Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 188

Pei Nanming waved his hand, "No, I can go by myself!"

  After going out, he immediately dialed Tang Wenyi's number, and after finishing the call, his expression became very serious.

   "I hope it's not what I guessed!" With a hard push on the soles of the feet, the accelerator hit the end, and the car rushed out with a whoosh!

  In the suburbs, there are no street lights, and it is pitch black, but there is the sound of cars passing by. Two beams of high beams illuminate the scenery in the dark, but after the cars pass by, they quickly melt into the darkness.

  Sitting in the back seat, Ruan Xi felt that the road was bumpy, but she didn't ask any questions, only thinking that this man said that he would lead her to find Yangyang.

  After walking for a long time, the car finally stopped, and the surroundings were still pitch black, with no bustling sounds or bright lights.

   "Get out of the car." Ruan Dongyu got out of the car, went to the back door and opened the door, and said to Ruan Xi.

  Ruan Xi sat in the car and looked at him. Today he was wearing a windbreaker. At night, the weather was a bit cold. As soon as he opened the car door, Ruan Xi shrank slightly.

   "Get out of the car." Seeing that she didn't respond, Ruan Dongyu repeated.

  Ruan Xi got out of the car just now, she was still wearing high heels, and her heels were already blistered with blood.

   At this time, getting out of the car was also slow, as soon as the heel hit the ground, she gritted her teeth in pain.

   "Boom!" Ruan Dongyu quickly closed the car door.

  Ruan Xi realized that this place was very familiar. After walking around a large row of pines and cypresses, she suddenly realized that this place is a cemetery!

   There was silence in the cemetery, and it was frighteningly cold. She was frightened by the atmosphere and stopped.

  Ruan Dongyu was not afraid of anything, and dragged her into the cemetery!

   "Where are you taking me?!" This was the first sentence Ruan Xi said to Ruan Dongyu after getting into Ruan Dongyu's car, except for the words related to Yangyang.

  She struggled hard, but she didn't want to take another step forward with him.

  Ruan Dongyu ignored her, showed no mercy, and kept dragging her forward. Ruan Xi stumbled and stumbled several times on the upward steps, and almost fell to her knees.

   "I won't go up, I won't go up!" Ruan Xi desperately resisted.

  Ruan Dongyu turned his head suddenly, his complexion could not be seen clearly in the darkness, only his cold eyes were shining with a cold light.

  Ruan Xi couldn't say anything.

   "If you don't want to see your son again, you can just struggle and cry." Ruan Dongyu suddenly let go of her and walked up by himself.

  Ruan Xi became clearer and immediately followed behind him. She is not a timid woman, but such a place, such a moonless night, really makes everything scary.

  She couldn't help but think of the ghost stories that Chamboyen occasionally told her.

  A wild cat suddenly ran from one side of the road to the other, as fast as lightning, but those faint cat eyes flashed in front of Ruan Xi's eyes.

   "Ah!" Ruan Xi screamed without warning.

   Startled Ruan Dongyu who was thinking about something.

  He turned his head and stared at Ruan Xi who was squatting on the ground with his head in his arms.

   People scare people and scare people to death, that's really the case.

  He frowned but was speechless, "Did you see a ghost?!"

   "'s okay" Ruan Xi took a deep breath and said.

  Ruan Dongyu ignored her and walked forward with a cold face.

  In the dead and silent cemetery, only Ruan Dongyu was there. Although she always hated Ruan Dongyu and wished she would never see him again, she still hurriedly followed at this time.

   After stumbling and walking for five or six minutes, Ruan Dongyu finally stopped, and Ruan Xi also stopped and looked at him blankly.

  He stood in front of a tombstone, with his head slightly lowered, and did not move for a long time.

  Ruan Xi took a step back slightly, her heart, which had been anxious and worried about Yang Yang, became much clearer now, and of course she was no longer unfamiliar with this place.

  Ruan Dongyu didn't speak, and she didn't speak, but a tangled pain in her heart made her feel out of breath. She understood what Ruan Dongyu meant!

At the beginning, when Gu Chi died, he let her go so easily. She thought it was unbelievable at the time, but now that she thinks about it, she finally understands. In fact, at that time, he was really sad and angry, so much so that even There was no thought of revenge on her.

