Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 182

She saw that every second of time, the flames dimmed.

  Finally, she wrapped her arms around his waist a second before the flames went out.

  He pressed his face against her shoulder again, this time, something moist and warm fell on her shoulder.

  She felt that she was being burned, but finally closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

  The two of them didn't get up until nine o'clock*, and someone outside had already prepared their clothes and waited for them.

Ruan Xi was very embarrassed in the cup, and she didn't even dare to show her face. Pei Nanming couldn't help laughing at her like an ostrich, and thought it was very cute. He lifted the cup and kissed her on the forehead, "Don't worry, I don't care. I'll let them see it." After finishing speaking, he swaggered down* and opened the door to take everything over.

  Pei Nanming had already cleaned in the bathroom in the ward, but he was walking around wearing only a pair of *, and everyone knew what good things he had done.

  If it was Tang Wenyi who came, she wouldn't have to hold her head up again in the future!

  However, it wasn't Tang Wenyi who came, but the two men in sunglasses who followed Pei Nanming in the hotel five years ago.

  They are the same wood, and I am not surprised to see Pei Nanming change his usual suit and leather shoes.

  Ruan Xi suspected that their nerves had become iron.

   After closing the door, Pei Nanming took out Ruan Xi's clothes to have a look. They had long sleeves with a stand collar and casual trousers. He gave it to Ruan Xi when he was satisfied, "Put it on."

   After speaking, she sat and watched Ruan Xi put on her clothes, Ruan Xi was completely speechless, "Why don't you put on clothes but watch me wear them?"

   "Of course I'll wait for you to wear it for me."

  Pei Nanming took it for granted, and even made a smile on Mimi's face, causing her to almost fall off the bed!

  After Ruan Xi tied Pei Nanming's tie, there was a knock on the door.

   "Come in." Two words, Pei Nanming returned to the calm and strong posture before. This is the Pei Nanming she is familiar with.

  Heaved a sigh of relief, she straightened her neckline, for fear that someone would see anything.

   Seeing this, Pei Nanming suddenly whispered into her ear, "To cover up the truth." Then he stood up straight, and the people who came in were actually Tang Wenyi and Zhang Tong.

   Zhang Tong was in front, and as soon as he entered the door, he slid towards Ruan Xi, "Ruan Xi, you are injured, where is the injury, what's going on?"

  She accidentally heard about Ruan Xi's injury when Tang Wenyi was answering the phone. Since Ruan Xi and Shang Boyan divorced, she couldn't contact Ruan Xi. She also asked Tang Wenyi, but Tang Wenyi gritted her teeth and just shook her head.

   In short, it was something Tang Wenyi didn't want to talk about, so she couldn't think of asking anything.

  If he hadn't happened to hear him talking on the phone, she thought, he would probably keep it from her for the rest of his life!

  Ruan Xi was so embarrassed that she didn't know how to respond when she asked her this question.

  Tang Wenyi tugged Zhang Tong subconsciously, Zhang Tong came to his senses, looked at Pei Nanming and then at Ruan Xi, nodded and said, "Okay, you hurt Ruan Xi again, right?!"

  Zhang Tong is not very afraid of Pei Nanming, especially now that Pei Nanming is in a good mood and there is no coercion, she is even less afraid.

  Pei Nanming turned to look at Ruan Xi, "Really, did I hurt you?"

  Ruan Xi thought, this man is really shameless, don't you know if he hurt her? !

   stepped forward and grabbed Zhang Tong, "Let's go first. Talk while walking." Then the two walked out of the room side by side.

  Tang Wenyi helped Fu Jinsi framed his eyes, and looked at Pei Nanming, both of them couldn't help laughing, "It seems that you are really in a good mood." Tang Wenyi has a pair of shining eyes behind his glasses.

   This girl is not near-sighted, but she likes to pretend to be gentle with her eyes. Even Zhang Tong discovered this after being forced to board a pirate ship.

   "Of course." Pei Nanming raised the corner of his mouth.

   "See hope?"

   Tang Wenyi guessed.

   Pei Nanming glanced at him, walked to the sofa on the other side, sat down, and pointed to the seat opposite.

  Tang Wenyi went over and sat down, knowing that Pei Nanming wanted to listen to business, so he changed the topic and said, "The matter over there with Bernie has been settled, but I found that they seem to have other movements.


  Pei Nanming raised his eyebrows.

  “After they transport most of the goods to the factory, only one-third of them are actually processed.”

"you mean?"

   "The remaining two-thirds, they changed hands and took out directly. Guess who the buyer is?"

