Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 183

"What do you plan to do in the future??" Zhang Tong thought over and over again, and finally asked, Pei Nanming has a wife, and it's Xu Chuyan's celebrity wife who looks a bit like Ruan Xi.

She hadn't dealt with Xu Chuyan much, but her intuition told her that Xu Chuyan was more difficult than the previous Qin Zhiran. I don't know how dark it is.

   "In the future?" Ruan Xi lowered her head slightly, "If I tell you, I don't know, what do you think?"

  Zhang Tong was stunned, "You don't know either?"

"Yeah, I don't know. If I was the only one in the past, I could run away in every possible way, but now it's different, with Yang Yang. He is everything to me, I can't leave him, and Pei Nanming will definitely not give up on him .I can no longer be as carefree as I used to be."

   "But even so, you can't just live in the dark like this. He is not like before, he has a wife, and she is also a wife with vicious thoughts. How can you fight with Xu Chuyan when you don't know how to play tricks?!"

   "I never thought of fighting her, I just want to keep Yangyang, as long as he is good, I am fine."

Zhang Tong shook his head, with grief and anger on his face, full of anger and indisputability, "Do you think Yang Yang will get better if you are not good? Although he is small, he is smart and understands everything. And, even if there are things, you If you can hide it from him for a while, can you hide it from him forever?"

  Ruan Xi was shocked by her words, but in the end she could only smile sadly, "What else can I do?"

  Pei Nanming said he loved her, but he refused to give her what she wanted most.

   Zhang Tong was also stunned, yes, what can she do? Should she be allowed to fight against Pei Nanming? Pei Nanming can even bring down the merchant Ruan's family. With such ability, how can Ruan Xi fight against such a man?

   "I'm sorry." Zhang Tong said.

Ruan Xi shook her head, "It's okay, although I don't know what to do, but life still has to go on, don't worry, I will live well every day. After three days in the hospital, I figured out a lot of things. Sometimes fighting can't solve the problem Problem. Especially for men like Pei Nanming."

   Zhang Tong blushed slightly, "Why is your life always so hard?"

   "It's not bitter, it's very good." Ruan Xi smiled, it was indeed very good, so many people have paid for her.

   And she can't return anything.

  Ruan Xi is still arranged in the Asia Bay Villa.

  Pei Nanming seems to be very busy, only coming every three to five days. At other times, she stayed alone in the villa and bored. This kind of day seems to be back to the day when she was locked up by Pei Nanming five years ago, the only difference is the time and place.

  Now she can think of few things, except Yang Yang, and occasionally think of Shang Boyan and Gu Chi.

  In the past, thinking of Gu Chi would make him sad, but now thinking of Gu Chi, he just wants to tell him that he will work hard to live every day.

   But when she thought of Shang Boyan, she couldn't tell what she felt in her heart, except that Lu Yi was a lump, all she had left for Shang Boyan was apology.

   After all, he took good care of her for five years, and, the man who really loves her, she really wants to spend her life with him.

   It's just that, in the end, it was nothing but a dream.

  After drinking morning tea, she began to draw design drafts, and the drafts were sent directly to the mailbox where the drafts were posted before.

  Most of those manuscripts fell into the sea. She knew very well that this was done on purpose, but she still sent it stubbornly. It seems that only by persisting in this way can Shang Boyan be compensated.

  In short, after she and Shang Boyan divorced, all manuscripts were blocked, and she didn't even know whether the executives of Shang's design department had read her manuscripts.

What she didn't know was that Shang Boyan used to use this mailbox, because at that time he specially reviewed the manuscripts of the design department for her. Now that they are divorced, Shang Boyan transferred the mailbox to his secretary Lu Yi , Lu Yi originally wanted to transfer it to the design department, but after reading the manuscript in the mailbox, the signature was "linda", and downloaded the attachment to read the manuscript, and found that the design style inside was very similar to that of Ruan Xi's store. After contacting Shang Boyan and Ruan Xi for divorce, he immediately let go of the design department and no longer took over by himself. It can be seen that this Linda is actually Ruan Xi.

  Lu Yi naturally knows that "linda"'s design talent is outstanding in this fashion design industry, but the mistake is that she should not be Ruan Xi, so she chose to bury Ruan Xi's manuscript without hesitation.

Because, she didn't want to change again, she stayed by Shangboyan's side for so many years, and seeing him get married, she was really sad and wanted to die, and finally they got divorced, and Shangboyan went to Holland again, Of course she would not allow them to have any more contact! In particular, Shang Boyan should not let Shang Boyan know that he had deceived Ruan Xi with a fake pregnancy certificate!

