Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 190

A man in a neat suit came out of the yard, stepped forward and grabbed her, "Where are you going?!"

   Pei Nanming frowned, his voice was cold.

  Hearing this voice, Ruan Xi froze, as if she couldn't believe it. The next moment, she suddenly turned around, hugged Pei Nanming's waist tightly, buried her head in it, and kept saying to herself, just be weak, just one moment.

  At this moment, she actually felt that this chest was so safe, as if as long as she leaned on it, no matter how heavy the wind and rain, it would not hurt herself.

  She thought it was an illusion, but she was willing to indulge.

  Pei Nanming heaved a sigh of relief, and hugged her tightly. The feeling of happiness that he lost and found made him tense, and he finally let go.

  Tang Wenyi found out that Ruan Xi was locked up in the villa by Ruan Dongyu, so he sent people to wander around the villa. Since Ruan Dongyu had a lot of people over there, they had to send as few people as possible.

   Moreover, no flaws can be revealed yet.

  So, this taxi driver is actually played by Pei Nanming.

  As for that Xiao Zhang, he was actually the person Pei Nanming had placed next to Ruan Dongyu. If Ruan Xi didn't want to find a way to get out, they could only expose Xiao Zhang and let Xiao Zhang get Ruan Xi out.

   Fortunately, the butler gave Xiao Zhang a chance, and Ruan Xi was able to live up to it.

   "Where's Yang Yang?" Ruan Xi suddenly raised her head and looked behind him, but she didn't see Shang Yang, and her nerves tensed up again after she relaxed.

   "He's fine, don't worry. Let's go in and talk."

  Ruan Xi couldn't rest assured, and held Pei Nanming tightly, "Is he still in Ruan Dongyu's hands, he..."

  Ruan Xi was so anxious that she couldn't continue, she just clasped Pei Nanming's wrist with her fingers, her finger bones were blue and white.

  Pei Nanming saw how distressed she was, held her with a warm and strong hand, and comforted her softly, "Don't worry, Yangyang will be fine with me."

  Ruan Xi bit her lip and nodded.

  Ruan Dongyu was so angry that he dropped his phone when he received a call from the housekeeper. When Bernie entered the door, he was very surprised to see him so annoyed.

  However, the news he brought to Ruan Dongyu quickly made Ruan Dongyu happy again.

  Ruan Xi escaped, and he can be caught again. There are many opportunities, but the opportunity to provoke the war between the Pei family and the Shang family is hard to come by.

  That afternoon, Bernie regretted going to the headquarters to make a report, and Ruan Dongyu went to the cemetery in Yihuichi before returning to Ruan's house.

  The family is in disrepair, and the building is about to collapse.

   Ruan Dongyu had no reaction to these.

   Turning around, she collapsed on the large sofa, and all the so-called elegant tutors rolled aside.

  Ruan Hetian came out of the study room, his hair was half gray in a matter of seconds.

   "Why didn't you use that child to blackmail Pei Nanming?" Ruan Dongyu asked straight to the point without raising his head.

   "Pei Nanming is not threatened." Ruan Hetian said concisely.

   "Is it because he is not threatened, or are you simply reluctant?" Ruan Dongyu suddenly got up and sat up straight, "If he is disobedient, you can send one of the child's fingers over. Do you think he is obedient?"

  Ruan Hetian frowned and looked at Ruan Dongyu, "Who taught you to be so ruthless?!"

Ruan Dongyu suddenly laughed loudly, sarcastically, "This is cruel?! Why don't you feel cruel when you let the people in the hospital do something to Gu Chi?! I want to cure him, but you secretly obstruct it. If it wasn't for me being sick too, and I ran to the hospital for a test, and happened to hear the dean talking to you on the phone, are you planning to hide it from me for the rest of your life?!"

  Ruan Hetian's complexion suddenly changed, "What nonsense are you talking about?! I am your father, how can you talk like this?!" Ruan Hetian jumped up and stared fiercely at Ruan Dongyu.

"Yes, you are my father, you are indeed my father, but in this life, besides giving me life and giving me these flashy clothes and food, what else have you given me?! I tried my best to save Gu Chi, but I just wanted to Redemption, but you have to put him to death? Even refused to give me a chance to repent! From the beginning to the end, what is wrong with him?!"

Ruan Hetian's anger also came up, business and personal matters were mixed together, and suddenly he found a breakthrough, "What's wrong with him? His fault is that he *my son, and I, Ruan Hetian, have no grandson. The fault is that you are absent-minded. , Even the company's affairs have become half-hearted! The fault is that he bewitched you and made you lose face of the Ruan family! You are my son, I can't do anything to you, but what does he, Gu Chi, have with my Ruan family? Why can’t I get rid of him! Let me tell you, he will die, and it’s all thanks to you. If you don’t become dishonest, if you honestly marry a wife and have children, none of these things will matter. Will appear!!!"

