Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 185

When Pei Nanming heard the last word, he had changed from initial surprise to consternation, but at the end he smiled miserably, and suddenly swept all the teacups around him to the ground, "Hahaha, I've been thinking of revenge on Ruan Xi, and I've been hating Ruan Xi and the others My mother and daughter ruined my originally happy family of three, and things turned out to be the same, ha ha! You are so interesting, I have done so many things, and you can still watch it!"

  Pei Nanming walked away, Mr. Pei suddenly stood up and shouted, "Where are you going?!"

  Pei Nanming didn't look back, but his voice became calmer, "I'm going to calm down!"

   After speaking, stride away...

  Mr. Pei sat back and couldn't help sighing.

  Pei Yan looked at Pei Nanming's back, "I don't know if he can bear it. I have always disapproved of telling him the truth, just because I was afraid that he would lose his faith..."

Mr. Pei snorted, "If he can't even stand this kind of thing, then he is not worthy to be my grandson of Pei Qianli! He was able to develop the Pei family to where it is today, and it is all due to shit luck !"

Pei Nanming left the old house and started racing like crazy. It was already past eleven o'clock, and the number of vehicles was much less, and the speed reached 140. The sports car with excellent performance could not hear any noise at all, but the music in the car was blocked by him. At the maximum, he actually rarely listens to music, but today, he subconsciously wants to make the surrounding noise louder.

  The last place to park is the Imperial Capital Nightclub!

  He threw the car keys to his younger brother and strode in, but he never expected to meet Gu Yinlin.

   It seems that the people who have fallen in the end of the world always have the same fate.

  He heard from Gu Yinlin that Jiang Yi got a passport from someone and ran away from the country. He sent many people to investigate, but they couldn't find her whereabouts.

  Actually, when he saw Jiang Yi clutching her stomach and leaning against the wall in the hospital, he knew that it was a wild and unruly cat.

  She and Ruan Xi have no similarities on the surface, but they are actually the same in their bones! Otherwise, how could they become friends, and why are he and Gu Yinlin always so unlucky?

  But he is not the kind of person who complains about his bad luck.

   Finally shook his head, smiled and picked up the wine glass, "Come on, let's drink like before!"

  Gu Yinlin also laughed, toasted to each other, and then drank it down.

The ladies recommended by the nightclub outside walked in one by one with their number plates, all of them had big breasts and beautiful legs, and looked very attractive, but the two of them were not interested at all, but the two big men always felt deserted when they were drinking, so the two of them They all called a number casually, and the others walked out obediently.

   "What's your name?" Pei Nanming patted the seat beside him, and let the escort girl with the No. 2 license sit beside her.

  From the time this woman saw Pei Nanming's face clearly, there was a strange light in her eyes. When Pei Nanming asked, she said, "My name is Yuechun."

   Gu Yinlin suddenly said after hearing this, "What a vulgar name."

  Yuechun laughed, but he looked very hearty, "This is my real name. I come from the countryside. I haven't studied for a few years, and my family is not educated. Of course, the name will be vulgar."

  Gu Yinlin also called the woman beside him to sit down, then looked at Yuechun and asked casually, "Oh, from the countryside, where are you from?"

   "Zhenning Township, Nanman Village." Yuechun said it nonchalantly, but glanced at Pei Nanming intentionally or unintentionally.

  Pei Nanming didn't respond. She couldn't help being a little disappointed. Seeing that Pei Nanming's wine glass was dry, she filled it up immediately, and then subconsciously sat on Pei Nanming's lap. Pei Nanming didn't object, but he wasn't interested either.

   It was Gu Yinlin who looked up at Pei Nanming and said, "Your family seems to be from there, right?"

   "Oh? Yeah, I don't remember."

  Gu Yinlin shook his head helplessly, knowing that Pei Nanming really didn't care about Xu Chuyan.

"Oh? Is that so, where is Mrs. Zun from us? Tell me, maybe I know her! There is a famous girl named Xu Chuyan in our village. It is said that she married into a wealthy family, but since she married into After the wealthy family became a star, she never went home once, and she didn't even notify her family to participate in the wedding."

  Pei Nanming frowned slightly, looked at Yuechun, wondering if this woman had really undergone professional training, she didn't even have basic qualities, and the time of serving guests was not for chatting and doing daily chores.

  Although, apart from these, there is nothing else to do now. But now he just hates hearing Xu Chuyan's name, and hates thinking about everything at home.

  Even if it was to escape, he just wanted to relax tonight.