  She is now very popular with Shang Boyan's father and old lady. Although she also knows that she is not the ideal daughter-in-law candidate in their hearts, they can't help but care about her stomach.

  After Ruan Xi finished sending out the manuscript, he looked at the manuscripts sent in the past, and sent a total of fifteen sample drafts. Every manuscript received a read-receipt, but none actually heard back.

  Smiled slightly, closed the mailbox, stood up and twisted his waist, and then called Pei Nanming. After a long time, the phone was connected, and Pei Nanming's voice was low, "I'm in a meeting, so make a long story short."

   "I want to see Shang Yang." Ruan Xi said very concisely.

  Over there, Pei Nanming was silent for a long time.

  She thought he didn't want her to see him, and was eager to say something.

   In fact, what Pei Nanming cares about is that surname. In her heart, she still calls Yang Yang Shang Yang.

   Just when Ruan Xi thought he would not agree, he suddenly said, "Okay, I'll pick you up in the afternoon." After speaking, he hung up the phone.

  Ruan Xi fiddled with the phone a couple of times, feeling baffled.

  In the afternoon, when Pei Nanming arrived, Gang Ruan Xi had just prepared dinner.

   She did the cooking herself, because she knew he was coming, so she deliberately prepared the dinner in advance.

Originally, when Pei Nanming came, he was still full of anger, but as soon as he entered the door, he saw her wearing an apron and walking around the kitchen. Suddenly, his chest was full and warm. A big man who never went to the kitchen actually walked into the kitchen and hugged her from behind. Hold her, then kiss the side of her cheek.

  Ruan Xi was washing the rag again, when she kissed her neck along the side of her face, she couldn't help but feel a little weak. She found that the body's dependence on him seemed to be getting stronger and stronger, and it was difficult to hold back when he approached.

  Or, it was simply a psychological effect, and it was simply that she herself became more and more irresistible to him. She was a little afraid of this kind of result, because even if Pei Nanming said he loved her, most of the time, she couldn't figure out what Pei Nanming was thinking at all.

  His fickleness, as well as those facts that existed in the past, are the untouchable scars between them.

  How long can a scarred love last?

   "Don't make trouble, your clothes will be dirty in a while, go out first, and eat right away."

   Ruan Xi broke his arms and said.

  He didn't bother, just leaned against the door with his arms folded and looked at her.

  Although this is a villa, the design of the kitchen is not large. Seeing her wandering around in the small space, he really wanted to freeze time and stop at this moment forever.

   There are very few things that can make him think like this, but she did.

   "What are you looking at, so engrossed?" Ruan Xi couldn't help asking when he saw him standing there with a thoughtful expression.

  Pei Nanming came back to his senses, smiled, and said honestly, "I was thinking, it would be nice if time just stopped like this."

  Ruan Xi didn't seem to understand what she meant, and said with a smile, "Do you want me to stay in the kitchen all my life, and you to stand at the kitchen door all my life?"

   "Yeah, what's wrong?"

  Ruan Xi shook her head, "Don't be kidding, you are the one who should stand at the desk and turn your hands around. Standing in the kitchen for a lifetime, you will be shocked when you say it."

   "Your jaw didn't drop." Pei Nanming said.

  Ruan Xi washed her hands clean, squeezed her chin, "It fell off, I just got it back. Okay, don't be silly, let's eat."

  Pei Nanming propped his chin, "It's so good, the preparation is so rich, tell me, what's the conspiracy?"

Ruan Xi found that Pei Nanming had always looked like this in front of her recently, looking a little rascal, this feeling was only seen when he was smoking with his feet on the coffee table in the hotel a long time ago, before he was raped by him once.

Although it has been many years, she is still jumping in her mind, "What kind of conspiracy is there, I just thought that you probably won't eat when you come here, so prepare a meal to eat with you, don't tell me you are going to go back to eat what your wife made with your stomach Rice? If that’s the case, forget it, I’ll eat it myself.”

  She doesn't mind revealing her scars, anyway, in terms of the current state, she is a mistress, and it cannot change the fact that he has a wife.

   Pei Nanming saw her pick up the bowl to eat, completely ignored him, and suddenly grabbed her bowl and chopsticks to eat by herself.

  Ruan Xi could only stare at him, and then filled another bowl by herself.

   "That!" Pei Nanming pointed to the bamboo shoots of Sanjiao on the opposite side.

   looked at him inexplicably, "What's wrong?"

  Pei Nanming handed over the bowl, "Give it to me." He was confident.


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