Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 189

Ruan Xi stood up, walked to the floor-to-ceiling windows, looked at the moonlight outside the window, tonight's moon is not round at all, but unexpectedly bright, the light of a half crescent moon can make everything under the night sky so bright .

   "I laugh at you for being really stupid and pitiful, but what I want to tell you is that you deserve it just like me!" Turning around suddenly, facing the French windows, she said through gritted teeth.

  Ruan Dongyu was startled, and suddenly looked back at her.

  She stood against the light, her figure was elongated by the moonlight, her whole face was buried in the darkness, and she couldn't see any emotion, only her voice fluctuated slightly, revealing her excited emotions.

   "What do you mean by that?!"

  Ruan Dongyu frowned.

   "What do you mean?" Ruan Xi smiled coldly and sharply, "If I told you that the human heart is not a stone, maybe he doesn't have the slightest feeling for you, what would you think?"

  Ruan Dongyu froze completely, staring at Ruan Xi blankly.

   "Nothing." How sensitive is a woman's intuition? Ruan Xi didn't know either, but during the short time she spent with Gu Chi, she felt Gu Chi's conflict. He once said that he liked Ruan Dongyu a little bit.

  She said she didn't believe it, but even if she didn't believe it, she had to believe that Gu Chi's attitude towards Ruan Dongyu was a love-hate relationship.

  Ruan Xi couldn't fully understand that attitude, but she understood somewhat. When a person is forced to change his orientation, or even involuntarily falls in love with a person who brings disaster to him, there will be a fierce inner struggle.

  She feels that way about Pei Nanming.

  However, Gu Chi worked harder than her.

  The same-sex relationship is deviant, spurned by the world, and the law of heaven does not tolerate it.

  Ruan Dongyu became anxious, and suddenly got up and grabbed Ruan Xi, "Did he say anything to you, tell me!"

   "No, he didn't say anything." She raised her eyes, her palm-sized face became clearer as the distance drew closer, "If you really want to know that much, you might as well ask him yourself."

   "You cursed me to death?!"

   "Why? Didn't you say that you would rather go down?" Ruan Xi smiled coldly, "Then you go down, maybe he doesn't hate you as much as you think."

  Ruan Dongyu suddenly pushed her away, Ruan Xi was unsteady and hit the floor-to-ceiling window. Fortunately, the tempered glass of the window is strong enough, otherwise, she would have to fall freely from the second floor.

  If you fall down, you may not die, but there is a high chance that you will not be able to fall* for a lifetime.

   "You want me to let you go? You are afraid of death"

  Ruan Dongyu mocked.

   "Aren't you afraid of death?" Ruan Xi asked back.

   "If I was afraid of death, I wouldn't hesitate to offend the two major forces to bring you here."

  Ruan Dongyu sat down again, drank the beer, and threw the can into the trash can, which was already full of cans.

  Ruan Xi didn't understand what the so-called two major forces meant, "The two major forces? I don't understand at all."

Ruan Dongyu propped his chin and knocked on the coffee table, clapping his fingers on the coffee table, "I don't understand at all? Are you pretending to be stupid, or do you really understand? Don't tell me, after so many years of climbing Pei Nanming's * *, he didn't even know what he was doing. I know. Don’t tell me that I’ve been climbing Shang Boyan for five or six years, and I don’t even know what’s behind his business.”

   "What if I tell you that I really don't know anything?" Ruan Xi raised her chin.

  Ruan Dongyu was silent, as if he was examining the authenticity of her words.

   Finally got up, took out a business card and threw it in front of her. Under the moonlight, the black rose on the business card shone like a black pearl. It had English and a number on it, but no name.

  She had seen this business card before, and she was very impressed, because the business card was very special, and because the colors on it were lifelike.

  Shang Boyan, whose pseudonym was Sunshine, gave her such a business card, but she never used it.

"What does it mean?"

   "You understand what it means. What I want to tell you is that Shangboyan is now the leader of this organization, and his behavior and style are absolutely shocking."

  Ruan Xi laughed, "It's really funny. I divorced him and have nothing to do with him. What kind of leader he is, what he does, what style he has, has nothing to do with me."

"It's okay?" Ruan Dongyu looked down at the business card thrown on the ground, and finally turned around, "Is it okay? You will know later, I'm tired and need to rest, you'd better be honest. You can't escape from this place, I advise you Save your energy."

