Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 184

Pei Nanming handed over the bowl, "Give it to me." He was confident.

  Ruan Xi was completely speechless, don't you have long hands? Why are you acting so rascal in front of her! It's like a different person! It always made her feel that he was laying a trap, full of conspiracy.

   Soon, she found that she had absolutely nothing to do with him like this, and couldn't even show his usual cold face, so she had to resign herself to putting a chopstick of hot pepper in his bowl!

  Pei Nanming stared at her, still didn't understand the bowl in his hand, it was held in a smooth and stable manner.

  Ruan Xi was in a hurry, picked up the plate and put most of the plate into his bowl, most of which were hot peppers, thinking viciously in his heart, it will kill you!

  Unexpectedly, Pei Nanming picked out all the hot peppers one by one and put them in her bowl! Eating bamboo shoots by myself is crunchy.

  Ruan Xi was completely defeated. After a meal, she didn't eat anything, only drank water and got angry.

  The mood of the culprit is extraordinarily good.

  Although he is restrained and not exposed, she still sees a smile on the corners of his mouth!

  On the way to the old house, she only grinds her teeth in the back seat of the car.

   Arrived at the old house, it was nearly nine o'clock, the old man had already gone to bed, and only Pei Yan was left playing chess with Yang Yang.

  The old and the young were having a great time.

  Pei Yan has calmed down a lot since he retired. With his grandson by his side, besides taking his grandson to and from school every day, he also went fishing with his old friends to catch birds. His life was very nourishing.

  Seeing that Ruan Xi and Pei Nanming rushed over so late, I was somewhat surprised.

  When Yang Yang saw Ruan Xi, he immediately dropped his chess piece and rushed over, "Mommy!"

  Ruan Xi hasn't seen him for several days. Although there were times like this before, there was never a time when I felt the same as now, as if it had been several years.

  Ruan Xi hugged Yang Yang tightly in his arms, and didn't speak for a long time, Yang Yang looked up wonderingly, only to find that Ruan Xi was crying.

   "Mommy, why are you crying? Uncle Pei said you were in a bad mood and went to Vegas for a trip. How is it? Is it fun?"

  Ruan Xi was stunned, it turned out that Pei Nanming lied to him like this.

Subconsciously staring at Pei Nanming, Pei Nanming didn't care, squatted down and said, "Your mommy misses you so much, so she's crying. I haven't played well these days because I've been thinking about you. Next time, the three of us will be together go, okay?"

  Yangyang jumped for joy immediately, "Okay, okay, next time we go together, Mommy can have a good time."

  Ruan Xi is helpless, no matter how smart he is, he is still a child, so he was deceived by Pei Nanming so easily. But she can't expose Pei Nanming's lies to her children. It's not good for anyone.

   "Don't stand at the door, come in and talk." Pei Yan greeted them into the room with a smile.

   Nothing has changed in the room, it's still the same.

   "Grandpa, I'm going to sleep with Mommy today." Shang Yang held Ruan Xi's hand, and Pei Yan smiled, "Of course." Then he looked up at Ruan Xi, "Come back and see when you have time."

  Ruan Xi nodded, "I see." Facing Pei Yan, her mood was still the same complicated.

   "You take Yang Yang to rest first, I have something to say to Nan Ming."

  Ruan Xi understood and led Yang Yang away.

   "Dad, I know what you want to say. Don't worry about my affairs." The relationship between father and son has eased a lot in recent years, but Pei Nanming still has his own way and doesn't like to interfere in his own affairs in his previous life.

  Pei Yan hated his rebellious appearance the most, but he couldn't help it, and he knew he couldn't control it. From the very beginning, no one could stop what Pei Nanming was going to do.

I couldn't help but sighed, "I don't care about your affairs, but I can't ignore my grandson's affairs and Ruan Xi's affairs. How long are you going to hide like this? A family like ours can't afford to lose this Face."

   "Grandpa didn't say anything, are you in a hurry?" Pei Nanming took out a cigarette and lit it.

  Hearing his nonchalant tone, Pei Yan was on fire.

"What did you say?!"

"Dad, I will handle my affairs by myself, and I won't cause trouble for the family. Also, don't use the Pei family's face to talk about things. At the beginning, the Pei family separated from Ruan Xi because of the face. They all have pimples, does it mean that she has to suffer a second time for the same injury?"

  Pei Yan has been full of guilt over the years, but it was not caused by Pei Nanming that things would turn out like that. Such a decision was made unanimously by Mrs. Pei and him.