  Now, Ruan Dongyu brought himself here, maybe to fulfill Gu Chi's wish, maybe to avenge Chu Ming.

  If he did this because of Gu Chi, she felt that it would be shameful for her to even struggle to escape, but this matter happened because of her, Gu Chi died of a long illness because of her, and it had nothing to do with Yang Yang. She felt ashamed of Gu Chi, but even so, she couldn't see someone hurting Yang Yang.

   "Come here!" Ruan Dongyu said.

  The ferocity and cruelty in the voice startled the smuggler Ruan Xi, and suddenly raised his eyes. Ruan Dongyu was tilting his head and staring at himself. Despite the darkness around her, she still felt his intense hatred gaze.

  Taking a deep breath, and limping closer, Gu Chi's smiling face was frozen on the tombstone. In fact, he couldn't see anything clearly, but that gentle and smiling face became very clear in his mind from the initial confusion.

  What she thought she had forgotten, turned out to be buried deep in her heart. Some people really meet in a second and forget for a lifetime.

   "Say, did you really love him? Tell him in front of his face." Ruan Dongyu reached out and grabbed her long hair, almost squeezing the question through his teeth.

  Actually, he didn't want to hear it at all, she knew it, but he asked such a question so stubbornly, and he was still in front of Gu Chi's tombstone!

  The person is dead, Gu Chi can no longer hear her saying whether she loves her or not, what is the point of doing these things? !

"He is dead. He can't hear me whether I say it or not. Ruan Dongyu, I thought I was a fool, but you are! No, you are not only a fool, but also a lunatic! He has been dead for so long, you now What's the point of doing this?!" Ruan Dongyu had already guessed what Ruan Dongyu was going to do, and Ruan Xi felt cold in her heart, forcing herself not to panic.

  His breathing became rapid and heavy, obviously because she had poked him in his heart, and his mood became unstable. It turns out that people really can't do bad things. If you do too many bad things, you won't even have a chance to regret it.

Ruan Xi was worried that what she said would have the opposite effect, so she continued, "I know what you mean by bringing me here. He has been away for so long, do you finally want to fulfill him? Want to fulfill his wish Ruan Dongyu, do you know how ridiculous you are?! When he asked you for help, you refused to force him to do something he didn’t want to do, let him give up on himself, and finally he was free. Now you seem to be perfecting him, helping him Is he dead? If you want to fix it, will it be too late?!" Ruan Xi has never said so many harsh words that deliberately poke other people's pain in one breath, but this time, she spoke so fluently without hesitation.

  The survival instinct really stimulates people's potential.

  Ruan Dongyu was stabbed by her words, his chest was full of pain, and he was silent for a long time.

  He didn't stay silent for a moment, but Ruan Xi felt a little uneasy in his heart. This man, after hearing such words, his chest was already heaving violently, yet he was able to maintain such calmness. She felt that either he had great self-control, or he didn't love deeply enough.

  The answer is obviously the former.

"In front of Gu Chi, I'm a sinner, but I don't regret it. Ruan Xi, he loves you and gave everything for you. What do you give him in return? Sickness and death all over your body! What right do you have to accuse me here?! You say I should go to hell, that's right! I'm going to hell. I know very well that even if he dies, he won't see me or forgive me." Ruan Dongyu pinched her chin, "But, even so, I I have to do one last thing for him. It is the last compensation for him. Anyway, there is always someone who will accompany him, and this person must be someone he misses..." Ruan Dongyu leaned slightly, and put his lips close to her ear , said, "This is my wish too."

  Pei Nanming searched all possible places for Ruan Xi to go, but there was no sign of Ruan Xi at all, and no one had seen her, and Tang Wenyi had no progress.

  He looked at the time, it was already twelve o'clock in the evening!

  The impatience and anger in my heart became heavier and heavier, and the car was driving on the road, almost flying.

  He hates this feeling, in a blink of an eye, she will disappear!

  Suddenly, his right hand clenched his fist and hit the steering wheel, the car made a harsh beeping sound, and then he slammed the steering wheel and stopped on the side of the road, leaning on the driver's seat alone, smoking in boredom.

  Old Master Pei's words rang in his ears again, holding him tightly like a spell!

