Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 193

Zhang Tong was silent for a long time after listening to Ruan Xi's speech.

   Finally said, "Actually, Ruan Xi, do you love Pei Nanming in your heart?"

  Ran Xi felt a little flustered when the question was asked in one sentence. She didn't know how to answer, so she could only suffocate into the bottom of the water again.

"Ruan Xi, you can no longer be an ostrich. You are dependent on Shang Boyan and feel guilty, but you love and hate Pei Nanming. Although love is not equal to life, people like Pei Nanming will not let go easily , six or seven years have passed, and he can still be the same as before. As for you, you have been with Shang Boyan for so long, but you still haven't fallen in love with him, that is to say, it is impossible for you to fall in love with a man other than Pei*. You Unlike me, don't run away anymore..."

  Ruan Xi remained silent, obviously to accompany Zhang Tong to relax, but in the end it was Zhang Tong who turned to explain himself. She feels like a failure.

  The two of them climbed out slowly after soaking for an hour. After putting on their robes, they found a man standing three meters away, wearing a black uniform and a straight figure. Seeing them coming up, they nodded slightly as a greeting, and then walked over.

  Ruan Xi and Zhang Tong are a little nervous, won't they encounter Jie Se, right?

The man bowed slightly and said, "Miss, please don't be nervous. I was sent by the young master. The young master wants to have a private talk with Miss Ruan, so please ask Miss Zhang to go back first. After the talk, we will send Miss Ruan back safely. "

   Zhang Tong pursed his lips, "Who is your young master? Shang Boyan?"

  The man is still smiling, but his eyes are no longer looking at Zhang Tong, but directly at Ruan Xi.

  Ruan Xi thought for a while, then turned to Zhang Tong and said, "Tong Tong, I'm sorry, you go back first, I will call you when I get back."

   Zhang Tong knew that it would be useless to stop him, so he nodded, "Be careful."

   On the top floor of the hot spring club, the windows are bright and clean. Shang Boyan is leaning in the leather chair with his back to the door. From Ruan Xi's perspective, only the back of his head can be seen.

   It's only been a few months, and it's the end of the road when we meet again. She wanted to say something first, but in the end she didn't say anything.

   "How are you doing?" Shang Boyan suddenly turned to face her, smiling.

  Ruan Xi nodded, "It's okay."

  Shang Boyan also nodded, "It's okay. But I'm not doing well at all." He still smiled, without a trace of anger, but she found that his smile didn't reach her eyes at all.

  Shang Boyan now is very different from before, which makes her feel strange.

  Before, Shang Boyan would never show his oppressive force in front of her, but now, she finds it difficult to breathe.

   "It will get better." Ruan Xi lowered her head slightly and said jerky.

   "Hehe, do you have confidence in me, or in yourself, and say so firmly. Do you know me well?"

  Ruan Xi froze.

  Chamboyen would never have said such harsh words.

  Looking at Ruan Xi's tongue-tied mouth, Shang Boyan's smile widened a bit, but it still couldn't reach his eyes.

   It took a while for Ruan Xi to say, "I don't know."

   Shang Boyan shook his head slightly, smiling a little coldly.

   "I think so too, you know what I do now, even I despise myself, but I still do it."

  Ruan Xi was startled, and suddenly looked at Shang Boyan, his eyes full of shock.

Shang Boyan stood up, "I have never been a man who likes to pester you endlessly. I waited for your love for six years, but in the end, I still couldn't wait. According to my usual temperament, I decided to let go and never I won't interfere again, but this time, a few months after our divorce, I couldn't sleep at night." The self-mockery became more and more serious, standing in front of Ruan Xi, reaching out to twist a lock of Ruan Xi's hair, "I have been Think, what is the difference between me and Pei Nanming? Am I not good enough? No, I have always been good. I have always been very confident in this. Then, why did I lose to him when I was with you? It doesn't matter, but why is it here with you? He obviously hurt you so hard. Doesn't it mean that the more who hurts you, the deeper your memory and the deeper your love? "

  He was talking to himself, but Ruan Xi felt cold all over.

