Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 196

In fact, he has been very busy recently. Tomorrow night's air ticket, he will fly to France to deal with some things. He should have stayed in the company to work overtime, but he still chose to come back. On the one hand, he wanted to be with her and Shang Yang, and on the other hand I don't know if she will confess to herself.

   "What's the matter? Tell me, I'm listening."

  The words reached the tip of her tongue, but Ruan Xi couldn't say anything, and finally she lay on his chest and muffled, "I think, after dinner, let's go to the movies together."

  Pei Nanming's heart sank all of a sudden, and sure enough, he still refused to confess, "Okay, what do you want to see?"

   "It's good to watch everything with you." It would be a surprise to Pei Nanming to suddenly become so clingy, but now, he only feels a dull pain in his heart.

  They didn't go to those luxury restaurants, but went to a small restaurant hidden in the old town of e city.

  The old town is rather dilapidated, but it is very lively. There are no men and women rushing out of high-rise buildings, no traffic jams, and no dazzling neon lights. When you arrive here, the facilities are backward, but the pace of life has become much slower.

  Of course, this kind of slowness does not mean leisurely. Here, there are often more poor citizens. They live in houses of more than ten square meters.

   But also because of these, their lives are flat and stable. In Ruan Xi's view, it is also a kind of happiness to worry about daily necessities. She is envious.

   This reminded her of the days when she was raising her child. Although it was hard, she lived peacefully, at least her heart was peaceful. Of course, this kind of hard life is also very cruel. She often cannot make ends meet, and is often pressed for rent by the landlord. In the hardest time, she has no rice to cook. Without Shang Boyan's help, she might starve to death on the street with Yang Yang.

  At that time, why didn't Pei Nanming find them? Because Shang Boyan used the power of his family to completely erase the traces of Ruan Xi and the others. He hid in the small town alone with his children and lived quietly. No matter how powerful you are, it is not easy to find them. What's more, there is another huge force obstructing it?

   "Why would you think of coming here to eat?" Ruan Xi thought that Pei Nanming would choose those high-end places.

   "This is a farmhouse restaurant with excellent craftsmanship and a good reputation."

  Pei Nanming parked the car outside the alley, hugged Shang Yanghe and smiled at Ruan Xi, "Let's go."

  At night, this generation is very lively. Many young men and women go out for a walk holding hands, and some grandpas lead their wives out for a walk.

   It's past six o'clock, it's not completely dark yet, and when it's neither hot nor cold, it's a good time to go out for activities.

  As Pei Nanming said, the reputation of this restaurant is indeed good, and the business is very good. The lobby on the first floor is already full of people.

  When the proprietress saw Pei Nanming and the others coming, she immediately greeted them upstairs with a warm and generous attitude, not at all like those five-star hotel waiters who smiled politely but made people feel cold and alienated.

  Eating here makes people feel casual and comfortable.

  The upstairs is full of small private rooms, and Pei Nanming deliberately chose a private room near the window.

  Places like this usually have poor sanitation, but this restaurant is kept clean and tidy.

  Before the food was served, Ruan Xi got up, "I'm going to the bathroom, do you want Yang Yang to go?"

   "No." Shang Yang shook his head immediately, giggling at Ruan Xi.

  Ruan Xidao, "Well, you follow Uncle Pei well and be obedient, huh?"

  Shang Yang blinked, "Mummy, I have always been very obedient."

  Ruan Xi just went out, and as soon as the door of the private room was closed, Shang Yang immediately turned his head and asked, "Uncle Pei, do you like my mommy?"

   When asked suddenly, Pei Nanming froze, touched Shang Yang's head, and said with a smile, "Why do you ask that?"

   "Because, every time you look at my mommy, your eyes are heavy, but I can tell that there is a small flame inside."

  Pei Nanming is funny, is it so obvious?

   "Then if uncle marries your mommy as his wife, would you be willing?" Pei Nanming himself was a little surprised when he asked this. Shang Yang was still a child, so it seemed a little inappropriate to ask.

  Unexpectedly, Shang Yang seemed like a little adult, "Well, it doesn't matter whether I like it or not. The important thing is that Mommy feels happy. But Uncle Pei, you have a wife."

   "Then if Uncle Pei doesn't have a wife, would Yang Yang be willing?" Pei Nanming asked again.

Shang Yang wrung his fingers and asked for his lips, contradicting, "I like Uncle Pei, but I also love my daddy..." Little brows frowned, "Daddy still seems to like Mommy very much, because I am in the eyes of daddy. I also saw flames."