   All along, he was the one who was sorry for her! His hatred, his confinement, in the end, not only had no name, but also completely wronged and hurt her!

  He always thought his father was an unqualified man, but it turned out that he was even worse than his father! Even if someone who doesn't know is not guilty, but now that he knows it, he still wants to occupy her and doesn't want to let her go!

   What if, this time, she escapes completely with Yang Yang? Chase it back, or let it go? He frowned, took a deep breath, and then slowly exhaled the smoke.

  If you chase it back, what can you do? Keep her underground*, or give her marriage? Even if she is willing to give it, will she be willing? Back then, her father abandoned her mother for the sake of her future, causing her mother, Qin Xin'er, to be imprisoned by Ruan Hetian. After several months of humiliation, she finally became pregnant with Ruan Xi. By the time Qin Xiner escaped from Ruan Hetian's control, the child could no longer undergo abortion surgery. Regardless of whether Qin Xiner was willing to give birth to Ruan Xi, Ruan Xi came to this world, perhaps with Qin Xiner's humiliation and hatred.

He thought about the past that Mr. Pei said many times, and he always felt that it was not that simple. His father, Pei Yan, also had a ruthless twist, and he was not someone who gave up so easily. , and brought Qin Xiner's daughter Ruan Xi home.

  The Ruan family did not allow Ruan Xi to enter the house. It is completely understandable. The relationship between Ruan Hetian's wife and Ruan Hetian has always been lukewarm. Back then, Ruan Hetian had many mistresses outside.

  Ruan Hetian and his wife have been able to live in peace for so many years, but because of an agreement, the child who can inherit the Ruan family property and have the surname of the Ruan family can only be Ruan Dongyu, and any illegitimate child is not allowed to enter the Ruan family.

  In a wealthy family where business and government marriages and mutual support prevail, the so-called love is either tightly suppressed, or thrown directly to the dogs.

  The more he thought about it, the more bored he became, so he slammed the cigarette out!

  At this time, the phone suddenly rang loudly.

  He frowned and grabbed the phone, glanced at the caller ID, and answered immediately, "How is it, do you have any news?"

Although Tang Wenyi's voice was calm, he hesitated a little. This moment of hesitation made his heart drop to the bottom, "Don't be too anxious, someone saw her take the child to the playground, but she was the only one who came out of the playground. Alone. The matter has not been investigated yet, so don't worry, you can be sure that the matter is not what you imagined. She did not leave with the child. "

  Pei Nanming's heart, which had fallen to the bottom of the valley, was suddenly picked up again. Of course he was happy that she didn't drive with the child, but when he heard Tang Wenyi say this situation, he had already guessed a lot.

With his status, it is not uncommon to encounter such things. He has seen a lot of kidnapping and extortion, especially since he himself has dual identities, the president of the Pei family on the surface, and the king of the underground business empire secretly. However, very few people know about his second identity, except for a few high-level figures in the Tao, and these subordinates who have been with him for nearly ten years.

  Ruan Xi was kidnapped for the first time because of Qin Zhiran's revenge, so what about this time? If it was the woman who did it, it would be easy to say, even if it was a threat from the underground.

   Once underground business is involved, then things become complicated, and Ruan Xi's situation becomes even more worrying!

  Speaking of which, he also had this reason for divorcing Xu Chuyan who didn't decide in the end.

  For him, although Xu Chuyan is his wife, she is not in his heart, so he is not afraid to put her in the most prominent position, but Ruan Xi is different from Yang Yang.

  He didn't want them to be threatened in any way.

   "Mmm." His answer to Tang Wenyi was only this one word, after closing the line.

  The more he thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong. When the Ruan family was in crisis, Ruan Xi and the child suddenly disappeared?

  Mao Sai suddenly understood, thinking about this crux, he was relieved instead, showing a relieved expression...

   "I'm looking for Mommy, I'm looking for Mommy!" Yang Yang frowned, sitting on the luxurious sofa, frowning and looking at the old man with a kind and friendly smile on the opposite side, shouting dissatisfied.

  Ruan Hetian has been looking at this Yangyang for a long time, and the more he looks at it, the more he thinks this child is beautiful and cute, and the more he looks at it, the more he likes it.

