Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 192

"I will treat you well in the future. Whether it is the past injury or the injury caused to you by the previous generation, I will make up for it, okay? Don't be stubborn anymore, and don't refuse my approach anymore, huh?"

  He kissed the back of her neck delicately, and nimbly teased her sensitive body with his fingers. In just a moment, it was a burning fire...

  International Airport.

  A slender man, wearing a black windbreaker, set off a perfectly proportioned figure.

  The man walked and listened to the phone, and said little during the period. The four men in black uniforms behind him held briefcases, laptops and other things to salute, and followed step by step.

  When the man walked, he didn't look sideways. At the international airport with so many passengers, he attracted most people's attention as soon as he appeared. And he didn't seem to notice it.

  After listening to the call, the group had already left the airport, and the special vehicle had been waiting for a long time.

  After the bodyguard beside him opened the car door, the man got into the car without saying a word. Others got into the car behind.

  The car left, and many people staring at it were still unable to recover.

  The two little girls who were waiting to pick up the plane stared straight at him, and said in a low voice, "What a handsome man."

   "It looks like a mafia leader!"

  When Ruan Xi is free, she still draws design drawings. It's just that she will never send those designs to that mailbox again. Instead, let them lie quietly in the corner of the drawer, living alone.

  In the afternoon, Zhang Tong called to ask her to go shopping. After thinking about it, she had nothing else to do anyway, and now Pei Nanming didn't restrict her freedom of going in and out, so she agreed.

As soon as the two met, they were still as intimate and frolicking as ever. Even so, Ruan Xi was sensitive enough to sense that Zhang Tong had something on his mind, so she asked, "What's wrong with you? Tell me what's on your mind, don't be bored. "

  The two were sitting in the coffee shop, the soothing music and whispering voices made everything around them beautiful.

  But Zhang Tong really didn't want to appreciate it. Hearing Ruan Xi's question, she no longer forced a smile, frowned, bit her lip and said for a while, "Ruan Xi, I'm pregnant."

It took a while for her to realize the meaning of Zhang Tong's words, and then smiled, "It's a good thing, get married when you're pregnant." Seeing Zhang Tong's crying face, Ruan Xi frowned, "Could it be that Tang Wenyi Is the kid responsible for eating?!"

   Zhang Tong was taken aback by her suddenly raised voice, and quickly held her down, "Don't talk nonsense, that's not the case! It's my own problem. Tang Wenyi doesn't know about it yet."

Only then did Ruan Xi calm down, "What's wrong with you? Although I don't like Tang Wenyi, he is actually a good man. If he treats you wholeheartedly, then it is indeed a good idea for you to marry him." the best choice."

"Ruan Xi, I know I shouldn't think this way, but I have to think about it. Life is not a play. We have been with Tang Wenyi for so long. Although we love each other, he and I are still not from the same world. I What I want to live is a peaceful and stable life, and he can’t give me these. His world has been separated from mine from the very beginning. Even if he is willing to marry me and take care of me and my children, my family will not agree I marry him. And, Ruan Xi, I don't want to cause trouble to my family because of myself."

  Ruan Xi was confused.

  Seeing Ruan Xi's confused expression, Zhang Tong understood that Pei Nanming protected Ruan Xi very well, and Ruan Xi didn't know anything about what they were doing.

  Actually, it's not that Ruan Xi doesn't know anything about it. It's just that, in her imagination, people like Pei Nanming and the others will definitely eat black and white, but they will never be big shots on the road.

   "Anyway, I can't marry him."

   "So, child, what are you going to do? Will Tang Wenyi agree to break up?"

Zhang Tong bowed his head, "I am in pain because of these. I don't want to part with the child, and I don't want to part with him, but... I have no choice. If I continue to stay by his side and continue to love, I am afraid that I will lose myself, and I will never love him again." I can’t live without him. Loving him is beautiful, but it’s also very tiring. I’m afraid that I’ll never see her again when I open my eyes. Ruan Xi, I’m just an ordinary and cowardly woman, not as brave as you. What I want Yes, it's just an ordinary and stable life. And these, he can't give me."

  Ruan Xi was slightly dumbfounded, "Why can't he give it to you? Apart from his higher salary, there is nothing extraordinary about him. After listening for a long time, I always feel like you are saying Tang Wenyi is a monster."

   Zhang Tong smiled, "He is a monster, forget about these unhappy things, let's go to the hot spring."