   "Tell me what your purpose is besides allowing me to be buried with Gu Chi."

"Want to know? Okay, then let me tell you, I want to let two beasts hiding in the ground fight, it's that simple. This world is very complicated, you haven't seen much. I advise you not to ask too much Many. Otherwise, you will regret coming to this world and regret meeting Shang Boyan and Pei Nanming."

   Regret coming to this world, regret meeting two men who had a profound influence on her? Do you regret it? Yes, she regretted it a long time ago, but who can make her go back to the furnace and remake her life?

  The next day Ruan Dongyu left the villa early in the morning.

  The car was driving on the narrow and bumpy concrete road in the suburbs, and the speed did not slow down.

  In the dilapidated yard, Bernie brought people to wait for him early.

   Seeing him enter the door, Bernie immediately got up and punched him in the face, "Where did you die?!"

   "I did some private business." He rubbed his face indifferently, and said as if nothing had happened.

  bernie narrowed her eyes, and put her arms around his shoulders, "If there is any private matter that I can't let me know, I've already done it for you."

  Ruan Dongyu smiled, "It's not that I can't let you know." He backed away without a trace, "It's that you can't take risks in this matter."

  Bernie was so happy that his eyes narrowed into a line, "Are you worried about me? Don't worry, I've been in the organization for so many years anyway, no one can easily pinch me."

  bernie is a very handsome Westerner, tall and strong, with unexpectedly good skin.

   "Then I can't let you take risks." These words were cold and indifferent, but when they stopped in Bernie's ears, they were incomparably *.

   Subconsciously took Ruan Dongyu's hand, "Thank you."

  Ruan Dongyu didn't get out of the way this time, but if you look carefully, you will find that his eyebrows are slightly wrinkled.

   Being able to bend and stretch is Ruan Dongyu's ability, and he can afford this little loss.

   "How long will it be?"

  Ruan Dongyu lit a cigarette and asked.

Bernie looked at the time, "Half an hour. I'll take someone there later, your identity is inconvenient to be there, so be careful." After speaking, he looked at the cigarette in Ruan Dongyu's hand, and raised his eyebrows, "You are not suitable This kind of thing." As he spoke, he grabbed it and smashed it fiercely, "Don't let me see you bang it again."

  Ruan Dongyu didn't have any special reaction, just nodded kindly.

Only then did Bernie nodded in satisfaction, "That's right, I'm leaving first. By the way, it's not safe to put her in your villa at that time, so let someone bring her here. With Pei Nanming's brain, he quickly Will guess that you did it."

  Ruan Dongyu still nodded.

   Waiting for Bernie to leave the small courtyard with people, Ruan Dongyu sat down, rubbing the back of his hands desperately, and muttering to himself, "I just want him to know that I did it."

   Diverting Pei Nanming's attention, Bernie's success rate will be higher.

  He doesn't have any special affection for his family, and he has already hated his past life, but he is still a member of the Ruan family, and he doesn't want to see his family collapse.

  By the way, let's do something for the family.

  He smiled, so he wanted to provoke a war between the Pei family and the underground of the Shang family, it was as simple as that.

  Pei Nanming sat in the office with a calm face, which made Jiang Ren a little unbelievable.

  Ruan Xi is missing, and his son is also missing, but he can still sit here steadily, Jiang Ren can't help but want to call him a man of God.

   "Are you not in a hurry at all?"

   "Which eye of yours sees me and is not in a hurry?"

   "I see with both eyes that you are not in a hurry."

   "You have problems with both eyes." Pei Nanming said while flipping through the documents.

  At this time, the secretary came in and put a stack of new documents on his desk.

  Jiang Ren was surprised, "At this time, you are really calm. If it were me, I would have gone crazy."

   "I also came here to read the documents in a hurry."

  Jiang Ren was speechless, why did he look a little bit crazy? !

   "Pei's stock purchase has been completed, and the sale will start tomorrow."

  Jiang Ren raised his eyes, "Are you sure you want to do this?"


   "You are taking a risk, Ruan Hetian is a ruthless old fox, he will do anything to provoke him..."