  Yang Yang is Ruan Xi's son, his grandson, looking at Yang Yang, he feels happy but not in a good mood.

  Happy, of course, because he has a grandson, not a taste, of course, because he finally had the opportunity to meet Yang Yang, but ended up using such a method.

   What's even more tragic is that the purpose of seeing Yang Yang this time is entirely out of consideration for the interests of the family.

   To put it bluntly, Yang Yang will appear in his living room, and the reason why he will meet his grandfather, who has never met before, at this time is that he wants to use Yang Yang to negotiate with Pei Nanming!

  That's right, Yang Yang was sent by Ruan Dongyu, and he never saw Ruan Dongyu's face from the beginning to the end.

  So, he was completely unaware of Ruan Xi's affairs in Ruan Dongyu's hands.

   "Good boy Yangyang, grandpa is sending someone to find your daddy, don't worry, huh?"

Ruan Xi and Shang Boyan's divorce is well known in e-city, and Ruan Hetian has long been aware of Shang Yang's identity, but he has no idea that Shang Yang doesn't know that his biological father is actually the "Pei" he has always liked to admire. uncle".

  Therefore, when Ruan Hetian mentioned looking for his father, he subconsciously thought that Ruan Hetian was talking about Shang Boyan.

  The little face immediately collapsed, looking like he was about to cry, and he completely lost the lively spirit when he was just calling for his mommy.

"Daddy won't come, he went to Holland, he said he doesn't want me and Mommy anymore. I don't want him, I hate him!" That's what he said, the insincere child is still a child, very His eyes were turning red soon, as if he was about to cry.

  Ruan Hetian has never had the patience to coax children. Even when Ruan Dongyu was young, he only hugged him two or three times, and let the nanny coax him the rest of the time.

   Now I look at Shang Yang but I can't be cruel. If it is caused by blood, then, isn't Ruan Dongyu much closer than him back then?

  In the end, he could only attribute it to the fact that he was old and was also looking forward to the days when he would have children and grandchildren.

  "Yangyang, your daddy will come. I'm talking about your biological daddy Pei Nanming. Believe me, he will come to pick you up soon."

   Ruan Hetian said softly, and asked people to bring all kinds of snacks that children like to eat and children's toys that are popular nowadays.

  But Shang Yang was completely stunned, unable to digest what Ruan Hetian said.

   Seeing Shang Yang in a daze, He Tian wondered, "Yangyang, what's wrong with you?"

Only then did Shang Yang regain his senses, "I want to find Mommy!" His little brows frowned even tighter, "You are a bad guy! You let them arrest me, you are a big villain, not my grandfather! Mommy Never mentioned you to me!"

   As soon as Shangyang's child got angry, he ignored it, shrunk down the sofa and ran outside.

  Ruan Hetian couldn't figure out what had provoked the kid for a while, and suddenly changed his face, and ran away as soon as he said it, and what he said made him feel as uncomfortable as being struck by lightning.

It is said that children speak without restraint, but at the same time, children will not deceive others maliciously. Shang Yang said that Ruan Xi never mentioned him, which is undoubtedly a blow to him, at least, at this moment he is so I think so.

The butler who had been standing by the side saw the old master's smile froze in embarrassment, and hurried out to smooth things over, "Master, don't take it to heart, you can't take the child's words seriously. You should go to rest first, and the young master can just leave it to me to watch over. "

  Ruan Hetian rubbed his forehead and sighed, "Okay."

   After speaking, he turned and went upstairs to the study.

  Shang Yang’s small hand was fisted to me, and his face was flushed, "I want to find Mommy, I want to get out of here!"

   he yelled.

  Ruan Hetian didn't even look back.

  He felt very tired. Shang Yang was very cute, but what the child said made him deeply hurt and frustrated.

  Speaking of it, he doesn't seem to be entitled to be injured, but this feeling is indeed true.

  He has worked hard for the Ruan family all his life, and many things he has done are for the benefit of the family. The only time he did something willful and on his own mind was the rape of Qin Xiner.

  At that time, he really liked her very much.

  That's why, together with Ruan Ting, the girl adopted by his father and his sister who has no blood relationship with him, he did a thing that killed two birds with one stone.