Involuntarily took a step back, but was grabbed by Shang Boyan, "Don't worry, I'm not that boring, I will learn his style, and do excessive things to you. I will come back, not because of you." Speaking of this, he let go open her.

Turning around and walking towards the floor-to-ceiling windows, I stood still at the window, "I came back because I have important things to deal with. I didn't expect to see you again, but unexpectedly, I met you by such a coincidence. Maybe this is the legendary fate? So , let them invite you over to catch up on the past."

   At this time, Shang Boyan's tone seemed to be chatting with an old friend.

   Such a change made Ruan Xi a little bit digested*, but the awkwardness at first was much better, and since he had no other intentions, she didn't want to be sentimental.

   "I thought we had nothing to talk about." Ruan Xi would never forget Shang Boyan's indifference after he signed the divorce agreement. Even though he knew he did it on purpose, his heart really hurt.

   "Sit down." Shang Boyan leaned against the window and didn't answer her words.

  Ruan Xi sat down, Shang Boyan just looked at her with arms crossed, neither of them spoke anymore.

   After a long time, Shang Boyan suddenly asked, "At the beginning, when you said you were divorced, was it largely because of the pregnancy test certificate Lu Yi gave you?"

  Ruan Xi's face changed slightly, she never mentioned this matter to him, because she didn't want Shang Boyan to have a rift with Lu Yi because of this matter.

  Speaking of it, it’s not because of her generosity and kindness, she’s not such a saint, she will hold back and not say it because she understands how hard it is for a woman to raise a child, she hates Lu Yi, but the child is innocent. She always thought that the certificate was true, so she didn't want to have a second child like her Yang Yang, without her biological father by her side.

   What's more, that child belongs to Shang Boyan.

  She was also angry and sad, and she wanted to rush to question Shang Boyan, but she couldn't, she was not qualified. What she has done, only she knows. If she and Pei Nanming are not having a relationship, then she will really ask.

  This is to be a thief with a guilty conscience and feel ashamed, right?

   "No matter how big it is, it doesn't matter anymore," Ruan Xi said calmly.

   Shang Boyan nodded, "That's right."

   "Ruan Xi, give me a reason to completely give up. Otherwise, I will become the kind of man I completely despise. I don't want to pester you endlessly, but maybe I won't be able to control myself." He smiled wryly.

   "During these days, I have slept with many women beside me, but none of them can make me feel at ease, and none of them can make me feel happy after I wake up." Shang Boyan's tone was still light.

  He seemed to have exhausted all his tenderness and patience. At this moment, when he said these words, his tone was surprisingly cold.

  Ruan Xi was a little at a loss by Shang Boyan's words, the reason that made him give up completely, how did she know what to do to make him give up completely?

Seeing Ruan Xi's silence, Shang Boyan sighed, "Forget it, I know my request is too difficult. Do you have time tomorrow? If you have time, let's have a meal with Yang Yang. Of course, you You can refuse, I just want to see the child."

  Ruan Xi pursed her lips and finally nodded, "Okay, but it probably won't work tomorrow. I will contact you when it is convenient. By the way, your number..."

   "It hasn't changed."

  Shang Boyan saw the surprise in Ruan Xi's eyes and said, "You never thought of contacting me, even when you needed help the most."

  He knows what happened to her, but he won't let her know that he cares.

   "Don't be surprised, don't feel embarrassed, I don't mean anything else. I'll send you back."

   After speaking, he made a call, and two minutes later someone came up and sent Ruan Xi away.

  Shang Boyan stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows and watched Ruan Xi leave. After a while, someone knocked on the door, and it was Lu Yi who came in.

  Lu Yi stood in front of him with her stomach upright. The usually capable woman became coquettish at this moment, and her figure became bloated due to pregnancy.

  In front of Shang Boyan, Lu Yi is no longer as bold as before, but somewhat submissive, and the gaze he looks at Shang Boyan is no longer pure admiration, but also mixed with these fears that are about to come out. As if Chamboy was a horrible satan.

   "What are you doing standing at the door, come here." Shang Boyan's cold voice sounded, and Lu Yi shivered slightly.

   "You seem to be very afraid of me. Could it be that I can eat people?" She smiled, but it was cold.


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