  The most famous hot spring here is the open-air hot spring in the scenic area, and many people come here to soak in the hot spring.

  Because of the beautiful scenery and good location, it has become a leisure resort for people.

  However, they chose a good time slot, at least there is no crowded crowd during holidays.

  In the picture of going up the mountain, there are also large and small hot springs distributed. Flowers and plants are planted around each hot spring.

  When Zhang Tong and Ruan Xi arrived, it was already evening, the sun was shining brightly, but the air was a little chilly.

  Ruan Xi took a cup of cold drink, but ordered a cup of hot milk tea for Zhang Tong, saying that since she had a baby, she couldn't eat cold things.

  Zhang Tong touched his still flat stomach and sighed.

After receiving the sign, Ruan Xi went out with her bag on her back and Zhang Tong arm in arm. However, as soon as she went out, a low-key but expensive car stopped outside the door, and the man who got out of the car was dressed The windbreaker was wearing sunglasses, and a few men in uniform followed behind him. When they passed by Ruan Xi, they didn't even look sideways.

  It's like in the vast crowd, two people who don't know each other meet, rub shoulders, and forget each other.

  Ruan Xi bit her lip, resisting the urge to look back, it doesn't matter anymore. She told herself, and then showed Zhang Tong a smile uglier than crying.

   "Let's go up."

   Zhang Tong was also very surprised by Shang Boyan's sudden appearance, and, unexpectedly, they met here, so the fate is too deep.

  She knew that Ruan Xi was uncomfortable and embarrassed, so she nodded, "Let's go."

  No one mentioned the scene just now.

  Actually, the same is true for divorced men and women. When they meet again, even looking at them feels superfluous.

  Used to be the closest lover, but now can't compare to passers-by.

After entering the hot spring area, Zhang Tong took Ruan Xi to find a small pool that was relatively remote. It happened to be near the top of the mountain. There was a pool that could accommodate three or four people far away from the mountain road. This place was relatively remote and far away from other pools. , don't worry about meeting Ruan Xi's tracker, and don't worry about being disturbed.

  The two of them took off their bathrobes and entered the hot spring wrapped in towels.

  Ruan Xi became extremely silent, and once she entered the hot spring, she was bored in the pool, not looking up for a long time. Zhang Tong was really worried that she would drown herself in the hot spring.

   "Hey, no, Ruan Xi, when did you become such an ostrich."

  Zhang Tong asked in a raised voice on purpose.

  Ruan Xi came out of the water and said sullenly, "I've always been an ostrich. I thought he would never appear here again in this life, but I didn't expect him to come back."

   "Look at you, he pretends not to know you, and you just pretend not to know him. Anyway, he abandoned you first, why do you look guilty?"

   Zhang Tong was puzzled.

  Ruan Xi shook her head, and said in a low voice for a while, "If I told you that I betrayed my marriage with him first, what would you think?"

   Zhang Tong was blindfolded, "What do you mean, how could you betray your marriage first? He and Lu Yi have had a child for three months, and he was the one who dumped you first, and said so many excessive words to Yang Yang!"

Ruan Xi smiled wryly, "You don't understand, except for Lu Yi's pregnancy, other things are for my own good. And Lu Yi's pregnancy, if I'm right, is also for Lu Yi means, but I just believed it easily. No matter how I count or calculate, I owe him."

   "What and what." Zhang Tong was completely confused by what she said, and he didn't understand at all.

"At the beginning, he took care of me and Yangyang for four years without complaint or regret, but I didn't give him anything. After returning to China, when there was no crisis in our relationship, Pei Nanming and I That kind of relationship happened...whether you despise me or scold me, but it's true that you are in love with Pei Nanming." Ruan Xi smiled self-deprecatingly, "Later, I decided to break up with Pei Nanming completely, and make peace with him with peace of mind. Shang Boyan lived together, but before I could convey my determination, other accidents happened, and later, I found out that he had a relationship with Lu Yi in the office building. Finally, Lu Yi showed me the hospital's Pregnancy certificate... all aspects of pressure rolled together, I questioned and flinched, and couldn't go on. He was just fulfilling."

  Zhang Tong was already stunned by the truth from Ruan Xi's mouth, and said in a low voice, "The relationship between you and Pei Nanming... was he forcing you?"

   "It doesn't matter whether you are forced or not, what matters is the result. After five years, Shang Boyan and I got married again..."


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