Back then, Ruan Ting fell in love with Pei Yan at first sight, and he fell in love with Qin Xin'er at first sight, so the two brothers and sisters did something awkward. On the one hand, the family married and forced Pei Yan to marry Ruan Ting for a while. On the one hand, he secretly pursued Qin Xin'er, waiting for an opportunity to act. What they didn't expect was that things would go smoothly unexpectedly.

Pei Yan spent a week thinking about it, and finally chose a marriage that would help her career, and Qin Xiner became unrestrained after being hit hard. Of course, this unrestrained behavior was not just casually flirting with others, but Do not refuse any appointments.

  At that time, he took advantage of the situation and gradually realized that Qin Xiner was just showing it to Pei Yan deliberately, and deliberately packed his appointments to the full.

During a date, Qin Xiner was drunk, hugged him and cried loudly, the following things became reasonable, one ye love to night ye love, and then, Qin Xiner suddenly got tired and wanted to end, and then he She couldn't help herself and couldn't let go, and then went to put Qin Xin'er under house arrest, ye ye*... Day after day *things, it ended on the day she learned that Qin Xin'er was pregnant.

  He was ecstatic, but Qin Xiner's eyes were filled with indifference and ashes.

  She didn't resist, but when she fled, she walked with absolute determination! She didn't even take any pair of shoes he bought her!

  He really loved Qin Xiner, but at the same time he really hated her! At that time, he gave Qin Xiner all his love except marriage and status, but Qin Xiner abandoned her like a shoe!

  He searched for her crazily. After nearly six years, he finally found out that she was living in a poor town, living a hard life alone with her children.

  He wanted to take her and the child back, but at least give her a good life, but Qin Xiner once again did something that made him heartbroken.

  Qin Xin'er realized that his people had found her place, so she even left the young Ruan Xi to commit suicide! Later, Ruan Xi was sent to the orphanage, and he had no courage and energy to find Ruan Xi.

   Moreover, he also understands that even if he finds Ruan Xi, he can't let Ruan Xi return to Ruan's house, his wife won't be happy! And the pain that Qin Xiner brought to him also made him deliberately avoid everything related to Qin Xiner, reminding him of Qin Xiner's people and things, so Ruan Xi was completely abandoned by his parents...and by Pei Yan Bringing her back to Pei's house... made her miserable and ridiculous life.

  Probably no one thought that at that time, a momentary mistake would lead to such a dilapidated situation.

  Because of one incident, in the true and false appearance and truth, the Qin family was destroyed by Pei Nanming, the strength of the Gu family was not as good as before, the Ruan family was in jeopardy, but the Jin family was always neutral and unaffected.

  Amid Pei Nanming's enmity, the three influential families in e City have declined so rapidly!

The butler walked up to Shang Yang, stretched out his hand to stroke his pretty face, and said with a kind smile, "Don't worry, young master, and don't be afraid, master is not a bad person. He has already called your mommy, and she will be back to pick you up soon." your."

  The housekeeper is about fifty years old, his hair is already gray, but he is friendly when he smiles, Shang Yang looked at him suspiciously, "Really?"

   "Of course it's true. Young master, let's eat something high first, and I'll take you to the back garden in a while. There are crickets inside, we can catch two for fighting."

  The child was a child after all, Shang Yang was immediately distracted, and his eyes gleamed. The butler knew that he had finally coaxed the little ancestor, so he couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

   Instructed people to prepare the fresh pastry bought by Ziyunzhai just now, served it to Shang Yang himself, prepared the tableware, and said, "This is a well-known Chinese pastry in our city. It tastes very good. Try it."

  Shang Yang moved his nose, smelled it, then nodded, and said politely, "Thank you, Uncle."

  The old housekeeper laughed and thought, no wonder the master who doesn't like children very much is so patient. He is indeed a lovely child... Thinking of this, he sighed from the bottom of his heart.

   Having been with Ruan Hetian for more than 20 years, the old housekeeper saw how Ruan Hetian got here.

   When I was young, the woman I really cared about was Ruan Xi's mother, but the result was so tragic. Later, Ruan Hetian had many women, but I never saw him pay so much attention to any one...

  The old butler finally summed it up in two words—Nie Yuan!

   "What exactly do you want to do to me?" Ruan Xi raised her eyes, staring at Ruan Dongyu.