  They all chose to protect Pei Nanming and abandon Ruan Xi.

  The Pei family owed Qin Xiner back then, and now they owe her daughter!

I thought that the daughter who adopted Qin Xin'er could make some compensation for the dead Qin Xin'er, but I didn't expect that the debt would continue to the next generation, and Pei Nanming actually fell in love with Ruan Xi, and he was forced to go underground in a love-hate relationship. *!

   "Don't forget, who is the one who caused all this!" Pei Yan was anxious, and raised his voice involuntarily.

   "Who caused all this? Hehe, shouldn't you know better than me!"

Pei Nanming's temper also came up, "If it wasn't because you were greedy for fame and wealth, wanted to stabilize your power, and abandoned Qin Xiner to marry my mother, things would have turned out like this?! Since you don't love my mother, don't marry her! Since After marrying her, why didn't you treat her well?! The business is just a little weaker, if you really have such big ambitions, even if you don't have the financial strength of the Ruan family as your backing, you can still climb to the position you want!"

  Pei Yan didn't expect Pei Nanming to talk to him like this, and slapped him, "I'm your old man!"

  Pei Nanming covered his face, the slap was loud enough, "You are my father, so I feel ashamed!"

   "You bastard!" Pei Yan shook his hand again, when the old man suddenly shouted at the door, "Stop!"

  Pei Yan and Pei Nanming were taken aback. Did their voices wake up the old man who was resting behind?

   "Dad" Pei Yan immediately curbed his anger and called out respectfully.

   "Grandpa." Pei Nanming still covered his face, his expression was not very good, but in front of the most respected grandpa, he was still very well behaved.

  Grandpa Pei glanced at each of the two, entered the door and sat down on the seat, "What age are you guys, and you are still making such loud noises, are you trying to piss me off!"

  Both Pei Nanming and his son lowered their heads and remained silent.

  They had the same idea, not that they were loud, but that Mr. Pei's hearing was really good. Don't look at people so old, Mr. Pei is the master who is not deaf or blind.

"The past has been going on for so many years. You are still holding on to it. I have never seen a man like you! Qin Xin'er is dead, and Ruan Ting is also dead. For some things, people are already dead. Why are the living still clinging to it desperately? Could it be that if you never forget, those who are gone can come back to life?!"

  Pei Nanming was the first to raise his head, "Grandpa, I just can't swallow this breath!"

"I know you hate it in your heart, but if you hate it, you should also figure out whether you should hate it! There are many things that we elders don't tell your younger generations, so there is a reason. Since all these years have passed, you are still dead If you hold on to it, you might as well say everything clearly today."

  Pei Yan suddenly looked up at Mr. Pei, with pleading eyes, "Dad!"

  Old Master Pei waved his hand, "Nan Ming has grown up, the matter is related to his mother, he has the right to know."

  Pei Yan sighed and stopped talking. But it made Pei Nanming have a bad feeling.

  Intuition told him that the facts he was going to hear would be more terrifying than what he found out and what Tang Wenyi and Jiang Ren told him.

   "Thirty years have passed since those things were said, right?..."

  Mr. Pei squinted his eyes, as if he had fallen into thirty years ago.

  It turns out that the culprit is still the interests of the family!

  Back then, the Pei family, the Ruan family, the Gu family, the Jin family, and the Qin family were already the leading families of Ziyang in e City, but each had their own strengths.

The Pei family is relatively outstanding in politics, and the Ruan family, the Jin family, and the Gu family are all well-known in the shopping malls. At that time, the merchants could only be regarded as small and wealthy families. They ranked fifth in e-city, but compared with the first four families, they were far behind. up.

Pei Yan and Miss Qin's family, also known as Qin Xin'er, were their first love*. The relationship between the two has always been good, and they both thought that they would grow old together. However, the Pei family was facing a political crisis. At that time, Mr. Pei's status was in jeopardy. However, Pei Yan had just entered the political circle and did not have a solid foundation. They needed a marriage between business and government to resolve the political crisis. At the sorority meeting, Ruan Ting and Pei Yan met for the first time, and she fell in love with Pei Yan at first sight. Although Ruan Ting is the adopted daughter of the Ruan family, the Ruan family is very fond of their daughter. Therefore, Ruan Ting likes it and it is beneficial to their family. Naturally, the two families are happy to see it.

   Also in this fraternity, Ruan Hetian fell in love with Qin Xiner, and thought of her like a demon. Many things became no longer strange...


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