Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 195

"I'm thinking, our biggest opponent finally can't sit still."

  Tang Wenyi and Jiang Renren's expressions immediately became serious when they heard this, "You mean the Shang family?"

  Pei Nanming nodded.

Tang Wenyi and Jiang Ren glanced at each other. The Shang family is different from other families. The Shang family itself is an old-fashioned family that uses black to raise white. It will naturally be difficult to deal with. More importantly, the Shang family created by the Shang family has power all over the world. Everywhere, no matter how strong the Pei family is, they are not strong enough to face a powerful family like the Shang family head-on.

   "What are you going to do?" Tang Wenyi and Jiang Ren said in unison.

  Pei Nanming smiled, "I can't hide what should come. There's no way to do this. Let's wait and see what happens. Now, I'm not worried about what will happen in the mall."

  Shang Boyan's feelings for Ruan Xi, they also saw in their eyes, a man willing to guard a woman for five years, it shows that he really loves miserably.

  The only thing they can't figure out now is that since Shang Boyan loves Ruan Xi so much, he still wanted to let go of the divorce so easily.

  If the purpose of Shang Boyan's return this time is really Ruan Xi, then his actions are too unreasonable.

  On Sunday, Ruan Xi picked up Shang Yang and came out, hesitating for a long time whether to call Shang Boyan, but finally he couldn't make up his mind.

  Shang Yang looked up at her and asked, "Mum, did you encounter any embarrassment?"

  Ruan Xi knelt down and asked, "Yangyang, do you want to see your daddy?" Shang Yang was stunned for a moment, his head drooping, frustrated and sad, "He said he didn't want us anymore, I don't want to see him!"

  Ruan Xi hugged Shang Yang lightly, "But, your father said he wants to meet you."

  Shang Yang hugged Ruan Xi tightly, endured for a long time and said, "I'm sorry Mommy, I miss Daddy..." Tears flowed down his face.

Being able to see Shang Boyan, Shang Yang was very excited all the way, but when he reached the entrance of the Children's Palace and saw Shang Boyan's tall and straight figure, he stopped hesitantly, stood far away, and stared at Shang Boyan. delay.

  Ruan Xi knew that the child was very hurt. When they divorced, he put his arms around Shang Boyan's neck and refused to let him go, but Shang Boyan still left.

   Also said a lot of things to the child that hurt the child.

  However, Shang Yang grew up beside Shang Boyan.

  Shang Boyan is the father that Shang Yang has always been proud of, and he is always waiting for his father as soon as we part.

  Since the divorce, Shang Yang never took the initiative to mention Shang Boyan, but Ruan Xi knew that he missed him, and saw Shang Yang secretly wipe tears with the old group photos several times.

   But, she can't do anything.

  Shang Boyan also saw them, and seeing them walking towards him, he felt a little dazed. There had been countless times like this, but now he felt like he had fallen into a dream.

  They used to be his wife and son, but now they are strangers.

Some family relationships do not require blood relationship, just like Shang Boyan and Shang Yang, he likes Yang Yang, and once put Yang Yang on the tip of his heart, he insisted on having a child belonging to them with Ruan Xi, the purpose It's just that I want to have more fetters with them.

  Otherwise, he always feels that they will fly away at any time, and he will be unable to catch them, and men will also feel uneasy. It is true that he is strong, but the stronger a person is, the more delicate the nerves in his heart are.

   Shang Boyan is such a person, but he can't show it. If he is uneasy, how can he make their mother and child stable?

However, in the end, the thing that made him uneasy became a reality. They divorced and their end was at an end. Lu Yi's tricks in front of his father and aunt made him embark on the road he had to go. Reluctantly, now he feels that there is nothing wrong with this road.

  Because he knew that Pei Nanming had been hiding certain forces. If he wants to do certain things, the power handed down by the old man becomes indispensable.

  He never felt that there was anything to be thankful about being the son of an old merchant, but now he felt a little grateful in spite of his anger.

   That's it, he thought, seeing the figures of one big and one small, he decided to fight for it again, really fight for it, instead of waiting for fate to come.

  Six years, let him understand that some fate cannot be obtained by waiting alone, and he must take the initiative to fight for it. Anyway, it will take some time to deal with the matter here.

   Today, Shang Boyan is dressed in casual clothes, without the black windbreaker and sunglasses as a foil. He seems to have become the leader of the Shang Group again, rather than the leader of a dark organization.

  The strong contrast made Ruan Xi feel that the previous two encounters were all illusions.

  But she knew that it was not an illusion, because if it was an illusion, neither he nor she would appear here.