  She knew this villa because Gu Chi died in this room of this villa. At that time, Anya was present.

  Now among their group of people, Anya seems to be the most unrestrained, intervening willfully, and leaving gracefully and thoroughly.

   "What are you in such a hurry for?" Ruan Dongyu sat on the sofa, unhurriedly opened the can of beer in his hand, took a sip slowly, put it on the coffee table, escaped from the cigarette, and took a sip.

  Ruan Xi is too familiar with the smell of this smoke. Because of the familiarity, she yearns for it instinctively, but her nerves are numb with fear.

  Yes, Ruan Dongyu's cigarette was stained.

   This kind of thing is really scary!

  Ruan Xi bit her lip and stepped back slightly, but her breathing became greedy involuntarily.

  Instinctively yearn for this kind of thing, but rationality keeps reminding me not to touch it again.

  Ruan Dongyu had already seen that she was resisting, but he didn't say anything. He just looked at her with cold eyes, as if he was studying her structure carefully, and seemed to be counting how many hairs she had.

  This gesture made Ruan Xi even more frightened and cold.

  After leaving the cemetery, he deliberately brought her to this villa. If she still can't guess what Ruan Dongyu is thinking, she is a fool!

   "If you really want me to be buried with him, then please be quick. I will feel angry if I stay with you for a second longer."

   Ruan Xi frowned and said.

"Is it anger or fear?" He shook his eyes in his hands, and the corners of his mouth curled up in a meaningful arc, reminding her of a meeting many years ago for no reason. He emphasized the three "one-night stand" in a meaningful way. When writing, that kind of expression.

   "Both anger and fear." Ruan Xi told the truth, she knew that in front of a fox-like man like Ruan Dongyu, any sophistry would become invisible in his ears.

"You are very honest." Ruan Dongyu leaned on the sofa, still staring at her quietly, and said for a long time, "Actually, in terms of men's eyes, you are not the kind of amazing woman, but the more you look, the more attractive you are." .”

  Unexpectedly, Ruan Dongyu would say such words suddenly, but Ruan Xi didn't know how to respond.

  Unable to guess his intentions, she panicked slightly.

   "It's nothing else, don't worry, even if you grow into a flower, I'm not interested." He flicked the cigarette ash and exhaled a puff of smoke.

   "Do you know when I first met him?"

   Ruan Xi rolled her eyes in her heart, of course she didn't know.

"It was when he was ten years old. To be honest, I have never seen such a gentle and heartless child with a smile. At that time, looking at his big flickering eyes, I felt disgusted, for no reason. I hate it. I don’t understand why someone can be so innocent and carefree! At that time, I didn’t understand that it was actually jealousy, jealousy that he could have such a happy childhood, jealousy of the kind of inner-out The warmth." Speaking of this, he raised his eyebrows self-deprecatingly, "I really want to get close, but refuse to get close, the child's psychology is always very strange."

  Ruan Xi quietly added in her heart, "Your psychology is even weirder!"

Ruan Dongyu didn't look at her, but continued, "I've never paid attention to a person seriously, but the first time I noticed, I couldn't help but sink in. I started to wonder whose child he was, where he was studying, and often Where to go to play, who will come into contact with, what things I like, what things I hate. At that time, I was only fourteen years old. The sad thing is that I paid so much attention to him, but he never paid attention to me in his eyes. Later we met again, he was already in high school, and he also had a legendary girlfriend who was favored by the elders."

   This time, he finally looked back at Ruan Xi, "Do you know how I felt at that time?"

  Ruan Xi was silent.

Ruan Dongyu continued to talk to himself, "My first feeling was that someone punched my heart hard, but no matter how painful or dull my heart is, I can endure it. Because I know that as long as the timing is right, I can I had the confidence to drive everyone around him away. At that time, I didn't realize why I had such thoughts and why I paid so much attention to him."

The sarcasm at the corner of his mouth widened, "Later, when I left the country, it was plated with gold. For a while, I thought I had forgotten this person, or indeed I had, but I couldn't bear the collision of meeting again. When I meet him again, I can still recognize him at a glance, and I can still immediately remember the appearance of each meeting. At that time, I was no longer a young man, so I understand what this feeling means. People like Gu Chi, and I It is not a world. He has a layer of light on him, which I yearn for but can never have. Such a him makes me deeply frustrated and even ashamed, but it is precisely because of this that I want to hold this light in my hands. , imprisoned by my side, even if I know, in my hands, he will become unrecognizable."