"I know that if he wasn't cruel enough, he wouldn't have left his two illegitimate daughters outside. One would not ask more questions until he died, and the other would only be remembered when it was useful." Pei Nanming said coldly , "He wants to keep Yang Yang and Ruan Xi to blackmail me, so he doesn't dare to do anything. Moreover, I really want to know if he has any favors."

   "What you do is similar to a gambler, and it will make both Ruan Xi and Yang Yang very dangerous."

  Two people are holding opinions.

  The door of the office was suddenly pushed open.

  The person who came in surprised both of them.

   It was Pei Yan and Mrs. Pei who came together!

   "Grandpa, why did you come?" Mr. Pei had never been to the company in person, and his sudden appearance this time caught Pei Nanming by surprise.

  However, he soon guessed their purpose.

  Since he knew that Yang Yang was his son, Mr. Pei paid more and more attention to Yang Yang. Therefore, Mr. Pei hurried over without even saying hello this time, he must have heard something.

   "Why would I come? If I don't come again, are you going to sell my little great-grandson!"

   It was the first time that Mrs. Pei had lost such a temper with Pei Nanming, but Pei Nanming, who lost his temper, couldn't get angry at all. After all, he was his most respected grandfather, so he had to bow his head and listen to the training.

  Jiang Ren is an outsider and a subordinate of Pei Nanming. Although the two of them have a close personal relationship regardless of official business, they are still a little embarrassed to see Pei Nanming's deflated appearance, but they are secretly relieved.

  He has worked with Pei Nanming for so many years, and this is the first time he sees Pei Nanming obediently listening to the lesson. Quite an adjustment disorder.

   "Grandpa, where do you want to go?"

  Pei Nanming has black hair, when did he think about selling his son? It was too late for him to bring his son back, but there was absolutely no rush for this matter.

   The more eager you are, the easier it is for that old fox Ruan Hetian to catch the weakness and poke the center!

   Dealing with this old fox, he must be extremely careful.

   "I'm thinking wrong or something? Let me ask you, that kid Ruan Hetian, how did he take Yang Yang away?" Old Man Pei frowned, poking the ground with his cane, very indignant.

  For Mr. Pei, Ruan Hetian is also a generation lower, belonging to his son Pei Yan's generation, so in his eyes, Ruan Hetian has already passed fifty, but he still calls Ruan Hetian "that kid".

  Hearing Mr. Pei's words, Jiang Ren blinked, holding back a smile in his heart, thinking that it's nice to be older, and calling everyone in a condescending tone.

  Even the old fox Ruan Hetian still only used the word "that kid" in Mr. Pei's mouth? !

  Pei Yan didn't speak much.

  Mr. Pei was upright, and the secretary outside brought coffee.

  Old man Pei is usually not unreasonable, but at this time, his little great-grandson has been kidnapped, but his father is still doing office work in a leisurely manner. Of course, he doesn't like anything in his heart.

  The secretary put the coffee in front of him, and he frowned. How can a foreign thing like coffee compare to Chinese tea? ! Mrs. Pei is a person who keeps pace with the times, but he still sticks to the plot, especially when it comes to catering.

  When he saw coffee, he thought it was xenophobia!

  If it was normal, he would just turn a blind eye and close one eye. After all, Mr. Pei still understands the principle of not doing to others what you don't want to be done to others, but it's different now.

   Get angry at everything!

  The little secretary is not someone who has never seen the world. He can withstand Pei Nanming's strong pressure to be a secretary here.

  Old Mr. Pei, who was looking up and down, was really imposing.

  Pei Yan still understood his own father, and immediately said, "Go and have a cup of tea."

  The little secretary hurriedly retreated as if she had received an amnesty, closed the office door, and kept patting her chest with her heart still beating wildly in her chest.

  The outside staff all raised their eyes to look at her at this time, they couldn't hide the gossip* in their eyes, but they were all sensible and didn't speak, and immediately pretended to be serious about their work. Forcibly suppress the desire to gossip, and save it after get off work.

  In the president's office, the air pressure is still high. Jiang Ren is wisely on the side. He doesn't want to be affected by Pei Nanming's family affairs.

   "Grandpa, you also know that Ruan Xi is his daughter no matter what. He will take Yang Yang away, probably because he misses his grandson."

   This was said by Pei Nanming bravely. Mr. Pei is very shrewd. If he can be fooled by these words, then Mrs. Pei is not Mrs. Pei.