  Yuechun saw that Pei Nanming was impatient, so she immediately shut up and didn't say any more, but the things she wanted to confirm had been confirmed.

  In the evening, the wind blew across the field, and the paper banners on the new grave rattled. The woman wearing sunglasses, wearing a miniskirt, most of them are fashionable and avant-garde, but full of coquettishness.

  Take off the sunglasses, but it is the lady in the nightclub, Yuechun.

She seemed very irritable, pulled out the cigarette case, lit the cigarette, took a few puffs and then extinguished it, "I have no ability to find evidence that Xu Chuyan killed you, no one on the construction site would talk about it, even the foreman They all kept silent. The scene had already been cleaned up by caring people. It would have been nice if we hadn’t come out to work. It’s actually pretty good to live a peaceful life farming in the village. Is it because I’m too vain that you Take the risk to blackmail Xu Chuyan?"

She said to herself, and sat down against the grave, "I have seen all the photos you left behind. You got these from your dead buddy just to extort money. It's all my fault. I don't We should love money, and we shouldn’t think about some jewelry that doesn’t belong to us. Those luxuries will make people short-lived. Brother Tugen, even if I may not be able to do anything in the end, I can’t do nothing. Seeing you being killed in a construction site accident deliberately created by others. That woman Xu Chuyan is so vicious, I will not give up. Do you know that I met her husband, the President Pei who often appears on newspapers and TV. I can't put How about Xu Chuyan, but he can, next time I see him, I will definitely expose Xu Chuyan's false face in front of him. Even if he suppresses these photos for the sake of face, at least his husband will dump her!" As she spoke, she began to cry. Originally, she and this man named Tu Gen came to work in the city, and after saving money, they were going back to get married at the end of the year. However, that time when she met Xu Chuyan at the entrance of Pei's Shopping Mall, her man His friend Tu Gen recognized that Xu Chuyan had appeared in a commoner neighborhood, and that she was related to two buddies he knew.

   He happened to see those photos at his buddies.

Speaking of it, Tu Gen was just a migrant worker, a coolie, and he couldn't mix with those gangsters, but once he came back from the construction site, he happened to meet those two who were seriously injured in a fight, so he helped a group of people. Bundle.

  Although those two people are gangsters, arrogant and barbaric, they know how to reciprocate kindness and are very loyal.

  It's a pity that Pei died in a fire in the end.

  If it wasn't for the lack of money, and it happened that Xu Chuyan was driving a famous car, the nomination package, and the person who was raped in the photo was Xu Chuyan, then a person like Tu Gen wouldn't have the guts to blackmail him.

  However, in the end he still did it, doing it carefully, but Xu Chuyan still found out, and behind the scenes, he ordered someone to tamper with on the construction site, causing him to die in an accident.

   Yuechun understands these things, but dare not say them, and has no place to say them.

  Xu Chuyan is a celebrity, rich, and has a powerful husband. Although she is humble, she is not stupid. She is very aware of the power.

  She left her hometown and lost her fiancé, so she had no choice but to go to a nightclub, and then met Pei Nanming.

  She didn't tell Pei Nanming these things directly, she is not a fool! She purposely said so many bad things about Xu Chuyan, just to see how much Pei Nanming loves Xu Chuyan.

   As a result, Pei Nanming was just impatient, not very angry.

  The first time she saw Pei Nanming, she knew he was Xu Chuyan's husband, because Xu Chuyan was the one she paid the most attention to now.

  She felt that God had finally opened her eyes. If she could give the photo to Pei Nanming, Xu Chuyan would be dead.

  But she didn't dare to do this rashly, let alone give it to him herself.

Anyway, Xu Chuyan is the daughter-in-law of a wealthy family. She knows these things. She is not sure whether Pei Nanming will punish her for covering up her family's ugliness. After so many days, I have learned to be good.

   She stayed for a long time before leaving.

   She has to sit on the stage at night, she is not the most beautiful in the nightclub, but maybe because she is more straightforward and has a heartless face, her business is still good. This really corresponds to the sentence - men don't like women who are too smart.

Ruan Xi didn't see Pei Nanming together with Yang Yang, and she obviously felt that the old man and Pei Yan were not in a good mood. With this kind of anger, she naturally wouldn't stay for long. After breakfast, she excused Yang Yang finally wanted to take him shopping on weekends, so he left the old house.

  Since Ruan Xi didn't have a car, she led Yang Yang for a long way before she got a taxi.


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