  When Shang Boyan was mentioned, Pei Nanming was naturally upset. Yangyang was his son, but he was called Shang Boyan's father. He was divorced, but Yangyang still didn't change his mind.

  Everyone doesn't say it, because they are afraid that Yangyang will be hurt, but if Yangyang continues to misunderstand like this, won't the harm be even greater in the future? To say or not to say? He himself felt conflicted.

   "If Uncle Pei is Yang Yang's father, would Yang Yang be happy?"

  Pei Nanming asked tactfully.

  Shang Yang bit his finger and looked at the sky, "If Uncle Pei is my daddy, then I have two daddies?"

  Pei Nanming's black line, this kid is very greedy, and he won't let go of both daddies, it's bothering him to death.

  The restrooms in this place are located in the small courtyard at the back. Ruan Xi asked the waiter to find them. After she came out to wash her hands, she found a very familiar figure from behind.

   It's just that this figure is more bloated than the person she is familiar with, and he walks staggeringly.

  The man was carrying a small red bucket in one hand and propped up his waist with the other, looking very hard. Ruan Xi blinked, suspecting that she was wrong, hesitated a little, and followed.

  The woman entered the kitchen, where there was a large pile of dishes waiting to be cleaned.

  Ruan Xi watched quietly, and couldn't help tightening her fingers.

  The woman found someone behind her, turned her head in panic, and faced Ruan Xi face to face.

  Although she had already guessed who it might be, Ruan Xi couldn't help being surprised when she was sure.

   "Jiang Yi, you, why didn't you leave?!"

  Jiang Yi was also very surprised by Ruan Xi's appearance. Ruan Xi's appearance meant that Pei Nanming might come, and they were all from the rich circle.

  She knew that Gu Yinlin might be here soon.

  But she has no reason to blame Ruan Xi, this is fate and destiny.

"I want to leave too." Jiang Yi smiled wryly, "but I was unlucky. I was caught by a thief after I arrived at the airport. You know, I went there secretly. I can't report this matter to the police, otherwise, Gu Yinlin will definitely know about it. Later, I I thought, why don't I just use my tricks and let him think that I have gone abroad. The most dangerous place is the most complete place. What the old ancestor said is right. I have been hiding here. People like Gu Yinlin will never run away here without incident. place, so I have safely hid until now."

  Ruan Xi looked at Jiang Yi's current appearance, then looked at the dishes and bowls in the cleaning pool, "Do you live by doing these things?"

   "Yeah, the owner of this place is very nice. Because of my pregnancy, many places refused to take me. It's because they kindly kept me. Otherwise, I would probably end up living on the streets."

  Ruan Xi has also experienced this kind of life, so she understands it, her eyes are slightly sore, she sniffs her nose, and said, "Isn't it far from the due date?"

   "Well, three more weeks."

"Don't do it again, rest assured to raise the baby, and leave the other things to me. Nan Ming is here today, I can't stay here any longer. If he knows that you are here, then Gu Yinlin will probably know soon. Tomorrow I'm looking for an opportunity to come out to meet you and help you change places again."

  Jiang Yi bit her lip and said for a while, "No, I'm fine now, and I've already saved enough money to have a baby. Thank you."

   Still so strong, Ruan Xi was so angry that she wanted to stomp her feet, "This matter cannot be done by you, you have to think about the child, I will not tell Nan Ming."

   Ruan Xi turned and left after speaking.

  Back to the private room, the dishes have been served, Pei Nanming and Shang Yang have already changed the topic, one big and one small, having fun.

  Shang Yang kept chattering with his small mouth, Pei Nanming listened with a smile on his face, and occasionally told one or two not-so-funny jokes, but Shang Yang laughed very cooperatively.

  When Ruan Xi came back, she kept thinking about Jiang Yi, but she stopped thinking as soon as she entered the door, for fear that Pei Nanming would see any clues.

  Actually, she also knows that the relationship between Pei Nanming and Gu Yinlin is not that kind of very close friends, but she still has to be on guard.

   "I almost thought you were kidnapped, and I just planned to take Yangyang to rescue you."

  Pei Nanming smiled.

  Ruan Xi knew that he thought he was coming back late, but it was indeed a long time since he went to the bathroom. He smiled apologetically, "My stomach feels a little uncomfortable, so it took a long time."

   "Is it better?" Pei Nanming asked softly.

  Ruan Xi lowered her head to cover up, for fear that her lying would be seen through, "Well, it's okay, let's eat quickly, we have to go to the movies later."


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