   But he also understood that apart from saying this, he could not say anything else.

   The struggle between Ruan and Pei has long been turbulent, and it cannot be stopped. Now it is a critical juncture. The less people know about his thoughts, the better.

  Even Mr. Pei, who unconditionally supports him in everything, can't say that this is not distrust, but a disposition that must be cautious in any joint.

  Pei Nanming has always been so cautious, otherwise, the Pei family would not be where he is today, and his position in the Tao would not be quickly promoted to his current position.

  Of course, Mrs. Pei and Pei Yan were unaware of everything that was done secretly. This doesn't mean that the two elders didn't notice it, but that Pei Nanming never confessed.

  What the next generation does, they don't want to control it anymore, and they can't control it. But once Yang Yang was involved, they couldn't sit still.

   It is the wish of every elderly person to entertain their grandchildren, and they are of course no exception.

  No other requirements, Yang Yang can't be busy, this is the reason why the two elders drove here together today.

   "I'm not so old yet!" After hearing this, Mr. Pei was so angry that he poked the ground with his crutch again, making the floor tiles crack.

"If Ruan Hetian really cared about this bloodline, he would have waited until today?! Don't think that I don't know anything if I don't ask anything. I don't care about how you and Ruan Hetian fight with the old man. It's up to you how you like to torment. But , don’t involve Yang Yang in it! At eight o’clock tonight at the latest, I want to see Yang Yang standing in front of me properly!”

  Pei Yan nodded at the side, expressing his agreement with Mrs. Pei's words.

  Pei Nanming has one head and two big ones, Ruan Hetian is holding Yang Yang to negotiate terms with him, if he is willing to let Yang Yang go so easily, the sun will come out from the west .

   But Mr. Pei's request, he couldn't go back, so he nodded, "Don't worry, Grandpa, I will try my best."

  Old Master Pei's eyes widened with anger, "What do you mean by doing your best, you must bring the child back! If you can't bring it back, don't let me enter the old house again!"

  Pei Nanming nodded immediately, "Yes, yes, Grandpa, calm down, don't get angry, don't worry, I will definitely bring Yangyang back, for sure."

  Pei Nanming reassured her again and again, only then did Mrs. Pei relax, "Ruan Xi is also very important, and she must be safe."

Pei Yan didn't wait for Pei Nanming to speak, and said, "What happened in the past is in the past. Whether it's right or wrong, it's all the grievances of our previous generation, so don't worry about it anymore. Nanming, Ruan Xi is a good child, treat her well in the future. "

  Jiang Ren listened to the black line. It turned out that the Pei family liked Ruan Xi, but Pei Nanming still had a wife. Although Xu Chuyan was a vase, the identity of this young lady Pei was genuine.

   Co-authored, the whole family supports Pei Nanming to raise it outside.

   Surprised by his vulgar thoughts, he smiled to himself, thinking, the Pei family is really interesting.

   After sending off Mrs. Pei and Pei Yan with great difficulty, Pei Nanming threw himself into the chair as if he had fought a battle.

  Jiang Ren was speechless.

  Pei Nanming suddenly turned his eyes sideways, "Enough of the excitement, should I get ready for tomorrow's work?"

   "Yes." Jiang Ren shrugged, "Don't worry if you leave it to me. By the way, how is Tang Wenyi's situation?"

   "There is movement, you don't have to worry about him. Doing well on your side is the best support for him."

"Oh, I see."

  After Jiang Ren left, Pei Nanming looked at the phone, with a smile on his lips, an old fox is an old fox, and he was calmer than expected.

   But, the bottom line is coming soon, right? Ruan Dongyu, what about you, what kind of show are you going to put on for me?

  Pei Nanming received the call not too early or too late, exactly five o'clock in the afternoon, and when he arrived at the manor that the Ruan family bought in the north of the city, it was only twenty past five.

  Ruan Hetian didn't stand ready, at least, on the surface, it looked the same as usual.

   Parked the car, and someone came over to open the door for him immediately.

  He nodded slightly, which was considered polite, and then followed the greeters into the living room of Ruan's house.

  Ruan Hetian was not there, but the housekeeper received him politely and thoughtfully, asking him to wait a while.

   This is playing tricks, to see if he can still hold his breath, and it is Ruan Hetian who is obviously asking for help.