  Tang Wenyi smiled at Mimi, still maintaining the butler's unique elegance. In fact, after all these years, Pei Nanming has known Tang Wenyi too well, so he looks funny now.

  Pei Nanming didn't answer the question, but said directly, "It seems that we have to write a report letter to our superiors, and we have to be superiors who really work hard."

   "Are you really going to do this? Don't leave a way out for people?"

"A way out? If they were willing to leave a way out for my mother back then, even if she is divorced, she can at least live well. Moreover, I found that old man Ruan Hetian has been looking around for news about Yang Yang recently. For the sake of the Ruan family's face, he has been ruthlessly throwing Ruan Xi out for more than 20 years, but now he wants to recognize his grandson. Does he really think it is as easy as getting a cat or a dog?! Ruan Dongyu let him down, He thought of Ruan Xi, hum! Daydreaming. Don't say that Ruan Xi doesn't recognize him, even if she recognizes him, I will never be soft because of Ruan Xi and Yang Yang."

The Ruan family and the Pei family are in opposition. In the past few years, the Pei family has bought shares and sold them at low prices. They have suffered serious losses. Now they are online with Bernie through the hands of Ruan Dongyu. Bernie’s products are all profiteering things. If they are processed and sold out , that is to double the price, but this kind of goods are poisonous to the society and are ordered to be prohibited.

  But now the Pei family has no choice. In the case of a serious crisis in the capital chain, allocating a large amount of funds to purchase goods is already a desperate approach.

  Ruan Hetian also tried his best to delay Pei Nanming's attack, but in the end, his eyes fell on Ruan Xi's mother and son. In other words, he had really done nothing to Ruan Xi for so many years.

Ever since I met Mr. Pei on his birthday, it has been six or seven years since I met him. On the one hand, he is really busy, and Mr. Pei has been blocked by Mr. Pei. In a state of tight ends, apart from working overtime, he has already He couldn't free his mind to think about other things; on the other hand, he also instinctively didn't want to see Ruan Xi, because of guilt, but also because he didn't want to recall the time when he was young and frivolous, the woman he loved so much was him And a wound in his life that cannot heal!

  In the beginning, he forcefully forced Qin Xiner to become his slave, but in the end, the punishment Qin Xiner gave him was absolutely ruthless and unique! Only the person he loves can hurt him so deeply!

  So, he would rather rot the past in his heart than recall it again. And Ruan Xi and Qin Xin'er look so alike.

  It was so similar that he didn't even want to see it again. He didn't have the courage to think of Qin Xin'er anymore.

   "It turns out that you have already guessed the purpose of Ruan Hetian wanting to recognize his grandson."

Tang Wenyi let out a sigh, "Speaking of which, this Ruan Hetian is also smart, and knows how to get close to you, without having to ask you and make you scruples. I'm worried that you won't be able to do it, no matter what she does, she will be yours." Mother's elder brother, although he is not related by blood, but the Ruan family adopted your mother anyway. Besides, Ruan Xi is also bleeding half of his body, I am worried that you will regret it in the future if you do nothing. "

Pei Nanming smiled, "It's not absolute, and I didn't want his life. But you, since you already have a woman, you should restrain yourself when it comes to moral matters, and don't do it anymore. If you don't think about yourself, you have to Think about Zhang Tong."

  Tang Wenyi looked at Pei Nanming, "You still have the heart to persuade me, don't you do the same?"

   "When the Ruan family collapses, I will naturally stop. But the business must be done."

   "However, if Bernie's business fails, we will also suffer a small loss."

   "Using a mouse to drag an elephant to death is worth it."

   Tang Wenyi shook his head and smiled, "You are still so ruthless."

  Pei Nanming also laughed, but didn't speak. The ruthless are all forced out.

   After Ruan Xi and Zhang Tong left the ward, they walked and chatted in the small park of the hospital.

Ruan Xi only said that she had accidentally touched the injury this time. Although Zhang Tong didn't believe it, she didn't ask too much. She knew that Ruan Xi didn't say that it was naturally related to Pei Nanming, and that everything related to Pei Nanming probably couldn't be separated from that kind of injury. matter.

   I don't know why, but now in Zhang Tong's heart, Pei Nanming is like a lower body thinking animal, especially Pei Nanming who is associated with Ruan Xi.

  Because, basically every time Ruan Xi got hurt, it was because of the first thing.

   "What are you going to do in the future??" Zhang Tong pondered over it, but finally asked, Pei Nanming has a wife, and it's Xu Chuyan's celebrity wife who looks a bit like Ruan Xi.

She hadn't dealt with Xu Chuyan much, but her intuition told her that Xu Chuyan was more difficult than the previous Qin Zhiran. I don't know how dark it is.


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