  Shang Boyan saw them smiling, his eyes swept over Ruan Xi's face, and finally fell on Shang Yang. Shang Yang was still so beautiful and lovely, but at this moment, he hesitated standing in front of him.

  Shang Boyan bent down and opened his arms to Shang Yang.

  Shang Yang turned his head and glanced at Ruan Xi, seeing Ruan Xi nodding, he rushed over excitedly, hugging Shang Boyan tightly, "Daddy!"

This aggrieved and excited address made Shang Boyan feel his heart ache. Sometimes he would dream that Shang Yang was tearful on the day of divorce but still refused to shed tears. He looked pitifully like a puppy abandoned by him. After following up, he stood still for fear of getting hurt.

Now, he doesn't even know how he did it. He was able to sign his name on the divorce agreement, and he was able to say in front of their mother and son, "In the future, the bridge will return to the bridge, and the road will return to the road, so everyone can get together and get separated." talk.

   "I'm sorry, Yangyang." Shang Boyan hugged Shang Yang, but his deep sorry words made Shang Yang cry in his shoulder.

  In Shang Yang's consciousness, boys are not allowed to cry. When he cried, he felt that he was worthless, so he was too embarrassed to raise his face again.

Shang Boyan understood and didn't force him. He carried Yang Yang and Ruan Xi into the Children's Palace together. None of them noticed that someone among the bustling pedestrians pressed the shutter on them. The scene of them walking side by side was just captured The camera freezes.

  After Xu Chuyan took the envelope, she pushed the brown paper bag to the man opposite, "Continue to follow her."

   "Don't worry, Miss Xu." The man quickly picked up the paper bag and left.

  Xu Chuyan's mood became very good, and this good mood lasted until another man sat down in front of her.

   "It is said that Miss Xu came in in a bad mood, but I think Miss Xu is very happy." Ruan Dongyu asked the waiter for a cup of coffee and said with a smile.

  Xu Chuyan stared at Ruan Dongyu, "Why did you come?"

   "Would you believe me if I said it was a coincidence?"

   "Of course not."

   "You can't help it if you don't believe it, it's just a coincidence."

  Xu Chuyan wondered if he had seen everything just now. Thinking of this possibility, Xu Chuyan's good mood became gloomy, "What do you want from me?"

   "Ms. Xu must have something to do to find you? I thought that if we cooperated once, even if we are not friends, we should still be partners."

  She and Ruan Dongyu haven't seen each other for a while, and now Ruan Dongyu is much more haggard than when they met last time, and his complexion is not very good, a little pale.

   That's right, the young master of the Ruan family, one of the mighty five tyrants, suddenly became useless, and he would become what he is now, which is nothing more than normal.

  Xu Chuyan feels that she is aloof now, looking at Ruan Dongyu is similar to looking at a lost dog.

   Who is Ruan Dongyu? It was a fox, he could tell at a glance if Xu Chuyan was careful, but he didn't care, the Ruan family didn't care when he decided to leave.

   However, Ruan Hetian was detained and his mother was taken away to assist in the investigation. He was somewhat worried. No matter how cold the relationship was, they were still blood relatives. They were the ones who gave birth to him.

  He didn't want to rebuild the Pei family or anything, at least he hoped that his parents would be safe, even if he spent the rest of his life in prison.

   These days, in order to visit the prison, he has been running a lot, but when the tree fell and the monkeys scattered, after the incident happened to the Ruan family, those who had been obediently by Ruan Hetian's side all avoided them.

  The world is hot and cold, and he already understood many truths, but when he actually experienced it, he still felt that people's hearts were unpredictable. The shareholders who had vowed to live and die with the Ruan family all went away wisely at this moment.

"Partner? What did I get from the last cooperation? Apart from a small achievement in my career, my whole family was ruined. Ruan Xi and my husband are not talking about sex, and even divorced Shang Boyan , and now she came here again to be a mistress, destroying my marriage with Nan Ming. If I hadn't listened to your suggestion, it wouldn't be what it is today! Don't say we are partners or something, I can't tell the difference, you Who are you helping!"

  Speaking of that incident, Ruan Dongyu was also quite surprised that Shang Boyan divorced so easily. According to his expectation, things shouldn't be like this, at least it won't end so simply.

  Ruan Xi is Shang Boyan's wife, but she has an affair with Pei Nanming, which is unbearable for any man, let alone the future successor of the dignified Shang family.

  But the consequences were unexpected, and he didn't know whether it was Shang Boyan's wimp or other reasons.

   "You nodded and agreed to that matter yourself. Doing anything is just doing your best. Who can guarantee 100% to achieve the expected effect?"


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