It would be a lie to say that he was not in a hurry or worried, and he wished he could take his son back immediately. However, he was facing an old guy like Ruan Hetian. So he can't be messed up.

  He knew that this wait would be very long. It was the first time that others waited for him while he waited for others.

  Good self-cultivation prevented him from showing any signs of restlessness. He asked the housekeeper for a newspaper and read it carefully.

  The butler looked at Pei Nanming for a while, then left, and made a call outside.

   "Master, we are here."

   "Waiting in the living room, showing no signs of agitation."

   "reading a newspaper"

"It is good."


  The housekeeper changed the herbal tea in the cup time and time again, Pei Nanming raised his hand and looked at his watch. At six o'clock, he had been here for forty minutes, but Ruan Hetian hadn't appeared.

  Called him, but couldn't see him.

  Pei Nanming closed the newspaper with a smile, and said, "It's getting late, I think uncle was caught up in a hurry, I'll come back next time." After speaking, he got up and was about to go out.

  The housekeeper quickly followed up and explained, "Master Biao, the master will be back soon." He glanced at the time hurriedly, "Ten minutes at most."

  Pei Nanming's smile widened, "Does the housekeeper mean to let me continue to wait?"

   "Master Biao, the master is indeed in a hurry."

"Oh? Then I'd better go. I have to deal with the emergency, right?" After speaking, Pei Nanming continued to walk out. At this time, it was already dark, but a luxury car stopped at the gate of the manor. Ruan Hetian got out of the car, Seeing that Pei Nanming's face was full of smiles.

  However, everyone knows that the current Ruan Hetian is eager to chew Pei Nanming into pieces.

   "Uncle." Pei Nanming also greeted him with a smile.

   "Nan Ming, I'm sorry, uncle kept you waiting for so long. You see, the Pei clan is troubled now, and some things must be dealt with immediately. There is really no way."

  Ruan Hetian looked sorry.

Pei Nanming made a very understanding look, "Uncle, what are you talking about? In fact, I am willing to wait no matter how long, but it is getting late. My old man and grandfather are still waiting for me to go back and ask for forgiveness. Those two , I don’t dare to offend, otherwise, I might have to eat a whip at this age.”

  Ruan Hetian smiled, "Look at what you said, how can they be willing to give up such an excellent son and grandson like you, if Dongyu has you as promising, I would not even be willing to bang."

  Speaking of Ruan Dongyu, Ruan Hetian felt somewhat uncomfortable in his heart. No matter what, Ruan Dongyu was his son, but he was so rebellious and liked men! This kind of rebellious thing made him grit his teeth with hatred. However, after thinking about it, he still felt very guilty for Ruan Dongyu, because he always focused on the career of the Ruan family and almost never paid attention to his son.

And his wife, because of the disharmony between the two of them, often did some outrageous things, he had no energy or thought to care about what his wife did, and their lives had always been non-interfering with each other, except for Ruan Dongyu, who was the bondage. Besides, the marriage between him and his wife existed in name only, except for sex, it was indifference.

  It is difficult for a child from such a family to be normal, right?

   "Uncle, when you say that, it really makes me feel like I'm in a trance."

   "Go in and talk." Ruan Hetian said.

   In the living room, the butler serves tea again.

  Ruan Hetian made tea himself this time, and the clean and delicate tea set, placed in such a magnificent living room, complemented each other perfectly.

  Pei Nanming doesn't know much about tea ceremony, at least not as much as Ruan Xi. He knew very well that Ruan Xi would study the tea ceremony, and that was also because of Mrs. Pei's relationship.

  The fragrance of tea overflows from the exquisite teacup, making people feel better gradually. But Pei Nanming couldn't really relax in his heart.

  The old man Ruan Hetian obviously didn't bring Yang Yang with him.

   "Uncle called me, what's the matter?" They pretended to be stupid, even though they knew each other's purpose, they still had to say this.

"Ha, since you asked Nan Ming, then I will say it with a thick face. It is true that I need your help. For the Ruan family, this is a hurdle, but for the Pei family, it is just a matter of effort .I want you to put a stop to the plan to sell Nguyen shares at low prices."

  Ruan Hetian got straight to the point, and his tone didn't look like asking for help at all. It's like a strong order.

