Yi is?"

   "How do you know?" Ruan Xi narrowed her eyes, "Even if Jiang Yi wants me to misunderstand that I betrayed her, at least let me know how this scapegoat was carried on."

   Gu Yinlin shook his head and smiled, "Jiang Yi doesn't have many friends. Except for Xiaoli who left and Abei who died, there is only you who has been separated for many years. As long as I keep you, I will always wait for her, don't you think?"

  Ruan Xi laughed when she heard this. Jiang Yike had never contacted her before, but he waited on the sidelines. After all, a blind cat bumped into a dead mouse... This is also fate, isn't it, God, you are really good at playing tricks. Ruan Xi's heart was cold, thinking, Jiang Yi is going to give birth now, but there is no one to take care of her. No matter what, Gu Yinlin is the father of the child. If he is willing to take so much trouble to find Jiang Yi, he must have true feelings, maybe , Returning to Gu Yinlin's side is not a bad thing for Jiang Yi now.

  After thinking about it, she finally said, "11th Floor, Room 601."

   After finishing speaking, she left immediately. She didn't have the courage to face Jiang Yi's expression after she knew that she had attracted Gu Yinlin, so she could only leave.

In fact, what Gu Yinlin didn’t say was that Pei Nanming told him about Jiang Yi’s whereabouts. When he felt the restaurant, the boss told him that the person had just moved out, and it happened that the taxi Jiang Yi and Ruan Xi made just started, so he followed carefully. .

  It was just that when he passed the last red light, he was two seconds late, and another car came out of the side road, which made him unable to even run through the red light. In his despair, he almost smashed the steering wheel.


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