Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 187

Ruan Xi didn't see Pei Nanming together with Yang Yang, and she obviously felt that the old man and Pei Yan were not in a good mood. With this kind of anger, she naturally wouldn't stay for long. After breakfast, she excused Yang Yang finally wanted to take him shopping on weekends, so he left the old house.

  Since Ruan Xi didn't have a car, she led Yang Yang for a long way before she got a taxi.

  After getting into the car, Yang Yang said, "Mummy, grandpa and grandpa seem to be in a bad mood. I heard them quarreling with Uncle Pei yesterday. Did you hear that?"

  Of course she heard it, but she could only pretend not to hear it, so she gently stroked Yang Yang's head, "Little child, don't interfere with the adults' affairs, huh?"

  Yang Yang frowned and retorted, "I'm going to be six soon, I'm not a child anymore."

  Ruan Xi can't laugh or cry, the more children, the more they refuse to admit that they are naive, the more adults they are, the more they wish they were still children, sometimes people are so funny.

   "Well, you're not a kid, so tell me, where do you want to go?"

  Ruan Xi asked in a low voice with her arms around Yang Yang.

   "I want to go to the playground."

   "Well, well, it happens to be not very far."

  Yang Yang immediately shook his head, "It's not this one, it was the one when Uncle Pei got married. You were all very busy that day, and you didn't have time to take me to have fun."

  Ruan Xi froze for a moment, knowing that he was talking about Tostana.

   Almost instinctively resist that place.

   "It's too far there, we have a chance to go there in the future, okay?"

  Ruan Xi coaxed Yang Yang, her voice was low and soft, but she was always a little absent-minded, so she didn't notice at all that she had been followed by a few sneaky people.

  Yangyang gave a muffled "hmm", and seemed not interested in other places.

  In the end, they went to a nearby playground. After all, it was a city and it was a rest day, so many parents took their children out to play, and the entire playground was overcrowded.

  Ruan Xi led Yang Yang to wait in line for a long time before buying the tickets.

  In the amusement park, there are many people waiting next to almost every item. Ruan Xi also felt that she had chosen the wrong place and the wrong time.

  Yang Yang looked at the crowd of people with a weary expression, completely lost interest.

  She had no choice but to lead him to sit on the lounge chair next to him to rest.

   "What's the matter, are you unhappy?" Ruan Xi naturally could see that her son was upset.

  Yangyang shook his head, but his mouth was pouted even higher.

   "You still lied to me, Mommy has sharp eyes. I know you want to go there, but it's far away, and we are very nervous to drive back and forth for a day..."

   "I miss Daddy, why doesn't he come to see us once?" Yang Yang stared at Ruan Xi with a pair of bright eyes.

  Ruan Xi suddenly became tongue-tied and could not make a sound.

  Yangyang's dependence on Shang Boyan should not be underestimated, and the child is the worst at holding grudges, even if Shang Boyan speaks to Yang Yang so fiercely and decisively, Yang Yang will still miss him.

   That's right, in Yang Yang's heart, Shang Boyan is his father, the person he loves the most. She was suddenly very grateful, grateful to Shang Boyan for still thinking of her in that situation, and still reluctant to hurt Yang Yang.

   "You know, your dad is very busy, he is very tired every day, how can he find time to fly around. You don't want your dad to work hard, do you?"

  Yangyang was dejected, "Mum, you don't need to comfort me, I'm just talking casually. I know Daddy won't come back, he doesn't want us anymore."

  Ruan Xi hugged Yang Yang distressedly, not knowing what to say, the child already knew everything in his heart. Back then, he wanted to elope with her.

  She even suspected that Yang Yang knew the unclear relationship between her and Pei Nanming in his heart. It just never shows up.

   "Silly boy, your daddy loves you very much. He's just too kind." Ruan Xi looked up at the sky, the sun was really good, but she suddenly wanted to cry.

  However, many things, once missed, cannot be repeated, right?

  She raised the corners of her mouth, because she was too greedy.

   "Mummy, I'm going to pee!" Yang Yang covered her face with some embarrassment.

  Ruan Xi suddenly laughed, "Ah, Yang Yang is actually shy in front of Mommy?!"

  Yang Yang blushed, "I've already said that I'm an adult."

   "Mummy will take you there." Ruan Xi smiled, feeling much better.

   "No, it's there, I'll just go by myself."

  The bathroom is not far from here, but Ruan Xi is still worried, "I'll take you there, Mommy doesn't worry if you are alone."

   "I'm very smart, no one can deceive me, don't worry. Mommy is waiting for me!" Yang Yang got off the ground and ran to the public toilet by himself.