Pei Nanming reached out and touched the tip of his nose lightly, "Uncle, there are no fathers and sons in the mall. I'm afraid I can't help you with this. You know, businessmen are only interested in profit. I am a businessman, and uncle and you are also a businessman. If Ruan's standing in Pei's place today , Uncle, will you hold your hands high?"

  Ruan Hetian has been overwhelmed by the company's affairs. The Ruan family's several generations of foundations are about to be destroyed in his own hands, and the culprit of all this is smiling in front of him with a gentle smile, as stable as Mount Tai.

   It has been many years since he had the impulse to punch someone, but at this moment, he really wanted to smash the face in front of him. Is this Zhang's face similar to Pei Yan's? !

  From childhood to adulthood, he, Ruan Hetian, could get whatever he wanted.

  Money and power, which one is not wanted? !

  The first defeat was on a woman. Even if this woman fell under him*, she still shouted Pei Yan!

  Seeing Pei Nanming made him think of Pei Yan and Qin Xin'er - the woman he loved the most in his life and also caused him the worst defeat.

  In Qin Xiner's place, he lost to Pei Yan. Will he lose to Pei Nanming again in the mall? !

Thinking of this, the hatred and anger in his heart became crazy like a tsunami, and the smile on his face quickly froze, replaced by something extremely spicy and vicious, "You are right, there are no fathers and sons in the mall, so, the life and death of Yang Yang , and you don't have to care about it." As he spoke, the corners of his old eyes twitched, and his eyes were full of cruelty.

  Pei Nanming's heart skipped a beat, his eyes narrowed dangerously, and he stared at Ruan Hetian like a wolf, "Yangyang is Ruan Xi's child, and Ruan Xi's surname is Ruan."

  Ruan Hetian sneered, "She doesn't have me as a father in her heart, and I have never acknowledged her. So what if Yang Yang is her son? All I know is that he is your son Pei Nanming."

   "It turns out that you are really selfish to the point of eating a tiger's poison. Anyway, Yangyang is your grandson, whether you admit it or not, but you can say such a thing, I really admire you."

  The corners of Ruan Hetian's eyes twitched slightly, he was desperate, otherwise, he would not have done such a thing.

  But things have come to this point, and he has no choice but to fight to the death. He was betting to block Pei Nanming's father-son relationship with Yangyang.

   "I don't need your admiration, I just ask you, the selling plan, are you going to stop or not?"

  Ruan Hetian stared at Pei Nanming, refusing to let go of any of his expressions.

Pei Nanming raised his eyes and looked directly at Ruan Hetian, "You want me to stop? Yes, I want to see Yang Yang and Ruan Xi. If they lose a hair, I will let the Ruan family go bankrupt. Uncle, my mother is for herself For the sake of the Ruan family's selfishness, you have endured in the Pei family for so many years, shouldn't you offer incense to her? Even if she has no blood relationship with the Ruan family, at least she has won so many benefits for the Ruan family. Yes or no?"

  Ruan Hetian was taken aback, "You know everything?"

Pei Nanming smiled, "Hehe, don't you think I shouldn't know? Or do you want me to hang out with Ruan Xi with the guilt of incest?! Good uncle, I don't have much time. I want to see them, so think about it." Look at the time again, and then say, "I'll go back and wait for your news. From now on, if I don't see them for a minute, I will have people sell Pei's stocks uninterrupted."

  A certain factory, warehouse.

   "How is the surrounding arrangement?" Bernie asked.

   "Don't worry, brother, you can rest assured when we do things, no matter how you check at that time, everyone will only find out that Pei Nanming's people did it. We have already dredged the joints that should be dredged, and there is nothing wrong with it."

   "Very good!" Bernie laughed, with evil on Jun's face, as soon as he raised his hand, someone poked a wire into the socket immediately.

   Fifteen minutes later, Bernie hurried away with the two of them.

  Five minutes later, the warehouse behind them began to smoke...

   Looking through the French windows on the second floor of the villa, no one can be seen watching, but Ruan Xi can guess that there are miniature electronic eyes on the fence.

  She was a little anxious, wanted to leave here, and wanted to know about Yangyang's situation.

  The more I think about it, the more uneasy I become.

  Ruan Dongyu warned her, but she still couldn't help it.

  Sneakily left the room and went downstairs. There was no one in the living room. The housekeeper must be busy with other things.

  She frowned, took off her high heels, and tiptoed towards the door.