Ruan Dongyu was still arguing with Ruan Hetian with wide eyes at first, but now he smiled miserably after hearing his words, and said indifferently, "It turns out that this son of mine has such a role in your heart. In addition to maintaining the Ruan family's property and face, passing on the family line as a descendant Nothing but horses! And my attachment to Gu Chi is just because of some desire to control and destroy, but in your eyes, it has become such an unbearable relationship...Hmph, hum...I curse The Ruan family went bankrupt, with nothing left!"

   he cried viciously, this home suffocated him, made him resentful!

  Ruan Hetian was so angry that his face was livid, and he slapped Ruan Dongyu staggeringly.

  Ruan Dongyu stood firm, "Even if I die, I will never return to this home!"

  This home is just a magnificent house, cold and dead, it used to be like this, and it is like this now!

  Ruan's stock plummeted, and there was a panic in the office building.

  Ruan Hetian looked at the scene in front of him and knew that he had reached the edge of the cliff.

   "Get me through to Pei Nanming!"

   This time we really have to fight with our backs! Whether it's annihilation of humanity, or human face and animal heart, he can't let the Pei family be destroyed in his own hands! And Shang Yang is his last card!

  In the northern suburbs of the city, on the hillside, in a gazebo.

  Ruan Hetian teased Shang Yang with a cotton candy.

  Shang Yang pouted, not interested.

   "What's the matter, isn't Yang Yang happy?" Ruan Hetian asked patiently.

  Shang Yang frowned, "Grandpa, you lied, why didn't Mommy and Uncle Pei come? I'm going home! Did you not tell Mommy that I'm here?"

  Ruan Hetian smiled and touched Shang Yang's head, "How come, I told them, they will come soon. Yang Yang will go play with the housekeeper first, okay? I'll go down and see them."

  Shang Yang still frowned, "Why did Grandpa ask them to meet here? Why didn't you send me back?"

   "Because they don't want to chat with grandpa. In the past, grandpa did something very bad. They refused to accept grandpa's confession and refused to see grandpa. Grandpa had to borrow Yangyang's face."

  Shang Yang followed the butler in doubt.

  Ruan Hetian winked at the butler, who nodded slightly to express his understanding.

  Pei Nanming did not show up with Ruan Xi, but brought a man wearing glasses to the appointment.

  Ruan Hetian narrowed his eyes, and was not surprised to see him coming alone, "If you are willing to come, may I think that you have agreed to my conditions."

  Pei Nanming nodded, "Of course" and then said to Tang Wenyi behind him, "Show him the document."

  Tang Wenyi nodded, and took two steps forward. When Ruan Hetian reached out to pick up the documents, Pei Nanming suddenly added, "Wait, before that, I must see Yangyang."

  Ruan Hetian smiled and raised his chin upward.

   Above the gazebo, on the edge of the winding path, there is a huge stone. The stone slopes downwards, and the angle is slightly steep. If you are not careful, there is a danger of rolling down from it.

  The butler was sitting on the stone with Shang Yang in his arms. Shang Yang obviously didn't realize the danger or the tense situation below, and he just played with a fluffy rabbit that the butler gave him.

  Pei Nanming is still a little grateful to Ruan Hetian, at least he didn't directly tie up Yang Yang to threaten him.

  If that's the case, he will definitely let Ruan Hetian live on the streets.

  Because of Ruan Hetian's soft heart, Pei Nanming also decided not to drive him to a dead end.

  This is thanks to Ruan Xi and Yang Yang.

   "People have seen it, shouldn't the documents be brought over?" Ruan Hetian asked.

   "Bring Yangyang down from above, I think that place is too dangerous. As a grandfather, you don't care about your grandson's life, but as a father, I have to care."

  Ruan Hetian sneered, "Bring it down, how do I know if you will go back on your word?"

  Pei Nanming smiled and shook his head.

Tang Wenyi also laughed, quite sarcastic, "Master Pei, I think you really can't figure out the situation. However, it's okay. Here are the documents for you. If there is any accident in Yangyang, I think, Master Pei Probably too late to regret it.”

   Talking about sending the documents over, at the same time, something cold was pressed against his forehead, Ruan Hetian was startled, raised his eyes, and saw Tang Wenyi holding the trigger with his white-gloved finger, smiling at himself.

   "Master Pei, money is very important, but life is more important, isn't it?"


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