  Here is not far away, so Ruan Xi didn't insist on following.

   "Be careful."


   "It really doesn't take much effort to come here!" Ever since Ruan Xi led Yang Yang into the playground, he had been staring at the three men of Ruan Xi, and suddenly stubbed out the cigarette butts.

   "Boss, I'll lure her away!" It was a young man with a short hair who spoke.

  The man who had been silent all this time nodded.

  Ruan Xi sat on the lounge chair and waited for Yang Yang to come out. At this moment, a young man approached her with his hands. When he passed by her, he suddenly slowed down, then stepped forward, grabbed her handbag and ran away.

  Ruan Xi was shocked, and hurried to chase, "Hey, my bag!"

  There were already a lot of children in the playground, so the man didn't care when he ran, but Ruan Xi didn't have enough physical strength, and he couldn't go on a rampage. After chasing for tens of meters, he watched the young man run far away.

She was thinking about Yang Yang, afraid that he would not find her when he came back, and she thought that in addition to a wallet, there were tissues and a small cosmetic bag in the bag. Don't chase after things that don't matter.

  Walking back, Yang Yang hadn't come out yet, so she went outside the door of the men's toilet, and seeing the men coming and going, she couldn't help feeling anxious because she couldn't go in, it was just urinating, and Yang Yang took a long time to go in.

  She stood there for two minutes, and when she saw a man in his fifties coming out, she immediately stepped forward to hug him and ask for help.

  The old man was very kind, and he turned back to help her find the child. Two minutes later, the old man told her that there was no one in the toilet.

  Ruan Xi intuitively felt that a thunderbolt fell from the sky and hit her directly on the head, leaving only "nobody" and "nobody" wandering around in her ears! Then, like a madman, she broke into the men's room by herself, looking for one after another, from beginning to end, she searched through every door, during which time, the men who came in all looked at her like madmen.

  But she couldn't feel it at all, and kept yelling, "Yangyang, come out! Yangyang! Don't scare Mommy!" Leaving the public toilet, she searched every item in the amusement park.

  When I saw a child who was about the same size and clothes as Yangyang, I ran over to look at it, which frightened the parents, and ran away with the child in their arms.

  The playground is not big, but it is not small. When she finished looking for it, it was almost noon, and there was no shadow of Yangyang at all!

She was completely flustered and didn't know to ask for help, she just walked around in high heels, her feet were blistered, she limped for a long time, she walked out of the playground without knowing it, and she had no money , She can't take a taxi or make a phone call, and when she borrows a mobile phone from others, she speaks incoherently, and they directly treat her as a mental illness, so how dare she lend it to her.

  She could only step on high heels, crying while walking, losing Yangyang, she suddenly became a pile of ruins as if she had lost her support.

She doesn't know whether she's hungry, tired, which direction she's going, or where she's going. She just feels a headache and her ears are buzzing. Last time Yang Yang ran out with a temper, she also Anxious, but not like now, but at this time, her mind was wrinkled and she couldn't think.


  After the low sound of brakes, a Volkswagen stopped, the window was lowered, and the human inside said, "Follow me, I will tell you where Shangyang is."

  Asian Gulf.

  As soon as Pei Nanming entered, the housekeeper anxiously greeted him.

   "Sir, what should I do, the lady hasn't come back yet"

  Pei Nanming raised his eyebrows.

  He called the old house, and Zhang's mother in the old house told him that Ruan Xi took Yang Yang out early in the morning.

  He raised his wrist and looked at his watch. It was already nine o'clock in the evening, and they still haven't come back? !

   "Why didn't you say it earlier?!"

  The butler was newly hired, and he didn't know Pei Nanming's temper very well. Moreover, Pei Nanming didn't come here often, so at this time, Pei Nanming's face darkened, and the butler's heart skipped a beat, and he couldn't help but feel embarrassed.

   "I have a personal phone for Mr., but Mr. turned off the phone..."

  Pei Nanming just remembered that Xu Chuyan called twice and three times, asking him to go back to have dinner tonight. He was listening to the report and turned off the phone in a fit of anger.

   "Forget it, I'll go out and look for it."

  The butler immediately said, "I'll inform the driver to prepare the car."

  Pei Nanming waved his hand, "No, I can go by myself!"

  After going out, he immediately dialed Tang Wenyi's number, and after finishing the call, his expression became very serious.

   "I hope it's not what I guessed!" With a hard push on the soles of the feet, the accelerator hit the end, and the car rushed out with a whoosh!


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