   "Where is Miss Ruan going?" The housekeeper suddenly appeared from nowhere.

   Looking at him, he didn't smile, and there was no other expression on his face.

  Ruan Xi was startled, shrugged, "I want to run away, can't you see the housekeeper?" Looking back at the housekeeper, Ruan Xi said straight to the point.

  The butler obviously didn't expect Ruan Xi to admit that he was going to escape so straightforwardly, but was taken aback for a moment.

   "Miss Ruan, the young master said that the young lady is not allowed to leave here."

   "Mr. Housekeeper, I am not a prisoner, and I have the right to come and go freely." Ruan Xi frowned even more, and her face sank.

   Ruan Xi seldom lost his temper, but when he became anxious, his temper turned up.

   "What Miss Ruan said is true, but I must listen to what the young master says. Before the young master returns, Miss Ruan cannot leave here."

  Ruan Xi was so angry that she wanted to hit the old housekeeper with her high heels, but she held back in the end. The result of a head-on confrontation was that she was locked into the room. In that case, she would have no chance at all.

   "Forget it, you can find someone to follow me, I want to go out for a stroll, the room is very stuffy."

  Three minutes later, the butler really asked a young man in his twenties to follow her step by step. She really wanted to hit the wall.

"May I have your name?"

  Ruan Xi asked leisurely.

   "My surname is Zhang." The young man replied.

   "Xiao Zhang, what do you think is the most beautiful flower in this garden?"


  Ruan Xi looked back at him strangely, "Not really, I like tulips."

  Ruan Xi noticed that Xiao Zhang's Mandarin was always a bit weird, and it sounded fluent at first glance, but if you carefully discern it, in fact, his words had some unnatural taste.

   "You didn't grow up in China." This is a declarative sentence.

  Xiao Zhang smiled, and was actually a bit shy, "Hehe, Miss Ruan is really very careful. I grew up in the Netherlands."

   Speaking of Holland, Ruan Xi couldn't help but think of someone, then sighed and stopped talking.

  She doesn't speak, and Xiao Zhang doesn't make any noise.

   Finishing under the sun umbrella, Ruan Xi looked up at Xiao Zhang, "Go get me a magazine, sitting around is boring."

  Xiao Zhang was a little embarrassed, but finally nodded, "Okay, Miss Ruan, wait a moment."

  Xiao Zhang left, Ruan Xi got up immediately, and walked to the corner of the garden, where there was an abandoned stone bench, she had noticed it when she was walking around just now.

   Climbing out of the fence, she ran straight to the avenue without caring more. She remembered that the intersection in the north had the most taxis!

   Coincidentally, as soon as she ran to the side of the road, a free taxi drove over. Without thinking too much, she waved to stop and immediately climbed up, "Go to Pei's office building!"

  At this time, she couldn't think of anyone to rely on, except Pei Nanming.

  The taxi driver didn't speak, and turned his hand to turn the steering wheel, which was indeed in the direction of Pei's building. However, after half an hour, the car took another fork in the road.

  Ruan Xi was surprised, and reminded, "Master, you went wrong, Pei's office building is not over there."

   "Miss, this is the right way."

  The driver glanced at her from the rearview mirror, then looked at the photo in front, and said.

   That photo is Ruan Xi.

  Ruan Xi sensed that something was wrong, and immediately patted the isolation window of the driver's seat anxiously, "Who are you and what is your purpose, let me go!"

  The driver ignored her and moved on.

  Ruan Xi went to open the door and wanted to jump out of the car, but found that the car was locked.

  Just out of Longtan and into the tiger's den, Ruan Xi didn't even feel like crying anymore.

   "Who the hell are you! Let me go!" Ruan Xi yelled, at this moment, the car stopped suddenly, and in front of him was a two-story independent building with a yard in front, and the outside of the yard was full of star grass.

  The driver opens the door.

  Ruan Xi Immediately Jump out of the car and run.

  A man in a neat suit came out of the yard, stepped forward and grabbed her, "Where are you going?!"

   Pei Nanming frowned, his voice was cold.

  Hearing this voice, Ruan Xi froze, as if she couldn't believe it. The next moment, she suddenly turned around, hugged Pei Nanming's waist tightly, buried her head in it, and kept saying to herself, just be weak, just one moment.


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