  Ruan Xi was heartbroken when he heard that, and for a while he only said, "You are all the same, all *!"

  You guys naturally refer to Pei Nanming and him.

  Pei Nanming is also like this. As long as he wants to get it, he will grab it by any means. He never thinks that if he grabs it too tightly, it will make everything deformed.

  After hearing this, Ruan Dongyu didn't refute. He smoked in silence, flicked the ashes and drank.

The lights in the room were not turned on, but the curtains were not drawn on the huge floor-to-ceiling windows. The weather was cold, but the moonlight was beautiful. It fell into the room through the window, and Ruan Xi suddenly realized that she was already sitting here. one day.

   Several times I wanted to ask about Shang Yang's news, but finally slipped to the tip of my tongue and swallowed it back.

  Ruan Dongyu obviously didn't mean to mention Shang Yang, and she knew that even if he asked, if the man didn't want to say anything, she wouldn't be able to ask anything at all.

   What makes her feel uncomfortable is that he is a brother who has half the same blood as her, but he has never been recognized by him. Now, sitting in a room like this for the first time, it is still because of hatred.

  She didn't expect anyone in the Ruan family to recognize her, just like she never expected to be recognized by Ruan Hetian. When she was a child in the orphanage, she always hoped that her parents would come to pick her up, but later, the more she grew up, the more indifferent she became. Because, the more she knows, the more she understands that home is a luxury for her.

  She also secretly regards the Pei family as her own home, and the Pei family as her relatives, but it's different, it's different after all...

  Ruan Dongyu sat with his back to the moonlight, he couldn't see his expression, only knew that he had smoked a lot, and the whole room was full of strong smoke smell.

  Because she has also smoked, this taste is not unbearable to her.

   "Why are you telling me this?"

  Ruan Xi relaxed after excessive tension.

   "Why?" Ruan Dongyu smiled, yes, why? Why would he tell the most secret thing in his heart to a woman he had always resented? !

  He never said these words to anyone, although his behavior may have made this matter of his heart an obvious secret.

  However, at this moment, he really wanted to talk, and kept talking, talking about his feelings for Gu Chi, and talking about the little things between them.

   Does it matter who the audience is? Maybe it's important or maybe it's not. He just wanted to say it, and he kept it in his heart, wanted to tell Gu Chi, but he never said it.

"Because, I will send you to see him soon, but I am not willing. If possible, I would rather be the one who will accompany him. However, I know he will not like it. The person he is waiting for is always you .” When Ruan Dongyu said this, his tone was actually painful and frustrated.

  Sending her to see Gu Chi means that her death is not far away. Everyone has the instinct to survive, and she is of course no exception. However, while she is afraid, she feels that Ruan Dongyu like this is extremely pitiful.

  A man like this, falling into a deformed love, would actually have this kind of thought.

   It doesn't matter whether you do it or not. The important thing is that a man like a fox who can always control the fate of others has this kind of thought, which means that this man has been destroyed.

  Ruan Dongyu suddenly left the Pei family, and later appeared next to Bernie, and now he is doing such extreme things again, and it is no longer strange.

   "Hehe." Ruan Xi laughed.

  The sudden smile made Ruan Dongyu inexplicable and angry.

   "What are you laughing at?!" He stubbed out the cigarette butt, and asked bitterly.

Ruan Xi stood up, walked to the floor-to-ceiling windows, looked at the moonlight outside the window, tonight's moon is not round at all, but unexpectedly bright, the light of a half crescent moon can make everything under the night sky so bright .

   "I laugh at you for being really stupid and pathetic, but what I want to tell you is that you, like me, deserve it!" Turning around suddenly, facing away from the floor-to-ceiling windows, gnashing her teeth say.

  Ruan Dongyu was startled, and suddenly looked back at her.

  She stood against the light, her figure was elongated by the moonlight, her whole face was buried in the darkness, and she couldn't see any emotion, only her voice fluctuated slightly, revealing her excited emotions.

   "What do you mean by that?!"


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